By Jhonny Gonzalez

More details have surfaced concerning the arrest of unbeaten Edwin Valero (27-0, 27KOs) on alleged assault charges. It was previously reported on that Valero was arrested in Venezuela for allegedly assaulting his wife. Valero was taken into custody on Thursday morning as he visited his wife at the University Hospital of Los Andes in Mérida.

Per the medical reports, Valero's wife was listed as having multiple bruises, scratches and collapsed lung from a blow to the ribs.Valero was taken into custody by the CICPC (The Body of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations). At the present, there have been no charges pressed by Valero's wife and she is not giving any statements. The complaint filed against Valero is stemming from the incident with the hospital staff.

"We stopped him at yesterday at 11 in the morning at the hospital, where he was visiting his wife [Jennifer Carolina], who is there with physical injuries. He was arrested for threats, resistance and hostile behavior against doctors, police officials and nurses. He was transported to the police station in Mérida," said spokesman Danilo Araque.

Jose Castillo, the manager for Valero, tells BoxingScene the fighter had an appointment scheduled at the U.S. embassy to obtain a work visa. Castillo spoke with Valero's promoters, Top Rank, and plans to reschedule the hearing. Valero told doctors in the hospital that his wife had fallen down a flight of stairs. The doctors, based on the injuries, did not believe the story. Valero's wife suffered her injuries over the weekend because Castillo had already heard about it on Monday.

"I know that Edwin was detained. I have been speaking constantly with the mother of Edwin (Eloíza Vivas) and she provided me with the information about the incident.  Edwin had an appointment for the visa on the Wednesday that passed, but on Monday I had already known that his wife had a physical mishap," Castillo said.

"His family told me that she had fallen and he couldn't go to the appointment. I spoke with the legal team of Top Rank and we are going to postpone the appointment for approximately a month, while this situation is being resolved. We will await the outcome from the authorities in Venezuela."

Rufo John, president of Boxtrack, a promotional company in Venezuela, will not make any judgments until the outcome of the investigation.

"We are not judges. The competent agencies will take charge of finding out whether if he is innocent or not. If he is not guilty, we are able to have to Edwin take part in another fight for a world title over here, as we did in December. If he is guilty, it would be a deplorable act," John said.

Jhonny Gonzalez covers the scene in Venezuela