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  1. Art of War Strategies - Sun Tzu (History Channel Documentary)
  2. Female MMA Fight (Cris Cyborg) Chokes out Reporter During Interview!VIDEO
  3. Best of Dream Volume 1
  4. How would Eddie Alvarez do in UFC???
  5. UFC UK question???
  6. Is Henderson gonna put a beat down on bisping?
  7. TUF Finale *SPOILER*
  8. Thomas: "Why hang your hat on Mercer, when you need the Boxing equivilant of Maia?"
  9. Breaking Baseball bats with his shins
  10. Sanchez proves nightmare for Guida, Pearson and Wilks capture "TUF" crowns at TUF 9 F
  11. Vitor Belfort to the UFC?
  12. UFC Primetime?
  13. Frankie Edgar vs Diego Sanchez who would win? POLL
  14. My TOP 5 RANKS
  15. Top 5 P4P Fighters in MMA
  16. Shooto Legend
  17. Ultimate Chaos Pay Per View Video
  18. MMA's Paris Hilton
  19. Bellator Fighting Championships 12
  20. Why MMA is so Popular?
  21. Rashad talks Machida loss
  22. Page trying his best not to attack Evans on show
  23. Page talks Kimbo
  24. "Dana" is a girls name
  25. UFC serves ties with Setanta
  26. Affliction Entertainment cuts ties with heavyweight Andrei Arlovski
  27. Aleksander Emelianenko looks to avenge brother's loss to Blagoi Ivanov on Sept. 29
  28. I have discovered a serious problem with UFC 100
  29. Atencio: Fedor vs. Barnett is fight of the century!
  30. Mikey Burnett: Fight with Pat Miletich in the works for Strikeforce event in Oklahoma
  31. Uk - ufc 100 ???
  32. [HOLY S**T!] This is becoming ridiculous
  33. the biggest fairytale stories in mma? what are they?
  34. Consensus Rankings
  35. Ultimate Chaos Lashley vs Sapp
  36. Whats Up With Brock?
  37. good news about Lee Murray
  38. 10 Questions for ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira
  39. Huerta vs. Maynard
  40. Quick hits...big rumor included!
  41. Amateur mma team event opportunity
  42. TUF 10 FIGHTERS(Kimbo,Sims,Nelson....)
  44. All my points on Fedor
  45. MMA is going the way of boxing...
  46. Champions of Champions 2
  47. UFC Fight Night 19
  48. Bas Rutten says Kimbo Slice is an a**hole
  49. How many episodes will Kimbo last on the new Ultimate Fighter season?
  50. who would beat any of these Power punchers?
  51. Dana White Talks about competing with Floyd Mayweather/JMM
  52. 5150 Combat League Rally streaming on sherdog
  53. Is there any way to watch Sapp-Lashley tonight?
  54. Tom Atencio about to fight.
  55. Bobby Lashley Takes Out Bob Sapp in One Round
  56. Yvel KO Rizzo VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. LASHLEY vs SAPP VIDEO!!!!!!!
  58. would white sign lashley to fight lesnar?
  59. would white sign lashley to fight lesnar?
  60. Erin Toughill official for "Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg" event on Aug. 15
  61. Roger Gracie to make Strikeforce debut at "Carano vs. Cyborg" on Aug. 15
  62. Lashley= no respect.
  63. Spriritwolf KO's Brett Cooper
  64. Bobby Lashley vs Bob Sapp @ Ultimate Chaos VIDEO
  65. Michael Jackson tribute to be played at UFC 100
  66. Lightning Lee
  67. Kimbo vs. Tua [Kimbo street boxing rules]
  68. UFC Scores Television Deal in China. Boasts 240 million potential viewers
  69. Georges St. Pierre Vs. Anderson Silva
  70. [LMAO!] Kimbo shouldnt even be allowed on TUF:10!
  71. BAMMA The Fighting Premiership
  72. Fedor's Training With Aleks For Josh Barnett Is Looking Good
  73. Fighters signing with EA MMA game will never get to fight in the UFC.
  74. National Geographic Myths and Logic Of Shaolin Kung-Fu
  75. Bigfoot Likely For Sengoku In Sept, Return To U.S Possible
  76. Mark Hominick vs Deividas Taurosevicius Set For Affliction "Trilogy"
  77. Two Year End Shows?
  78. TUF 10 Spoiler?
  79. Carwin Vs Valasquez at UFC 104???
  80. Swiss Wrestling
  81. 10 July Tussles Worth Watching
  82. Tito Ortiz Close With Strikeforce, Wants Fedor
  83. The Official UFC 100 Betting Thread
  84. Fedor Emelianenko MMA Seminar in Slovakia 2007
  85. Gilbert Yvel-Paul Buentello Added To Affliction Card
  86. UFC and Maxim Team Up To Find The Next Octagon Girl
  87. WCK Muay Thai, Vegas show
  88. UFC Will Seal UK TV Deal By Monday!!
  89. UFC president Dana White: Nobody wants this [expletive] job, believe me
  90. CROCOP sign for UFC today!!!!!!!!
  91. Who's the greatest 205pounder ever in MMA?
  92. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Urijah Faber
  93. [HOLY S**T!] Urijah Faber to the UFC?
