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  1. Do You Prefer MMA Fights In A Cage Or A Ring?
  2. Art Of War And DREAM On Eurosport Petition
  3. [PLEASE HELP] Req:pride 20
  4. Strikeforce Live
  5. [PLEASE HELP] Anyone recommend a good tv show?
  6. Strikeforce tonight stream
  7. [PLEASE HELP] anyone got strikeforce from last night?
  8. Chael Sonnen Takes Shots at Anderson Silva, Nogueira Brothers, Ed Soares
  9. Lesnar Training with Couture
  10. TUF 11 Finale: IRRELEVANT
  11. Saddest moments in sport. Should something be done to stop legends going to far.
  12. *New UFC 116 Promo Video*
  13. Fedor Emelianenko: "I'm Not A Fan Of The UFC"
  14. Robbie Lawler Wants No Part Of Nick Diaz
  15. Big Black: "Dana Used Kimbo"
  16. Chuck Liddell should have 1 more farewell fight
  17. Fedor vs Lesnar
  18. Any download links for SRC 13?
  19. Wec 49
  20. Has Evil been extinguished from the ufc???
  21. Who loves Clay Guida??
  22. Travis Browne = the new beast of the UFC HW division
  23. [LMAO!] GSP is not impressed with Taylor Swift
  24. Jacare
  25. [HOLY S**T!] After watching Serra vs. Trigg....
  26. WWE Batista going MMA
  27. Prospect Watch: Marlon Sandro
  28. Kendall Grove Says ****e TV Controls TUF, Not The UFC
  29. [LMAO!] Didn't I tell you...
  30. Report: Wanderlei Silva Out of Akiyama Fight
  31. [PLEASE HELP] Talk to me about Fedor Vs Lesnar
  32. Sengoku 13 Videos
  33. Dana White approved of people 'posing as fans' and 'leaking' videos
  34. Overeem vs. Cain Velasquez?
  35. Wing Chun in MMA ??
  36. Does Cain Velasquez deserve a title shot?
  37. Lesnar: "Fedor Is The Greatest Champion In His Own Little World"
  38. Shane Carwin gets short changed - Why Fedor should stay in M1/Strikeforce
  39. I got Werdum over Fedor 5:1 odds. who wants it?
  40. Josh Thomson Talks Fedor
  41. Lesnar over Carwin for 30 million!
  42. Best MMA Organizations?
  43. What all-time athlete/person would you have most loved to see in MMA?
  44. Kendall Grove's Fight Demoted After Criticizing ****e TV
  45. UK MMA fans.....
  46. UFC threatens TapOut with a lifetime ban if they sponsor Fedor
  47. Fedor: "There's No Mystery, Magic Or Mystique To It"
  48. Bets: Fedor Werdum
  49. Why Fedor didnt sign with the UFC
  50. Fedor Vs Werdum Stream?
  51. Sho Gun vs Anderson Silva
  52. *Breaking News* Frank Shamrock to announce retirement on Strikforce tonight
  53. Video of Fedor?
  54. Fedor..it's time to retire.
  55. I'm glad Fat boy got beat tonight
  56. Fedor "I FEEL NOTHING!!!!" ..... hahahahha
  57. [HOLY S**T!] Cyborg Beats Down Finney Like Red-Headed Step Child
  58. Dana's Reaction
  59. Great Strikeforce Event Last Night
  60. Did Fedor lose?
  61. Fedor vs Fabricio Werdum VIDEO
  62. FEDOR said "I'll Be Back"
  63. Fedor on the Werdum loss
  64. What's bigger for strikeforce?
  65. 2 Mental Reasons Why Fedor Lost!!!!
  66. FAO: Fedor Haters
  67. Picks for UFC 116?
  68. Fedor GIF
  69. 2 Million on Carwin over Lesnar
  70. Kurt Angle to StrikeForce?
  71. Carwin Will Represent Team Fedor In His Fight With Lesnar
  72. [HOLY S**T!] MMA Fighter Dies from fight....
  73. Stop!....
  74. 2mil brock over carwin
  75. [HOLY S**T!] Strikeforce Commentary is DISGRACEFUL
  76. Fan Reacts To Fedor Loss
  77. Tito Ortiz On Fedor
  78. WBA HW Champ David Haye talks Couture vs. Toney
  79. he'l be back!
  80. M-1 Global Will Discuss Fedor/Werdum Rematch With Strikeforce
  81. [HOLY S**T!] Frank Mir talks James Toney in UFC
  82. UFC 113 replay gets 3x more viewers than Strikeforce
  83. Dana White Talks Fedor's Loss
  84. Cyborg shoul be subjected to random drug testing.
  85. Fedor's Interview After The Loss
  86. UFC bans Vuvuzelas from UFC 116
  87. Carwin is a beast of a man!!
  88. Dana puts foot in mouth yet again (FEDOR)
  89. Dana White "I'm Putting On A Freak Show"
  90. Best Jiu Jitsu in World:Werdum or Anderson Silva?
  91. *New Videos* James Toney Smack Talking...
