By James Blears

“What are they going to do? Stuff Manny with tamales plus beans, and reduce Oscar in the steam bath to bring them together? It’s ridiculous, it’s absurd, it’s a fraud to the public and it cannot happen!"

That’s the opinion of Jose Sulaiman, the WBC President, about the prospects of a Oscar De La Hoya's farewell fight, possibly against Manny Pacquiao, on December 6.

Don Jose also warned: “It’s about time that some people in boxing stopped thinking about names and money. Manny Pacquiao has only recently won the lightweight title. It’s been thirteen-years since Oscar De La Hoya last made that weight. And in that thirteen years, he’s gone up four weight divisions.”

According to Don Jose, Oscar has two principal options. The first is for his last fight to be against a decent fighter and afterwards he can enjoy a well deserved WBC gala dinner to celebrate his extraordinary boxing accomplishments.

And the other option is something Oscar may not like.

"If Oscar wants a real fight, then it’s Antonio Margarito and no one else - if he wants to go out with a sincere risk of losing with a big puncher who is always throwing punches like a windmill.”

In other news, Don Jose confirmed that the WBC is going to order Humberto Soto to fight for the title (super featherweight) in the next few days. His opponent will be decided by a vote of the Board of Governors. Manny Pacquiao has yet to officially decide whether he wants to vacate this title in favor of the Lightweight belt, one division up.