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  1. Trash Talks In DREAM vs Sengoku Dynamite!! Presser
  2. Josh Thomson On The UFC
  3. Minowaman Sharpens His Kung Fu Against Sokoudjou
  4. Sherdog's Top 10 P4P Rankings
  5. Damn, last UFC PPV event did over 600,000 buys!
  6. Happy Holidays Everyone
  7. DREAM vs Sengoku -Dynamite!! Promo Video
  8. Buakaw's workout routine revealed !!
  9. Pudzianowski Spent Almost 2 Yrs In Prison
  10. "Dana White is holding back the sport" - Dan Henderson
  11. workout routines
  12. so...... cung le
  13. Long-Time UFC Sponsor Condom Depot Banned by Zuffa
  14. Brazilian Trainer Marco Jara Murdered
  15. The Second Annual Worsties
  16. The only man to ever defeat Bruce Lee...
  17. who is p4p #1 in ufc
  18. Fedor's "Palace Combat" Gym Is Now Open In Stary Oskol
  19. Dana White: "UFC Will Rule The World In 2020"
  20. UFC 108 Betting Thread
  21. How much weight does GSP drop???
  22. MMA stars Childhood pics
  23. Dana White Trashes Jake Rossen
  24. Why Hasn't The Spider been matched up with Sugar or Rampage
  25. Michael "The Voice" Schiavello Dynamite!! Radio Interview
  26. Jeff Monson charged in Capitol graffiti case
  27. Any Streams For 2morrow's K1 Dynamite Event?
  28. Official 2009 Dynamite!! Rules
  29. Dana White: Brock Lesnars Fate,
  30. [PLEASE HELP] Is UFC 108 on ppv?
  31. Latest Shinya Aoki victim.
  32. Takanori Gomi signs with UFC.
  33. David Haye eventually in MMA?
  34. Ufc 108
  35. [PLEASE HELP] Yodsanklai fighting in K1 WORLD MAX, why not?
  36. Dana's taunt to Hendo... Classless
  37. ufc 108
  38. Okay to post ufc 108 stream?
  39. ufc 108 main event
  40. I Hate the UFC
  41. Official Comments Thread For: UFC 108 Results: Rashad Evans Survives, Beats Thiago Silva
  42. The Real Bully Beatdown
  43. Ufc 109 is a grim event!
  44. [LMAO!] Kimbo Slice "Houston, your gonna have a problem"
  45. Fedor's latest blog post
  46. Jason David Frank is coming....
  47. [HOLY S**T!] Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef agreed for Strikeforce: “Miami”
  48. Herschel Walker Talks Fighting For Charity In Strikeforce
  49. mariusz pudzianowski: how it continues?
  50. Does anyone here think Dan Hardy can beat GSP??
  51. What's the allure in MMA?
  52. Lyoto 'The Dragon' Machida
  53. [HOLY S**T!] Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn For The The Lightweight At UFC 112
  54. Junior Dos Santos Is The Future Of Heavyweights In MMA!
  55. RaShad will beat Rampage in May
  56. My bad everyone.
  57. Ufc 110
  58. Have you seen Tyron Woodley on Strikeforce?
  59. GSP Woundt Be That Much Of A Force At 185lb
  60. Lesnar's trainer: "He will fight again."
  61. [Rumor] Takanori Gomi's first opponent is...
  62. Your favorite fighter in every division
  63. Best of Pride coming to SpykeTV
  64. [LMAO!] World MMA Awards 2009 = World UFC Awards
  65. [HOLY S**T!] Thai olympic gold medalist to fight martial arts star van damme
  66. UFC All Access on the net?
  67. Any streams for the WEC tonight?
  68. UFC Fight Night Betting Thread
  69. Aoki Photoshop Thread
  70. Wec 46
  71. Freestyle Cage Fighting Women’s 135 lbs Grand Prix
  72. UFC Fight Night 20
  73. Does Gray Maynard Stand Any Chance What So Ever Of Beating Penn?
  74. [LMAO!] Jamie Varner's Wiki page...
  75. Gomi Highlight
  76. UFC Fight Night 20: That rubbish made me sick
  77. [HOLY S**T!] Dana White confirms Penn vs. Edgar up next, Maynard not ready just yet
  78. [HOLY S**T!] Vitor Belfort's manager confirms UFC 112 Abu Dhabi title fight with Anderson Silva
  79. Ultimate Fighting Islamists & Israel-Haters?
  80. Herschel Walker Discusses Strikeforce Debut, Proving Doubters Wrong
  81. Nate Diaz Claims Joe Rogan Caused Him To Lose To Maynard
  82. Bobby Lashley Wants Fedor in 2010!
  83. [HOLY S**T!] Who would you like to see Kimbo fight next?
