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  1. [LMAO!] Cro Cop makes Bob Sapp Cry
  2. [HOLY S**T!] M1 Global say no to Fedor vs Overeem
  3. *NEW Video UFC 118" JAMES TONEY
  4. Joe Rogan Talks With Mayhem Miller (Videos)
  5. Fedor has one of the best striking techniques in MMA
  6. And The Part Of James Toney Shall Be Played By.....
  7. Diego Sanchez is a freakin retard
  8. James Toney Almost Broke Dean Lister’s Foot
  9. New to the Sport
  10. Brocks version of rope-a-dope
  11. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 121 card is STACKED!
  12. Fedor: I Don’t Train Jiu Jitsu, Sambo Is Superior
  13. Sherdog's Heavyweight Ranking
  14. Golden Glory Annouced United Glory’s MMA & Kickboxing “World Series” Details
  15. Lyoto Machida vs. Rampage Jackson
  17. Vitor Belfort On Ed Soares: “Shut Your Mouth”
  18. Anderson Silva Vs. Maricio Rua {LIGHT HEAVY-WEIGHT}
  19. Amir Sadollah fights
  20. Strikeforce Challengers 9 Videos
  21. [HOLY S**T!] Tito Ortiz Vs Matt Hamill
  22. Mayhem Miller: “I Wanna Kick Nick Diaz In The Face”
  23. *NEW JT Interview*
  24. James Toney MMA Sponser(s)?
  25. Hilarious Chael Sonnen Interview On MMA Live
  26. Gerald Harris steps in for Jorge Ruvera at UFC 118
  27. JZ Calvan Talks Turning Down The UFC, Kawajiri And Aoki
  28. Sengoku: "We Must Only Wait For DREAM To Destroy Itself"
  29. Predictions Ortiz vs. Hamill in October
  30. Anderson Silva Would Lose To...
  31. *New Chael Sonnen Real Estate Commercial Video*
  32. New details emerge on FEG’s partnership with PUJI Capital
  33. is a UFC monopoly good for the sport? (long read)
  34. Bloodstain Lane On Zuffa Zombies, Silva vs Sonnen & More
  35. *Breaking Anderson Silva News*
  36. Chael Sonnen’s Verbal Beatdown On Anderson Silva At The Conference Call
  37. Will Anderson Retire If He Loses To Chael?
  38. The top five fighters of all time in each division - the lightweights.
  39. The top five fighters of all time in each division - the welter weights
  40. The top five fighters of all time in each division - the middle weights.
  41. The top five fighters of all time in each division - the light heavy weights
  42. The top five fighters of all time in each division - the heavy weights.
  43. Chuck Liddell Talks About His Recent Fight, Toney vs Couture
  44. 2M points to anyone who can...
  45. Anderson Silva Just Got Verbally Abused By Chael Sonnen
  46. *New Toney Interview, A Must Read*
  47. UFC 121: Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez
  48. The Best Boxer in the UFC?
  49. Ryan Couture Signs With Strikeforce
  50. BJ Penn Reclaiming His Title!
  51. Sonnen is a Dead man Walking RIP sonnen!!! headstone:Died Aug 7 2010
  52. Sonnen is a Dead man Walking RIP sonnen!!! headstone:Died Aug 7 2010
  53. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Star Jason David Frank Turns MMA Pro
  54. *NEW Video* Chael Sonnen "There's this Dirtbag named Anderson Silva"
  55. UFC ring Girl Arianni, Tease, Miss Innocent, or Naughty Girl?
  56. Ken Pavia Sued For Passing Zuffa Confidential Documents To Bellator
  57. Jon "Bones" Jones The Kobe of MMA?
  58. Leading MMA Agent: "Japanese MMA Is Dead"
  59. *Great promo video* Silva vs Sonnen Trailer - Inception Style
  60. KSW Wants Pudzianowski vs Butterbean
  61. Tony Couture Coming to Movie Theater
  62. Make it Happen Bean vs. Kimbo
  63. Antonio McKee Implies Racism Of Him Not Being In The UFC
  64. Steriods in MMA?
  65. Most MMA Shirts Are Designed With What Program?
  66. [LMAO!] Dana White: "UFC haters and idiot websites think Alistair Overeem is 'the new guy'"
  67. Chael i love your trash talk but shut the **** up
  68. Talkin Smack Makes BIGGEST PAYDAYS!!!
  69. Fedor vs. Junior Dos Santos
  70. [LMAO!] Bisping's Island
  71. Paul Daley Is Back With Strikeforce
  72. MMA fights you want to see!
  73. UFC on Versus 2 Jones vs Matyushenko
  74. 20k Ellenberger over Howard
  75. UFC117 Bet Thread
  76. Jon Bones vs Shogun?
  77. Gomi Interview, want's to stay in US to Train and take UFC back to Japan
  78. Who does Jon Jones fight next?
  79. [PLEASE HELP] MMA Fighter's Diet's?
