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Daily Bread Mailbag: Pacquiao-Garcia, Canelo-Kovalev, Floyd

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Manny Pacquiao vs. Danny or Mikey Garcia, Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev, Floyd Mayweather, up and coming prospects, Canelo vs. Andrade and more.

What's up Bread?

I just re-watched Joshua-Ruiz 1 and came up with a few keys to victory for AJ based on what I saw:

1. Don't get greedy (AJ landed a booming shot after scoring that knockdown and then went for broke by exchanging with Andy at mid-range.  That essentially lost him the fight.)

2. Don't over-move (rounds 3-7 are understandable since he was most likely concussed, however he spent a little too much time circling the perimeter even from the opening bell).

3. Minimize the violence (Joshua did well in the "quiet" moments when he stuck with the jab.  Ruiz was waiting on the lead left hook so that he could retaliate with those fast hands.)

4. Be patient and opportunistic (AJ's best sequence was when he landed a right hand, stepped to Andy to invade his space, and unloaded a left hook, right uppercut, left hook combination to put him on the floor.)

Lastly, I think Joshua needs to either be at arms length jabbing or close enough to clinch.  Ruiz obviously excels at mid-range and AJ got caught trying to "play his game" instead of sticking to his own game plan.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: I agree with everything you said except at the END. Joshua has to be very careful in close. Ruiz knows how to swarm you with looping shots. When you try to clinch him he’s punching. Joshua may not be skilled enough in there to overcome that. Clinching is a big part of boxing and histories best clinchers have also been some of histories best boxers.

I think AJ has to keep it simple. Post up in the center of the ring. Don’t stand so straight up. He kept getting caught with looping shots. Land a controlling jab and an occasional right hand. Leave the hook and uppercut  back in the UK. Just win the fight and stay away from Andy for the rest of his career.

Ruiz has qualities that will always bother Joshua. He’s 100% not afraid. He’s willing to draw his gun and fire as Joshua is. He punches faster in combination. He has a better chin. And most of all he doesn’t overthink. Andy is just out there having fun and fighting. Joshua is a cerebral dude and that cost you when you can’t channel it correctly.

Last thing. Joshua has to fight LONG and not TALL.

canelo-kovalev-fight (10)

I noticed a gentleman said that he believed that Kovalev never intended to win vs. Canelo and you never even responded. That's very telling and it signals to me that unless something suits a positive narrative concerning one of your favorite fighters, you either dismiss it out-of-hand without much explanation or you avoid addressing it altogether. The fact of the matter is that it's true that Kovalev was not there to win the Canelo fight. The oddsmakers knew it, astute
fans knew it and even the commentators on the Russian broadcast of the fight sensed it.

Before nearly every round, Kovalev extended a glove to Canelo in an expression of respect and contrition. What professional fighter in an important fight does that? When has Kovalev ever done that? Say what you want, but at the very least, you must admit that something fishy went on with this fight.

You stated in one response that Nonito Donaire won five or six rounds. While Nonito did much better than most anticipated (I expected him to get stopped in 5-6 rounds), the truth is that he won no more than three rounds. I gave him Rounds 2, 8 and 9. Being generous, we can give him credit for one of the closer rounds 3 or 4. Other than that, no logical person can credit the valiant Donaire with more than four rounds. His last hurrah was Round 9 and he took a pretty bad beating over the next three rounds, getting dropped with a body shot in the 11th. Nonito is a HOF clean fighter who has served as a shining example of what a fighter and sportsman should be. One thing I will say about Inoue is that he showed true championship chops vs. Donaire, but if he gets hit like that vs. Luis Nery, we will be having an entirely different kind of conversation.

