By Miguel Rivera

On March 30th, undefeated prospect Eduardo 'Rocky' Hernandez will finally make his debut in US territory after Promociones del Pueblo and Golden Boy Promotions reach a co-promotional agreement to guide the career of the talented Mexican, who intends to leave a mark from the first bell.

"We finally confirmed the date of March 30 at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California, It's a very important fight for me and I hope that in a few days I'll go to concentrate on the Otomi Ceremonial Center to arrive in the best condition for this new challenge in my career," said Hernandez to ESPN Deportes.

Curated by former world champions Isaac Bustos, Cesar Bazan and Jose Antonio Aguirre during the celebration of the 56th anniversary of the World Boxing Council, Hernandez promised to make noise in his United States debut.

"I know that this change can change my life, I know I have to prepare myself even a little harder because I want to leave a mark from the beginning, make it clear that they know what I am," Hernandez said.

Oswaldo Küchle, director of Promociones del Pueblo, confirmed that they reached an agreement with Óscar de la Hoya and Eric Gómez of Golden Boy to guide the career of 'Rocky', to whom he predicted a great future.

"It has been very satisfying for us to see how Golden Boy has viewed the development he has had and now they give him the tools he needs to make his dreams come true, this partnership will give Mexico and their boxing scene a lot," said the Mexican promoter.

'Rocky', with a record of 27-0 and 24 knockouts at 21 years of age, was expected to make his debut in the first days of February with Golden Boy, but he doesn't mind waiting a little longer while the big opportunity comes.

"The motivation that I bring can not be contained in my body, I know that a radical change in my career is coming, and I'm going to fight for everything, I'm not going to demand anything, the best opportunities are going to be provided when they see my potential," Hernandez said.

On that evening of March 30 in California, Golden Boy will match Angel Acosta against Ganigan Lopez for the World Boxing Organization's junior flyweight title. The card will be carried by DAZN on US soil, while in Mexico Televisa will be responsible for transmitting the card.