Daily Bread Mailbag: Thurman-Spence, Joshua-Ruiz, Golovkin

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Jamel Herring's upset victory, Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua, Keith Thurman's statements about Errol Spence, the career of Devin Haney and more.

I saw your tweet about Jamel Herring winning his fight. My gawd! You hit another underdog. I also checked out your site you guys are on a roll. Thanks for the heads up. My question is how can you feel when an upset is coming?

Bread’s Response: In this era we fight in very few fighters warrant being a 5 to 1 or more favorite. In matchmaking there is a trick that is used when a fighter is coming up the latter. They call a fighter last minute (within 2 weeks of the fight). The reason being is this is usually a smaller fighter because the one’s who are the prospect’s size most likely won’t have time to cut the weight. The second reason is the opponent simply has less time to prepare.

In most championship fights the opponent has 8 weeks. Unless you’re really special you won’t blow out every opponent who has 8 weeks to prepare. On top of that only special fighters win 8 or more rounds cleanly every time they fight. Ito is very good but I don’t view him as special. Then you look at the energy in the air.

Jamel Herring has been looking very good under his new coaches. The fight was on Memorial Day and he’s a vet. His daughter who passed it was her bday if I’m not mistaken. Top Rank seemed to be really backing Herring.

He wasn’t a huge underdog but he was worth a stab. I didn’t see Ito winning 8 rounds CLEAN vs Herring. So I bet Herring and he delivered.

Honestly the odds have been OFF in boxing over the last year. I can’t remember a time when so many favorites have lost in this short a period of time

Does Andy Ruiz have a chance vs Anthony Joshua?

Bread’s Response: Plain and simple just how I like it. Yes Ruiz has a chance. He’s a real fighter. Stylistically it’s a bad match up for him and I don’t think he will win. But he has a chance because he’s a dog and he’s coming to win. I also think Ruiz will go some rounds. I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes the DISTANCE.

His issue is Joshua’s size and patience. Joshua will put a hard jab on Ruiz. And if Ruiz gets in on him, Joshua has a very nice short game. So it’s a tough fight for Ruiz. But his heart, determination and underrated punch should keep him competitive.


What do you make of Keith Thurman’s comments that Errol Spence needs to become more popular in order to face him? Thurman has turned into a flat out coward. There is something about him that has really turned me off. PBC should not have rewarded him with a Pacquiao fight.

Bread’s Response: I don’t know what to think of Thurman’s comments. Maybe they were gamesmanship at the negotiating tables. I really hope Errol gets some big fights before he moves up. I believe Shawn Porter will fight him and I believe Terence Crawford will fight him. Let’s see how it plays out. It’s not looking good that Spence will get his legacy fights at welterweight.

Devin Haney looks like a future P4P player. Are there any other young prospects on Haney’s level that you know of? If Gary Russell leaves PBC for DAZN will this start a trend. He would be the first to do it like this. Danny Jacobs seemed to have the blessings from PBC and his move to Eddie Hearn was on HBO before DAZN was set up. What Russell is doing looks like a straight defect because he couldn’t get the Leo Santa Cruz fight. And with Jamel Herring leaving the PBC and going to Top Rank after two losses the tide of power seems to be shifting.

Bread’s Response: Devin Haney can box his @#$ off. I really think his upside is super high. He has the reflexes, conditioning, boxing ability and IT factor to be a superstar. Giving him the eyeball test I can see he’s one of the top 100 fighters in the world right now as he sits. And I wouldn’t favor anyone over him at 135 except for Loma.

I also think that Teofimo Lopez, Shakur Stevenson and Jaron Ennis are all platinum level prospects. All four of these kids would be a serious challenge to any champion in their division right now. I would favor Stevenson to win a title in his next fight.

Lopez, Haney and Ennis are at higher weights and it would depend on what champion they had to fight next. But they all would give any of the champions hell.

Did Gary Russell leave PBC? I didn’t read that. I just read that he talked with Eddie Hearn which is something that lots of fighters have done. Before we start a crazy rumor let’s wait and see what happens. I have heard that Russell may get the Tank Davis fight. If that were to happen it wouldn’t be on DAZN. He also wouldn’t get the Santa Cruz on DAZN. So we also have to factor in the business side of things.

I don’t know what’s true and what’s not. Again let’s see how it plays out.

Jamel Herring winning a title is a great story and I am very happy for him but it’s no indictment on the PBC. Herring lost twice as a PBC fighter and maybe things weren’t working out for him over there. Maybe it was a mutual split. I don’t know. What I do know is if a prospect loses twice before they get a title shot, the company usually lets them move on. But Herring did the right thing. He went with Terence Crawford’s coaches. Coaches who have the best fighter in the stable have an influence in the promotional company. Herring didn’t stop believing in himself and he won the title. 

But it’s not the same as say Errol Spence or Deontay Wilder leaving PBC as undefeated champions to go to Top Rank. It’s not the same type of impact.
I don’t think the power is shifting. PBC, DAZN and Top Rank are the still the 3 big dogs in boxing. Depending on the division they all have power.


Congratulation on the big win. As our boy Sun Tzu said "“If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.”  I have quick question for you. Could you break down the similarities and differences between the Punching Power of Naoya Inoue and Deontay Wilder?

Congratulations again,
Jay from NC

Bread’s Response: Sun Tzu is a great read for all fighters.

Deontay Wilder may be the hardest puncher in a P4P and literal sense. I don’t know. But the power he gets on his right hand is unreal. But Inoue is without a doubt the best puncher in boxing. His delivery is short, compact, accurate and brutal. He scores kos with either hand to the head or body. He’s a better puncher than Wilder.

What makes Wilder so special is he delivers his ko blow from a BIG step in, each time lulling his opponents to sleep. No one has caught on to the move. Inoue can deliver a high impact blow from a contained space. Both are deadly by from a boxing purist viewpoint Inoue is a little superior but they are EQUALLY effective if that makes sense.

Hi bread!

I wanted to ask you something. How do you rate Salvador among the featherweights of all time? Also, how do you see a fight between him and the next fighters (all in featherweight):

Henry Armstrong

Alexis Arguello

Eusebio Pedroza


Willie Pep

Juan Manuel Marquez


Bread’s Response: I think Sanchez is no worse than the 2nd best featherweight of the last 40 years. I place him #1 since 1980. But that doesn’t mean he can beat everyone head to head. He never lost during his prime but he was held close twice vs Pat Ford and Patrick Caldwell.

Sal and Armstrong would have to fight 3 times. My guts tell me a prime Armstrong would have an slight edge. Nelson was a little green and he pushed Sal even for 14 rounds. A prime Armstrong could do a little better with the same style.

Sal and Alexis would be beautiful. Alexis’s hard jab would have really troubled Sal. I also think Alexis’s peak was 130. Today I say Sal wins 2 out of 3 but I’m not sure.

Pedroza and Sal should have fought. They were WBC and WBA champion at the same exact time. Pedroza is criminally underrated and he had a tricky style. He also outperformed Sal vs Pat Ford. I liked Sanchez better as a fighter but I don’t know if he could’ve beat Pedroza. Today I go with my favorite in Sal.
Loma is historically good head to head. He would be tough on Sal. But Loma’s career is not over yet. I can’t say he would beat the #3 best fighter of the 1980s just yet. Viva Sal.

Pep is a bad match up for Sal but Sal was so fluid. I say Pep by close decision in a debatable one.

Marquez is with anyone because of his punching power, technical ability and grit. But I think Sal would beat him in a shootout.