Getting back to Canelo, I won't say he's "scared" of any other fighter, but it's crystal clear that he wants absolutely nothing to do with Andrade. When they were both at 154, Andrade was the WBO champ and Canelo was his mandatory. Canelo refused to push for that fight. He fought at 155 a few times, then moved up a few pounds to take the WBC middleweight belt from Cotto. Only after Andrade had been stripped of the WBO 154 lb. belt did Canelo return to the division to fight a soft touch in Liam 'Beefy' Smith for the title Andrade was stripped of. Canelo said he wanted to unify the middleweight division and he was able  (one way or the other) to obtain every belt at 160 except the one held by Andrade. Again, Canelo somehow finds a way to avoid facing Andrade. His excuse for not taking this fight was that Andrade was "boring". So Rocky Fielding was not? Instead of fighting Callum Smith, Canelo fought the man Smith KO'd in one round! Let that sink in.  It's funny (and ironic) how Canelo has found a way to share a ring with Golovkin, Jacobs, Cotto and Lara, but has somehow never gotten in with Andrade. It reminds me of the excuses some fans make when I state that Marvin Hagler was not too keen on fighting Mike
McCallum. Now I'm not saying Marvin was "Scared" of Mike, but the excuse that they were never in the same division holds no damn water! Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, John Mugabi and Roberto Duran were all moving up from 154 when they faced Hagler, so that excuse falls flat. I believe that Marvin, like Canelo, recognizes a high risk fighter with sublime skills who brings not a lot to the table monetarily/commercially to warrant taking the fight. Only hardcore fans really appreciate the breadth of skills Andrade and McCallum bring/brought to the table. Instead of getting outraged and emotional, let's be intellectually responsible and honest when we have this conversation. One thing you said previously that I totally agree with is the fact that neither Andrade or Jermall Charlo have done enough in terms of taking and winning big fights to force public opinion to turn on Canelo and increase the pressure on him.

-Carl from New York

Bread’s Response: I didn’t address the comment because I had already addressed it. It had nothing to do with Kovalev being my favorite fighter. In fact he’s far from it. I just believe he did the best he could. What he was trying to do was win a decision and minimize exchanges. He almost made it…..

You guys love to breakdown everything in minutia. Boxing doesn’t work that way. I’ve seen guys tap gloves and be killers. I’ve seen guys act like gangsters and be chumps. I watched Victor Ortiz head butt Floyd Mayweather, then apologize when he head butted him on purpose.  I watched Shane Mosley try to tap gloves with Mayweather consistently throughout a fight then Mayweather punched him in the mouth. Mosley wanted to win. But Mayweather took his spirit. Actions and emotions vary in a boxing ring.

Kovaelv has been slipping for years. His stamina and chin have always been his average spots but as you get older they become bigger. He’s never been a guy who tried to punch hard like say Jeff Lacy. He always threw SLINGY, SMOOTH punches but the effect of those punches have always been greater than what the punches looked like. I saw a fighter listen to his coach who told him to take something off the punches and just land points shots. I saw a fighter who ran out of gas vs a talented but novice contender in Anthony Yarde. Canelo has a calm about him that can cause panic. Canelo is at Master Class status. Fighters can feel the energy of what Canelo is. GGG could feel it too in their rematch. The difference in GGG is an animal and dug deeper. Kovalev sort of capitulated. Kovalev got his heart taken. That doesn’t mean he didn’t want to win or took a dive.

I’ve seen fighters go to spar killers. They try to be their friend. They make small talk. I call this disarming. Maybe Kovalev was tapping gloves to disarm Canelo. I don’t know. But I think he wanted to win and I think he tried. He just doesn’t have the chin or stamina to fight like an animal. And he doesn’t have the heart to disregard his bad chin and stamina and fight like an animal anyway. You guys are upset because he fought the fight that his coach told him to fight.

You seem to want to argue to today. You critique me saying Nonito won 5 or 6 rounds. Then you say he won 2,8,9 and possibly 3 and 4 which were swing rounds. Are you HIGH? Because that totals 5. Where is the argument?

Everybody is talking about Inoue vs Nery. I love the match up. Let’s make it happen. I like Inoue in that one.

Don’t compare Marvin Hagler not fighting Mike McCallum to Canelo not fighting Demetrius Andrade. It’s not even close. Canelo and Andrade are with same network and have been in the same division for years and have not fought.

