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  1. did GSP ever fought a fighter his own size?
  2. Mel Menor kicks "KO" and King Mo with 790 lbs of FORCE!!
  3. can you please give al haymon a girl friend
  4. Stunned into silence.
  5. Fedor's Training Photo Blogs
  6. UFC standards...gone up or down?
  7. Jamie Varner-Ben Henderson Unification Set For Jan 10
  8. My 20k On Vera vs Your 25K On Randy
  9. Fight Camp 360 "Fedor vs Rogers" Full Video
  10. Brett Rogers: "I’m The Chosen One"
  11. After Watching Machida vs Shogun with no sound..
  12. 50k on Fedor over Rogers
  13. Nogueira vs. Velasquez agreed for ufc 108
  14. Brett Rogers In ESPN
  15. Strikeforce's Scott Coker Expects Sellout
  16. lesnar has Mononucleosis
  17. [PLEASE HELP] Prime Chuck Liddell vs Lyoto Machida
  18. Big Baby Marcus Jones. Can you get any more likable than this guy.
  19. Will Fedor ever sign with the UFC?
  20. Artur Kyshenko
  21. As Most Of You Know- CBS to air Rogers vs Fedor
  22. Strikeforce Challengers Series 4 Evangelista vs Gurgel
  23. Sengoku 11
  24. Fox Fight Game: Fedor vs Rogers Preview
  25. Fedor vs Rogers fight game 360
  26. Will the cage be a factor?
  27. Name me 5 great HW fighters that Fedor has beat.
  28. Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers
  29. Did A Boxer Ever Win A MMA Title ?
  30. Why would you be a mixed martial artist when you can be a boxer and....
  31. Billy Evangelista Defeats Jorge Gurgel Via Unanimous Decision
  32. Fedor vs Rogers
  33. Has Fedor ever foughtin a Cage before?
  34. Fedor TKO2 1:48 Rogers
  35. Fedor!
  36. Can two free-agent MMA fighters get together and fight each other independently?
  37. [HOLY S**T!] Fedor Emelianenko is ****ing unreal!
  38. Fight Camp 360 - Fedor Emelianenko vs Brett Rogers
  39. Mayhem = Human Mattress.
  40. LooooooooooooLesnar
  41. Fedor is just bad a$$!
  42. If Lesnar mounts Fedor the way Rogers did in the 1st round,
  43. Strikeforce MMA 11/7/2009 Videos
  44. Fedor Emelianenko Pride Entrance!
  45. [HOLY S**T!] Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko Hype Up Video!!!
  46. Fedor is the best because he beats fighters at their own game
  47. Rogers vs Emelianenko Analysis
  48. re:Fedor Emelienenko isn't very good
  49. [PLEASE HELP] Fedor Emilianenko vs Brock Lesnar
  50. [HOLY S**T!] Dana White: I guarantee you 1,000 percent that Dan Henderson is signed by Strikeforce
  51. [HOLY S**T!] Another Fedor thread!!!
  52. Miller and Davis got screwed...
  53. Zach Kirk Suffers Broken Neck In Mixed Martial Arts Fight
  54. i think a 205 lb A silva would beat fedor
  55. what are the 2 best martial arts to be diciplined in?
  56. [PLEASE HELP] MMA Judging and Scoring Reform
  57. UFC 105 Fight Picks
  58. Dana: "It's Time To Bring Fedor To See Lesnar Smash Him"
  59. Bruce Buffer Doubts Fedor
  60. Miguel Torres training with Miguel Cotto
  61. Fedor: Wait, Who was Exposed?
  62. CBS: Fedor-Rogers Draws 5.46 Million Viewers
  63. Millen Talks Fedor And Dana White's Conversation
  64. Brandon Vera aims to beat MMA legend Randy Couture and then watch Manny Pacquiao
  65. Crocop Belfort Parallel
  66. "Fedor vs Rogers" 9th Most Watched Fight In MMA History
  67. Lee ''Lighting'' Murray
  68. [LMAO!] Chad Ocho Cinco wants to fight Anderson Silva for Charity
  69. Roy Nelson Gave Dana A Dose Of His Own Medicine
  70. wrestling videos
  71. A Very Wasted Chuck Liddell Starts A Fight With The Photographers
  72. Exclusive: One On One With Fedor
  73. New Fedor GIF.
  74. new Miguel Torres training video
  75. [HOLY S**T!] Best Martial Arts for MMA?
  76. Next fighter to be crowned UFC champion?
  77. This Author Thinks Fedor Is Scared
  78. Mikey Burnett's Beef With Dana White
  79. Ufc 105
  80. KSW show on TV ???
  81. Any streams for 105?
  82. brandon vera got robbed...
  83. I bet Dana is happy...
  84. [HOLY S**T!] Brock Lensar out Indefinatly???......
