Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya confirmed that he will support female boxing a lot more and did not rule out having some interesting fights on the undercard to a major show featuring Canelo Alvarez in the main event.

De la Hoya said he would like to touch base with the Claressa Shields' promoter for a possible confrontation against Alejandra Jiménez, as well as a world title fight between Seniesa Estrada and one of the Mexican champions.

Jimenez was a former WBC heavyweight champion and moved down in weight, to 168-pounds, to unseat Franchon Crews-Dezurn for the WBC title at super middleweight.

Now Jimenez wants to drop down to 160-pounds to face Shields, who holds every major title in that weight class.

“I started talking about it two years ago that I wanted to promote women's boxing and it is taking shape, this year is the year where women's boxing in the United States will grow and explode. It is very feasible to promote Mexican fighters, it is necessary to work with the promoters [who handle them]. I know that Jackie (Nava) has her promoter, 'Barby' (Mariana Juarez) has her promoter, we have to talk to them and reach an agreement, we have to work together," De La Hoya said.

“Claressa Shields is a high-level boxer like Alejandra (Jiménez) and it would be an incredible fight. We would have to talk with her promoter and in the future it would be very possible [to put together]. Such fights deserve a good position, for example, on the back of a Canelo card. I would do it in that kind of event. I am excited because women's boxing is growing to the highest levels, many people are excited."