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  1. Dan Goosen issues challenge to Randy Couture VIDEO
  2. Your 5 Favorite MMA Fighters
  3. UFC 117 fighter salaries and paydays for "Silva vs Sonnen"
  4. Shane Carwin Caught in Federal Steroids Investigation
  5. Country Boy Pride vs Brown Pride
  6. Who here is going to Burger King if Toney wins?
  7. Should UFC Fighters boycott for better pay?
  8. Visting James Toney At His MMA Training Camp VIDEO
  9. Junior Dos Santos: "Boxing is my life."
  10. Bigfoot Silva Doesn’t Believe On Brock Lesnar Being No. 1
  11. Post Your Favorite MMA Highlight Videos
  12. *New JT Video Clip*
  13. *NEW JT Video* "Rogan and Glazer r clowns"
  14. Anyone seen Tokyo Zombie?
  15. *New Video James Toney Crew"
  16. Backstage footage from Tim Sylvia locker room
  17. Cruz over Benavidez for 200k
  18. Randy Couture has new tatoo?
  19. [HOLY S**T!] Don't Miss WEC 50: Cruz v. Benavidez 2 Tonight!!
  20. *New JT Video "He see my black ass in his sleep"
  21. Important point we tend to forget.
  22. *James Toney UFC 118 Video Interview By Rogan"
  23. Randy Coutures Been Using Sefo To Emulate Tony
  24. After training With Toney, Antonio McKee picks him for the fight.
  25. Gene Lebell vs Milo Savage
  26. James Toney Cage Workout - Exclusive VIDEO
  27. Reljič vs Soszynski who wins?
  28. What happened with Franklin-Hughes/who would've won?
  29. Randy Throw Kick Takedown, Toney Counters Goodnight Irene
  30. *New Video Clip James Toney Predictions"
  31. Who do you rate as the best fighter from the early UFCs?
  32. Bloodstain: Jake Rossen's Fedor Article, Zuffadog Nonsense, Cro Cop vs. Mir & Other H
  33. Bet: I got Kennedy over Jacare. 3:1 odds.
  34. [Odds] I got Toney over Couture
  35. I know how to destroy MMA for good!!!!!
  36. *Video* Kimbo Slice is going to box for Shaw..big whoop
  37. Brock Lesnar GIF? anyone? 500K
  38. 1 million. I have Toney. You have Couture. Give me odds.
  39. No Holds Barred: Strikeforce Houston Preview (Audio)
  40. Ontario’s Integrity Watchdog Asked To Investigate The Possible Illegal MMA Lobbying
  41. 1 million points for MEGAUPLOAD links to the following fights
  42. Which Middleweights Would GSP Beat?
  43. Chuck Zito trains BJJ with Renzo Gracie!!
  44. *NEW VIDEO Strikeforce Intro, Brazil vs. America
  45. [HOLY S**T!] Make your picks for UFC 118
  46. *NEW UFC 118 Preview Video*
  47. ***Live! Stream Strikeforce Undercard***
  48. MO lost, but Will Become Champ Again...
  49. Called that shiiit!!!!
  50. How did you score Jacare vs Kennedy?
  51. UFC 118 BETS....big hitters and small are welcome...
  52. MO Beat Lesnar!!!
  53. Rampage has best chin in mma..
  54. Sengoku 14 And Strikeforce Houston Videos *spoilers
  55. [HOLY S**T!] Gentlemen, We Have Our 2010 MMA Fight of the Year?
  56. Does Anyone Even Give A S#!T That..
  57. Randy Training.
  58. One of the best MMA fights this year so far
  59. Brock Lesnar opinions....(DEBATE)
  60. Toney over Couture for 400k give me odds
  61. Machida vs Rampage Trailer VIDEO
  62. [LMAO!] What would you guys do if this scenario played out in the Toney-Couture fight
  63. Who are the best wrestlers in the world?
  64. Pound for Pound the MMA section is the best on the forum.
  65. Dana goes Nuts at Helwani about P4P No.1
  66. PPV #'s 118
  67. *NEW JT Limo Video*
  68. *NEW JT Interview*
  69. [HOLY S**T!] BJ Penn Vs. Frankie Edgar for all the marbles {FINAL POLL}
  70. Dana White UFC 118 Video Blog w/Mike Tyson - 8/23
  71. Silva-Sonnen Rematch is set
  72. Kenny Florian is gonna dominate Maynard
  73. Tim Sylvia says Ray Mercer result will not happen to Randy Couture vs. James Toney
  74. Inside MMA: James Toney takes on MMA
  75. [LMAO!] Arlovski : "Tim how does taste my big peepee?"
  76. Who wants to see Josh Barnett in the UFC??
  77. Most Underrated/Overrated Fighters in the MMA?
  78. Fedor Emelianenko Wants Alistair Overeem Next
  79. Dana White Wants To See James Toney Get Smashed At UFC 118
  80. [HOLY S**T!] Dana White UFC 118 Video Blog w/Mike Tyson - 8/23
  81. Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons Rematch On Oct. Strikeforce Event
  82. [HOLY S**T!] that submission move by silvia..