  85. Fedor's Coaches: "Rogers Should Be Grateful"
  86. Brandon Vera is just an idiot
  87. UFC 105 Results: Randy Counture Gets By Brandon Vera
  88. Muay Thai action in San Diego
  89. Evans vs Silva To Headline UFC 108; Nogueira Injured
  90. WEC 44: Brown vs. Aldo Betting Thread
  91. Update on Brock Lesnar (career over?)
  92. Did Bisping redeem himself somewhat?
  93. Tito v Forrest...who've you got?
  94. Shane Carwin comments on Brock
  95. PrideFC Passion
  96. Gomi looking to come to the US to fight...
  97. Lesnar Had Minor Surgery
  98. [PLEASE HELP] Where to watch WEC 44 tonight????
  99. Jose Aldo is
  100. Somewhere Faber is shiverin' from what he just witnessed.
  101. Kimbo Slice v Houston Alexander The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Finale !!!
  102. GSP is a class act
  103. UFC 106 predictions
  104. The next ufc heavyweight champion...........
  105. KARO PARISYAN will never fight again in UFC!!!!!!!!!!
  106. UFC 106 Betting Thread
  107. Lawal-Whitehead Meet at Heavyweight on Dec. 19
  108. Wec 44 fight videos!
  109. Prime Kid Yamamoto vs. Jose Aldo
  110. DREAM vs Sengoku?! January Japanese MMA Magazines
  111. Aleksander Emelianenko Calls Out Crocop/Signing with the UFC?
  112. Brock Lesnar Will Return In 6 Months
  113. [HOLY S**T!] Brutal Spinning Back Kick KO..........
  114. Must See Interview of Big Nog and The Spider
  115. Introducing Marius "Whitemare" Zaromskis
  116. Tito Ortiz At 251 Pounds!!
  117. Ufc 106
  118. DREAM vs Sengoku NYE Card Latest Developments
  119. 50K on Ortiz!
  120. [LMAO!] Tito's Cracked Skull
  121. UFC 106 Results: Forrest Griffin Decisions Tito Ortiz For Revenge
  122. Ufc 106 fight videos! 11/21/2009
  123. Shogun vs Minotoro 2
  124. UFC is under the Floyd Mayweather curse!
  125. [LMAO!] Josh Koscheck vs Fan
  126. Paulo Thiago would be a beast if
  127. Anderson Silva happy to be compared to Jose Aldo
  128. Josh Koscheck: ‘You haters can **** my ****’
  129. GSP should man up and fight Anderson Silva
  130. Wanderlei vs Bisping @ UFC Australia
  131. When's Ricardo Mayorga fighting?
  132. Erin Toughill: "Kim Couture Has No Business Fighting"
  133. Ortiz vs Griffin Rematch Sells Only 62% Of Tickets
  134. Anthony Johnson got exposed.
  135. Frank Mir: "Fedor Wants No Part Of Facing Real Competition"
  136. TUF/UFC in the UK???
  137. King Mo: "My Slowest Is Faster Than Whitehead's Fastest"
  138. Dana White Agreed On Free Fedor vs Lesnar Fight
  139. Anderson Silva’s set to fight Vitor Belfort
  140. The Last Emperor: Fedor
  141. WarMachine Went Berserk At **** Party
  142. Brett Rogers: "None Of Those Guys Will Ever Fight Me"
  143. Fedor’s Knockout Victory Over Brett Rogers Viewed By Over 25 Million Homes
  144. YAHOO's top 10 fighters this decade
  145. [PLEASE HELP] Vote for GSP Canadian Athlete of the Year
  146. UFC Heavyweight Tournament.
  147. TUF 10 Episode 11.***SPOILER***
  148. Igor Vovchanchyn Radio Interview
  149. Shields On GSP: "Im The Best Guy He Hasn’t Faced"
  150. Alistair Overeem: "K-1 Is Easy"
  151. "Brian didn't knock me out, he woke me up" - Miguel Torres
  152. Manhoef Signs With Strikeforce, Considered For Lawler Fight
  153. Machida: "Shogun Thought He Was Winning"
  154. This has got to be the most exciting and action packed fight I have ever seen.
  155. Anybody giving Sanchez a chance against BJ?
  156. Cro Cop vs Machida @ 205 (Poll)
  157. Ultimate Fighter Finale Betting Thread
  158. Anyone give me good odds on Sanchez?
  159. Maximum Fighting Championship 23 Unstoppable
  160. K-1 WORLD GP 2009 Final
  161. The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale
  162. Strikeforce Signed K.J. Noons
  163. Frank Mir says he would beat Fedor and will out-strike Kongo
  164. Were is ''Jakkups''?
  165. Rampage Jackson-Rashad Evans Question.
  166. Rampage: "I'm Coming Back For My Fans To Shut Dana's Mouth"
  167. Kimbo already making excuses....
  168. Remy Bonjasky: "To All K-1 Fighters, Please Beat Overeem"
  169. This Is Why Overeem Became Huge
  170. Barniett in a BJJ Gi tourney, Now i have seen it all
  171. Kimbo Slice vs Alexander Houston (spoiler)
  172. Wtf?! Re: Tuf 11
  173. TUF Finale Results Spoiler
  174. Kimbo Vs Alexander(Spoiler Fight Video)
  175. rampage jackson vs rashad evans
  176. Fedor Emelianenko commercial in Korea (snickers)
  178. MixFight IX
  179. Great KO
  180. Criticism Continues To Mount For The UFC
  181. [LMAO!] Slice vs Alexander. Benny Hill Version.
