By Mark Vester

According to former undisputed cruiserweight champion David Haye, his trainer and manager, Adam Booth, has been in talks with the management team of heavyweight champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko - to land Haye a possible fight against one of the brothers next summer. Wladimir holds the WBO/IBF titles, while older brother Vitali has the WBC title.

Haye says that if he puts on a spectacular performance against Monte Barrett on November 15 in London, he stands a good chance to fight one of the Ukranian champions next year.

"Adam has been in talks with both of them, and their management team, and I have been told that if I look spectacular against Monte Barrett there is a very realistic possibility that I could be meeting one of the Klitschko brothers in a ring next summer. Just knowing that is a massive incentive for me, because I need to go in there against Barrett and really look like I'm the future of the heavyweight division," Haye said during an interview with Telegraph Sport.

Haye says that if he can't get Wladimir, he will fight older brother Vitali. He said Samuel Peter was nothing more than a punching bag against Vitali. Unlike Peter, he would use movement and quick punches to beat the much bigger man. 

"I wouldn't stand in front of Vitali like Peter did. I'd show him all kinds of crazy angles, because what struck me was that Klitschko's footwork was very slow. Yes, his punches are hard and crisp, but his legs are slow, and he was flat-footed. Perhaps that is the effect of the surgery, and the injuries. Peter just demonstrated what I had been saying about the heavyweight division. They need a fast, dynamic heavyweight to come on the scene and shake it up," Haye said.

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