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Daily Bread Mailbag: Pacquiao-Bradley, Ward-Kovalev, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag is back with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards answering questions on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley trilogy bout, Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev, Gennady Golovkin , and more.


1.If GGG beats Canelo,Ward beats Kovalev,Fury beats Klit and Wilder,Roman beats Estrada who will the P4P King and in what order and is a undefeated 2/3 divisional unified champion rank higher than a undefeated unified heavyweight?

2.What do Crawford/Ward (2 of our best fighters) have too do to be PPV Stars?I think all Wilder has to do is keep winning and unify.

3.Does Golden Boy have any female stars we can expect to see in 2016.And what needs to happen for the ladies to gain the fame and respect the gals in the UFC receive?

4.If Canelo and Joshua both have the hall of fame careers who will be the bigger crossover and PPV star?

Thanks Happy Holidays Man!!!

Bread’s Response: 1. It would depend on the manner of each victory. But if Ward beats Kovalev convincingly he’s the guy. It’s harder for a heavyweight. Fury won’t be the guy figuratively but he will be literally.

2. Crawford and Ward need the PR push and a very popular opponent. Crawford cold have been that star had he got the Pacquiao fight….

3. Sorry I don’t follow female boxing.

4. Can’t answer that. Too much room between the cup and lip, especially for Joshua.

Hi Breadman,

it says Daily Bread but we all (in the Boxingscene community) get way too little of it... we need more Bread from the Breadman.

A few questions:

- can you think of any lightweight in history who would have been able to fight the fighters De La Hoya - who started out as a lightweight - fought and come through without a loss?

- do you think the Roy Jones Jr. who beat Ruiz would have been able to beat a heavyweight Toney, Holyfield, and Tyson? A lot of people throw around the argument that had Jones stayed at heavyweight and beaten Tyson and Holyfield, he would be considered the GOAT. I am just not sure he would have been able to fend of either Tyson or Holyfield. Also: the Roy Jones version who fought Ruiz vs a cruiserweight Holyfield - who wins this one?

- Louis lost to Marciano and Ali lost to Holmes, yet both of the are ranked higher historically and are more respected. How confident are you that a prime Louis would have beaten Marciano and that a prime Ali would have beaten Holmes? I say it's a toss-up. Marciano's style would have always given Louis trouble, and Holmes was a carbon copy of Ali with a better jab. I am not sure Ali would have pulled that one off, even in his prime. Your take? Also: people always asks if Ali could have beaten Tyson or if Louis could have beaten Ali, nobody asks if Louis could have beaten a prime Foreman. I say Foreman knocks out Louis - Louis didn't have the ability to absorb punishment the way Ali did and Foreman was much stronger, heavier, taller, and heavy-handed, though not as much of a devastating one-punch knockout artist.

Here is a thought of mine regarding GGG: I wouldn't move up in weight, but instead stay at middleweight and try to break the all-time record of Hopkins. Heck, if he keeps fighting 3-4 times a year for the next 4-5 years, he could go to 50-0 as well as break Joe Louis' record of 25 consecutive title defenses in one weight division. I don't see anybody on the horizon who beats GGG at middleweight as long as he stays disciplined and focused, and I believe the money will come once he approaches the holy number "25" in title defenses. What do you think about that idea regarding a good strategy for GGG? I believe defending the middleweight title 26 times in a row - not that far away - carries a lot more weight than moving up to 168, where the only fight people want to see is GGG against Andre Ward, a fight GGG is likely to lose.

Always looking forward to reading your thoughts and input. Like many (most) in the Boxingscene community, I would love to read from you more often.

Wishing you a great start into 2016 and keep up the good work.


Bread’s Response: No not one lightweight would have remained undefeated. Oscar’s resume as far as who he fought and when he fought them is just incredible.

I think Roy had a great shot at beating both Holyfield and Tyson in 2003 and 2004. They were both shot by that time. Holyfield was still capable, Tyson was done.

The Crusierweight Holyfield would have ruined Roy Jones. Holyfield at cruiserweight is as good a fighter you will ever see hovering around 200lbs. He was an animal that could not be discouraged. He would have had over 3 inches in height on Roy, 2 inches in reach and lots of physical strength. No way Roy could have handled him. Roy didn’t want to fight him when he was over 40 and shot….

