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  1. Time for Uncle Dana to sign Fedor...
  2. Lesnar was verbally tapping before stoppage
  3. **Breaking News on Lesnar***
  4. Tito vs Kimbo 2011 Strikeforce?
  5. Some People On Here Don't Know Sh*t About MMA
  6. DEEP 50 (10th Anniversary) Results; Shinya Aoki Wins By Submission
  7. WWE asked Lesnar to face Undertaker at WM
  8. New Japanese MMA Promotion VOLTAGE To Implement PRIDE Rules With Elbows
  9. [LMAO!] Please caption this Dana White pic (Brock/Cain related -- MUST SEE)
  10. "Sugar" Shane Carwin on Lesnar's title defeat
  11. Junior Dos Santos Vs. Cain Valasquez (FOR ALL THE MARBLES!)
  12. [PLEASE HELP] George St Pierre fights
  13. How did you discover MMA?
  14. Matt Hughes Laughs At Joe Rogan
  15. if pac-PBF were in ufc, they have already fought
  16. El Mariachi Velasquez haha
  17. Frank Shamrock Would Be Happy Introduce Dana White To ‘Shamrock MMA’
  18. LOL at all the Mexcicans coming here
  19. The best fight ever?
  20. [LMAO!] Cain Velasquez on Lopez Tonight, celebrates American heritage.
  21. Jake Shields is garbage.....
  22. Dana White to make a major announcement on Thursday
  23. [PLEASE HELP] Best UFC event
  24. Shane Carwin Pulls Out Of Fight With Roy Nelson Due To Injury
  25. Bloodstain Lane Response To Nate Marquardt & Jon Jones
  26. Zuffadog's (MDS) very biased ranking
  27. Satoru Kitaoka: ‘My Pancrase Chapter Is Done’
  28. Dana White’s “Major Announcement” Revealed on ESPN: UFC to Launch Their Own Network
  29. Fedor Emelianenko vs Cain Velasquez
  30. UFC 121 medical suspensions.
  31. Mayhem Miller On Nick Diaz: “Don’t Be Scared Homie’
  32. Vadim Finkelstein: Brock Lesnar Is Just A Product Of UFC’s PR
  33. Official Comments Thread For: UFC Adds Bantamweight, Featherweight Divisions, TV Deal
  34. K1 World Grand Prix 2010
  35. Gonzaga released by UFC...
  36. Bob Reilly: “I Single-Handedly Kept MMA Out Of New York”
  37. [HOLY S**T!] UFC and WEC merging in 2011
  38. Urijah Faber tweets Dana White
  39. Aldo vs UFC 155
  40. UFC Predictions...
  41. Fun MMA Trivia
  42. Keep an eye on this man....
  43. Nate Marquardt: It Will Not Be The Most Exciting Fight
  45. Joe Rogan Praises Brock Lesnar
  46. How Well Would Alexander Karelin Have Done in MMA?
  47. Before You Rooted For Rampage There Was This Man
  48. Mir, Griffin, and Bonnar get attacked by police dogs!
  49. Coker Wants Thomson vs Kawajiri & Aoki vs Melendez 2
  50. 2010 MMA Knockouts Vid...
  51. [PLEASE HELP] Kenny Florian vs. Evan Dunham to Headline "Troops" Show...
  52. Brock Lesnar Wants To Fight Roy Nelson
  53. Hesdy Gerges To Replace Semmy Schilt In K-1 WGP Final 8
  54. My favorite fighter FABER in the UFC...
  55. lesnar Velasquez full fight does anyone have it
  56. *video* Antonio Mckee shows us how he lives
  57. Bloodstain Lane Talks Bellator, SRC & More On KnoqOut Radio
  58. Jones vs Bader
  59. Whatever happened to McLovin?
  60. Dan Henderson or Renato Sobral Next in Line for Strikeforce Title Shot
  61. [LMAO!] Frank Mir prom picture
  62. Hughes is gonna spank OLD BJ PENN...
  63. James Toney - Randy Couture {FULL FIGHT}
  64. TUF season 12
  65. Interesting Video Thread
  66. Nick Diaz vs Mayhem Miller Could Go Down In 2011
  67. Opinions On Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira?
  68. Brock Sapp, Meet Bob Lesnar
  69. Bruce Leroy from TUF Back Yard fight vid..
  70. Scott Coker Talks Giving Paul Daley A Title Shot In The Future
  71. Paul Daley On Training Thai Boxing In Holland
  72. Nate Marquardt Promises A Boring Fight
  73. Gina Carano (Muay Thai)
  74. For all you Cub Swanson fans *Video*
  75. Josh Thomson: UFC/WEC Merger Is A Nice Way Of Saying That WEC Is A Failure
  76. Belfort: Wanderlei is a spectator, attention seeker, not serious
  77. Marloes Coenen
  78. *New Vid Greatest MMA Artist
  79. Krzysztof Soszynski says Hacksaw Jim Duggan at 50 has groupies
  80. Interview w/ UFC 122's Dennis Siver
  81. UFC 122 [Predictions]
  82. MMA Hour: DREAM Screaming Lady Lenne Hardt Interview
  83. will UFC 122 be a surprise package?