There is this myth that the 4 KINGS ducked Mike McCallum. Some fans find sympathy for the hard luck great fighters who didn’t get a shot at the stars of their era. Aaron Pryor was supposedly ducked by Ray Leonard. I debunked that myth several times. It’s bullsh-t. Then Ray Robinson ducked Charley Burley. Another BS myth.

Now Marvin Hagler ducked Mike McCallum. Let me show you why you’re so wrong. McCallum didn’t turn pro until 1981. Leonard, Hagler, Duran and Hearns were all established stars by 1981. And McCallum was just turning pro. So while he’s their age roughly, he wasn’t as accomplished at the same time which is more important.

McCallum won his 1st title at junior middleweight in 1984. 1984 was Hagler’s last year where he fought more than once. In 1985 he fought Tommy Hearns. In 1986 He fought John Mugabi. In 1987 He fought Ray Leonard and he never fought again. I want to know who out of the 3 was less credible than Mike McCallum at those given times?

In 1985 Hearns was top 3 in the world and was a 2 division champion and superstar. Hagler fought him. In 1986 Mugabi was the #1 contender by all 3 sanctioning bodies at middleweight. Mugabi was one of the most highly regarded and highly marketed challengers of the era. He was a star. He was bigger than McCallum in 1986 and he didn’t even have a title yet. People remember Mugabi as a junior middleweight. But they forget he was a tweener and he often fought between 154 and 160 as a contender. In fact he kod one of Hagler’s former #1 contenders in Frank Fletcher at middleweight. Hagler vs Mugabi was a big PPV fight and Hagler was fulfilling his mandatory vs a killer. Then Hagler fought Ray Leonard for the unofficial crown of best fighter of the decade.

I seriously want to know how and when did he duck McCallum when McCallum didn’t move to middleweight until late in 1987 after Hagler retired and vacated his titles. In fact McCallum lost to Sambu Kalambay in his first fight for a middleweight title. It’s no shame in that. But my point is the fight was never viable.

Leonard and Hagler did NOT duck McCallum at all. Duran and Hearns, you can make a case for those two especially Hearns. McCallum had earned a shot at Duran in 1984. He was the mandatory. Duran decided to vacate and he fought Hearns for more money, who was equally as good and more of a stylistic nightmare.

I don’t consider that a duck because you can only fight one person at a time. But if you do, I get it. I think Emanuel Steward favored Hearns over McCallum. He grew up with Hearns. He was attached to Hearns. So he got Hearns the fight over McCallum and McCallum left him.

Now Tommy Hearns is a certified killer and he will fight anyone. But he was champion with McCallum at the same weights during the same times. That fight could have been made but I think Steward didn’t want to give McCallum the payday. But this could be considered a duck. I think there is legit case for a duck here although I don’t believe it’s Hearns’s fault.

It’s important to do research before you make reckless claims. Marvin Hagler is one histories few fighters who doesn’t have a clear duck at his weight for an entire career. Look at the middleweight contenders and champions from 1973-87 and tell me who he ducked that was at middleweight and on the same level as him at the same time.

Peace, Breadman.

Like many others, I look forward to your Daily Bread Mailbag. If I have one complaint, I’d say it’s the fact that it’s not really Daily. Thoroughly enjoy your knowledge and wisdom in regards to all things boxing. Thank you.

Anyway, I personally think Floyd Mayweather’s biggest flaw was his inability to really sit down on his punches. ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ was one of  those high powered offensive fighters.  It seems many people have forgotten that Floyd battled hand issues early on in his career. And he had to adapt his fighting style. If I’m not mistaken, Floyd is missing a knuckle or two on one of his hands. And as you pointed out, Floyd had the ability to walk fighters down. Again, early in his career, he was knocking guys out.
Thanks for reading.
Alonzo from Connecticut

Bread’s Response: Floyd sat down on his punches enough. If he dug in more he could have been clipped. He was able to tame fighters with good chins, in Mosley, De La Hoya and Canelo. He punched hard enough when he had to. Power is important but it’s overrated. Floyd knows that, that’s why he didn’t try to punch hard. Clean, sharp and accurate is all you need.

What's Up Bread?

Let me first start of by saying thank you for being you! Whether it be educating through twitter, the mail bag, and your work with JRock, you have been an absolute ambassador for the sport and wealth of knowledge for storied and new fans a like. We've had a couple of interactions on twitter (@_stecon) and I appreciate the nuanced conversations. What's up with the podcast with Lee Wylie?

Topic of conversation today are the young guns and best under-25 prospects/contenders coming up in the sport today and if you could share your thoughts on their career trajectory and also provide your 5. My personal top 5 are Jaron "Boots" Ennis, Shakur Stevenson, Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez, and Gervonta Davis.

I personally have "Boots" number 1 no question, and I think he would give Spence or Crawford hell right now. He's a top 10-15 welterweight right now and I think he gives those other guys more than they could handle. Due to his frame I can see him being a strong player at 160 or even 168 in the future and pound-for-pound #1.

Shakur Stevenson is very responsible defensively and understands pace and space so well. So far, he has done a wonderful job or controlling space and working from areas of the ring he's most comfortable. He'll learn how to sit down on his punches as he gets more seasoned, and I see him topping out at 140lbs, another pound-for-pound guy.

The same way I feel about Shakur, I feel about Devin. Devin has shown more comfortable sitting down on his punches as he's gotten stronger., but I would like to see him work the body a little bit more. Despite his last bout, I still see him in a real fight with Loma, it's 55-45. He was in there with a taller, rangier guy and that's only going to make him better. Future Welterweight champ and pound-for-pound star.

Teofimo has got the pop and the charisma of a world champion, but I think he really needs to work behind the jab and look to develop that more. I'm not convinced either that fighting with the shoulder roll is what's best for his game. I don't know that he has the correct team around him to help him master that the right way. His title shot against Commey will show us alot. I think he has the good's to be a world titlist, but there are definitely edges to smooth out.

Tank Davis has to be top 3 most violent punchers in boxing? I believe Wilder, Inoue, and Tank are those 3.I also think he needs to develop that jab, because as he steps in competition he may or may not get those KOs. How well we he adjust when plan A has gone right? I think Mayweather has been smart and patient in guiding his career, but I think it's time for him to fight another top 5-7 guy in his division. Tank is short with short arms, so I think 135 is end of the line for him. I think those fights with Haney or Loma would be very tough fights for him, but you have to respect his power. You can't lose focus for a second with Tank.

Who would you take out or add to this top 5? Am I selling Vergil Ortiz and Ryan Garcia short? Any guys from the 122lbs and under divisions I need to look out for? Stay solid Bread!

Stephen from Dallas

Bread’s Response: Lee Wylie is my guy. I would love to a podcast with him or Cliff Rold.

I like your list. But I can’t leave Vergil Ortiz out. I think he’s the truth. I have been telling people for a while now about Boots Ennis. He’s as talented a kid as I’ve seen. But I don’t want to get into career trajectory because he has to win a welterweight title first. The top level of boxing is no joke it’s not always about talent.

Shakur Stevenson is also the truth and has won a title. His tactile reflexes are the best in boxing. The kid simply does not get touched. He moves his feet before you can step into anything. I think he moves up to 130 next year where he will be better.

Devin Haney is the truth also. He’s in a stacked division. I think he moves up next year also. He looks to barely be making 135. Haney is getting unfair criticism because he has the WBC belt. But it’s not his fault. He wanted to fight Loma in a fight where he would have been the underdog. He just didn’t get it. And no I don’t think Loma ducked him yet. I just think it’s business. But it’s certainly not Haney’s fault. Haney’s attitude moving forward will make him tough to beat but 140 is stacked. He will have to careful messing around up there.

Tank Davis is a great puncher. He is also the furthest along out of everybody on your list. I think he’s an Uber Talent. But we have to see him vs elite fighters. Again it’s not always about talent. It’s about being able to apply it and win at the elite level. Davis has had about 4 or 5 title fights. He’s not a prospect anymore. I think he’s ready for the BIG TIME but I want to see it.

Teofimo Lopez is also super talented but I don’t rate him over Vergil Ortiz.

I don’t want to be too critical to any of these young men. And I definitely don’t want to jump the gun. I would favor them to beat a lot of the established stars in their divisions. But we have to see them do it. Boxing has a fickle community. Do you remember the names Ricardo Williams and Francisco Bojado? I was as high on Bojado as I was any prospect as I have ever seen. It taught me to never get too high or never get too low on a young fighter. All of these guys have multiple weight title potential. But I would like to see them unify all of the belts in their current division which says more in my opinion and then move up. Let’s see how it plays out.


What’s up Breadman ?
Hope you’re ok and that everything is going well for Jrock’s next fight.
I want to thank you for your mailbag, every Saturday it’s like sharing my passion with a friend who knows boxing better that ever will !
I would like to share my thoughts with you on the last big fights.
First, I would like to come back on the Prograis vs Taylor fight, what a fight ! I think Prograis was maybe a bit too confident in his abilities and didn’t really have a gameplan. This lose will serve him well don’t you think ? Sometimes that’s the only way to realize what you have to work on.
I also would like to talk about Kovalev vs Canelo. I don’t know why people fought Kovalev didn’t want to hurt Canelo, I think they should see his rematch versus Eleider Alvarez because he tried to fight the same way, but Canelo’s pressure, great chin and high guard were too much for him. Most of the time Kovalev’s power shots don’t seem like power shots but when you see the replay you realize how hard he must hit !
Then Nonito vs Inoue, WHOA ! I never fought that it would be like that, Nonito was a man on a mission on that night, nothing could discourage him ! That’s the kind of fight that reminds you why you love boxing so much !
Last but not least, how do you think a fight between Lubin and Castano would go ?
Thanks a lot for your time !
Max from France

Bread’s Response: I won’t say Prograis didn’t have a game plan. He’s a free flowing fighter. He will definitely improve from the Taylor fight.

I agree exactly about Kovalev. He has deceptive power and he doesn’t try to punch hard. He knocked Bernard Hopkins down with a right hand that didn’t look hard but it was hard. And Hopkins has a granite chin.

Inoue vs Nonito. What a fight! That’s all I will say.

I would favor Lubin over Castano in a hotly contested fight.

Hi Breadman,

If you could breakdown the potential matchups between Canelo and the current 160, 168 and 175 lb champs, how do you see them playing out?
160 – Canelo vs Charlo and Canelo vs Andrade
168 – Canelo vs Plant, Canelo vs Smith, Canelo vs Benavidez and Canelo vs Saunders
175 – Canelo vs Beterbiev and Canelo vs Bivol
Mythical matchups:
Michael Carbajal vs Roman Gonzalez at 108/112
Ruben Olivares vs Orlando Canizales at 118
Sandy Saddler vs Salvador Sanchez at 126
Willie Pep vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 130
Alexis Arguello vs Oscar De La Hoya at 135
Barney Ross vs Jose Napoles at 147
Archie Moore vs Marvin Hagler at 160
Rocky Marciano vs Evander Holyfield at 190 (old cruiserweight)
As always, appreciate your amazing work!
All the best,

Bread’s Response: I think Canelo vs Charlo would be a violent fight. But right at this moment my eyes tell me that Charlo is a little too easy to counter punch. I go back and forth about this one but I say Canelo edges it. I don’t think he stops Charlo but I think his experience and sharp countering would win him a decision.

I don’t know who wins Andrade vs Canelo. I can see a fight where Andrade moves and gets booed by the crowd. I can also envision a Toney vs Nunn type of fight. I have no idea who wins this fight.

Canelo vs Plant is a tough fight to call. We don’t have a lot of information on Plant but my guts tell me he’s the goods. Right now I can’t say.

I also can’t call Canelo vs Smith. Great fight.

I like Canelo over Benavidez. I just think Canelo knows too much and the style matchup favors Canelo.

I would take Canelo over Saunders. The style match up favors Saunders but it’s something about Saunders that won’t allow me to pick him to beat Canelo.

Beterbiev is too big and too strong for Canelo. Great fight. Canelo has heart and skill but the physicality would be too much.

I like Canelo over Bivol believe it or not. I’m not as sold on Bivol as most are. I suspect he doesn’t take a punch on the elite level.

Carbajal could clip Choc. Choc may be slightly better but Carbajal's brutal inside work could clip him.

Olivarez over Canizalez is a great fight.

Saddler and Sanchez would have to fight a few times. Perfect contrast of styles. Both never get tired. Both have iron chins. One comes forward, one wants you to come to him. Awesome matchup.

Mayweather is too big for Pep. Mayweather started out at 130 in next day weight in era. Pep stayed at 126 his entire career in same day era.
Arguello over Oscar. Oscar better athlete but Arguello is better fighter.

Ross vs Naples flip a coin.

Holyfield and Marciano beat each other to a pulp. Pick is Holyfield.

What's up Bread?

Apparently Manny Pacquiao will face a Garcia (Danny or Mikey) in his next fight.  Which guy would be the tougher opponent and why? 


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: I don’t know….this is a tough question. I will just break down the fighters.

Danny Garcia is physically stronger and he throws great looping shots. He can hold his ground and counter while his opponents are punching. It’s a unique gift that has kept him among the elite for 8 years now.  I think for one shot he’s the better puncher out of the Garcia’s. Danny will look huge compared to Manny.

Mikey Garcia has the neater skills out of the two. He has the better jab and he can do a better Juan Manuel Marquez impression. He has a unique 1-2 combination that he seems to be able to hit everyone with. Mikey is smaller physically and has less physicality than Danny.

Both are tough fights but my guess would be Mikey Garcia. The reason being is that Danny seems motivated to hurt someone and seems to have a renewed vigor. Mikey has been inactive since the Errol Spence fight and he seems to be looking for big money fights. It’s nothing wrong with that but my gut tells me money is more of his motivation than legacy. If I had a choice between two fighters I would pick the fighter I felt was less motivated. In this case I would pick Mikey Garcia. It takes a lot to get a ready for an elite level 12 round fight.

Sup Bread,
Floyd Patterson vs Bob Foster. Who wins this one?

Bread’s Response: Patterson gets underrated because of what Ali and Liston did to him. But Ali did the same exact thing to Foster and Liston would have done the same exact to him. I love Foster. But Patterson is severely underrated in matchups with fighters between 175-190. He’s a really tough out. He has extremely fast hands and legit one punch power. I think he kos Foster.

Hey Bread!

Who, in your opinion, are the top 10 most underrated heavyweights of all time? And it doesn’t just have to be heavyweight champs, it can be legit contenders who should’ve got a title shot and never did. Who do you got for that particular top 10?


Bread’s Response: Good question. Harry Wills, Sam Langford, Ken Norton, Floyd Patterson, Ike Ibeabuchi, Tim Witherspoon, Vitali Klitshcko, Gene Tunney, Ezzard Charles and Floyd Patterson.

Dear Mr. Edwards,

Is there anything in particular you're looking for Luis Ortiz to execute in order to be victorious over Deontay Wilder?  Are there specific adjustments you like from these modern examples in which a fighter was knocked out in the first fight but victorious in the rematch?

Terry Norris vs. Simon Brown
Jose Luis Castillo vs. Diego Corrales
Mike Alvarado vs. Brandon Rios
Sergey Kovalev vs. Eleider Alvarez

Thank you for your time.

Bread’s Response: Good question I don’t really see a parallel in any of these fights. Maybe Joel Casamayor in the rubber match with Diego Corrales.