  80. Jones Chin Is Suspect?
  81. Remember The Time When Takanori Gomi And Tyson Griffin Trained Together?
  82. Ubereem was going to sign for UFC
  83. Scott Smith To Move Down To Welterweight
  84. Could Jones Give Fedor Problems?
  85. Bones Jones Will Lose To...
  86. 1 mill on Silva over Sonnen
  87. Yushin Okami moves closer to title contention with UFC victory
  88. Jon Jones vs Todd Duffee
  89. Roy Nelson Thinks ‘Cigano’ dos Santos Is The Best HW In The UFC
  90. Sengoku/Pancrase FW Champ Marlon Sandro Could Face Omigawa In DREAM vs Sengoku
  91. Tyson Griffin acted like a child
  92. Demian Maia 2.0 or the real deal?
  93. *New Video* Mike Tyson "Fedor is my favorite MMA Fighter"
  94. *New Video* JT Trainers "Toney Gonna Be 1st To Choke Couture, Punches R Laser Beams"
  95. **Video** Can it get worse than this?
  96. one of the top 5 current MC's with an mma-themed video
  97. *New Video* James Toney Looking In Awesome Shape
  98. Jon Jones Says He'd Move To Heavyweight To Beat Up James Toney
  99. One of the many reasons GSP is my favorite fighter
  100. [LMAO!] VIDEO: "Dana White, Im Not gonna kiss yo ass! Ima beat yo ass!" - James Toney
  101. [LMAO!] VIDEO: "Dana White, Im Not gonna kiss yo ass! Ima beat yo ass!" - James Toney
  102. Is Dos Santos Better Striker Than Arlovski Roy Faced?
  103. 30k on Sonnen over Silva What kind of odds would you give me?
  104. Blood Sport vs Karma GSP Highlight. Must see.
  105. Vadim Finkleshtein Interview - Fedor, M1-Global, and MMA
  106. KSW Declines Aleks Emelianenko Because Of Hepatitis C
  107. Daniel Cormier vs.UFC HW's
  108. [HOLY S**T!] UFC vet Roger Huerta stomps out dude for sucker punching girl! LOL
  109. JDS vs Nelson gets Carwin ??
  110. Sonnen Finally Admits the truth
  111. Why is Toney learning grappling from a Kenpo guy?
  112. will silva continue his unbeaten streak??
  113. i demand jon jones vs shogun
  114. 50k Jon Fitch over Thiago Alves
  115. Any Hughes fans wanna bet?
  116. Anderson Silva- "The UFC wants me to lose because I'm Brazilian"
  117. Anderson Silva over Chael Sonnen 3:1 odds for 50 million
  118. UFC 117 Open Workout
  119. I'M Calling It "Big Country By SUB"
  120. Anybody else thinking upset?
  121. Vadim Finkelstein On Brock vs Carwin
  122. [HOLY S**T!] Lets bet real man style
  123. SONNEN says it's NOT ME on JIM ROME SHOW
  124. Angelina Jolie Trained MMA For Her Latest Movie ‘SALT’
  125. Sportfight - Matt Lindland and JT Taylor Face off VERY FUNNY
  126. POLL: What Roger Huerta did was exceptable?
  127. [HOLY S**T!] Anderson Silva training with Steven Seagal for UFC 117
  128. Tito Slams Hamill's Handicap & More Sonnen Trash Talk On "Inside MMA"
  129. Heath Herring Could Beat JDS...
  130. Anderson Silva - Chael Sonnen Press Conference Staredown
  131. James Toney calls out Fedor
  132. Nelson over JDS give me 1:3 odds....for 10 million
  133. Dana White Confirms Fitch-Alves At UFC 117 Is For Next Title Shot
  134. Chael Sonnen - "Anderson Silva soaks his body in baby oil."
  135. Is Mr Sonnen scared?
  136. Brazialian domination this weekend.
  137. [HOLY S**T!] Does Sonnen (R) look intimidated?
  138. *New Exclusive Pics Batista's MMA Training"
  139. Biggest Loss for your favorite MMA fighter?
  140. [LMAO!] Silva can get caught out like Fedor
  141. ANDERSON SILVA is gonna knock SONNEN out inside a minute!!!
  142. [HOLY S**T!] tomorrows card is stacked....
  143. Silva Sonnen Weigh In Stream?
  144. UFC 117 Countdown
  145. War Of Words Heats Up Between Rampage & Rapper The Game
  146. Aleks Emelianenko Have No Idea Where The Information Of Hepatitis C Came From
  147. Frebricio Burdue is NOT the best heavyweight!
  148. Chael Sonnen Suffers “Stomach Bug” as Anderson Silva Fight Looms
  149. UFC 117: Pick the winners for each fight.
  150. *New Video*Jake Shields "I'm Pickin Chael
  151. Rodney Wallace - Not worried about Davis' wrestling, wants Silva to Lose
  152. [LMAO!] Chael Sonnen Lowlight
  153. Michael Schiavello On His Streetfight And Kazuyuki Miyata
  154. [LMAO!] Anderson Silva/Chael Sonnen weigh-in stare **Gif**
  155. ufc 117 streams?
  156. Did THIAGO ALVES make the weight?
  157. Mark This Down UFC 117 Night of Country Boys
  158. Ufc 117 start time
  159. UFC 117: Bets
  160. Luciano Azevedo Plans To Retire Antonio McKee
  161. All aboard the Sonnen supermotive!!!!
  162. stream for the silva fight?