  83. (video) Jens Pulver and Gabe Ruediger talk Joe Lauzon at UFC 118
  84. BJ Penn: Takedowns And Positions Are Jokes
  85. 50k james toney ko's countoure..**** it 200k
  86. Ubereem Ducks Fedor
  87. Cesar Gracie has a message for Mayhem...
  88. *New Video BJ Penn "James Toney Is God's Gift to MMA"
  89. My UFC 118 bets
  90. How highly do you rate Anderson Silva?
  91. M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelstein On Internet MMA Websites
  92. Fight That Sparked Debate Of Boxer vs. Mixed Martial Artist
  93. Are many MMA Fans/Fighters fans of boxing?
  94. [PLEASE HELP] Ufc countdown 118??
  95. Definately betting on James Toney
  96. *NEW Video James Toney Helwani Interview"
  97. [G Dog confused] Why dont the Klitschkos try out UFC?
  98. does toney/coutoure have GSP/Hardy written all over it????
  99. [LMAO!] Dana White's reaction to Toney's threats.
  100. UFC 118 Countdown
  101. Kimbo to make boxing debut
  102. James Toney 237 UFC WEIGH IN
  103. *New Video sports science Couture vs Toney power*
  104. Tank Abbott vs Scott Ferrozzo War Of Words
  105. Last time a pure boxer fought against a wrestler in PRIDE
  106. Ufc 118
  107. Does Toney have a chance???
  108. What time is the Toney fight?
  109. Why is everyone on BJ's Nuts?
  110. 10 million on BJ who wants it?
  111. James Toney vs Randy Couture weigh in video
  112. Luke Thomas, EiC of BloodyElbow talks UFC118
  113. Shaq Still Maintains He Wants To Fight Hong Man Choi
  114. im getting alot of flack from mma fans on facebook
  115. Ufc 118
  116. UFC 118 Streams
  117. James Toney Wins Tonight Either Way...
  118. UFC 118 Round by Round Discussion!
  119. Shaw PPV difficulties for anyone??!?!
  120. PM me a sopcast link?
  121. This is the first MMA Card I have ever watched and this **** is so BORING
  122. [HOLY S**T!] I've got...
  123. All I got to say is...
  124. Toney's coach did a terrible job
  125. tips for Bj penn after 2 rounds
  126. [HOLY S**T!] Congratulations to Edgar
  127. Gorilla Dogs speaks: Edgar was too fast and too pretty
  128. Frankie Edgar is top 3 p4p
  129. What was your reaction when Toney was gettin taken down?
  130. I don't care if Maynard was 100-0
  131. Jose Aldo should....
  132. 209 in the house!!
  133. Frankie Edgar vs Jose Aldo
  134. This thread is a response to Kaps, since he closed a prior thread.
  135. UFC 118 Bonuses...
  136. Much respect for Couture.
  137. James Toney won that fight
  138. [PLEASE HELP] Nate Diaz
  139. Why is Randy Couture billed as 6'2?
  140. to be fair...
  141. I didnt get to see the toney fight
  142. Randy should step into the boxing ring!
  143. Official Gray Maynard Hate Thread
  144. Toney Wasn't At Post Fight Conference...
  145. Dana White Video "James Toney Is Done With UFC"
  146. JAmes Toney fell like his shoes were tied together haha
  147. Frankie Edgar is a boring champion.
  148. UFC 118 Post Fight
  149. I'm slowly getting into MMA...
  150. I Predict MMA Will Go BUST In Less Than 5 Years...
  151. [HOLY S**T!] Bricks???
  152. [HOLY S**T!] Ray Mercer Vs. Ron Sparks (Sept.17.10)
