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Edgar Sosa Relects on Defense in Sulaiman's Hometown

One of the many dreams that World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman fulfilled, was to hold a boxing extravaganza in his native Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas....and it finally took place in 2009.

The card was headed by then WBC light flyweight champion Edgar Sosa. A cherished memory which always meant so much to Don José. Sosa Medina KO’d Pornsawan Porpramook that night.

"Don Jose always wanted to bring boxing to his homeland Ciudad Victoria and I was fortunate to be the headliner of that card, which had the support of government and the local mayor. It was the first world championship fight in Tamaulipas" he recalled.

Edgar also says: "It gave me a great learning experience. Don Jose was a great man. I remember that he was very supportive for the championship fight, and when I won, he said I was going to be one of the strongest champions in that division and so I was, with eleven defenses.

"I'll always remember that he advised me to train hard, to work safe and take care of my money. These are things that I'll always be glad of."