By James Blears

WBC Light Flyweight Champion Edgar Sosa is preparing to defend his title for the eleventh time against Filipino Rodel Mayol, which’ll be held in the Mexican southern border State of Chiapas, on November 21st.

It’s a place famed for its well armed Zapatista rebels led by masked Sub Comandante Marcos, and Edgar acknowledges the Rodel will come armed to the teeth with an array of punches to test him. He says it should be a lively contest for the first several rounds, until the consequential impact of an array of body blows sinks in, and then takes effect.

At the thirty day weigh-in at the WBC Zona Rosa offices in Mexico City, Edgar who still wore his Telmex cap for the cameras was comfortably within the prescribed limit.

Savvy Edgar appreciates that Rodel has presented a stern test to Ivan Calderon, Lorenzo Trejo and Archie Solis, and expects a hard fight being specially watchful for some straight punching. Edgar says his eleventh defense will be right up there with tough challenges which he met and overcome- namely Brian Viloria, to become a champion and Juanito Rubillar.

Careful to mention that much depends on his management team, Edgar confirmed that he’d personally really relish another fight with Brian Viloria, which would be lucrative. But he also confirmed that Viloria and others would have to climb into the ring as WBC challengers. 

Edgar conceded that each defense brings just that bit more pressure with it. But it’s a challenge he relishes, and will take it with him to the flyweight division.

Edgar has already defended his title five times this year! What he just didn’t count on, was being tangled up in red tape by some of his own compatriots concerning a highly prestigious sporting contest.

The WBC President Jose Sulaiman is livid with Mexico’s National Sports Commission which has denied Edgar an opportunity to compete for sports person of the year, claiming that the application form submitted on his behalf, didn’t meet their stringent letter of the law requirements. But instead of helping to iron out any so called glitches in form filling, one of their representatives…. waited until the final deadline ran out to dish up the bad news that Edgar isn’t able to compete. The fateful letter pointing this out, arrived at eleven minutes past seven PM, although the offices were closed at five.

Don Jose fumed: “I’m so sad and angry about this. It’s not fair and it’s wrong. The people of Mexico have shown that boxing is one of their favorite sports and this is a kick in the teeth. Receiving this disappointment from our sports authorities is absolutely terrible.”

On another note, the WBC presented Marco Antonio Nazareth Sr. and his family with a check for $25,000. His son of the same name suffered a brain hemorrhage in a fight against Omar Chavez in July, and in spite of an operation, he died.

His voice breaking with emotion and standing close to his youngest son Alan, Nazareth Sr. told a hushed meeting, that losing a child is the hardest thing in the world, and that his wife apologized for not being able to attend, but she’s still receiving therapy to come to terms with the terrible loss of their son.

His dignified, immensely brave and  classy words, brought tears to many eyes.