By Haxel Ruben Murillo,

On November 17, 2012, Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez defeated Juan Francisco "El Gallo" Estrada by unanimous decision in California.

In a colossal battle, the Nicaraguan came out on top, retaining his 108 pound belt of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Although Estrada went home with a loss in his record, that was the beginning of his projection in boxing. He had shown that he had a case to be a champion, which he later succeeded in dethroning Brian Viloria in flyweight.

Estrada continued to climb the divisions and continued to look for a rematch with Chocolatito.

And then back in 2017, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai surprisingly dethroned Gonzalez, and then knocked him out in four rounds in the rematch.

Last month, Estrada defeated Sor Rungvisai to capture the WBC belt and became the king of the smaller weight classes.

Alfredo Caballero, the head trainer of Estrada, believes the stage is set for a rematch with Chocolatito.

"First, [a rematch] depends on the purse, because if Estrada is paid the same thing for Chocolatito as he would be for anyone else, then we will face someone else. It also depends on whether or not Chocolatito goes for a belt, it would be more attractive if they had a unification," Caballero said.

"I think [the fight is still attractive]. Roman is not finished, he is young, strong. I didn't see him as the loser in the first fight with Sor Rungvisai, Román won. In the second fight, I noticed Chocolatito was fighting a bit strage, I do not know if he trained, he did not look like he did  on other occasions and he got knocked out. It's still an attractive fight, Estrada wants it because he has a defeat against him. Estrada wants to get rid of the thorn and show the world that he is the best in the world, pound for pound."

"Many people do not know that when Juan Francisco fought Román he had to descend to 108 pounds, it was a miracle that he made the weight for that fight. When he left the titles 112 pounds and went up to 115, El Gallo looked for Chocolatito, and he did not give him the opportunity. That fight has to be done, one way or another."