All of the guys you named boxed more in the rematches. I don’t think Ortiz’s perspective was off in the 1st fight. He fought a good fight. I think he didn’t recover fast enough in his 2nd wind. And I think he lost awareness to Wilder’s sucker punch 1-2. Wilder steps in with that shot off the break as good as anyone in history. He kos everyone, because their sense of awareness is down and his never is.

I think Ortiz simply has to be in better condition. Stay a little closer and not let Wilder get a head of steam on the STEP IN. And work on his counter right hook. Wilder didn’t see that shot as well he did the straight left hand. Keep it simple and believe in yourself. A boxing match is a series of simple things that are executed correctly.

I think this rematch is a really good fight. It’s not a crap fight like some make it out to be. It’s one of the better fights outside of the BIG 4. I still like Wilder by ko. But This is the year of the upset and Ortiz is live. But I can’t pick against Wilder until someone beats him. The heavyweights just don’t seem to grasp what he does. And until I hear someone articulate why he keeps landing that 1-2 I can’t pick against him.

Hello Breadman!

I hope you are well!

Who would you have winning in the following fights that could/ should/ were almost made this decade?

Ward vs Dirrell - 2010 @ 168 (I saw this playing out like a bigger Floyd vs Judah)

Mares vs Donaire & Rigo - 2013 @ 122) (Mares was really rolling around this time. I think he would outworks and roughs up Rigo but get stopped by Donaire in a fight of the year. Don’t think Santa Cruz would beat this version of Mares)

Juanma vs Gamboa - 2011 @ 126 (FOTY shootout)

Kovalav vs Stevenson - 2013-2016 @ 175 (FOTY shootout)

AJ vs Wilder & Fury - 2018-2019 (I got AJ beat Wilder by stoppage but loses to Fury by decision)

GGG vs Martinez - 2010-2012 @ 160 (GGG stoppage in 11-12th)

Floyd vs Pac - 2010-2012 @ 147

Broner vs Rios - 2012-2013 @ 135 (after the DeMarco and first Alvarado fights, violent FOTY potential)

Floyd vs Bradley - 2012-2014 @ 147

Khan vs Bradley - 2010-2012 @ 140

Also, what were your favourite fights this decade and fights you wish had happened?


Bread’s Response: Your analogy of Ward vs Dirrell being Mayweather vs Judah is perfect. I have actually used that same comparison before. Judah and Dirrell have the physical talents to win some rounds but Ward and Mayweather have too much mental game to allow them to win the fights.

I saw the fight that Mares fought vs the slick Panamanian kid. After watching that fight I said to myself Mares had a chance vs Rigo. This is a case of Rigo being a superior fighter but Mares had a small window of in which he could have won. Too bad the fight didn’t happen we will never know. But my pick is Rigo.

I also pick Nonito to beat Mares in a very good fight.

Juan Ma vs Gamboa will be one of the biggest misses in featherweight history. I can see either guy winning but I lean Gamboa.

Kovalev vs Stevenson is also one of the biggest misses in history. On their best days I say they take turns koing each other in a series of fights.

Going by what I know now. Wilder kos Joshua and Fury outboxes him.

GGG vs Martinez. GGG ky late body shot ko.

Floyd vs Pac 2010. This is another case where the window is short for one fighter to win. I can’t call this one. I really think Pac could have won 6 or 7 rounds in 2010. He won 4 in 2015. But the safe pick is Floyd. So…

Broner vs Rios man I wanted this. Great fight. I say Broner by decision in FOY. What an inside war that would have been.

Mayweather vs Bradley would be a better fight than some realize. Bradley can fight a swarming fight and not get tired. My pick is Floyd by competitive decision.

Khan vs Bradley is a stylistic match up for Bradley. I really believe that. I say Khan by split decision on his best day but Bradley is the better overall fighter.

Favorite fights of this decade. Let’s see. 2010-19. I’m going to jump all over the place with this.

Chocolatito vs Estrada
Manny vs Margarito
Jrock vs Hurd
Cotto vs Martinez
Canelo vs GGG 2
Mayweather vs Maidana 1
Spence vs Brook
Loma vs Linares
Rigo vs Nonito
Monster vs Nonito
Wilder vs Fury

I’m sure I forgot a few.

