By Edward Chaykovsky

Danny Garcia (31-0, 18KOs) would love to get his hands on Amir Khan (31-3, 19KOs) for a second showdown.

They fought in 2012 in a junior welterweight unification, with Garcia making a statement with a fourth round knockout win. Khan went down three times in the fight after getting off to a successful start.

Now both fighters are competing in the welterweight division and looking for big money bouts.

Since the loss, Khan has rebuilt himself with a five win streak and four of those wins came against former world champions.

"I came in this division to fight the best and if that's what they want we can make it happen. We can do the rematch whenever he wants but it's always going to be in the back of his head though, when he felt these badboys," Garcia told Daily Mail.

"Don't get me wrong, Amir Khan is a good fighter and I take nothing away from him but it's just that when you fight somebody who knocked you out before, and you've been knocked out multiple times before, it's always in your mind that you could get knocked out again."

Garcia says the rematch would be huge and this time he would be better prepared for the British star.

Neither one of them has a fight schedule and both expect to return in the fall. Khan is trying to get a 2016 clash with ex-sparring mate Manny Pacquiao and will probably ride that out before considering Garcia.

"I don't care what nobody says, he's a good fighter, but from the first time I fought him I wasn't even experienced, I had never been in a big fight before and I had no experience. Now I'm a lot stronger and a lot better. I don't analyse him or sit down and watch his fights to see if he got better. I think it's basically the same," Garcia said.

"I think Garcia-Khan would be one of the biggest fights in boxing besides Mayweather fights because of the hype that was behind the first one."