By Ryan Maquiñana

John Scully, trainer of light heavyweight contender Chad Dawson, has called into doubt the severity of Bernard Hopkins’ left shoulder injury that was a result of his fighter’s ill-fated matchup with the Philadelphian in October.

In an e-mail addressed to the media, Scully—a former light heavyweight title contender in his own right—explained his stance.  Here’s the message verbatim:

“Hopkins said in an interview yesterday he'd be sparring by January!!!!!! When I injured my shoulder in June of 1999 fight (supposedly not as bad as Hops did his) I wasn't able to spar for well over six months!! Four months after my injury (strained rotator cuff) I jumped in the water in Kissimmee, Florida and my shoulder felt like it was being torn out of the socket!! He's gonna' spar 3 months after an injury like that????!!???? BULLLLL SPIT!!!!!!!!!

“If this man spars anyone in January then, for me, it is PROOF POSITIVE that his injury is a complete fake job!! ASK ANY DOCTOR IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME!!”

Scully is likely referring to what Hopkins told’s David Greisman regarding the status of his shoulder, which was reportedly diagnosed by Dr. Sam Thurber of the California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles as a separation of the acromioclavicular (A-C) joint, which connects the collarbone and shoulder blade.

“I’m in rehab,” Hopkins said of his left shoulder.  “It’s 80 percent.  I’ll be 100 percent by January when I start boxing.”

The 46-year-old two-weight world champ has stated he will be in attendance next Tuesday for the California State Athletic Commission’s final ruling on the bout, which he hopes will be overturned from its current status as a second-round technical knockout for Dawson.

As for his WBC title belt, the sanctioning body decided to allow Hopkins to regain it by overruling the CSAC’s decision and calling the fight a technical draw.

Ryan Maquiñana is the boxing correspondent at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America, and Ring Magazine’s Ratings Advisory Panel.  E-mail him at , check out his blog at or follow him on Twitter: @RMaq28.