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  1. Chael Sonnen Busted For PEDS POST UFC 117 DRUG TESTING...
  3. WGP 2010 FINAL16 : Card Announcement VIDEO!!! ARLOVSKI is in it!
  4. BRANKO CIKATIČ best stand up fighter of all time???
  5. Kazushi Sakuraba highlight - a P4P legend
  6. Dana White talks UFC gym, Cro-Cop eye poke and Latino Fighters VIDEO
  7. Official Comments Thread For: Vitor Belfort-Yushin Okami Tops UFC 122 in Germany
  8. What will be Chael Sonnen excuses for testing positive on PEDs?
  9. Dana White Talks Punishment For Chael Sonnen
  10. Koscheck Eyes Bout With "Sorry Ass" Tito Ortiz
  11. Crocop On His Eye Injury: ‘There Is No Chance In Hell To Back Out’
  12. [HOLY S**T!] Make your picks! UFC 119!
  13. TUF Season 8 Winner Efrain Escudero Cut From UFC
  14. Sonnen Told CSAC Officials He Might Piss Hot For Steroids In His Pre-Fight Drug Test,
  15. overeem over rogers for 1 million points.
  16. Josh Barnett: Fedor Fight Will Happen
  17. Drinking Energy Drinks=Fail Drug Test
  18. [HOLY S**T!] Best Fedor Emelianenko tribute!!
  19. Belfort Out Of UFC 122; Marquardt Steps In
  20. UFC 19 BETS! rank Mir OVER Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic
  21. The winner of Bisping v Akiyama - To face Anderson???
  22. *NEW VID BUTTERBEAN Praises the Poland
  23. Bloodstain Lane Talks GSP's Style, Fedor And Mir's Comment
  24. Should Chael Sonnen be made to apolagise?
  25. Vitor Belfort not Injuried, im getting a title fight VIDEO
  27. Do You Think Mir vs Cro Cop Could Turn Out A Mismatch?
  28. Bader vs lil nog? who'll win?
  29. Why do steroid users in mma get labled a P***y or lazy???
  30. Wanderlei Silva confronts Chael Sonnen about his smack talk VIDEO
  31. Bas Rutten comments on steroid use in Mixed Martial Arts
  32. Dana White Talks UFC 119, Chael Sonnen, Steroids, Todd Duffee VIDEO
  33. Team Takeover Radio Live Now!
  34. [LMAO!] UFC 120 Trailer
  35. [PLEASE HELP] Hold Me While I Cry...
  36. Rumina Sato highlight by Damien
  37. UFC 119: Mir vs Cro Cop Weigh In VIDEO
  38. DREAM 16 Videos
  39. DREAM.16 Kazushi Sakuraba vs Jason Mayhem Miller VTR
  40. Alex Reid v Tom Watson uk Bamma uk fight !
  41. UFC 119 live streams
  42. Last minute bet Cro Cop over Mir ODDS
  43. Ufc 119
  44. i need a link fore tonights fights......
  45. Official Comments Thread For: Frank Mir Knocks Mirko Cro Cop Out Cold at UFC 119
  46. GSP Dancing In Some Noontime Show In The Philippines
  47. Mirko should just retire!
  48. UFC 119 Post-Fight Press Conference Highlights
  50. Cro Cop Tribute
  51. MIRKO FILIPOVIČ got 1.1 million for FRANK MIR fight?
  52. CROCOP explains what he was talkin about with FRANK MIR during a match!3
  53. GSP Is Not Impressed With Floyd Mayweather
  54. okami vs akiyama
  55. Let's Just Face It.
  56. Ufc 121 brockk
  57. [PLEASE HELP] Anyone Else Impressed With Meathead?
  58. Bloodstain Lane Recaps UFC 119 And DREAM 16
  59. EA Sports: MMA - Demo out today
  60. Nick Diaz And Shinya Aoki's Middle Finger
  61. Fedor: ‘Alistair Overeem Keeps Finding All Sorts Of Excuses’
  62. Noons vs. DiazII
  63. Takeover Radio Is On Now!
  64. Lenne Hardt Talks PRIDE, DREAM & Sakuraba
  65. A funny blog about Chael "backne" Sonnen I read
  66. Collision Course: Diaz vs. Noons II - Episode 1 - Strikeforce MMA on SHOWTIME
  67. Dana White's biggest nightmare
  68. The Rock Admits He Would Have Been an MMA Fighter
  69. [LMAO!] ***LMAO Video Faber Commercials***
  70. [HOLY S**T!] It's Going Down Tomorrow: WEC 51!!