  163. Last minute bets
  164. UFC 117 Streams
  165. PM for HD UFC 117 Link
  166. [PLEASE HELP] at work..damn can someone keep me updated
  167. What a submission by Matt Hughes
  168. UFC 117 RbR Discussion!
  169. Big country toughest sob in ufc
  170. [HOLY S**T!] And the new middleweight champ is ...
  171. So, Silva can't handle southpaws...
  172. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Tops Wrestling!!!!
  173. Anderson Silva Needs To Retire
  174. [HOLY S**T!] 7th title defense...godlike
  175. [LMAO!] Some guy on NSB made a thread about Silva about to lose..
  176. Shogun Would Destroy Anderson...
  177. Silva fought against doctors orders
  178. UFC 117 Bonuses...
  179. p4p Rankings change...
  180. Silva taps out Sonnen Gif
  181. Chael Sonnen taught tonight.....
  182. Official Comments Thread For: Anderson Silva Busted Up, Rallies To Beat Sonnen
  183. Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva Post-UFC 117 Press Conference Highlights
  184. Cheal Sonnen irony?
  185. What next for alves??
  186. Anderson Silva vs St Pierre.
  187. the silva fight was fixed
  188. *Fedor & More with Bloodstain & Creep at the M-1 Global Selection Show*
  189. Imagine Brock vs. Anderson
  190. Why are people congratulating Silva so hard?
  191. Michael Bisping Is Not Impressed By Chael Sonnen’s Dominating Performance
  192. Did anyone else find it hilarious
  193. James Toney "Randy better pay his light bill because ima knock his lights out"
  194. JAMES TONEY : " I am gonna focus on your ass GIRL" VIDEO!
  195. Chael Sonnen's Defense
  196. Toney MMA Debut Sink or Swim?
  197. Chael i apologise
  198. Yoshihiro ‘Sexyama’ On His Embezzlement Case
  199. [PLEASE HELP] Randy Couture vs James Toney.. Good or Bad?
  200. Pick a rematch Silva/Sonnen or Carwin/Brock
  201. penn vs edgar 2--who takes it?????
  203. Dana White Responds to James Toney NEW VIDEO!
  204. without A silva
  205. Any 205 r in world Beat KING MO?
  206. [PLEASE HELP] Should Chael Sonnen get a rematch?
  207. Legendary Genki Sudo Invades New York
  208. Favorite MMA fighter?
  209. Chael Sonnen is right..
  210. Do you still consider Anderson Silva the best p4p fighter in the world?
  211. *new ufc 118 countdown 10minute video* toney vs couture
  212. KING MO admitts that he got submitted by JAMES TONEY! VIDEO
  213. Griffin vs Jones @ UFC 123
  214. Randy Couture Doesn’t Think Gina Carano Will Fight Again
  215. Spider Silva vs The Truth Vera...who wins?
  216. *New JT UFC 118 VideoClip*"I'm the real ultimate fighter"
  217. DANA WHITE looks nervous cuz of TONEY COUTURE fight!
  218. Its sickening how some people think Toney has a chance against Couture
  219. Roger Huerta In a Street Fight
  220. King Mo Open To Fighting Fabricio Werdum
  221. UFC Rip Off Countdown?
  222. Is Oleg Takhtarov the most successful MMA fighter?
  223. Dos Santos vs. James Toney in Boxing Match
  224. Fedor Will Likely Renew His Contract With Strikeforce; Women 135 GP Format, Modified!
  225. Anybody watching the Sylvia/Buentello fight this weekend?
  226. Would Roy Nelson Be A Better Fighter If He Lost A Significant Amount Of Weight?
  227. Why should Chael Sonnen get a rematch?
  228. Who's the worst fighter to have stepped in the UFC??
  229. [LMAO!] Sherdog's p4p rankings are an epic failure.
  230. Mujahideens training
  231. UFC James Toney enjoying the role of the "bad guy" heading in to fight with Randy Cou
  232. penn vs edgar
  233. Strikeforce Challengers 10 Videos *spoilers
  234. Toney V Couture pay ???
  235. [LMAO!] Chael Sonnen responds to Michael Bisping's Twitter attack.
  236. Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem
  237. [HOLY S**T!] Shane carwin caught in steroid scandal!!!
  238. If James Toney Beats Up Randy Couture
  239. ◊►CraveOnline (owner of Sherdog) officially calls Sherdog as "UFC News"◄◊
  240. Anybody else miss BODOG MMA?
  241. silva vs. king mo
  242. Strikeforce HW Division vs UFC Heavyweight Division
  243. Cro Cop replaces Nogueira to fight Mir
  244. Sylvia is looking good
  245. Chris Arreola on MMA...
  246. Rare Footage: Rampage Knocks Evans out!
  247. Jens Pulver Loses for the 8th Time in his Last 9 fights.
  248. KJ Noons: ‘If You Want To See Some Lame Fighting Go Watch The UFC’
  249. man i feel bad for jens pulver
  250. Official Comments Thread For: Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez Set For October 23