Louis and Ali are both just a little better than Holmes and Marciano. Holmes and Marciano beat them when they were both totally shot. I am a Marciano fan and conceivably he could have troubled Louis. Marciano was no joke. But if you twist my arm the late 1930’s version of Louis beats him.

Holmes was similar to Ali but he wasn’t a carbon copy. Ali was faster and more fluid and had better reflexes. Holmes’s jab was incredible but so was Ali’s. Ali outjabbed 3 of the best jabbers in history in Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Bob Foster. I think Ali would have edged him in a 15 round fight. Carl Williams another Ali like jabber gave Holmes super fits.

George Foreman vs Joe Louis is a guaranteed Ko. If they fought multiple times I can see it ending in a ko multiple times. But Louis is built perfect for a heavyweight. His reach is incredible and he’s tall enough to outbox guys and not too big where he can’t slide inside on the bigger ones. I love Formean he’s the most powerful man in boxing history in my opinion. But Louis is the greatest puncher in boxing history. His technique and delivery is perfect. I say he gets to the point of impact first and beats Foreman in a shootout.

I like the idea of GGG staying at middleweight. I’ve never been one to say that a fighter has to move up. It’s a ridiculous notion. It may even be harder to stay in one division where you have to turn back a whole era worth of challenges. When a guy moves up he usually leaves food on the table. History’s most impressive reigns, Ali, Louis, Holmes, Foster, Hopkins, Monzon, Hagler, Armstrong and Duran all came in one division.

What's up Bread?

First let me say happy holidays and I wish you a prosperous new year.  I just wanted to get your thoughts on the following matchups:

1. Deontay Wilder vs. Artur Szpilka

2. Vyacheslav Glazkov vs Charles Martin (Do you think the winner can be a factor in the division?)

3. Danny Garcia vs. Robert Guerrero (You actually said in a mailbag awhile back that Garcia would light Guerrero up if this fight ever took place)

4. Aron Martinez vs. Sammy Vasquez

5. Sergey Kovalev vs. Jean Pascal 2 (Can Pascal do anything differently?)

6. Scott Quigg vs. Carl Frampton


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: 1. Wilder by decapitation.

2. The winner of Martin vs Glazkov can be a factor but I’m not sure how big of one. Both guys appear to be a notch below the elite of the division. I don’t know whom I like in this fight. Glazkov is almost impossible to beat by decision.

3. Garcia is going to seriously hurt Robert Guerrero. I can’t see it any other way.

4. I like Sammy Vasquez to beat Aron Martinez in an exciting distance fight.

5. Kovalev damaged Pascal in their 1st fight. That was a terrible beating. I don’t think Pascal can come back from that. But he does have a puncher’s chance. I think Kovalev’s chin is vulnerable it’s just hard to get to it.

6. Let me watch some more tape on Quigg. Frampton has underwhelmed a little bit recently. Right now I’m leaning Quigg.

What's up Breadman! I need some understanding on the opinions of the 147lb landscape. Everyone in boxing talks about how a Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter or Amir Khan vs Kell Brook will decide who the top dog in the division will be since Mayweather is out and Manny is one fight out the door. Why is Timothy Bradley out of this equation and why isn't he considered the best in the division when Manny leaves(if he doesn't get last fight with him). Kell Brook's best win is a razor close win over Shawn Porter, outside of that he's fought no one very good. Shawn Porter has the big win over Broner and outside of that, he has the Alexander win and Malignaggi. Both those guys seen their best days before those fights. Amir Khan has 3 losses on his record so I don't understand the hype on him being mentioned as can be the top dog with win over Brook. Keith Thurman has no big wins in my opinion. His best was Robert Guerrero and Guerrero looked to be out of it since Mayweather fight. I look at these resumes of Khan, Brook, Porter, and Thurman and I don't see what they have done to be considered better than Bradley right now. Bradley has a belt and only one loss. He's beaten some good fighters when they were undefeated and on top of their games. Bradley has beaten more champions and the time when he beat these dudes is where I don't see the credit Bradley should get. Devon Alexander is a common opponent of Khan, Bradley, and Porter. Bradley gave Alexander his first loss and he was a champion at the time. His resume is better than Khan, Brook, Thurman, Porter, and Danny Garcia too. I respect your opinions and breakdowns, I gotta know what I'm missing because I don't see these guys better than him no mater what happens if those two fights happen. The only way I see if one of these guys can pass Bradley is if one of these guys actually beat Bradley or if one of these guys beat the other 3 guys.


