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  1. Lyota Machida vs. Anderson Silva at LHW
  2. Enter The Dragon
  3. Size does not matter
  4. Fedor Is More Elusive Than Machida
  5. Anyone got a DL link to Hughes/Serra & Evans/Machida?
  6. UFC 98 Tube Videos
  7. Bellator Fighting Championships 6
  8. Machida is Bringing the Unibrow Back in Style, i'm All for It
  9. Lyoto Machida compared to Fedor Emelianenko?
  10. What Did Dana Say To Rashad Evans After The Fight?
  11. How about Brandon "The Truth" Vera vs. Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida
  12. Jose Canseco Has Arrived
  13. DREAM 9 Super Hulk Tournament Promo
  14. who actually bought the ufc ppv here last night?
  15. as a boxing fan, i have to admit....
  16. UFC 98 Fight Videos
  17. lmao Y'all will laugh when you hear what the pro fighters at my gym said about Machid
  18. Lyoto Machida Set To Fight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in First Title Defense
  19. Dream 9
  20. UFC 98 Pay Outs
  21. Lyoto fighting a regional karate championship, in Brazil (Amazon), 2005. Lyoto Vs Neg
  22. How much of Shotolan is really used in Machida Karate?
  23. Q&A with Machida's martial arts master: his father
  24. What would you call this?
  25. DREAM 9 Updates By Nightmare Of Battle
  26. what age to start MMA?
  27. leatherface
  28. [PLEASE HELP] F/S: Brand New Sony Ericsson Iduo $350USD,HTC Touch Pro 2 $270USD,Nokia N97 32GB $350
  29. who did fador lose to?
  30. Gegard Mousasi vs. Vitor Belfort at Affliction III on Aug. 1
  31. Shinya Aoki, Melvin Manhoef and Paulo Filho among DREAM.10 additions
  32. Question= what is the best mma fight?
  33. To be a top MMA fighter, one would have to do a lot of travelling?
  34. Atencio: 'If He Says I'm A Loser, Then I Must Be A Loser"
  35. Who won Serra or Hughes??
  36. Rampage vs Shogun 2?? winner fight Lyoto!
  37. DREAM.9 mayhem: Accidental blow forces no contest in main event
  38. Gina talks Cyborg
  39. Machida is gonna whomp on Rampage.
  40. The Nick Diaz Collection of Quotes.
  41. Faber vs Brown
  42. Jose Canseco's MMA debut
  43. Hong Man Choi
  44. Roger Huerta appreciation thread.
  46. DREAM 9 Gets A Boost in TBS TV Ratings With Help From Daisuke Naito
  47. Anderson gets owned in this fight
  48. Anyone else appreciate Ortiz more?
  49. Gegard Mousasi P4P??????
  50. Dana White Might Be Overcompensating For His Homophobic Slur
  51. Mousasi refuses Affliction III middleweight bout, challanges Belfort to catch-weight
  52. Has Machida reached the level of Fedor?
  53. Lesnar-Mir
  54. Michael Schiavello's Classic Commentary Lines
  55. Lyoto Machida vs Rashad Evans: Rocky IV Style
  56. what age did forrest griffin start mma?
  57. Veteran welterweight Frank Trigg returning to the UFC, signs multi-fight deal
  58. Uk Vs USA, whos winning?
  59. Episode No. 9 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K.
  60. What the hell is this submission move called?!?!?!
  61. Carson Corner: Joe Riggs,UFC Payouts,DREAM 9
  62. *Prime* Mike Tyson in MMA
  63. Most Useless Discipline
  64. Rampage Gives Up Title Shot? Possible Fight Against Evans.
  65. When I hear the words Mixed Martial Arts this is what I think.
  66. M-1: Finland vs Benelux
  67. Ultimate Fighter Series 10 - Evans vs Jackson!!!
  68. Machida vs. Shogun...Sept or Oct?
  69. Dave Schultz California USA Wrestling Inc. State Championship
  70. Anderson Silva vs. Forrest G at 205
  71. Bellator Fighting Championships 9
  72. is boxing effective in street fight?
  73. Fedor Comments On Barnett
  74. Affliction Clothing announces "Affliction: Trilogy" featuring Emelianenko vs. Barnett
  75. Shogun Agrees To Machida Bout, In Principle
  76. Sherdog.com’s Pound-for-Pound Top 10
  77. 145lb divison
  78. Enjoy fellas!
  79. Bare knuckle Muay Boran fighthing (thai vs. burma)
  80. Affliction exec insists "Trilogy" just the beginning
  81. my 10k on Alves vs your 15k on GSP?
