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  1. Lyoto Machida vs. Anderson Silva @ 205, who wins?
  2. U watch Fedor I'll watch Silva
  3. BJ vs. Florian = No Contest
  4. Run Forest Run!! RUN RUN RUN!!!!!
  5. UFC 101 Results: Silva Destroys Griffin, BJ Penn Wins
  6. after what GSP saw ringside..
  7. Dana White throws/chases fedor with money(gif)
  8. UFC 101 videos
  9. WEC 42 Torres vs Bowles
  10. Forrest Griffin was not KO'd.........he quit!
  11. UFC 101:Declaration Post Fight Press Conference
  12. Who's chin was worse Forrest vs Silva..or Amir Khan vs Prescott?
  13. [HOLY S**T!] Did Kenny Florian Piss Himself?
  14. Relax Folks...Silva vs. Machida Won't Happen!
  15. Forrest suffers dislocated jaw and partial hearing loss injury.
  16. [PLEASE HELP] What time is Miguel Torres on VS? Tonight?
  17. Ufc 101 fight videos
  18. WEC discussion
  19. I thought Mr. Anderson was undefeated?
  20. Forrest Griffin Uninjured, Not Dealing Well With Loss
  21. Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture 2.
  22. [HOLY S**T!] NO! Darn it! (Spoiler)
  23. The Din Mak punch!
  24. Anderson Silva moving to LHW
  25. Fedor vs. Mousasi at M-1 Breakthrough......Exhibition
  26. Silva's performance was Mayweather esque.
  27. Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg Betting Thread
  28. Youth All Star Pankration Team Championships - Nor Cal vs So Cal
  29. Who is the best P4P right now? Vote
  30. [LMAO!] Boxing > MMA, heres the biggest reason why
  31. Wanderlei over Bisping
  32. Wec 42 fight videos
  33. Gina Carano Is Ready For Cyborg And There Is No Sex Tape!
  34. Miguel Torres Interview
  35. UFC Interested In Bobby Lashley
  36. so...... i take it that cung li is done with mma?
  37. Does GSP Do Steroids or Growth Hormone?
  38. Did anyone else know Carano vs Cyborg is happening!
  39. [LMAO!] UFC Women Gone Wild!
  40. Sherdog.com’s Pound-for-Pound Top 10
  41. The changing of the guards in the UFC 155, 170 & 185 divisions
  42. Dennis Hallman Signs For Another UFC Return
  43. 11 victims in 12:22.
  44. Anderson Silva Move to 205 Deemed False
  45. What happen to TEAM MILETICH?
  46. Forrest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz
  48. Nick Diaz signs boxing contract with veteran Don Chargin
  49. Le Hints at CBS Return
  50. [LMAO!] [Rumor] Fedors next fight to be against Ricco Rodriguez
  51. Kid Got Hit By A Crowbar While Attempting An Armbar
  52. Babalu, Mousasi, Melendez: Pre-Fight Interview Carano vs Cyborg
  53. Fedor And Management Talks About Lesnar
  54. I hope that Gina doesnt get Hurt!
  55. The Truth Behind Lesnar and The UFC Negotiations
  56. Lampley vs Rogan as a commentator
  58. Strikeforce VP Mike Afromowitz Discusses Carano vs Cyborg
  59. Columnist: Gina Carano Could Look Like A Domestic Abuse Victim Saturday Night
  60. Welterweight Phil Baroni released by Strikeforce; reportedly "likely" to sign with UF
  61. Ricardo Almeida's 170-pound debut possibly against Jon Fitch at UFC 105 or UFC 106
  62. UFC drops Tamdan McCrory after UFC 101 split-decision loss, 3-3 record
  63. Pros Picks: Carano vs. Cyborg
  64. Shaolin kung Fu vs Karate
  65. Dana White Got A Kiss From "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz
  66. Sly Stallone Gets the Skinny on UFC® 102 Couture Vs. Nogueir
  67. London Shootfighters
  68. Lindland Signs 3-Fight Deal with Strikeforce
  69. [HOLY S**T!] Anderson Silva Vs. Brock Lesnar
  70. Is there any Boxrec type site that stores MMA Amateur records
  71. Some pics from my trip to UFC 101 Weigh Ins
  72. Strikeforce Carano vs Cyborg
  73. Carano vs. Cyborg: Weigh-In Recap
  74. Get Psyched for Saturday! Carano vs Cyborg
  75. The Official R.I.P. Gina Carano/Face Thread..Sadly, tonights the night fellas...
  76. This is why boxing fans will always struggle to give MMA credit
  77. [LMAO!] So This is The Face of UFC?