  182. anyone want to bet on penn vs sanchez (betting thread)
  183. Why Is Dana White Wrong About TUF 10 Champ Roy Nelson
  184. Dan Henderson signs with Stirkeforce
  185. Dana: "I Pushed Dan Henderson Into Signing With Strikeforce"
  186. Why Hendo Chose Strikeforce
  187. Hendo: "Fedor Would Be The Ultimate Challenge"
  188. Someone please upload "Countdown to UFC 107" after it airs tonight
  189. Jerry Millen Talks UFC, Dana And Fedor
  190. Carlos Condit pulls out of UFC 108 because of hand injury
  191. Who has the worst **** talking to backing it up ratio in the UFC
  192. Strikeforce's Dan Henderson: "Now There Is Another Option"
  193. Coker Targets Aoki, Kawajiri And Sakurai In Strikeforce
  194. Bobby Lashley Signs With Strikeforce
  195. can somebody give me a pudzianowski vs najman stream pls?
  196. Karate Blackbelt Beat Up A Mentally Disturbed Man Inside The Dojo
  197. Carlson Gracie "wing chun most fantastic art"
  198. Bobby Lashley: "I'm In Strikeforce To Fight The Best"
  199. Ufc 107
  200. 107 betting thread..
  201. Mariusz Pudzian Pudzianowski VS Marcin El Testosteron Najman VIDEO
  202. Muay Thai England Vs Thailand 2010
  203. Miguel Torres targeted for WEC 47 fight; win could lead to title shot
  204. [PLEASE HELP] Stream for UFC tonight?
  205. Brock Lesnar KO Frank Mir
  206. Brock Lesnar KO Frank Mir
  207. WOW,Sanchez' cut was extreme!!
  208. bj penn/mir
  209. 3 Weight Classes, 3 Champions
  210. Songs tonight..
  211. Official Comments Thread For: UFC 107 Results: BJ Penn Stops Diego Sanchez; Mir Wins
  212. frank mir grapples with an 'in shape' roy nelson
  213. Ufc 107 fight videos! 12/12/2009
  214. [HOLY S**T!] Frank Mir is badass!
  215. K-1 Collizion Final 2009 - Resultas 12-12-09
  216. What should UFC do about the Heavyweight Title?
  217. [LMAO!] Frank Mir says "Carwin is a better version of Lesnar"
  218. What are your thoughts on BJ Penn at welterweight?
  219. Mariusz Pudzianowski MMA debut
  220. Gomi training at AKA. Seeking UFC/Strikeforce debut
  221. Sat. Night Strikeforce & WEC Betting Thread
  222. Dirty Sanchez healing up nicely.....
  223. 250,000 points for whoever makes me this .GIF
  224. Anyone want to bet me on the Cerrone - Ratcliff fight ?
  225. Cung Le: "I Didn't Go Undefeated For No Reason"
  226. Scott Coker Reflects On Strikeforce’s Past, Future
  227. Lolz! Shonie Carter on Greg Mathis
  228. Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin @ UFC 111 for interim title??
  229. Mayorga/Thomas set for March
  230. Hector Lombard: "I Want Hendo"
  231. Thiago Silva Injured, UFC Persuade Him To Fight On
  232. Hendo vs Shields Being Finalized For April CBS Event
  233. Fedor has amazing reflexes
  234. Fight vs. Overeem Nixed, Andrei Arlovski Looking to Return First Quarter 2010
  235. So the UFC is going up against Wrestlemania 26...Not as easy as Dana thinks..
  236. Radio Interview: King Mo Talks Mike Whitehead
  237. Pressure points and MMA
  238. Frank Shamrock talks Dan Henderson and Jake Shields
  239. Kimbo vs Houston fixed fight?
  240. Strikeforce Evolution
  241. Wec 45
  242. [LMAO!] Fedor "I don't make faces"
  243. Strikeforce Evolution MMA 12/19/2009 Fight Videos
  244. What did Cung say in the post fight interview?
  245. [PLEASE HELP] What happened to Cage Rage?
  246. How many more years do you guys think till Strikef0rce is up to par with the UF# ?
  247. Best of 2009
  248. Nick Diaz Talks Marius Zaromskis
  249. Matt Hughes Don't Think Strikeforce Will Be Around For Long
  250. Jose Aldo on BJ Penn "perhaps in future I can fight him and win"