  71. War Wandy!
  72. Rogerio Nogueira: ‘They Worship The Takedowns A Lot’
  73. Brocktober Fest
  74. Kimbo Vs. Petruzelli had to be fixed
  75. KJ Noons On Nick Diaz: ‘He Is Going To Get Knocked Out’
  76. 3 Million on Cain Over Brock
  77. Me and Nick Diaz smoking pot..
  78. (Possibly Stupid) Question About Wrestling
  79. Aldo, 2 more defenses and he should move up!
  80. K-1 2010 WGP Final 16 Pre-Fight Interviews
  81. Top 5 P4P
  82. REEM strikes again..
  83. Amazing mma throw
  84. Jones vs Bader aimed for early 2011
  85. Barnett Thinks Strikeforce HW Div. Has The Edge UFC's
  86. Dana White Hints at a WEC Announcement That Will "Blow Your Mind"
  87. *NEW Dream 16 Overeem Fight vs. Edwards
  88. Jose Aldo's pay?
  89. "Fight Of The Year" In All Of Combat Sports
  90. [PLEASE HELP] What's the latest on Fedor?
  91. Jon Jones Is Bored Of Fighting Wrestlers In The UFC
  92. Which rematches would Fabricio Werdum win?
  93. The top 3 stand-up fighters at 170?
  94. Muay Thai Fighting
  95. Nelson vs Carwin aimed for ufc125
  96. [HOLY S**T!] The greatest lightweight of all time is?
  97. Martial Art Most Effective in MMA?
  98. Official Comments Thread For: St-Pierre vs Koscheck Rematch Set For UFC 124 on 12/11
  99. Brendan Schaub Hates One Dimensional Wrestlers In Lesnar’s Camp
  100. "Strikeforce MMA" three-event DVD hits stores on Oct. 12
  101. *NEW Vid Noons vs Diaz
  102. Rank These MMA Fighters In Order Of Greatness!
  103. [PLEASE HELP] Nick Diaz is Broke and Will Do Anything for Money, Including Being “Nice”
  104. Why are MMA fighters paid so little?
  105. Did anyone see Primetime?
  106. How will Lesnar Velasquez go down?
  107. F/S New Pioneer DJM-2000 DJ Mixer$1400USD
  108. Coenen Talks Kaufman Fight; Gokhan Saki To Fight MMA
  109. Brad Tavares hints that chuck may be fighting elsewhere?
  110. Bjorn Rebney: 'Eddie Alvarez Is The Greatest Lightweight In MMA Today'
  111. Scott Coker To Add Extra Security And Police At Diaz vs Noons
  112. Ricco Rodriguez was the 1st UFC Mexican HW Champion
  113. Cain over Lesnar
  114. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons 2 Press Conference
  115. It's a shame that the British UFC cards have become so...
  116. Nick Diaz With Paul Heyman On ‘The Heyman Hustle’
  117. Alistair Overeem: M-1 Single-Handedly Destroyed Fedor’s Legacy
  118. Brock Lesnar over Cain Velasquez 50 Million
  119. Anyone been to Gokor's Hayastan Academy in North Hollywood?
  120. Shogun-Will own the light-heavyweight division
  121. Sf:
  122. Collision Course: Diaz vs Noons II – Episode 3
  123. Is tonights Strikeforce card worth it?
  124. [HOLY S**T!] Strikeforce Noons vs Diaz! HQ Stream Inside
  125. [HOLY S**T!] UFC Primetime: Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Velasquez discussion
  126. Marloes Coenen: Strikeforce Has Done A Great Thing By Pushing Women's MMA
  127. Sexyama over Bisping 2million!
  128. Nick Diaz and Mayhem Miller Nearly Came To Blows At Strikeforce
  129. Combat Sports now sponsering Nick Diaz
  130. Do you think UFC will ever have low weight classes?
  131. Chuck Liddell: Get Rid Of Bad MMA Judges
  132. The best pride dvd's?? Help please
  133. Michael Schiavello: "Screw Brocktober, I dub this month Octobereem!"
  134. Because UFC120 is in London, what time is the start time fellas?
  135. Lombard/Barnett fued revealed;started with blood bath sparring session
  136. [HOLY S**T!] Strikeforce Makes Overeem vs. 'Bigfoot' Official for Dec. 4
  137. [PLEASE HELP] Did Fedor Duck Ubereem?
  138. MMA & the Olympics
  139. Aleks Emelianenko Negative Of Hepatitis
  140. Rogan & Schiavello On MMA Writers, Forums & Fedor
  141. EA MMA/Strikeforce Reality Show
  142. i would like a rematch of jackson vs shogun
  143. Post here if you doubt Cain.
  144. Bisping over Sexyama, up to 5 mil.
  145. Cheick Kongo Says At Least 50% Of Fighters Using PED's
  146. [HOLY S**T!] Cung Le just got KTFO by some kid!!!!!
  147. JZ Calvan On Bad MMA Judging And Josh Thomson Fight
  148. Dana White Talks Fedor and Overeem.
  149. Good Boxing candidate for MMA
  150. I just turned off the free UFC event
  151. should dana white sign ex wwe star dave bautista
  152. Carlos fuk-in condit
  153. Bisping coming out to Blur
  154. seriously akiyama
  155. [PLEASE HELP] Any Live Streams 4 the UFC Event?
  157. [LMAO!] Check out this gif...
  158. Don't be scared homie
  159. what were the best fights last night?
  160. [PLEASE HELP] Does Anyone Else Hate Jake Shields?
