Hillerod, Denmark - Danish Fight Night and Hillerod Box Cup joined forces for a pro-am show and here are the results from the professional part of the event.

Cruiserweight Ditlev Rossing (13-0) outscored durable and tough Frenchman David Radeff (9-15-2) over eight winning every round in what was a tough workout for him.

Radeff made it difficult for Rossing with his strength and wrestling on the inside. Rossing paced himself carefully, too carefully one might say but still won on scores of 80-72 on all cards.

80-72 was how it was scored on the other two pro-fights as well as super welterweight Oliver Meng (7-0) beat up on Jordan Neveux (8-1) and Sarah Mahfoud (9-0) outscored Enerolisa De Leon (5-3-2).

Meng,  a southpaw, scored well but could never really hurt his opponent and had to settle for a points win. Neveaux was hurt in the last by a left hook to the body but managed to fight back and lasted the distance after a tough night´s work.

DeLeon tried hard early but was picked off by Mahfoud, who put on a safety first boxing exhibition and won clearly.

IN OTHER NEWS: The best song ever about professional boxing? How about David Olney´s the Contender? In the song the old hasbeen tells his sad story about how he had turned pro when the time was right and then went undefeated in his first ten fights with seven knockouts. Then the big chance arrives. He´s to fight one "Oliver Hardin" who has fought the best but word is he is getting old in the Garden and if he wins that one he could on his way, he could become a contender.

But our "hero" isn´t quite ready for the big time. His cornermen urge him on "Come in kid you are letting us down" but as the hero says "what did they know, they weren´t in the ring, they didn´t feel the blows, the sting". In the fourth the hero lands with a left, then with a right. His opponent goes down but gets up and in turn lands with a left, then with a right ... and the music comes to an end and then the hero says with a surprise "they turned out the lights" and we are back to the grim reality where the old hasbeen tells his story probably in some downrun gym in the middle of nowhere and no-one pays much attention.

The song was released in 1981 on Rounder Records by David Olney & the X-Rays and is called "Contender".

As for inspiration to the song well, to my surprise mr Olney says it´s Cyrano de Bergerac, the play.  In a mail David puts it like this "At the end of the play Cyrano imagines he is doing battle with his old enemies, using his cane as a sword. I tried to think of a way to do this in a song. I hit on the idea of making Cyrano an old boxer acting out the fight that ended his chances of becoming champion."

Special thanks to David Olney and his manager Mary Shell for information. Check out davidolney.com for more info.

A great version of the Contender can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkVbHbrgVcI