By Mark Vester

Former three division champion Erik Morales thought Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao was a farce before the event, and now he thinks it's an even bigger farce. He says the performance of De La Hoya made the fight a farce because Oscar looked like a fighter who "didn't want to win."

Pacquiao picked De La Hoya apart for eight one-sided rounds last weekend in Las Vegas, before Oscar called it a day before the start of the ninth round. Morales says De La Hoya took a dive against Bernard Hopkins, looked like a fool against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and did nothing to win against Pacquiao.

"It was a lie when De La Hoya faced Hopkins and lost. Against Mayweather he looked like a fool and now against Pacquiao he didn't do anything, nothing at all to win," Morales said to ESTO.

More than likely, Pacquiao will move down to junior welterweight to fight Ricky Hatton within the first six months of 2009. Talks are expected to start shortly between their promoters. Morales thinks the fight will do great business for television and the casinos due to the popularity of both fighters. But, he doesn't think Pacquiao will win. Morales fought Pacquiao three times, winning their first meeting by decision and losing the next two by knockout. Morales is still the last fighter to beat Pacquiao.

"Between the Ricky Hatton and Pacquiao, that fight would be a success for television, and the hotel and casinos of Las Vegas. Hatton has a good punch and he's fast. I can bet you that he wins," Morales said. 

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