  78. Something funny about Frank Mir.
  79. Do you consider F. Emelianenko greatest MMA fighter?
  80. Carano vs Cyborg - Stream in here
  81. Cyborg dominates
  82. [LMAO!] Babalu got knocked RETARDED
  84. SOBRAL vs MOUSASI fight VIDEO!
  85. Cris Cyborg Destroys Gina Carano in a Single Round
  86. Mousasi Gif I Made of My Favorite Part
  87. Video Clips
  88. To be a Legend in MMA do you have to become UFC CHAMPION?
  89. cyborg vs carano LOLS
  90. The next female to be fed alive to the Goddess of MMA
  91. Mousasi: Train with the Best you become one of the Best !!
  92. Marius Pudzinowski - worlds strongest man is in MMA - OH MY GOD!!
  93. I believe Cyborg does steroids..
  94. Chuck Liddell on Dancing With the Stars
  95. WWE diva "Victoria" planning move to MMA
  96. New Strikeforce champ Gegard Mousasi staying at 205 pounds for "two or three years"
  97. Strikeforce heavyweight Fabricio Werdum wants Fedor Emelianenko sooner than you might
  98. Anyone else think Cyborg is kinda hot?
  99. Silva set to brock and roll?
  100. Boxing vs MMA (Trailer)
  101. Roy Jones talking about MMA at UFC101 with couture and co. (video)
  102. Generally speaking, are mma fans the dumbest of all sports fans?
  103. The winner of the tournament would become the top contender for Cyborg
  104. Mitsuhiro Ishida alleges Gilbert Melendez greased at Aug. 15 Strikeforce event
  105. [HOLY S**T!] Bruce Lee's Back In Animation!!!
  106. Little Nog Coming to the UFC
  107. [HOLY S**T!] Coleman vs Ortiz set for UFC 106
  108. Four who can end Cyborg's reign atop Strikeforce
  109. Diaz Eyes Oct. Dream, Rep Meets With CSAC
  110. Gerard Mousasi got only 2000 $ for BABALU fight! WTF??
  111. Jake Shields Blast Frank Shamrock
  112. Is Akihiro Gono A Legend In MMA?
  113. IGOR POKRAJAC is training for UFC 102! VIDEO!
  114. Sweet Redemption for Ettish
  115. Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz Talking Smack VIDEO
  116. Ratings: UFC 100 Re-Broadcast Outdraws Strikeforce (Sort of) Options
  117. Gilbert Yvel and Rogerio Noguiera to sign with the UFC
  118. [HOLY S**T!] Lesnar vs. Carwin to Headline UFC 106?
  119. Fedor Highlight
  120. Greatest MMA fighter of all time Fedor Emelianenko HL
  121. Brock Lesnat Training: Submissions and Takedowns!!
  122. [HOLY S**T!] UFC 103 Undercard to be Televised Free on Sp!ke TV
  123. Would you...
  124. [HOLY S**T!] The Carano/Cyborg purses were RIDICULOUS!!
  125. 2x Olympic freestyler Daniel Cormier making the transition to MMA
  126. World Martial Arts Festival (South Korea)
  127. Official UFC 102 Betting Thread
  128. He died and body dumped in the back of the alley behind the Dojo
  129. UFC Quick Hits
  130. Anderson Silva at his best! Never seen Before!
  131. UFC 104: Machida vs Rua on October 24 in LA
  132. great pankration bout - 125 LB division, 14 year olds
  133. Req Jacare-Maia ADCC 2005 finals
  134. Should every fighter's goal in the ufc be to become UFC Champion?
  135. Johnny Dodson and Pat Runez to make history Oct. 3
  136. so what happened with alves vs. sanchez?
  137. UFC 102 Countdown
  138. Report: Rampage Jackson To Play B.A. Baracus in 'A-Team' Remake
  139. Anderson Silva sparring @ Freddie's gym
  140. [LMAO!] YouTube tried to DELETE my video and failed!
  141. Awesome!
  142. Showtime: Fedor Emelianenko fights undefeated Brett Rogers in Strikeforce debut
  143. Total Thread Counts
  144. If brett rogers asks nicely
  145. UFC 102 betting odds
  146. [LMAO!] fedor couldnt make it in boxing
  147. Ray Sefo On His Strikeforce Debut
  148. Badr Hari best k-1 fighter ever !!
  149. Fedor Emelianenko Strikeforce Press Workout
  150. MTV Bully Beatdown
  151. TNA's Tara Calls Out Kim Couture
  152. 20K on NATE "The Great" Marquardt over Damien Maia!
  153. [LMAO!] Alistair Overeem beating up a hot female journalist.
