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  1. The next former UFC Champ to feel Fedor's sting
  2. Shane Carwin
  3. Randy Couture-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  4. Am i the only one who thinks Akiyama vs. Belcher wasn't a robbery at all?
  5. Can someone explain the basis of the UFC scoring system?
  6. is this machida vs. rua thing true?
  7. Ultimate Challenge UK Heat
  8. Shonie Carter going off.
  9. Who has accomplished more than Lesnar in their first 5 fights?
  10. Ufc 103 Dallas
  11. [HOLY S**T!] August 9th Miguel Angel Torres will be fighting on VS.
  12. Dana White Epic Fails.
  13. Dana White Begins Negotiations With Fedor Management!!
  14. Would the UFC HW division be the deepest if
  15. What if Josh Barnett would have stayed in the UFC in 2002.
  16. UFC 100 ppv buys
  17. Final Preparations! Getting Ready For DREAM 10
  18. Rampage putting Mo Lawal in his place
  19. Andre Galvao ready for DREAM’s WW belt
  20. DANA WHITE:" Cro Cop called me 600 times"!
  21. fedor is ducking ufc compettion
  22. MIKE SWICK : Brock Lesnar is embarrasment!
  23. frank mir is stilll better than brock lesnar....
  24. Cro Cop's Responds to Dana's "600 calls" Comment
  25. Dream 10
  26. [LMAO!] Boxing > MMA
  27. Beyond the mullet: Miguel Torres
  29. PRIDE FC Documentary: Decade
  30. Anyone Seen The Smashing Machine Doc?
  31. Fedor Over Barnett 2/1 odds
  32. Why Is Dana White F@#%ing With Chuck?
  33. NEWWWW austrian model BRUNO in MMA VIDEO!!!!!!!!
  34. [HOLY S**T!] I don't know if this has been posted before....
  35. WWE rematch in the UFC?
  36. 10k Filho over Manhoef
  37. [HOLY S**T!] This Why Georges St. Pierre is a World Champion
  38. Is this suppose to be impressive?
  40. Video?
  41. Ultimate Knockouts (video)
  42. Paulo Filho is still a top 5 MW
  43. K-1 WORLD MAX 2009 - FINAL 16 - Por Pramuk vs Andre Dida
  44. Saenchai put's on a Clinic and makes them all look Bad!
  45. DIAZ vs GSP who wins? POLL
  46. Franklin/Hendo 2 to Main Event UFC 103
  47. UFC 103-Franklin vs Henderson 2
  48. DREAM looked like PRIDE in it's heyday last night.
  49. are there hygiene rules in mma?
  50. Brock Lesnar: "I Don't Like Gays"
  51. Badass Dana Rips Fedor And Tom Atencio Anew
  52. Michael Bisping wants a "top fighter" at UFC 105, eyes rematch with Dan Henderson
  53. Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal vs. Don Frye signed for M-1 Global on Aug. 28