  153. I wonder when these pointless Boxing vs. MMA threads will stop?
  154. Go Post Your MMA Threads in the MMA Section.
  155. James Toney just had the wrong game plan
  156. Wrestling will be the downfall of the ufc!
  157. Omar Henry: MMA Isn’t A Sport, It’s Almost Something Like A Freak Show
  158. Do you see anyone else at 155 beating Penn?
  159. Zuffadog's Tomas Rios Goes Off On A Caller
  160. UFC Post 118 VIDEO JAMES TONEY Interview
  161. Chuck Liddell NEW Look *Pic Inside*
  162. Do the writers at Sherdog seem abit biased to you?
  163. Bloodstain Lane On Fedor/Overeem Debacle
  164. Mir vs Cro Cop Trailer
  165. CRO COP is also BOXER!
  166. Did you know that CRO COP trained with BRANKO CIKATIČ?
  167. Fletch (Team Takeover) article at lowkick.com - Fedor, the UFC & "The New Breed of HW
  168. Vitor Belfort vs Yushin Okami to headline UFC 122 in Germany
  169. Please Vote For Andrei Arlovski In K-1 Final 16 Position
  170. Trevor Berbick fighting MMA
  171. Anyone else think Toney looked scared during the walk in
  172. Overeem Accepts Fedor/M-1′s Challenge But Must Wait After K-1 WGP
  173. *video* Lesnar coach talks Velsaquez
  174. [LMAO!] i had a weird dream about lesnar-velasquez last night
  175. James Toney makes $500,000 in UFC debut, tops payroll
  176. I think boxers could be good in MMA IF
  177. James "Money Maker" Toney
  178. Karo Parisyan Back To UFC
  179. TAPOUT Just SOLD Co. to Warren Buffet....
  180. Alistair Overeem vs Ben Edwards In K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16
  181. Most Memorable MMA Fight?
  182. Toney next MMA fight Probably Strikeforce/Mooshin?
  183. [HOLY S**T!] Pacman is willing to try MMA
  184. Manny Pacquio vs Jose Aldo
  185. Question For MMA Fans
  186. Arlovski Would Beat Brock...
  187. James Toney's next MMA opponent?
  188. Who is the most exciting mixed martial artist ever?
  189. I am fighter
  190. Alistair Overeem Will Sign With The UFC?
  191. What is Chuck Liddell's legacy? {KO'ing or gettin KO'd)
  192. Dream 16 Promo: Sakuraba vs Mayhem
  193. Griffen vs. Liddell
  194. Belfort Vs. Toney {Gentleman agreemant boxing match in UFC}
  195. Ortiz vs Liddell 3! make it happen!
  196. Eliminating closed guard in MMA...
  197. Will MMA Fighters Be Brave Enough To Go In The Ring
  198. Floyd Sr. Thinks his son would be KILLED in MMA
  199. Fletch Blog: Fedor, UFC And The ‘New Breed Of Heavyweights’
  200. [LMAO!] KJ Noons wants to fight Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather in MMA and Boxing
  201. JAMES THOMPSON as security on HAYE HARRISON press?
  202. [HOLY S**T!] UFC release HW prospect Todd Duffee
  203. DANA WHITE is not interested in FEDOR but he is in MARK HUNT!!
  204. Full Rules Muay Thai on G4 September 24th at 8pm
  205. Anyone here a fan of Antonio Mckee?
  206. [LMAO!] Toney officially released by the UFC!
  207. Dana White: We Like Guys Who [email protected] Fight In The UFC
  208. Bloodstain Lane Talks His Bas Boon/Ubereem Beef, Shinya Aoki & More
  209. Uk espn
  210. Paul Daley Talks About Boring Fighters In MMA
  211. BJ Penn Returns in November--Possibly UFC 123
  212. Aoki Says The UFC Isn't Interesting Because Of Wrestling
  213. Frank Mir: To Be Fair For Crocop, I’m Not Training That Hard
  214. Josh Barnett And Jorge Masvidal Signs With Strikeforce
  215. UK Fans: UFC moving to Sky Sports
  216. [PLEASE HELP] Do You Guys find Jon Fitch Boring?
  217. [PLEASE HELP] Let's Keep the Activity Up
  218. Bobby Lashley Gives His Excuses On His Loss To Chad Griggs
  219. Matt Hughes vs PJ Benn at UFC 123
  220. Hughes Penn Ufc 123
  221. Longtime Fan vs Sherdog
  222. Seven Bellator Fighters Who Could Make Waves in The UFC
  223. Andrei Semenov highlight by Damien
  224. Official Comments Thread For: UFC Announces British Television Deal With Sky Sports
  225. Bloodstain Lane Talks His Bas Boon/Ubereem Beef, Shinya Aoki & More
  226. CRO COP : "Keep your mouth shouth FRANK" VIDEO
  227. [HOLY S**T!] UFC Fight Night 22 is Tomorrow Night!!
  228. Chael Sonnen NEWWWWWW Q&A Highlights
  229. Official Comments Thread For: Rampage Jackson vs Lyoto Machida Lands in Detroit, 11/20
  230. Up to 1mil on Pearson over miller...
  231. KELLY SLATER (9 time world champ SURFER) vs PARILLO boxing trainer JIU JITSU MATCH!
  232. !!!Live Rogan On Alex Jones NOW!!!
  233. Josh Barnett vs. Cain Velasquez
  234. Bigfoot Wants Fedor Or Josh Barnett Next
  235. Ray Mercer fight in on THIS FRIDAY!!!
  236. Roger Huerta On Street Fight: I'm No Hero, I just Did The Right Thing
  237. UFC Fight Night 22 live stream
  238. How Good Is Joe Rogan?
  239. *Official* TUF: Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Discussion
  240. *video* Barnett avoids questions on StrikeForce contract
  241. I just watched Greased Lightning's "win."
  242. Looking for mma tracker invitation
  243. Bellator 29 (Videos)
  244. Josh Barnett Eyes Strikeforce Debut in 2010 Against 'Whoever's Willing to Do It'
  245. [HOLY S**T!] James "Lights Out" Toney Vs. "Sugar" Shane Carwin
  246. Pudzianowski vs Butterbean KSW14 Tom
  247. Frank Mir vs Mirko ''Cro Cop'' Flipovic, Who Will Win? (POLL)
  248. UFC Fight Night 22 Ratings Disappoint, Lowest in series history
  249. Please tell me ya'll are gonna order UFC 119 next saturday?
  250. [HOLY S**T!] Butterbean vs Pudzianowski LIVE STREAM!