  92. Fan Reacts On Sherdog's P4P List
  93. Fedor Gracious In Victory And Defeat
  94. Brock Lesnar Vs Shane Carwin Prediction and Poll!
  95. If Carwin beats Lesnar, he is the best...If Lesnar wins...
  96. Luke Thomas Interviews Dana White Regarding Fedor's Loss
  97. Brocks Reaction To Fedor Loss.
  98. *New Dana White Interview* Dana's Bashing Fedor, Overeem, Toney..
  99. 150K on Carwin over Lesnar
  100. [HOLY S**T!] BJ Penn: "Just watched the fight between me and Frankie Edgar"
  101. This picture is sad..
  102. What are the thoughts on Brock not losing anything after his hospital stint?
  103. Werdum gets no respect
  104. Ufc 116
  105. Josh Barnett reveals why Werdum snubbed Overeem for Fedor rematch
  106. It's getting old..
  107. Brock is addicted to pain killers
  108. [PLEASE HELP] HELP....Puzziling MMA Question
  109. Lesnar looked a bit intimidated at weigh in
  110. Final Predictions: Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin
  111. UFC 116 Weight in Results
  112. Thiago Silva
  113. Lesnar over Carwin
  114. Brock is going to beat Carwin.
  115. Cain Velasquez is the BEST HW in World?
  116. UFC 116 Streams
  117. will tip well for WORKING stream of UFC
  118. Official UFC 116 Thread.
  119. [LMAO!] Shane Carwin to recieve $40,000 for Lesnar fight
  120. Carwin-Lesnar Stream Please
  121. All this Brock talk.. No love for Sexyama?
  122. [HOLY S**T!] Chris Leben is just AWESOME!!!
  123. I changed my mind..Fedor will murder lesnar
  124. Lesnar Submits Carwin
  125. MMA Heavyweights > Boxing Heavyweights.
  126. Predictions: Brock vs. Velasquez (Brocks Next Opponent)
  127. You know MMA is doing pretty well when...
  128. [HOLY S**T!] Brock Is The Man
  129. Ali, Sugar Ray, Brock Lesnar
  130. Brock Lesnar = the Floyd jr of MMA
  131. Gerald Harris....
  132. [HOLY S**T!] James Toney reaction to Carwin's punches
  133. UFC put on a great show
  134. Lesnar vs Carwin GIF
  135. Official Comments Thread For: Brock Lesnar Survives To Stop Shane Carwin in Two
  136. If that was any other person than Brock
  137. Who is this MMA fighter?
  138. Great card
  139. #1 Heavyweight in the World!!!
  140. Brock's Chin
  141. [PLEASE HELP] anyone got ufc116?
  142. Just watched the fight from last night....
  143. I'm Convinced Brock Would Beat Fedor...
  144. Bonnar "My Win Was BETTER THAN SEX"
  145. Brock Would Serve Fedor A Country Ass Whopping!!!
  146. There's Far Too much Fanboy-ism In The MMA Section, How Can You Guys..
  147. No body punches from Carwin?
  148. Do you think MMA just needs much more time to develop?
  149. Carwin Says " Body Began To Seize Up"
  150. Rene ''Level'' Martinez, from the streets to the pro's
  151. Anyone know of a link where I can watch Aldo vs Faber, thanks
  152. Biggest MMA vs Boxing fight you can make right now?
  153. After watching Lesnars fight I see that his standup is FAR inferior to Fedor's
  154. [PLEASE HELP] Who in the UFC has a good chance at beating Brock Lesnar
  155. [HOLY S**T!] Fight of the Day ! ( VIDEO)
  156. Rumoured UFC 119 Card!
  157. I think the ref should have stopped the fight.
  158. FAO: MMA Die Hards
  159. Is James Toney The Hardest Hitter In MMA Now?
  160. Lesnar Not Happy With 1st Round Performance!!
  161. [HOLY S**T!] James Toney Vs. Shane Carwin
  162. Lesnar vs. Anderson Silva at HW?
  163. Has PPV Ruined MMA By Depopulating The Audience?
  164. Brett Rogers a better boxer than Shane Carwin - PROOF INSIDE
  165. Give me Cain Vs Lesnar or die!!!
  166. New James Toney interview on MMA, Dana White, and Couture.
  167. Freakshow "Zulu vs. Kimbo?
  168. If Toney wins will Dana sign another fight or if Randy loses hes done?
  169. Any MMA fans think Toney will win?
  170. Will Kikuno Give JZ A Rude Send Off To Strikeforce At DREAM 15?
  171. Agree/Disagree Toneys MMA Debut Breaks PPV #'s?
  172. [PLEASE HELP] anyone got k1 from yesterday?