  82. MMA sucks! Machida sucks!
  83. 100k on Lesnar over Mir
  84. Strikeforce Lawler vs Shields
  85. Wow, i did a search and not one mention on k1
  86. Funniest **** i have ever seen: Funny MMA moments
  87. Bloody Elbow Exclusive: An Interview With Michael Schiavello
  88. UFC 99:The Comeback Discussion
  89. Why do they wear gloves in Muay Thai but allow bare elbows and knees
  90. Anderson Silva impersonates Royce Gracie and Chuck Liddell.
  91. Did y'all see KID's comeback fight?
  92. Oriental People In MMA...
  93. Good action packed amateur Muay Thai bout
  94. Gegard Mousasi meets Renato "Babalu" Sobral, not Vitor Belfort, at "Affliction: Trilo
  95. Gegard Mousasi vs. Rameu Thierry Sokoudjou Confirmed For DREAM Semifinals
  96. how do i get my guy fights?
  97. Kimbo Slice joins TUF 10!!!
  98. Machida Vs Shogun
  99. Ishii Passes On UFC, Heads To Sengoku
  100. Fedor and Mousasi Will Be In The US...
  101. [LMAO!] I was looking at the rules of the UFC...
  102. This Weekend's Strikeforce & WEC Betting Thread
  103. Remember Hayato when.
  104. Fedor Interview on Fox News
  105. My p4p top 10 ranking!
  106. Ben Rothwell vs Chase Gormley Booked For "Affliction Trilogy"
  107. Episode No. 10 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  108. Josh Koscheck and Frank Trigg meet Sept. 19 at UFC 103 in Dallas
  109. Pros Pick: Brown vs. Faber II
  110. 10 June Tussles Worth Watching
  111. Affliction: Trilogy - NY Press Conference
  112. New Fedor Interview(Must See)
  113. New Gegard Mousasi Interviews
  114. david carradine found dead in thailand
  115. Russian Sambo
  116. Sor Vorapin To Receive a Six Month Suspension
  117. MACHIDA: KO'ING EVANS......sig/gif
  118. Pros Picks: Lawler vs. Shields
  119. ultimate chaos ppv june 27th
  120. Amazine child martial artist
  121. Fedor & M-1 Global Crew NYC Vlog
  122. Strikeforce Live Streams
  123. 5k on Lawler
  124. Bellator Fighting Championships 10
  125. Carano vs. Cyborg Confirmed For Aug. 15
  126. lesnat gets a walk in UFC but slice dont..
  127. Rogers KO Arlovski VIDEO!!!!!!
  128. Shields vs Lawler VIDEO!!!
  129. Who is your favorite fighter?
  130. Anymore youtube fights?
  131. WEC 41: Brown vs. Faber 2
  132. Shields Chokes Out Lawler, Rogers Crushes Arlovski
  133. Lyoto Machida to defend title against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 104 in Los Angeles
  134. The StrikeForce Card Was Great
  135. Second round of Diaz -Smith
  136. Fedor And Barnett Interview At Strikeforce "Lawler vs Shields"
  137. Gear Question
  138. Strikeforce MMA 5/6/2009 Videos
  139. This WEC event has been incredible!
  140. Barnett vs Mir who would win??? POLL
  141. For All The Boxing Fanboys...
  142. Whats Next For Faber?
  143. Fight Magazine New Top 10 Heavyweights
  144. BJ Penn vs Mike Brown
  145. Moosin 1
  146. Microsoft and Rashad Evans
  147. Ortiz Dana White Beef
  148. Fedor Conqueror Blagoi Ivanov vs Fujita At Sengoku 9
  149. Is WEC's Business Model Going To Work Much Longer With The Fighters?
  150. stream for ufc 99 countdown tonight???
  151. Can anyone beat Fedor?
  152. One MMA
  153. Countdown to UFC 99
  154. how far will amir sadollah go in MMA?
  155. if dana white wants to sell his PPV like boxing
  156. I just have a dream that CROCOP lost controversial decision against AL Turk
  157. Pretty Boy Floyd Thrashes Machida,Fedor and Pacquiao
  158. who like thiago alves??
