Heavyweight prospect Fabio Wardley, 26-years-old, has recovered from a battle with COVID-19 and intends to resume his plans to capture the British and EBU titles.

According to Wardley, his next ring outing is being lined up for the month of March - and the opponent of choice is former WBA champion Lucas Browne.

Wardley said the worst symptom of the virus was a severe headache that lasted for a few days.

"I just felt groggy and a bit messed up," Wardley told Sky Sports. "The worst thing I had was a severe headache for days in a row. I kind of knew from there that something was wrong, because that's not something I'm really used to.

"The only other thing, I lost my taste for about two weeks. It didn't really do too much damage. I just felt weak and run down and had a rocking headache. But then again, I'm a professional athlete in my 20s and train every day. I can see how it could really affect the older generations."

Browne withdrew from a planned fight with Wardley in November.

The up and coming puncher is hoping the two of them can finalize the fight. And if not, then Wardley plans to move forward with a different opponent.

"He is still being his usual whiny self by crying about this excuse and that excuse," said Wardley. "We're being a bit firmer with him, giving him a time frame to say, 'Are you in or are you out?' If not, then we can look elsewhere.

"It would be a great experience, great learning for me. It would raise my profile as well, and great to use as a good measuring stick to figure out where I am and what next level I'm good to step towards. It would be useful for all those parts, but if it's more hassle than it's worth then we'll find someone else."