  154. M-1 Global Breakthrough
  155. Request for ufc 102 streams
  156. Nog over Couture
  157. Bets
  158. Thiago Silva - Jardine (Spoiler)
  159. Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia(Video)
  160. UFC 102 Results: Nogueira Decisions Couture in a Classic
  161. King Mo
  162. Ufc 102
  163. Brock is overrated
  164. Why i converted to MMA!
  165. Gina Carano Put A Chokehold On A Coward
  166. Vadim Finkelchtein On The UFC
  167. Aleksander Emelianenko Talks With Dana White
  168. Couture signed a 6 fight deal with the UFC
  169. Is The Nsane 1 Justin McCully still p4p after the upset?
  170. The real reason why 90% of fights end up on the ground
  171. Ufc 102 fight videos
  172. Does Anderson really want to box this man?
  173. Looking for 2 UFC 102 vids with promos
  174. Dana White Finally Admits Fedor Is The Best
  175. tito ortiz to make a comeback in UFC
  176. Hammer Fists?
  177. What i would rather see...
  178. Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Chris Tuchscherer
  179. Shane Carwin and Mo Lawal on Sherdog Radio
  180. Wand's new look
  181. All this talk about Certain Fighters using Performance Enhancing Drugs and Steroids..
  182. [HOLY S**T!] why we love MMA
  183. M1 Global's Jerry Millen On Dana White's Business Policy
  184. I appoligize for talking **** about GSP.
  185. Frank Mir Says Fedor Should Retire, Go Home And Disappear
  186. Fedor: 'Let him try to take advantage of my "Sloppy Hands"
  187. UFC 102, PPV 720p, HDTV x264-KYR[6.2gb]
  188. Video of Bruce Lee's many rare footages
  189. Hello MMA world i love UFC and all but i need your help!!
  190. Andy Hug Tribute 1964-2000 (R.i.P)
  191. Carwin: "Fedor Is Fighting Freak Shows & Ex UFC Champs"
  192. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger morphs into an MMA fighter
  193. Mayhem Miller Talks UFC's Stranglehold
  194. Fedor in Manhattan (Showtime clip)
  195. UFC Undisputed 2009 *** challenge to anyone ***
  196. If Sakuraba would've gotten the nod in his fight against Igor Vovchanchyn...
  197. Ray Mercer -"It Kills Me How None Of Those MMA Guys Want To Fight Me Now!"
  198. Brett Rogers: "I'm Going To Knock Fedor Out"
  199. Mike Swick Out. Paul Daley in vs. Martin Kampmann @ UFC 103
  200. Frank Mir vs Nogueira must happen!
  201. this is how 99% of MMA fighters would handle a street fight
  202. WAND come back from plastic surgery VIDEO!
  203. Steve Cofield: "Overeem Should Be Stripped Of His Belt"
  204. Tim Sylvia to play Jason in newest Friday the 13th
  205. King Mo: "The UFC Has Some Fighters That They Ain't Good"
  206. Former boxing champion Ricardo Mayorga moving to MMA with Shine Fights
  207. Fedor Emelianenko "Reign Of The Last Emperor"
  208. [HOLY S**T!] GSP Training with Jerome Le Banner
  209. PAC's been doin' some wrestling
  210. Fedor vs Dana and Lesnar
  211. Xfc 9
  212. Why do boxers REALLY make the move to MMA
  213. Gegard Mousasi/Paulo Ely Filho feud heating up!
  214. [HOLY S**T!] Masato in MMA?...
  215. Olympian Daniel Cormier Close To Signing With Strikeforce
  216. Arona: 'I Can Beat Anyone,' Machida Included
  217. Anderson Silva is proving a skilled boxer can surive in UFC
  218. Rampage Vs Rashad OFFF!!
  219. Matt Hamill vs Jon Jones is gonna be a WAR
  220. ‘Cro Cop’ Doesn’t Think Fedor is Afraid
  221. I hope Forrest carries on in the UFC.
  222. [PLEASE HELP] What is this mystical power of "the takedown"
  223. Strikeforce Bolstering Roster With Quality MMA Prospects
  224. Greatest Muay-Thai fighter of all time THREAD.
  225. [PLEASE HELP] Howcome MMA fighters dont make as much as boxers?
  226. MMA fighter killed in desert accident
  227. Belfort’s Secret Skill: Karate
  228. Fantasy Match: Shogun vs Belfort
  229. Dublin Ireland
  230. What MMA move is in my sig...?
  231. when will ufc have skilled fighters.
  232. Vera vs Couture
  233. Ray Sefo Highlight
  234. UFC 106/107 Fight Card (w/ odds)
  235. Mythical matchup Buakaw vs. Dekkers ?
  236. [LMAO!] Rampage vs a door
  237. Ultimate Fight Night 19 Betting Thread
  238. ufc 103 betting thread
  239. UFC 106: Brock Lesnar Faces Carwin, Tito Ortiz-Mark Coleman
  240. Bitetti Combat 4
  241. Vale Tudo Japan 2009
  242. UFC Fight Night 19
  243. Will you root for Kimbo Slice to win TUF Heavyweights?
  244. Two reasons you should be watching the UWC Oct. 3rd
  245. [PLEASE HELP] Any streams for tonight?
  246. Phillipe Nover has Seizure, Fight with Same Stout called off
  247. Melvin Guillard....
  248. [HOLY S**T!] blog on youtube about heavyweight and mma
  249. Junior Dos Santos
  250. About the first episode of TUF 10