  94. Klitschko's in UFC
  95. John Wayne Parr vs. Buakaw
  96. White Confirms TUF 10 Spoiler?
  97. Why don't we all put Oscar DeLaHoya on ignore
  98. My 80k to someone's 50k on Dan Henderson over Michael Bisping?
  99. If Shogun beats Machida
  100. Alright Seriously.....What are Gina Carano's Chances against The Cyborg come Aug.15..
  101. favourite ever MMA fight?
  102. ATTN: Schools with a Team of Amateur Fighters
  103. Chuck Liddell DANCE VIDEO!
  104. Brock Over Mir upto 500k
  105. UFC 100 Greatest Hits
  106. Takanori Gomi comes stateside to fight Rafaello Oliveira at "Affliction: Trilogy"
  107. Ricardo Arona returns for September bout with Marvin Eastman in Brazil
  108. Overeem vs. Werdum For Strikeforce HW Title
  109. Chuck and Mask to be Inducted in HOF
  110. The Godfather's of MMA - 1979
  111. Short History of Sambo Wrestling
  112. Aleks Emelianenko's Latest Interview
  113. Pros Pick: Lesnar vs. Mir
  114. More Details on the UFC Sponsorship Racket
  115. News on UFC 100 UK coverage?
  116. Brock Lesnar Gets Angry At Ref, Breaks Door!!
  117. Who is bigger guy GSP or ALVES? POLL
  118. I cant listen FRANK MIR no more!
  119. New York is having an MMA Expo!
  120. UFC Based Show Fox Fight Game Talks Affliction Trilogy
  121. Michael Bisping Island
  122. Rampage Dry Humps Female Reporter
  123. Sarah Kaufman Thinks Anderson Silva Is Overrated
  124. GSP wants to fight Anderson
  125. I've got 50k on Henderson over Bisping at 2:1 odds.
  126. Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos, UFC 103
  127. [PLEASE HELP] Questions for all you mma experts
  128. Gegard Mousasi: ‘My Opponents Can’t Hurt Me’
  129. Fox Sports "On The Mark" Says UFC Needs A Star
  130. 50K on Brock over Mir
  131. How is Alves GSP's hardest opponent?
  132. Damn,IVAN EMELIANENKO looks stronger then FEDOR and ALEX!
  133. IVAN EMELIANENKO knocks down someone in SAMBO! VIDEO!
  134. Russian's are at it again
  135. After watching Alves vs Fitch
  136. Pros Picks: St. Pierre vs. Alves
  137. Brock Lesnar
  138. ANYONE want to BET? I got GSP over THIAGO ALVES!
  139. Lesnar vs Mir Weigh In!
  140. The american sambo association seminar series
  141. Fedor On Time Magazine
  142. UFC 100 on uk tv.................
  143. Heather Nichols discusses awkward interview with 'Rampage' Jackson
  144. GSP over THIAGO ALVES! 5K minimum bet!
  145. Latest Tito Ortiz Interview
  146. 1 million- Georges St. Pierre over Thiago Alvez
  147. Erasing Shamrock from the UFC History Books
  148. HENDERSON over BISPING 2:1 odds!! anyone wants to bet
  149. What will be TOP 10 UFC FIGHTS??????'
  150. Making History: Lesnar vs Mir weght in
  151. [PLEASE HELP] live link needed
  152. ufc 100 streams
  153. Who wants a bet?
  154. Ive got 100k on LESNAR
  155. My hatred for Joe Rogan's been confirmed.
  156. Bisping or Henderson???
  157. Hendo *****
  158. Sorry to his fans, but I hate watching GSP fight.
  159. **** you Brock Lesnar
  160. lesnar defeats mir
  161. Brock messed Mir up
  162. This is Mixed Martial Arts.
  163. Lesnar Dominates
  164. [HOLY S**T!] Hendo's Flying Elbow
  165. HENDO is real MMA PSYCHO!
  166. UFC 100 Results: Brock Lesnar Stops Mir, St. Pierre Retains Title
  167. Bisping KO
  168. GSP was very smart
  169. UFC Hall of Fame Inductions
  170. Here is the full Brock fight.....
  171. Hendo - Bisping, Lesnar - Mir (videos)
  172. Jon Fitch..
  173. Post-Fight Antics Dim Lesnar’s Afterglow at UFC 100
  174. Ufc 100 videos
  175. Lesnar ko vid