  84. Worst Life Ever: Kazuyuki Fugita's skull..
  85. AKA's Javier Mendez Is In Favor Of His Fighters Fighting Each Other
  86. Lyoto Machida's Father Says He Must Fight Anderson Silva
  87. Anderson Silva doing impressions of other fighters..
  88. Sherdog's Story of the Year
  89. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva bombs with only 270,000 Pay-Per-View buys
  90. Who can make Anderson Silvia look Bad
  91. Im surprised there wasnt a UFC 100 soemthing this weekend
  92. Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua II
  93. [LMAO!] GSP gives advice on women
  94. [HOLY S**T!] Diego Sanchez considering a move back to welterweight following loss
  95. He's Back!!!!!!!!!
  96. Need another reason not to watch TUF?
  97. Nick Diaz: "GSP Is A P*SSY"
  98. Who would win a Prime Fedor or Mike Tyson.
  99. Igor Karaev Interview: The Russian Connection
  100. Brandon Regional Health Authority Smacks Back At Brock
  101. Dana White hints at Pride revival
  102. Wrestling is not gay. at all pic i just posted from Newspaper
  103. Sudden Impakt 1: Team Hughes vs. Team Rockford
  104. BJ Penn
  105. the Stare Down
  106. Fedor vs. 6 Koreans
  107. "A rematch with Brian is more important to me than a title shot." Miguel Torres
  108. Strikeforce: Miami Betting Thread
  109. Does Gomi have a chance at beating BJ penn?
  110. Should MMA set a ground limit?
  111. Bobby Lashley to fight Wes Simms: Opponent decided
  112. Hey...Whos the SECOND Greatest MMA Fighter next to Fedor?
  113. GSP talks about Pros/Cons of moving to Middleweight
  114. Exclusive Strikeforce Interview With Marloes Coenen
  115. Gegard Mousasi to train with GSP
  116. Griffin vs. Lil Nog at 113
  117. Dana White on Kimbo before and after TUF....
  118. Dream on...
  119. Anybody here practice Mixed Martial Arts?
  120. Pros Pick. Diaz vs Zaromskis
  121. Legendary UFC Welterweight Matt Hughes discussed his future
  122. [HOLY S**T!] Nick Diaz: 'I could beat both GSP and Anderson Silva'
  123. Melvin Manhoef On Robbie Lawler Fight
  124. Nick Diaz Talks Marius Zaromskis
  125. GSP: The Beginning, The Return, The Battle of Champions, & Road To Glory!
  126. GSP owning matt hughes
  127. My Dana White tribute !
  128. Martial Arts Festival in Memory of Paul Rosner - Feb 28, 2010
  129. Strikeforce Miami
  130. Shotime Strikeforce tonight with Herschel Walker
  131. Herschel Walker won his first MMA fight!!!!!!
  132. Legend Fighting Championship
  133. Kimbo Slice vs James Toney WHO YOU GOT????
  134. Fedor Vs Shark
  135. Pat Miletich vs. Frank Shamrock In The Works For Strikeforce
  136. GSP: "Mousasi showed me a few tricks"
  137. "Lashley is a juiced up Monkey" Wes Simms
  138. The Korean Zombie Prepares Against Former Lumpinee Champ
  139. UFC 109 Bet Thread
  140. GSP & Marquardt Wrestling (Video)
  141. I think I got something in my eye!
  142. Dedicated to Wanderlei....
  143. If Randy beats Coleman this weekend - whats next for Captain America,
  144. Brock Lesnar Exposed The UFC.
  145. Dan Henderson: I'm Capable of Beating Fedor
  146. Top Japanese Sumo Asashoryu Retires! Is MMA Next?
  147. Dana White: "Strikeforce Is A Lower Level Show"
  148. What is the best base background to have in mma?
  149. Brock Lesnar To Appear on the Cover of UFC's Video Game
  150. Dana White on Nick Diaz....
  151. hey mmaphillipines
  152. anyone got a sopcast for tonight?
  153. Watch ufc 109 live for free!!
  154. Anderson "The Spider" Silva, the best MMA of all time
  155. Poor Gracie
  156. Official Comments Thread For: Randy Couture Chokes Out Mark Coleman in Two Rounds
  157. Ufc 109 fight videos
  158. [LMAO!] I think Mike Swick is still sleeping!
  159. John Jones vs Brandon Vera who wins this upcoming matchup ?
  160. Farewell Hidehiko Yoshida Fight Announced
  161. Official UFC 110 Bettin Thread!
  162. I told you guys Paulo Thiago is a beast
  163. Kimbo is going to be in the new UFC Undisputed 2010
  164. Creepy kid keeps on looking at Joe Rogan's hog..........
  165. Eddie Alvarez On The Aoki Loss
  166. UFC Undisputed 2010 First Look
  167. Belfort is out...
  168. Official Comments Thread For: Lyoto Machida-Mauricio Rua Rematch Set For UFC 104
  169. My favorite fighter of all time...
  170. Could the Bisping v Wanderlie fight be off for a title shot.
  171. Anderson Silva vs Damian Maia
  172. Who are the top fighters that UFC doesn't have?
  173. Prime Royce Gracie vs Prime Matt Hughes
  174. New Fedor Interview
  175. Lyoto will most likely beat Shogun again...
  176. Miguel Cotto steps into the cage to spar with Miguel Torres
  177. Frankie Edgar can defeat BJ Penn
  178. BJ PENN deserved the cover of UFC UNDISPUTED 10..not BROCK
  179. If *****ping KOes Silva...
  180. [LMAO!] Fail!
  181. UFC114 Rampage vs Evans
  182. Epic Beard Man vs. Kimbo
  183. Best Wanderlei Silva highlights i have seen.
  184. 100k On Wanderlei Silva to beat Bisping.
  185. Boxing isn't dominated by certain fighters the way UFC is.
  186. Ufc 110
  187. Can GSP beat contenders @ 205?
  188. Brock Lesnar returns UFC 116
  189. Cain susceptible to an ankle lock
  190. How does UFC continue to survive under its format?
  191. The man to dethrone Brock "**** Chestnar" Lesnar
  195. link for UFC 110 xvid!
  196. Ufc 110 fight videos! 02/20/2010
  197. Jardine KTFO(Gif)
  198. Shane Carwin Vs Frank Mir
  199. UFC 114 looking Stacked!
  200. Frank Mir: I want him to be the 1st person to die of octagon related injuries [Lesnar
  201. Official Comments Thread For: Wanderlei Silva Beats Bisping, Valasquez Crushes Nogueira
  202. Wand-Bisping knockdown gif
  203. Hashi Wants To Crush Kaufman To Win The Strikeforce Title
  204. Thiago alves's sleve tattoo??
  205. Karl Amoussou Among the Fastest Finishers in MMA
  206. Which of the top UFC Middleweights does Wanderlei beat?
  207. UFC Coming To a theater Near You
  208. Frank Mir Apologizes for making Death threats to Brock Lesnar..
  209. How long till we see UFC broadcast in 3D.
  210. [HOLY S**T!] Beef Vol. 5: Shinya-Hirota
  211. UFC ain't **** huh?
  212. Strikeforce Challengers: "Kaufman vs Hashi" Pre-Fight Interviews
  213. Brock Lesnar RESPONDS to Frank Mir's Death Threats!!
  214. Chuck Liddell Naked Workout Video
  215. Strikeforce Challengers
  216. Which fight would you rather see?
  217. Chad 'money' Mendes
  218. Pudzianowski v tim sylvia in USA
  219. (Video) Vitor Belfort Training For Return.
  220. Rampage talks Movies, Rashad and Dana White (Video Interview)
  221. [PLEASE HELP] Give me the best UFC PRIDE MMA FIGHTS
  222. "He has a **** tatooed between his ****"
  223. The Officail ''UFC On Versus'' Bet Thread
  224. Andrei Arlovski vs Antonio Silva
  225. Mousasi/King Mo & Melendez/Aoki Added to strikeforce's next CBS card
  226. m1 global
  227. Toney signs with UFC
  228. Who is more likely to succeed
  229. lesnar and Mir should put their words to one side.
  230. First MMA Fight Coming Up
  231. Biggest Threat In HW division?
  232. [HOLY S**T!] Shinya Aoki wants to "stab" Gilbert Melendez?
  233. God of War - Vanderlei Silva
  234. MMA news
  235. Dan Hardy is gonna kayo GSP?
  236. Wec 47
  237. [HOLY S**T!] Miguel Torres' Cut
  238. Worst Cut?
  239. Pulver: "It's over."
  240. MMA Host Luke Thomas Explains Why MMA Is Not In ESPN
  241. Official Comments Thread For: Kimbo Slice-Matt Mitrione Set For UFC 113 Undercard
  242. Machida vs Shogun
  243. POLL: Which UFC Fighter will lose his belt first?
  244. Toney: "It's all hand to hand combat"
  245. Undefeated Cruiserweight BJ Flores signs Deal with Shine Fights
  246. Luke Thomas on James Toney and the recent wave of Boxers.
  247. Shinya Aoki Strikeforce Press Conference
  248. Reminder: Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Hardy coming @ 10pm ET
  249. Roger Gracie Slated For May 15 Strikeforce Event, Could Meet Kevin Randleman
  250. Bets for UFC on Versus....