  84. 8 MMA Fighters Who Desperately Need a Stoppage Victory
  85. The Depth Chart: Strikeforce Rankings
  86. UFC 121 Drug Tests?
  87. Urijah Faber: “Dominick Cruz is Immature and Disrespectful”
  88. Pinoy Ufc fighter Mark Munoz talks to Leave it in the ring
  89. Tuf
  90. MonaroCountry's top 10 HW fighter
  91. Dutch Muay Thai vs Traditional Muay Thai
  92. WEC 52 Faber vs Mizugaki
  93. Mitsuhiro Ishida Tries His Hands At Shoot Boxing
  94. Dana White: We will probably see Lesnar Vs. Mir next
  95. A day in the life of Shane Carwin
  96. Look how different Chuck Liddell looks...
  97. [HOLY S**T!] MMAJunkie reports Sakara/Rivera has been scrapped as tonights co main event
  98. Chuck Liddell Is Now Engaged
  99. Ufc 122
  100. Dana White Rethinking Lesnar vs Mir III
  101. Dana White Criticizes Nate Marquardt And Greg Jackson Camp
  103. How come there isn't any talk about WEC 52
  104. Ben Saunders talks about Lay N Pray wrestlers
  105. Dave Meltzer Confirms Roy Nelson’s Interest In A WWE Career
  106. Is Anderson Silva the Bruce Lee of MMA?
  107. [HOLY S**T!] Manny Pacquiao headed to MMA!
  108. Nonito Donaire a fan of BJ Penn and open to doing mma
  109. Top 5 Biggest Robberies in MMA History?
  110. Where Is Brock?
  111. Alistair Overeem's MMA Return Might Still Be Awhile
  112. Pacquiao vs GSP in a boxing match
  113. MMA fans: Mark Munoz “I didnt want to fight Simpson at first, but hey it’s my Job”
  114. Taiwan taekwondo athlete in Asian Games sock sensor row
  115. Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Comeback Fight Announcement
  116. Sengoku/Pancrase FW Champ Marlon Sandro Might Face Hatsu Hioki In “Soul Of Fight”
  117. Zuffa DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Google
  118. Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez 2
  119. Royce Gracie vs GSP?
  120. Don "The Predator" Frye Talks About PRIDE
  121. Ortiz v Liddell III remains a possibility
  122. UFC 123 betting thread
  123. UFC 123 Machida over Rampage 50 million
  124. Do You Think It Would Benefit The UFC To Have Their Fighters Compete In BJJ/K-1 etc.?
  125. What does rampage do if he gets beat this weekend?
  126. 150K/75K Machida over Rampage
  127. Steven Seagal showing Lyota Machida Techniques
  128. Cris Cyborg: Gina Carano Lacks Heart
  129. Bloodstain Lane On Greg Jackson Feud, K-1, Boxing & More
  130. Forrest says he would poison Silva if there was a rematch
  131. [HOLY S**T!] Sonnen on HRT. May be back as soon as February
  132. Machida: still one of the very best in the world?
  133. How will Mr Wonderful do this evening?
  134. 1mil Hughes over BJ Penn
  135. If hallman is superman, then my man karo is a super saiyan!!! WAR KARO!!!!
  136. UFC 123 Weigh-In (Video)
  137. Hallman beats Karo P by first round TKO
  138. Ufc 123
  139. WTF Jackson win!!!
  140. ..Let's Be Honest, Machida Was Robbed...
  141. Official Comments Thread For: Rampage Jackson Edges Machida, Penn Destroys Hughes
  142. Edson Barboza
  143. Dana Says No rematch...
  144. Penn vs. Fitch main event UFC Austrailia
  145. Dana White Interview after fight...
  146. UFC 123 Wrap Up (spoilers)
  147. Karo Parisyan cut from the ufc!!!
  148. Bloodstain Lane Talks MMA Journalists, Nate Marquardt, Dana White & More
  149. Strikeforce Gets UFC To Tap: 10 Reasons It's the Hottest Company in MMA
  150. Tomas Rios got owned at the UG
  151. John Cena Targets Future In MMA
  152. Shane Carwin Twitter 'oversight' sends UFC fans into a frenzy (Pic)
  153. In Your Opinion Who Is The Greatest MMA Fighter Of All Time?
  154. NSAC's Kizer, CSAC's Dodd Speak on Sonnen Suspension
  155. Gegard Mousasi on Feijao win over King Mo "I like that he lost!"
  156. Herschel Walker: "I didn't get in this to lose"
  157. Buakaw Wins; Souwer Upset at S-Cup
  158. Cesar Gracie Open to Nick Diaz vs Mayhem Miller Catchweight Fight on Jan 29
  159. Prediction, UFC will cut Tito and Machida
  160. [PLEASE HELP] Which MMA fighter is the best actor?