  161. Shinya Aoki: "Real Martial Arts Means A Knockout Or A Submission"
  162. Miguel Cotto training in MMA
  163. Ubereem: Strikeforce's Top 5 HWs Can Easily Hang W/ UFC's Top 5 HWs
  164. [HOLY S**T!] Chuck Liddell new Interview
  165. ZUFFA To Separate UFC From MMA
  166. [LMAO!] gonna driLesnar- "After I whoop your ass, im gonna drink a carona and eat a burrito"
  167. Cain Velasquez the racist
  168. one of greatest K1 prospect imo
  169. The reem vs brock over all 3 diciplines. who wins??
  170. Any Ricardo Arona News?
  171. Lesnar: After I beat him, I'll celebrate with a Corona and Burrito
  172. Cain velasaquez gets mobbed by fans in LA; Fans rag on Brock
  173. Brock vs Cain Breakdown
  174. Frank Shamrock: Dana White Is Not A Good Representative Of MMA
  175. [PLEASE HELP] Why isn't Brock Lesnar getting any backlash about his racist comments?
  176. Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu
  177. Jose Aldo turned down fight vs. Kenny Florian
  178. Cool Fan Made Lesnar vs Cain promo video
  179. Can Lesnar Take Cain Down?
  180. More Zuffa corruption - Bans another sponsor it see's as a rival
  181. Fedor KOs Randy in EA MMA
  182. UFC 121 pre-event press conference
  183. [HOLY S**T!] Greatest UFC event ever???
  184. Who's Going To UFC 121?
  185. 1 millon from Sanchez over Thiago & Cain over Brock!
  186. Thoughts on top 100 Heavyweights(fightmatrix)
  187. Bloodstain Lane Responds To Dana White & Brendan Schaub
  188. Fedor: Alistair Overeem Is Against Fighting Me
  189. [PLEASE HELP] Your favorite MMA Knockout of All Time?
  190. can someone hook it up w/ a live stream of bellator 33??
  191. Fedor Obliterates Randy Couture In EA MMA Game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FT8O7
  192. How come there isn't no hype behind tonights fight?
  193. Bjorn Rebney: There Are No Issues In Making The Melendez vs Alvarez Super Fight
  194. Jim Rome takes on Lesnar
  195. *NEW Vid Cain On Sports Science
  196. Cain Valasquez has a 2230 PSI punch
  197. Not a fan of Sheilds but kinda want him to win.
  198. Chef Boy-Overeem
  199. Champions of Champions Elite
  200. Rebney: Melendez fight up to Coker, issues w/ FSN deal
  201. UFC 121 Weigh in Pics.
  202. UFC 121 betting thread
  203. Lavar Johnson: I’m Ready For Rogers, Arlovski And Fedor
  204. Go Cain! Do it for the people!
  205. Ariel Lelwani...... You're a complete jackass
  206. Cain over Brock for 1 Million
  207. Brock and Cain vs Dos Santos
  208. Cain isn't as good as Fedor?
  209. UFC 121 wiegh in videos
  210. CaIn Lesnar streams
  211. Barry: "Lesnars striking improved LEAPS and BOUNDS"; "If he touches Cain, its over"
  212. Its Official Brock=$5 million check per fight
  213. Ill bet on Brock up to 50 million...
  214. UFC 121 Discussion/RNR
  215. Last minute bet 300k on Lesnar
  216. Shields is my favorite mma fighter...
  217. Diego vs Thiago is my fight of the year...
  218. Ufc 121
  219. Jake Shields is overrated and boring.
  220. Brock is done
  221. Lol!
  222. VIVA MEXICO!!! Cain Velazquez DESTROYS Brock Lesnar!!!
  223. Rematch Clause or Dos Santos Next?
  224. Lesnar didn't lose because of conditioning
  226. Official Comments Thread For: Cain Velasquez Destroys Brock Lesnar in The First Round
  227. Mexicans do not give a **** about UFC. Proof inside Hilarious.
  228. Do you view Brock differently after being beaten by Cain?
  229. Brock Lesnar dazed by Cain's phantom punch GIF
  230. Beautiful lesson learned in the UFC Heavyweight division...
  231. Anyone have gif or video of Lesnar getting knocked out?
  232. What art was demonstrated in Lesnar/Velazquez?
  233. [HOLY S**T!] Lesnar's face after the fight
  234. 50k for the GIF
  235. MMA headed to Mexico......
  236. How will the UFC react to the first death in MMA?
  237. Hype train derailed
  238. M-1 Tweet Following The Lesnar Loss
  239. Lesnar is a ***** lolololol
  240. [HOLY S**T!] The Undertaker to Brock "You want to do it!?"
  241. they wont be celebrating for long..
  242. [LMAO!] VIDEO: Brock Lesnar SHOVES Las Vegas Cop aside (MUST SEE)
  243. Why do Boxing fans still insist...
  244. Lesnar Vs. Velasquez whole fight
  245. Dana White on UFC 121
  246. Footage of Lesnar at his after party...
  247. In Liddell's last 13 UFC fights, he earned..
  248. I need some clarification from the more knowledgeable MMA fans.
  249. How'd you score the Shields fight?
  250. Jake had lost 20 pounds in 1 day to make weight...