By Lem Satterfield

According to Leon Lawson Jr., the uncle and co-trainer of super middleweight contender Andre Dirrell, the disqualification shot from Arthur Abraham is the likely cause of Dirrell's "neurological problems." On Thursday, Showtime Sports General Manager Ken Herschman announced that Dirrell had withdrawn from Super Six Boxing Classic. Dirrell was scheduled to fight close friend Andre Ward on November 27.

Dirrell has not trained since the March DQ win over Abraham. During the eleventh round of that fight, Dirrell was hit with a right hand, while he was down, and crumbled to the canvas. The referee disqualified Abraham for the shot. Since the Abraham fight, Dirrell has experienced dizzy spells and headaches.

"Andre hadn't had any problems before that fight. The whole world saw the punch, and it caught Andre off guard. I was worried that night that night. Andre ended up complaining about it and things like that," Lawson Jr. said.

"But we hoped and thought that it was something that would get better with time, you know? But it hasn't. So, really, there is nothing for us to do but sit back on it and wait for his condition to be back at 100 percent."

Dirrell was evaluated by two doctors and they advised him to stay away from the ring for at least three months.

"Well, they did MRIs and CAT scans. That's what they did. They found that he was still concussed from the punch and the injury in the fight. They recommended that Andre be at least three months symptom-free before he would even consider giving him the go-ahead to go back into the ring," Lawson Jr. said.

Another concern is Dirrell's weight. The Michigan boxer has not trained since March and is walking around as a cruiserweight. Dirrell usual walking weight is close to the light heavyweight limit of 175-pounds. Lawson claims Dirrell hid the injury for months, but they were eventually advised about his problems and were obligated to disclose them.

"We haven't been in the gym since the Arthur Abraham fight. To tell you the truth, Andre is the heaviest that he's ever been. That's something that we're looking at also. Andre is walking around at around 190-something," Lawson Jr. said.

"That's something, because Andre usually walks around at just around 170-something or close to 180. Like I said, he has not sparred since before the Arthur Abraham fight. We thought that he would get better by the next time that he got into the ring."

"But, you know, Andre kept it a secret for a while from us, and then, we monitored it for a while and he said that it was still happening, so we had not choice but to come out with it."

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