By Mark Vester

Former three-division champion Erik Morales has interjected his opinion on the continuous challenges being directed to WBO super bantamweight champion Israel Vazquez (43-4, 31KOs), from Jorge Arce (50-4, 38KOs). Morales is against the fight. He doesn't believe that Arce has a chance in hell of winning. He says Vazquez is too big and too strong. Vazquez tips the scales at 122, while Arce fights between 118 and 115.

"I don't know what Arce can do against Israel Vazquez. There is enough of a weight disparity and Vazquez is a tremendous puncher. Furthermore, Israel can really injure him. A fight like that shouldn't happen because there is a lot of danger," Morales told ESTO.

Morales has also taken exception to Arce's claim of being a three-division champion. Morales acknowledges that Arce captured titles at junior flyweight and flyweight, but doesn't count the third because Arce only holds the WBA interim-super flyweight title and has yet to capture the full crown.

"When he was a champion flyweight, he only had half a title in his power, and now he barely has a third, since the WBA has three champions at the weight, and it can't be viewed as something serious. He is a temporary champion, he has a piece, but in the same sanctioning body there are two other champions at super flyweight," Morales said. "Besides, how can Jorge call himself the world super flyweight champion of the WBA, when the true champion is Cristian Mijares, and with the beating he gave Arce. I believe that Mijares should require respect of the WBA, therefore he is the true champion, not Arce." 

Morales still plans to return, probably in June 2009.

"My plans have not changed. I expect to return to the ring in search of the lightweight world title. I will go into a big fight directly, no precautionary fights or against average fighters," Morales said. "I suffered for years making weight at super bantamweight, featherweight and super featherweight, but all of that is going to pass now that I'm going to lightweight."

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