icon Updated at 02:33 PM EDT, Sun Mar 27, 2016

Eubank Sr. Tried To Prevent Further Head Damage on Blackwell

By Jeremy Culley, courtesy of The Daily Star

ASTONISHING footage has emerged showing Chris Eubank Snr potentially saving the life of stricken boxer Nick Blackwell.

Eubank Snr, whose son was fighting Blackwell, enters the ring after one round and says he "doesn't know" why the referee hasn't stopped the fight between the pair.

And he urges his son to make the decision for him, by aiming his punches at the body, not the face, to avoid inflicting further punishment on Blackwell.

The Trowbridge fighter is now in an induced coma after suffering a bleed to the brain in the brutal defeat to Eubank Jr.

But his current plight could be even graver were it not for the intervention of Eubank Snr.

In the new footage, Eubank Snr is seen telling his son: "If he does not stop it then I don't know what to tell you.

"But if he does to stop it and you keep on beating him like this – one, he is getting hurt.

"And two, it is you who will have to make a decision. Why has the referee not stopped the fight? I don't know why.

"But maybe you should not leave it to the referee.

"So you are not going to take him out to the face, you are going to take him out to the body."


Earlier Robert Smith, the general secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control told the BBC: “It is our understanding that Nick has a bleed on the brain and is under observation by hospital staff.

“We will just have to wait and see what the hospital says.”

Blackwell was treated with oxygen in the ring after collapsing following the bout, with Eubank Jr cooling celebrations on noticing his plight.