By Mark Vester

After several weeks of rest, former champion Fernando Montiel is back in training for his postponed bout with Eric Morel for the WBO bantamweight title. Both sides are still hoping to land the fight in September. It was scheduled to take place on June 27 and postponed after Montiel suffered a bicep injury.

"The injury affected me because I wasn't able to raise my arm.  Even last week I had a bruise in the area. All of that training that had completed for Morel is lost and now I have to begin from zero again," Montiel said to The Record. 

Montiel said that he spoke with Top Rank, who told him that his fight with Morel would land in September. The location has not been set. Montiel said that he will not face Morel on his home turf of Puerto Rico.

"It is being said that the fight with Morel will happen in September, perhaps in Las Vegas, but that has yet to be determined," indicated Montiel. "Originally it was going to be in New Jersey, and that is practically a second home to Puerto Ricans."

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