I wish Mayweather vs Pac would have happened in 2010. That’s the Super Bowl of all Super Bowls.

Hi breadman,

First off I'd like to say your mailbag is highly appreciated, it really reignited my interest in the sport after a very long time off it (both practising and watching). Now I'm regularly staying up until 5am on weekends again (GMT +1h here) so thanks for ruining my sleep schedule lol. Instead of asking you for a ranking I'll give you my top three mailbags in no particular order a) the classification of different punchers, b) the breakdown of some ATG's #1 gifts (SRR, Ali, Duran etc) and c) the one where you described Hagler as the drug dealer/union worker's favourite fighter - that description alone made me watch every single Hagler fight I could find on youtube!

Do you know any particular boxing coaches that teach good workouts, standing form, punching stance, weight/running exercises etc on youtube? I have no time to go to a real gym but the fitness place around my corner has some very basic equipment (punching bag and some ropes basically). would be great to hear a recommendation, even if for a heavyweight like me there are probably differences to say a welterweight.

Mythical matchups (at their peaks):
Hagler vs Canelo
Rigo vs Erik Morales
Duran vs JCC Sr
Loma vs Azumah Nelson
Pernell Whitaker vs Donald Curry

And finally, do you have a top 5 P4P ever for African fighters?

YH from Morocco

Bread’s Response: Morocco. I heard it’s beautiful place. You ranked my mailbags. I love it. My favorites were my ATG middleweight list. It took hours and hours of research. And my TYPE of punchers list. That took some hard thinking.

3 rounds of skip rope. 3 rounds of heavy shadowboxing. 3 rounds of heavybag. 3 rounds of pad work. 3 rounds of double end bag. 3 rounds of speed bad. Then exercise and go home.

Hagler vs Canelo is beginning to look more competitive. But Hagler of say 1980 I think is just too busy and his stamina is too good. Very good fight though although people may not like it.

Rigo vs Erik Morales. I can’t call this fight. Very tough. Morales had a right that he changed angles on and you can hit a southpaw with that. Rigo is an other worldly talent. But today I say Morales.

I always say the Chavez that beat Rosario is as good as Duran. But Duran is slightly better. Just slightly. Duran in a war.

Loma gets a decision over my by Azumah but he would be in deep water.
Curry would beat Whitaker. Whitaker is the better fighter but I think Curry is the better welterweight.

Top 5 African fighters. Azumah Nelson, Dick Tiger then a few others can get in line. I’m not sure if Marcel Cerdan is considered African or French.

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Comment by aboutfkntime on 12-02-2019

[QUOTE=Jab Miss Cry;20223291]waaaaah i hate Canelo waaaaah[/QUOTE] oh look... and again... [B]Boxing pound for pound rankings[/B] [url][/url] [IMG][/IMG]

Comment by aboutfkntime on 12-02-2019

[QUOTE=Jab Miss Cry;20223291]waaaaah i hate Canelo waaaaah[/QUOTE] oh look... more... [B]Canelo Alvarez is Boxing's pound-for-pound king[/B] [url][/url]

Comment by aboutfkntime on 12-02-2019

[QUOTE=Jab Miss Cry;20223291]waaaaah i hate Canelo waaaaah[/QUOTE] well well, look what we have here... [B]Canelo is ranked #1 P4P fighter on the planet[/B] [url][/url]

Comment by aboutfkntime on 12-02-2019

[QUOTE=TonyGe;20223842]You edited that by the way..[/QUOTE] no Tony Baloney, I did not... you said that dumb shlt which is why we can no longer take you seriously

Comment by aboutfkntime on 12-02-2019

[QUOTE=Jab jab boom;20223291][B][SIZE="3"]you can say there's proof that ggg is full of s***, but there's wayyyyyyyyyyy more proof that Canelo is full of s***. [/SIZE][/B]Your shameless defense of Canelo makes you full of s*** as well. Especially since you're trying…

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