  173. Fedor MMA Situation = Mayweather Situation To Boxing
  174. Joe Rogan Video "Shane Blew His Wad"
  175. Sasahara Explains Alistair Overeem’s DREAM 15 Absence
  176. The M-1 Global "Bankruptcy Scandal", Dana Rips On Fedor, & Other
  177. Mir-Nogueira II main event UFC 119
  178. [LMAO!] Anderson Silva Dance Academy
  179. Promo: Couture vs. Toney
  180. Mark Hunt Signed A UFC Deal.
  181. Dream 15 fightcard
  182. KING MO vs. John BONES Jones?
  183. *New Interview (Audio)*James Toney "tell Dana White to excuse these nuts"
  184. *New Video* Ken Shamrock's Back :(
  185. Is Carwin Damaged Goods After Loss to Lesnar?
  186. Agree/Disagree Big Country Upsets DOS SANTOS?
  187. [HOLY S**T!] This can't be True, can it?
  188. Josh Barnett vs. the UFC HW Division
  189. King MO ''Lashley is better than Lesnar and Coleman better than Angle''
  190. *New Video* James Toney
  191. Chris Lytle vs Matt Serra 2 for UFC 119!
  192. Poll Results: Yellow Cards In North America?
  193. King Mo to defend title against dangerous power striker Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante
  194. [LOL] Jose Canseco gets beat by 60 year old man in MMA fight.
  195. Jacare vs Kenny for Vacant Strikeforce Middleweight title
  196. Jersey Shore UFC Style
  197. BET: Florian over Maynard
  198. DREAM LW Champ Shinya Aoki Talks Kawajiri Fight
  199. {MUST SEE} This is what's gonna happen in the Toney-Couture fight
  200. Guess Toney's MMA Debut Theme Song
  201. Freddie Roach Talks Working with GSP & Possible TUF 12 Appearance (Video)
  202. Nigel De Jong to sign with UFC??
  203. Is the UFC card from Indianapolis gonna compete with the Juan Ma-Rafa fight?
  204. Brock Lesnar and Dana White ducking James Toney
  205. Wha You Think Couture's Game Plan Will Be: Stand Up or Takedown?
  206. Toney over Couture for 20 Million!
  207. When did you fall in love with MMA?
  208. [LMAO!] Sup dudes
  209. Who wins James Toney vs. Wandy
  210. How much money are UFC fighters making?
  211. Kimbo vs Pudzianowski Possible Main Event In Moosin
  212. Fedor got lazy, thats why he lost...
  213. KING MO "James is working hard and going suprise alot of people"
  214. David Haye "Toney is delusional"
  215. Lesnar And All UFC 116 Fighters Drug Test Come Back Clean!!
  216. GSP on potential fight with silva
  217. KING MO would SMASH any UFC 205r?
  218. Delma White's first UFC interview in 2001
  219. BOCK BOCK Lesnar.....is the best
  220. DREAM To Have A Bantamweight Division Next Year
  221. GSP's elbow?
  222. Wanderlei Silva: “I Want To Be Shogun”
  223. Van Damme VS Kamsing ????
  224. A Clockwork Overeem
  225. *New Video* Bob Sapp Fight
  226. Did Mayorga retire from MMA before he started?
  227. Combat Sports Veteran & UFC Critic Eddie Goldman Interview
  228. FEG(K-1/DREAM) Partnered With PUJI CAPITAL, Set For Global Domination
  229. Tougher Opoonent For Brock, Carwin or Brown Pride?
  230. Shields Officially Signs With the UFC
  231. Who is Liddell scheduled to fight next?
  232. Live MMA Event NOW
  233. What if DON KING bought the UFC?
  234. Rich Franklin interview
  235. Name your top 10 heavyweights
  236. Overeem, Kharitonov And Bigfoot Shortlisted For Fedor
  237. Will there ever be an MMA fighter that retires undefeated?
  238. [HOLY S**T!] Ray Mercer putting his UNDEFEATED MMA record on the line
  239. The Korean Zombie Calls Out Michihiro Omigawa
  240. Video: Shamrock vs Rizzo from ImpactFC
  241. *NEW VIDEO* Josh Barrnett Already Beat DOS SANTOS
  242. What if UFC made that HBO deal a couple years back
  243. Dana White just accidently gave his office number over twitter
  244. Dana On Org That Has No Money For Medical Testing: "Go Open A Doughnut Shop"
  245. The two GOATs of MMA - forget these so called new breeds
  246. Satoshi Ishii To Train With Fedor In Russia
  247. Werdum On The UFC: “They Kind Of Used Me And Threw Me Out”
  248. Overeem Wants To Become K-1 And MMA Champ At The Same Time
  249. Prime Crop Cop vs Lesnar
  250. Why isn't Fedor given a title shot in Strikeforce?