Former IBF middleweight world champion David Lemieux knows very well what the consequences can be of prolonged inaction. The Quebec boxer wants to fight as soon as possible.

Last December, Lemieux displayed a lot of rust when he suffered two knockdowns and struggled to overcome Maksym Bursak by virtue of a very close decision.

The 31-year-old swore that he would never repeat the same mistake, but an injury and the COVID-19 pandemic has held him back despite all of his good intentions.         

"I learned my lesson. [The absence from the ring] was too long and I felt rusty in the ring. We have a plan in place this year to avoid having such a long period of inactivity," said Lemieux to TVA Sports.

"The plan was to be active, but with the pandemic, we still have a problem. It will still be a bit longer, but everyone is in the same boat. It's sad, but I can't do anything about it. ”        

He was deprived of a clash with Polish contender Robert Talarek (24-13-3, 16 KO) in February due to a back injury.

Lemieux (41-4-0, 34 KO) still hopes to deliver this fight and he's ready to do anything to quickly practice the sport he loves.        

“The [recovery] plans are quite short. There is nothing concrete, but I stay in shape. I train every day. I have no problem with [a closed doors fight]. My supporters are always there to add to the atmosphere, but my career is at stake. So we have to keep moving,” Lemieux said.

Lemieux recently reflected back 2011, when he lost a shocking decision to big underdog Joachim Alcine, who at the time was 35 and without a win for two years.

Despite having issues in the fight, the dangerous puncher admitted that he's still shocked that Alcine was given the decision.

"The preparation went well, and for the fight, to this day I still have trouble believing that it was Alcine who won. I saw the fight several times, and in my eyes ... but hey, I'm not a judge," Lemieux said.        

“It was really surprising. He was more solid than I thought. I tip my hat to him, he showed a lot of courage and he showed things that we didn't think he was going to bring to the ring. We may have underestimated him a bit."