By Mark Vester

On January 16, informed our readers that rumors were floating around in Mexico about a possible March fight between former three division champion Erik Morales and lightweight contender Jose Alfaro. Over the last twelve months, there were a lot of rumors regarding a ring return by Morales. Most of the rumors came straight from Morales' mouth. This time Morales appears to be serious about a comeback. When he steps in the ring on March 27 in Monterrey, Mexico, it will Morales' first fight since August 2007.

According to reports in Mexico, Morales is training very hard to shed off the pounds. During the long layoff he blew up in size. Some estimate Morales was walking around as high as 175-pounds. The fight with Alfaro will be at a catch-weight of 142-pounds. A lot of the work being done right now is to take off the extra weight. Morales plans to begin sparring on February 20. A lot of young, quick Mexican fighters will be brought to the gym to test Morales' reflexes.

The comeback has two goals. The first is to become the first Mexican fighter to win four world titles in four weight divisions. The second is to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. Morales has been calling for Marquez for the last two years. Morales had a trilogy with Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera. He never fought Marquez. A goal that he plans to accomplish.

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