  161. Jose Aldo Injured, Bows Out of UFC 125
  162. [HOLY S**T!] Gerald Harris cut from the UFC!
  163. UFC flawed rules, Machida vs. Rampage
  164. [HOLY S**T!] Karo Parisyan: I wanna put a [email protected]#king bullet in my head!!!
  165. UFC took Brock off of "notable HW fighters" list
  166. KJ Noons: “I Would Love To Be Floyd Mayweather’s Next Fight”
  167. Dana White: “You Perform Or You Go Away”
  168. [PLEASE HELP] Pre & post workout supplements???
  169. Crazy 8's bodyweight circuit
  170. Sic submission !
  171. Fedor Emelianenko vs Denis Lebedev (boxer) sparring
  172. Michelle Waterson - Muay Thai / MMA Fighter
  173. Bloodstain Lane – Inside the Mind of the Shooter
  174. Paul Daley: “I’d Like To Fight Noons After I Knock Out Scott Smith”
  175. [LMAO!] Matt Arroyo does GSP impression...
  176. Zuffa Zombie Talks About Fedor
  177. [LMAO!] Phil Baroni's Awesome Interview
  178. Anderson Silva sparring at Wild Card Gym
  179. Eliminate a Fighter?
  180. Nate Marquardt Calls Out Wanderlei Silva
  181. Team Takeover MMA Radio Nov. 30
  182. Kron Gracie says he has the best ground out of anyone
  183. Greg Jackson Responds To Dana White's Recent Criticism
  184. YEAH I SAID IT! MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich
  185. "On this Team"
  186. Fedor Answers The Fans' Questions
  187. Wrdum Vs Overeem likely for March
  188. Freddie Roach on MMA
  189. Freddie Roach talks about training with GSP
  190. MFC T-Shirts – Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!
  191. World MMA Awards 2010 winners
  192. MMA ROUTINE, what is your?
  193. What supplements do you drink?
  194. Cardio routine
  195. Jose Aldo vs Jonathan Brookins...
  196. [HOLY S**T!] Chael Sonnen suspension reduced to 6 months. Could be back as soon as Feb
  197. Sonnen suspension reduced...
  198. I LOL'd at this
  199. Phil Baroni Car salesmen
  200. Kettlebells Workout
  201. Rampage wants James Toney for his next fight
  202. Fighter Pack from BSN
  203. Kizer: I've never spoken to Chael Sonnen
  204. Jose Aldo vs Brock Lesnar
  205. Thiago ''Pitbull'' Alves
  206. Bloodstain Lane On Dana White, MMA Awards, Jon Jones
  207. [HOLY S**T!] ONE BET: Kos over GSP 2MILLION!!!
  208. [LMAO!] MMA Awards: Dear Wandy
  209. Strikeforce Henderson vs Babalu
  210. What a robbery tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. Nam Phan got ****ing robbed.
  212. UFC (not MMA) is Turning Into Trash
  213. Racism in the UFC?
  214. Scott Smith just got KTFO
  215. Babalu just got KTFO too
  216. Strikeforce events are knockoutville
  217. [PLEASE HELP] Vid Request: Garzo-Paixao
  218. Strikeforce: Henderson vs Babalu (Videos)
  219. Can I record UFC PPVs on Comcast?
  220. What was you favorite KO of the night?
  221. Why does Garcia keep getting gift decisions?
  222. Brookins is a tough dude...
  223. Strikeforce shts on the Ufc
  224. Weight routine???
  225. Strikeforce Brutal KO @ 1:58 Dayuuum
  226. Miller turns down Diaz fight...
  227. Nam Phan Interview: "I should be the one offering Garcia a rematch"
  228. Nam Phan Was Paid His Win Bonus After Controversial Loss
  229. [HOLY S**T!] James Toney vs Quintin Rampage Jackson
  230. Joe Rogan Responds To Keith Kizer's Response
  231. Youngest UFC Champ?
  232. Kid Yamamoto in talks with UFC
  233. Mayhem to UFC?
  234. Brocks Hunting Trip Pics
  235. Most Improved Fighter?
  236. [HOLY S**T!] Michihiro Omigawa Signs with the UFC
  237. [LMAO!] Worst UFC Music Entrance ever!
  238. [HOLY S**T!] It's Official: Kid signs with UFC
  239. The REEM Episode 11: Ready For The K-1 Final
  240. The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale - FULL VIDEO
  241. Live: K1 world grand prix finals
  242. MMA Injurys vids...
  243. All hail the new champion the demolition man
  244. K1 WGP Video Request.. Hook me up guys
  245. Stream for tonights event
  246. Any Streams tonite?
  247. GSP vs Josh Koscheck
  248. Another bigmouth humiliated by GSP
  249. Jim Miller is top10 or close to it
  250. [HOLY S**T!] If you order one card a year...this is the card to order.