  54. Shinya Aoki vs. Joachin Hansen III title fight slotted for DREAM.11 in October
  55. The Future of Fedor
  56. Kimo Leopoldo Reportedly Dead
  57. Will Lashley end Lesner?
  58. New Gina Carano HL
  59. Brock Lesnar RULES!
  60. Fedor vs. Barnett Fight in Serious Jeopardy
  61. Joe "Daddy" Stevenson vs. Bill "The Grill" Cooper Superfight at Grapplers Quest
  62. Lesnar -steroids
  63. One of the best fights in 2008.
  64. Fight Metric..
  65. [HOLY S**T!] Confirmed: Barnett Out of Fedor Fight
  66. [HOLY S**T!] Vitor Belfort replaces Barnett
  67. [HOLY S**T!] [VIDEO] BJ Penn Jumps Out of a Pool
  68. Full Contact Kung Fu Video - 1980's
  69. Rumour: Wand vs Bisping for UFC 105
  70. Mixed-Up Martial Hoax Artist
  71. i got 100k bj penn beat florian
  72. Gegard Mousasi: "IT'S NOT A JIU-JITSU FIGHT"
  73. Affliction "Trilogy" Countdown Videos
  74. Fedor and Vadim Finkelchtein Respond
  75. Is 17/18 Years Of Age To Late To Start A MMA Carrer?
  76. Wand manager says bisping bout a "no-go"
  77. Marius Zaromskis Highlight (Dream 10 winner)
  78. Who is the most skilled Gracie?
  79. Shawn Tompkins Is Delusional
  80. Affliction’s Loss is Affliction’s Gain
  81. Who can beat the man mountain - Brock Lesnar.
  82. Any streaming links for the documentary "ULTIMATE SHAMROCK"??
  83. Vitor Talks About Possible Fight With Fedor
  84. If Mousasi KO s Babalu early he must be then TOP 10 P4P
  85. "Trilogy" Canceled
  86. Miguel Torres: "Floyd Mayweather is a ****y A-hole and I will smash his ass"
  87. Affliction Event is...
  88. UFC 100 did 1.5 million PPV buys
  89. - done fighting, affliction now a ufc sponsor
  90. sherdog registration
  91. I want Fedor in the UFC
  92. White Lotus and His Future
  93. Check out the official Bruce Lee website
  94. Strikeforce In Talks With Fedor And Management
  95. Bas Rutten Overrated in the cage?
  96. Josh Barnett Given A Chance To Fight In Japan On Aug. 9
  97. Josh Barnett is complete ....
  98. UFC president Dana White: Tito Ortiz returning to the UFC is "a possibility"
  99. How can you possibly believe Brock would beat Fedor?
  100. Fedor Emelianenko offered Strikeforce deal; What happens next?
  101. Official Statement from M-1 Global Regarding Affliction’s Cancellation of “Trilogy”
  102. Has Fedor Ever Been Pissed off at any of His opponents?
  103. UFC 101 PREVIEW VIDEO. Kenny Florian I am gonna finish BJ PENN in first round!
  104. does anyone have ufc fight night 5?
  105. What it actually means: Fedor and the UFC
  106. [LMAO!] Kid Tries BJ Penn Pool Jump!!
  107. **** Fedor
  108. I have crazy feeling that FEDOR will sign for UFC in few days!
  109. Bisping over Silva
  110. Tito's return to UFC Iminent
  111. [HOLY S**T!] The Worst Cuts in MMA History?
  112. Demian Maia preparing for UFC 102 at Wand Fight Team VIDEO
  113. [LMAO!] Dana White Negotiates for Fedor Pt. 2
  114. Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva
  115. Affliction aftermath: Where do Fedor Emelianenko, Vitor Belfort, Jay Hieron and other
  116. Gegard Mousasi vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral moved from Affliction to Strikeforce "Caran
  117. Josh Barnett: “I’m getting punished for something I didn’t do”
  118. POLL: Silva vs GSP PPV Sells
  120. The Colbert Report On the UFC And Lesnar
  121. Tito Ortiz on Josh Barnett's Steroid Scandal
  122. Aleks Emelianenko is against M1's negotiation tactics
  123. They Fight Crime.
  124. UFC 103 "Tito and Vitor are back"
  125. Big John McCarthy transitions to full mount!
  126. Fedor and Mousasi visit BJ Penn's training camp
  127. Fedor and the UFC deal close
  128. Is Brock vs Fedor really that big of a PPV?
  129. LA Times: Fedor signs with UFC
  130. So if Fedor joins the UFC would you still want to see him take on Randy?
  131. UFC 101 Call Notes: Penn, Florian, Griffin, Silva
  132. Ben Rothwell vs Chase Gormley Moved to UFC
  133. Vitor Belfort vs Moise Rimbon Added In Bitetti Combat on Sept. 12
  134. How Shocked Would You Be If Brock Beat Fedor?
  135. This Kid's Opinion On Fedor vs Lesnar
  136. Does Dana White Signing Fedor Mean Brock Can't Be Beat?
  137. Anderson Silva has signed to box Roy Jones Jr.
  138. BJ Starstruck in Fedor's presence
  139. Brock will fall once he feels the Russian's Nuke
  140. Paul 'Semtex' Daley Signs with the UFC
  141. M-1: No Fedor in UFC Without Co-Promoting
  142. EA Sports MMA Game to Feature Fedor
  143. WAND vs VITOR 2 at 185? Why not?
  144. UFC Offers Fedor Lucrative Deal, M-1 Screws it Up
  145. Drunk Guy vs MMA Fighter In A Fight Club
  146. UK: where is fedor fight?
  147. Fedor Emelianenko: M-1 Global Press Conference Videos
  148. Contender Asia Update (USA Thai Boxers in the house)
  149. CIGANO: I will knock out CROCOP!
  150. [LMAO!] The Top 10 Ragdoll Physics Moments in MMA
  151. M-1: Fedor Not Offered $30 Million
  152. UFC lands on ESPN in U.K. and Ireland, next week's UFC 101 event airing
  153. Mitsuhiro Ishida replaces Josh Thomson, meets Gilbert Melendez, at Aug. 15 Strikeforc
  154. Brocking News! Weather Report By Lesnar!
  155. Fedor Emelianenko: In His Own Words
  157. Official: Belfort vs. Franklin ufc 103...ortiz back!!!
  158. Ortiz Re-Signs with UFC, Eyes Late 2009 Return
  160. Final Preparations! For Sengoku 9
  161. whos hyped about ufc 101?
  162. I'm a BIG fan of Dana White now
  163. ANDERSON SILVA:"Robert Drysdale is a IDIOT"!
  164. Who can beat BJ PENN except GSP at 170?
  165. How much rounds ANDERSON SILVA lost in UFC?
  166. Tito And Dana, Back As Boyfriend And Girlfriend
  167. Would-be Affliction headliner Josh Barnett's "B" sample also positive for anabolic st
  168. Dan Henderson gets next title shot, Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia winner "in the mix
  169. Back to Japan: Josh Barnett Expected to Fight in Sengoku in November
  170. Dana White Loves Chuck Liddell VIDEO
  171. Chuck Liddell Says Fedor Is Scared..(LOL At The Iceman)
  172. Sengoku 9
  173. UFC 100 does 1.5 million PPV buys, one of the biggest PPVs in history
  174. Highlight video from Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo
  175. Dana goes nuts on ESPN about Fedor deal!
  176. Anyone Else Get Sick Of This When Watching MMA...
  177. Silva will carry Griffin knowin ufc will give griffin the decision: Silva vs Jones?
  178. M-1 Global wanted 50% ownership of the UFC
  179. Sick of seeing this name!!!
  180. Vitor Belfort-Rich Franklin Headline UFC 103
  181. UFC 101 bets
  182. Fedor Signs With Strikeforce
  183. WEC 42 (Torres vs. Bowles) Betting Thread
  184. UFC 101 on uk tv??
  185. Fedor’s deal vs Randy’s deal
  186. fedor vs lesnar
  187. [LMAO!] PRIDE FC Funniest Moments & Interviews
  188. Tapout shirts
  189. [HOLY S**T!] ButterBean Vs. Kimbo Slice
  190. Watching UFC does not make you tough.
  191. Does Kimbo deserve to be on TUF?
  192. Scott Coker Discusses The Fedor Strikeforce Signing
  193. Bisping was out clubbing a week before the Hendo fight!
  194. Vadim And Jerry Millen Negotiating With Dana White
  195. Points donation for whoever ups Countdown to UFC 101
  196. UFC Fans Should Thank TUF Not Dana
  197. Question for UFC Fight Club Members
  198. Evaluating the UFC/Strikeforce Talent Gap
  199. How can you be on DANA WHITE s side?
  200. Lesnar's Contract?
  201. So I'm watching UFC Unleased
  202. Jacare Signs with Strikeforce
  203. Rampage Vs Rashad.. Who do you have to win it?
  204. Evaluating the UFC/Strikeforce Talent Gap
  205. [HOLY S**T!] "I see a lot of St. Pierre in him"
  206. Curious question about MMA fighting
  207. lil Nog with strikeforce
  208. UFC 101 Countdown
  209. Tito Ortiz training with Freddie Roach
  210. Gina Carano Training With Satan
  211. Despite Strikeforce Contract, Fedor Can Still Compete In Japan
  212. E:60 Brock Lesnar
  213. Tito Ortiz worst announcer ever VIDEO
  214. [LMAO!] Stupid Ref
  215. Former WWE Megastar claims UFC is FAKE
  216. CROCOP almost got killed VIDEO!!!
  217. Randy Couture vs Ronaldo 'Jacare' Santos
  218. Anderson Silva Boxing Sparring Videos
  219. Miguel Torres Vs Urijah Faber
  220. Forrest Griffin Vs. Anderson Silva.. Your thoughts
  221. UFC weigh in VIDEO!
  222. [LMAO!] Wanderlei Silva vs Some Guys (Brazilian Version of Jackass)
  223. Wanderlei v Bisping Looking More Likely
  224. Butthurted Dana White Smashes Strikeforce And Fedor
  225. Pros Picks: Silva vs. Griffin
  226. Anyone have a working youtube link for UFC101 weigh in?
  227. Offering 2:1 odds on Griffin
  228. ESPN on sky
  229. UFC 101- Silva vs. Griffin Discussion (With Poll)
  230. Dana White: "Best of PRIDE" highlights show coming to ****e TV in January
  232. Randy Couture slags off brock lesnar
  233. Spinning Back Kick To The Chin Knock Down in MMA
  234. BJ Penn Looks Good!
  235. Coker Responds to ‘Strikefarce’ Comment; Fedor, M-1 Swing Back at UFC
  236. Fedor Emelianenko Career in 10 Minutes - All Fights & Original Audio (Great video)
  237. s-treams for ufc 101
  238. TITO kiss DANA at DANA s BLOG UFC101 VIDEO
  239. 5000 each Penn & Silvia
  240. Best MMA fighter in the world HIGHLIGHT
  241. UFC 101 Play-by-Play & Results
  242. UFC 101 backstage cam
  243. 100K SILVIA OVER griffin
  244. Anderson Silva > World
  245. Anderson Silve knocked out that guy with a jab
  246. Lmao @ mma
  247. So GSP would get a win over Silva huh??
  248. Silva knocking Griffin out
  249. MMA is dying
  250. i'm gonna pick him apart