Michael from Texas

Bread’s Response: I’m a huge Bradley fan. His resume is definitely better than the guys you named and he should be in the equation.  But I’m not sure if he could beat them head to head. They all need to prove it by fighting each other. I do think Bradley will edge Manny this time….


Got an idea on testing for peds and making it affordable while also making boxing safer/more fun to watch.  So usada is corrupt and sucks. If boxing commissions and sanctioning bodies all struck a deal with vada, boxing could quit losing fans. I have a lot of friends who say boxing has broke their hearts too many times and no longer watch.

Here's the infrastructure:

Only 10 weight classes. 10lb increments from 115 to 195 then heavy weights. This does a few things. First it lowers the number of people tested. Secondly, fighters like canelo/Walters lose some of their size advantage. It also would make fights safer for the guys that have to deplete so much hydration to make weight. Canelo, who possibly walks around at 180-185 can deplete 30lbs, but what about the lighter weight classes that are only 4lbs apart from each other?  I read an article that talked about guys who super dehydrate to make weight and this affecting the lining of the brain. In the lower weight classes they would have to cut 10lbs instead of four to get to the next weight.

Top 5 ranked fighters tested 365 24/7. Given the 4 main sanctioning bodies, probably 150 guys get tested year round. Also make a rule if you haven't been year round tested for a year, you don't fight for a world title.  Period!  This should make the other 5 in the top 10 want to sign up for the program.

Financing this is where things get tricky. Obama said it best when he remarked that everyone needs to give a little bit more when he raised the top tax rate from 36 to 40%. I think everyone needs to have a testing tax. Promotors, fighters, sanctioning bodies, HBO, showtime, state commissions, country commissions, venues, managers, trainers, anyone making money off the sport of boxing. A 1% tax on the pac mayweather fight would've generated enough money for the whole year of testing on everyone else. Would you donate 1% of what you make from boxing to make sure your fighters are given a fair shake?  Maybe 1% doesn't cover it all, but someone could calculate what is needed.

This isn't an over night fix but eventually boxing will have fewer black eyes. Bringing those broken hearts back and preventing more broken hearts. Amateur programs seem to be able to find the funding, professionals should be able also. There are a few more points I could make but these were the 3 biggest. Your thoughts?

DJ. Kick

Bread’s Response: Man I love your idea. Especially the part about that if you aren’t tested for a year randomly you can’t fight for a title. I will run this past some important. I don’t know what will come about but I will recommend you as a consultant for the clean up if something positive does happen. Great idea. 

What's up Bread?

Who has the better resume since September, 2012 (When GGG made his HBO debut), Canelo or GGG?

Canelo:                                           GGG:

Josesito Lopez W TKO 5                  Grzegorz Proksa  W TKO 5

Austin Trout     W UD 12                   Gabriel Rosado    W TKO 7

Floyd Mayweather Jr. L MD 12           Nobuhiro Ishida  W KO 3

Alfredo Angulo   W TKO 10                Matthew Macklin W KO 3

Esrilandy Lara    W SD 12                  Curtis Stevens    W RTD 8

James Kirkland   W KO 3                   Osumanu Adama  W TKO 7

Miguel Cotto       W UD 12                 Daniel Geale         W TKO 3

                                                        Marco Antonio Rubio W KO 2

                                                        Martin Murray      W TKO 11

                                                       Willie Monroe Jr.   W TKO 6

                                                        David Lemieux     W TKO 8

Do you favor Canelo's quality or GGG's quantity?


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: Canelo has a little more quality but where he exceeds GGG is name recognition. He was able to get Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto to fight him. GGG couldn’t get those guys in the ring. But if you go fighter for fighter as to who is the biggest threat it’s not as far off as some would think.

Floyd Mayweather is clearly the best fighter on both list but GGG is too big for Floyd and I don’t think Floyd can fight GGG. It’s just too much size and strength difference in my opinion.

Josesito Lopez couldn’t beat anyone that GGG has fought. So while Canelo has the best and most known guys on his resume he also has Angulo and Lopez on it also. Angulo is shot and Lopez is way too small to be considered.

And for the record David Lemiuex and Curtis Stevens are huge physical threats because of their punching power. Canelo has not faced that kind of physical threat. Kirkland can punch but he goes down when the wind blows.

What's up Bread?

I read that Gennady Golovkin's brain trust is currently in negotiations with newly-crowned WBO titlist Billy Joe Saunders for a unification fight in April.  It is no secret that GGG's main goal is to unify titles at 160 and Saunders is coming off of a career-best win yet many are still labeling Gennady a "hype job" who hasn't yet faced anyone "elite".  I do not understand all of the hate towards Golovkin as he has been trying to make the biggest fights and "beating up the best available guy" as you once put it in a previous mailbag. 

The backlash regarding his willingness to face Carl Froch or Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. at 168 but not Andre Ward is justified to a degree but Ward is campaigning at 175 now and only just now re-emerging from the shadows after a lengthy absence.

What are your thoughts? Is there another realistic opponent he should be pursuing for his next fight? The only other fighter I can think of is Esrilandy Lara but Lara hasn't beaten anyone at 160 and I don't know if his promotional situation would prevent a Golovkin fight.

Happy new year,

William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: I am a GGG fan. I think the only mistake his team has made was saying he would fight anybody from 154-168 and then get hesitant about fighting Ward. But hey most PR teams make some mistakes. Other than that they have turned GGG into a huge star.

I like the idea of going after Saunders but I told a friend a few months back that Saunders wouldn’t fight him right away. Then Saunders was honest in admitting that he’s not ready. At least Saunders is perpetrating the fraud. He’s being honest. The kid is not ready. It’s a tough fight in your 1st title defense. I think they are going to have to overpay the kid.

I like the Lara vs GGG fight. There are plenty of angles for this fight. I favor GGG but I think Lara is arrogant enough to fight him. Not everyone has the balls to fight GGG. I also think the big fight is GGG vs Danny Jacobs. But my gut tells me that Lara would be more willing to fight him. Lara has an I don’t care attitude about certain things. I’m a Jacobs fan but he was the regular WBA champion for quite some time now and talks of fighting GGG never…..

What do you think of Pacquiao’s choice of Tim Bradley as his opponent? Was it the right guy and will he win?

Bread’s Response: In my opinion Team Pacquiao is making a mistake. Pacquiao proved to be a better fighter than Tim Bradley. You don’t beat a guy clearly 2 times, get robbed once, enjoy the A side status and fight him again. Pacquiao is one of my favorite all time fighters but he and his team seem to always make counterproductive mistakes.

Pacquiao is the same guy who let Floyd Mayweather drag him along for 5 years until his abilities, performances and PPV#s slipped just enough and then goes and loses the legacy defining fight of his career. He’s the same guy who Marquez looks like a beast against in their 3rd fight and then fights in the 4th fight with no extra testing only to finally get kod under high suspicion of Marquez. He’s also the same guy who shows up late vs Bradley in their 1st fight and some say he was purposely penalized the by the judges for his carefree attitude.

I love Manny but I think he’s done mentally. I don’t think he can train hard anymore. I also was disappointed in his gameplan vs Mayweather. I still say he could have won that fight if he executed better. It was close going into the last quarter.....

Manny’s gift is opponent’s have never seen his rhythm before. Why fight a guy who has 24 rounds of experience with him. Everyone is shocked early by him because they have to get the timing down. I picked Bradley to win a controversial decision in Part1, officially I was right but Pacman won that fight easy. Bradley did better in Part 2 but they gave the right person the decision. I picked Pac to win that one. I’m telling you guys he’s 37 and Bradley is riding high under Atlas. Pacman will go half ass in training, most likely come to the US after Valentine’s Day and lose this fight by decision to a man he should be 2-0 against.

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User Comments and Feedback
Comment by JRB123 on 01-06-2016

[QUOTE=Bandman;16370306]that fight was close..both barely landed anything clean, floyd edge it..but not by much. problem is for manny to win a round he has to rock floyd or look sensational while all the boring toss up rounds automatically are given…

Comment by Zaroku on 01-05-2016

Manny may lose against Bradley!! I wonder what biblical revelations he will share this time??

Comment by Bandman on 01-05-2016

[QUOTE=JRB123;16368990]"I love Manny but I think he’s done mentally. I don’t think he can train hard anymore. I also was disappointed in his gameplan vs Mayweather. I still say he could have won that fight if he executed better. [I][B]It…

Comment by JRB123 on 01-04-2016

"I love Manny but I think he’s done mentally. I don’t think he can train hard anymore. I also was disappointed in his gameplan vs Mayweather. I still say he could have won that fight if he executed better. [I][B]It…

Comment by pacphobia on 01-04-2016

Pacman soon to become a 5 Division Lineal world champion!

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