By Mark Vester

Former junior flyweight champion Edgar Sosa has left the hospital in Mexico after spending a few days to recover from a Tuesday surgery where several screws and two titanium plates were placed in the fighter's face. Sosa suffered numerous facial fractures to the left side of his face during last Saturday's two-round TKO loss to Rodel Mayol. The injuries came from a clash of heads in the second round that saw Sosa go down and a cut open up on his left cheek. He was stopped not long after a doctor ruled that he was able to continue.

After the loss, Sosa filed a protest with the WBC to change the decision to a no-contest. Sosa said the head clash was intentional by Mayol, and it left him in a very dizzy state where he was unable to defend himself. The WBC did not overturn the decision. Instead Mayol remained the junior flyweight champion and Sosa was named the Emeritus champion. The WBC also ruled that Sosa was able to challenge for the junior flyweight title when he is able to return, or receive a direct crack at flyweight title if he chooses to move up in weight.

Sosa's recovery will take at least 5 to 6 months. Upon his return, he appears to be ready to move up in weight to hunt for the flyweight title.

"There were no problems. The doctor said I'll be fine. At least the side of my face will be harder now.  I'm happy to be out of the hospital and now recovery is the most important thing. I will go home to rest. On Monday I will return to remove stitches from the operation, and the nose plugs, and then every eight or ten days they will be checking that everything heals the right way," Sosa told The Record.

"The doctor assures me that there will be no problem in resuming to my career. In a month I can exercise, and then return for some light training in the gym, and maybe in four or five months we can return to boxing but we will wait. I will return, God willing, and do one or two fights at ten rounds and then go for the flyweight title."

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