Breadman ,

I want you to talk a little bit about the difference in strength and power . Rocky Marciano had a love for baseball but never got past double a ball . He played catcher , but the knock on him was he didn't have the best arm strength to throw a runner out at second base . But everyone he fought said he was very strong and was a very hard puncher . He did have a lot of knockouts . When I was in high school we matched quarters as a game with loser also getting a lick on the arm . When a big guy hits you on the arm it hurts . There was a guy named Steve , who was not a big guy . When Steve hit you on the arm it felt like he broke your arm , it hurt all the way to the bone . He was not the strongest guy in school by a long shot , but man did he have power . When it came to punching you on the arm , there was no close second . Also why would GGG need a strength and conditioning coach , seems that Banks could or would want to handle that aspect . I just wonder what GGG punches would feel like .
                                                                        Thank You

Bread’s Response: Power and Strength in boxing are sometimes relatable and sometimes they aren’t. Throwing a ball can be a leverage thing. It also has to do with elasticity. It doesn’t necessarily mean a guy who can’t throw a ball hard can’t punch hard. And you also have to factor in skill of delivery.

I used to play baseball for a really good little league team, the Cherashore Braves in Philadelphia. After my 2nd season playing I started throwing the ball a lot harder and I started to play pitcher. It wasn’t a strength thing although I was going through puberty. I figured out how to sling the ball with leverage to make gloves pop. I developed the skill of throwing.

In any sport skill is the most important thing. Whether it be shooting a basketball, throwing a baseball, throwing a punch, throwing a football etc. The skill part clicks then the physicality can take over. Maybe Marciano had more skill in throwing a punch than he did throwing a baseball. I don’t know.

Maybe the guy Steve in your high school had a gift for snapping through the target. I know all types of punchers. I’ve been around them all and there are different categories. Heavy Handed Debilitators- Alexis Arguello, Bludgeon Crew- George Foreman, Swordsmen- Tommy Hearns, Electric Slashers- Ray Robinson and Speed Thudders-Joe Louis. All derive power from different areas.

GGG may think he needs better explosiveness. He knows how he feels in a fight. Maybe he needs to recover quicker. Maybe he simply wants to be faster. I don’t know but I don’t see a problem with him trying a S&C coach.

GGG is a very hard puncher. I know personally two kids who were in camp with him and both said he’s among the hardest punchers they have ever sparred. GGG has developed hard hands, grip strength and strong forearms. A strong hand shake and a hard punch has a direct correlation in my opinion. I would classify GGG as a Heavy Handed Debilitator.

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[QUOTE=Shadoww702;19788717]1000% agree. I don’t understand this?? [B]Al usually loves his black fighters???[/B] He must not like Gary? Al is fighter dream promotor. Fuk if I was that good he the ONLY one I would sign with and maybe Oscar??[/QUOTE]Al knows…

Comment by Shadoww702 on 06-01-2019

[QUOTE=Bronx2245;19788705]Fam, GRJ is starting beef with Al Haymon over LSC! LSC needs to [B]MAN UP[/B]...[B]ASAP! [/B][/QUOTE] 1000% agree. I don’t understand this?? Al usually loves his black fighters??? He must not like Gary? Al is fighter dream promotor. Fuk if…

Comment by Bronx2245 on 06-01-2019

[QUOTE=Shadoww702;19788692]Man I got videos from 2015 Leo calling out Mr. Retirement You can’t duck someone who NEVER fights??? Come on homie???[/QUOTE]Fam, GRJ is starting beef with Al Haymon over LSC! LSC needs to [B]MAN UP[/B]...[B]ASAP! [/B]

Comment by Shadoww702 on 06-01-2019

[QUOTE=Bronx2245;19788682]Not at all! LSC knew that fighting Mares and Frampton was financially better than fighting GRJ, so he went that way! They all did! GRJ was high-risk, low-reward! Mares and Frampton made the same decision! That's why I don't put…

Comment by Bronx2245 on 06-01-2019

[QUOTE=Shadoww702;19788604][B]U make it seem like Leo is some weakass chump?[/B] That 50/50 fight and I’m betting the OVER only. What you think GR gonna ko him??? I think your letting your fanism take over. Right odds I’m putting $$$$$ on…

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