  176. WHos nextor lesnar?
  177. Henderson Ko + Post Fight Interview
  178. Was Bisping drained at this weight?
  179. The Ultimate Fighter 10
  180. Dana White says Fedor Emelianenko will fight in the UFC, Brock Lesnar fight imminent
  181. BJJ is garbage compare to WRESTLING!
  182. [HOLY S**T!] I never thought I would be doing this but... I just had to do it!
  183. GSP is Boring
  184. Brock hasn't really been tested yet
  185. UFC 100 - Some classless displays
  186. GSP vs Anderson Silva
  187. Would Brock beat Fedor?
  188. So I watch UFC for the first time in about 6 months last night.
  189. [LMAO!] Lesnar, YOU ARE THE PHUKING MAN! GIF appreciation thread.
  190. How about a Hendo vs. Axe Murderer II
  191. Hendo vs GSP (185)Evans (205) anybody ?....Let's Get It !!!
  192. K-1 World MAX 2009 World Championship Tournament Final 8
  193. Bisping Jaw Broken...Ko pics !
  194. LMFAO @ Frank Mir - Anyone Have Pictures of the Lesnar Aftermath?
  195. Igor "Ice Cold" Vovchanchyn To Return In Action
  196. OK I need help understanding something....
  197. Whats Happening With Goran Reljic ????
  198. Should oversized heavyweights get a different rule?
  199. The guy who will defeat Machida.
  200. Your thots after UFC 100 (mines too)
  201. [HOLY S**T!] brock lesner vs. kimbo slice
  202. Anyone Know How Much Lesnar Made From UFC 100?
  203. Whats with the Sexyama nickname?
  204. UFC 100 Post Fight Press Conference: Brock Appologises!
  205. UFC 100 Post Fight Press Conference: Lesnar Appology!
  206. The Art of Lay and Pray.
  207. Mir... After the fight
  208. Rampage and Rashad Altercation at UFC 100
  209. Quinton Rampage Jackson vs Cheick Kongo - UFC Fan Expo - Rampage & Kongo Brawl
  210. What happen to RAMPAGE??
  211. CROCOP on massage (FUNNY VIDEO)
  212. How about prime Tim Sylvia vs Brock Lesnar
  213. Brock Lesnar is the ****ing MAN
  214. Rickson Gracie: "It Would Take Me Longer To Submit Fedor Than Lesnar"
  215. Shogun Winks At Sexyama
  216. Pro Wrestlers Comment On Brock Lesnar's Victory
  217. MMA fans
  218. Pankration schedule for the remainder of 2009
  219. Who’s afraid of big, bad Brock? Not Carwin
  220. Mike Brown vs. Jose Aldo in Nov.
  221. UFC 100 Salaries
  222. 10 Questions for Lorenzo Fertitta
  223. Bas Interviews Fedor
  224. This garauntees Brock gets Fedor in UFC
  225. Buffer 360 Vid
  226. wow, this guy!
  227. Will Lesnar Fight Again This Year?
  228. Can someone bump the thread on favorite fight videos?
  229. alves vs gsp
  230. Dana White interview with Dan Lebatard.
  231. im willing to bet that forrest beat silva
  232. Bisping - better off at Light Heavy!
  233. Dana White: "They'll need to kill me to keep the UFC out of Japan"
  234. Randleman on the ground with Lesner
  235. Lesnar's truly one of a kind
  236. Frank "The Karate Kid" Mir
  237. BASS RUTTEN Scarface Impression VIDEO!
  238. Is GSP scared to move up in division?
  239. Fedor was right all along.
  240. im startin to like ufc now
  241. In TUF Why do Beaten Fighters Stay In House?
  242. GSP: "I Drank So Much That I Forgot My Whole Name"
  243. I have never watched a full UFC event ...
  244. Whats next for FRANK "LA RUSSO" MIR??
  245. Dana White: 'Shaq wants to fight Brock Lesnar'
  246. Bobby Lashley Sets sights On Brock Lesnar!!
  247. Ultimate Challenge UK - Tonight Sky Sports 3 - 10pm
  248. Anyone saw BRUNO in MMA??
  249. Is this the sttrongest roster of UFC champs ever?
  250. Hector Lombard in the UFC: why not?