  159. Bay Area Muay Thai Fights Sat. June, 13th
  160. Andrei Arlovski realizes Boxing doesn't translate well to MMA
  161. M-1 Exec continues UFC plea for Fedor fight
  162. This is going to be like King Kong vs. Godzilla
  163. First UFC Gym to open in Concord, CA
  164. Episode No. 11 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K." lightweight semifinals
  165. Wec 41 fight videos
  166. Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy
  167. Gomi vs. Brett cooper in works for affliction 3
  168. Roy Nelson And Wes Sims Part Of TUF 10 Cast?
  169. Anyone has Josh Barnett HL (by KYHO)
  170. Tim Silva V Ray Mercer
  171. Does anybody have the Genki Sudo HL to Such Great Height's (The Postal Service)
  172. Best boxer in mma
  173. Barnett vs Fedor who will win??? POLL
  174. Does anyone have the UFC 69 countdown show?
  175. The First UFC Gym Is Going To Open Up in California
  176. Joe Riggs Irritated with Ken Pavia
  177. Rachel Leah needs to be a ring card girl again!
  178. Spencher over Uno ??? anyone want to bet?
  179. Pros Picks: Franklin vs. Silva
  180. Save the dates: Sambo Summit 09 (Texas) and Freestyle Sambo Championships (NJ)!
  181. Fedor thoughest fight was???????
  182. UFC 99 Bets
  183. HDnet Fights: Best of DREAM Vol. 1 live stream
  184. Wow BABALU vs MOUSSASI who will win? POLL
  185. UFC 99 Photos of weigh ins
  186. Shaq Calls Out Hong Man Choi
  187. Who will be the man to beat GSP?
  188. Ken Shamrock Talks Frank, Fedor And Steroids
  189. UFC 99 Results:Don't read if you don't want to know who won!
  190. No way in hell that Franklin WON! WAND got robbed!
  191. Who won Hardy or Davis???? POLL
  192. Crocop Signed With DREAM
  193. Dana White says he will look to sign Josh Barnett if he gets past Fedor
  194. UFC 99 Results - Franklins Decisions Silva, Cro Cop Wins
  195. Mercer knocks Sylvia out 10 seconds into round 1 under MMA rules.
  196. Jens Pulver warned Sylvia about Mercer's boxing
  197. Ray Mercer KOs Tim Sylvia (VIDEO)
  198. Cain Velazquez....
  199. Cain Velasquez..
  200. Ufc 99 videos
  201. Shane Carwin vs Cain Velasquez who would win????? POLL
  202. Gotta love the smack talkin
  203. British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA)
  204. Japanese wrestling legend Mitsuharu Misawa dies
  205. VIDEO: Mercer KO's Time Sylvia
  207. UFC 100 Discussion
  208. Dan Hardy vs Mike Swick who would win? POLL
  209. Gerard Mousasi vs Cro Cop who would win?? POLL
  210. Bellator Fighting Championships 11
  211. Couture vs. Nogueira is Set For UFC 102, August 29
  213. 100K if you pick right 3 fights in UFC!!!!!
  214. Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva officially announced for UFC 102 in Portland
  215. Seth Petruzelli discusses Kimbo Slice, "TUF 10" and the possibility of a UFC return
  216. Following swift loss to Ray Mercer, Tim Sylvia now pulled from "Affliction: Trilogy"
  217. Mercer KO Sylvia another camera angle
  218. Frank Mir:" I can beat Fedor" !!!!!!VIDEO
  219. Would'a, could'a, should'a .....been the bests!
  220. CROCOP will probably fight in DREAM!!!!!
  221. Why do you retards care if MMA does well or falls on it's ass??
  222. Lesnar is garbage.
  223. Best UFC PREVIEW ever! real funny
  224. Who do you think wins in a boxing match...
  225. DANA WHITE says that in UFC has never been serious injury!! YEAH RIGHT!
  226. Fedor vs Vladimir Voronov(Fedors coach) a fight VIDEO!!
  227. Who is the guy on TUF?
  228. [HOLY S**T!] Young Kimbo
  229. Episode No. 12 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K." welterweight semifinal
  230. Ricco Rodriguez On Celebrity Rehab
  231. RAY MERCER post fight INTERVIEW after TIM SYLVA fight!!!VIDEO
  232. [LMAO!] Floyd Mayweather : Dana White
  233. If MMA is more popular why is the MMA lounge empty compared to Boxing Lounge?
  234. [HOLY S**T!] Enzo in MMA?
  235. Mustapha Al Turk s EYE is really hurt!!!!
  236. Anyone want to bet on some fights this weekend?
  237. Worst decisions in MMA?
  238. Strikeforce Challengers 2
  239. Fedor And Gegard Mousasi U.S. Vlogs
  240. CroCop:" I will never fight again in UFC" !!!!!
  241. Bets for this weekend >> bet me!
  242. Rampage s Chuck Liddell impression VIDEO
  243. Dong Hyun Kim To Face TJ Grant on UFC 100
  244. Affliction M-1 Global’s “Trilogy” Card is Loading Up
  245. Diego Calls Out Florian, Says "I'm #1 Contender"
  246. has any1 ever been to a ufc event in the usa?
  247. Abolish the upper weight limit...
  248. Gina is in trouble!
  249. Is this best TRIANGLE CHOKE ever???VIDEO
  250. The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale