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Daily Bread Mailbag: More Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

Another packed mailbag from Stephen "Breadman" Edwards, who tackles questions about Paulie Malignaggi, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, Pacquiao's injury,  Nevada State Athletic Commission and more.


Hope this makes your new bag. All I got to say is I don't understand why Showtime has idiots like Pauli Malinaggi as a commentator. He was going off on Twitter calling Manny a liar over his shoulder injury but espn just confirmed that Manny is having rotator cuff surgery and the injury is legit. If people are consistently calling out HBO for being biased, we need to call out Paulie Malinaggi and tell him to shut his mouth up with his bias views. His hatred of Manny oozes envy and hate. I cannot stand people who call themselves boxing experts when in fact the are nothing but hyperbolic opinions.


Bread’s Response: Showtime hired Paulie because he’s a great analyst and he has sharp insights about boxing. Although I don’t agree with Paulie about Manny I think he does a great job. More importantly he doesn’t have to call Pacquiao fights, Pacquiao fights on HBO.

Do you think Pacquiao’s injury was legit? I just read that the NSAC may suspend him because he didn’t fully disclose injury. I also read that they denied Manny a legal injection because his team didn’t let them know enough time. From my understanding Floyd has received these injections in the past. If you were training Manny would you have let him fight?

Bread’s Response: I assume Pacquiao and his team are telling the truth. An MRI is easy to prove. If the NSAC is contemplating suspending him because he didn’t disclose the injury I assume he does have a torn rotator.

There is a difference between being hurt and being injured. Most fighters are hurting somewhere. Torn shoulders end careers…. Vernon Forest hurt his shoulder and was never the same. Jeff Lacy hurt his shoulder and was never the same. Vitali Klischko quit against Chris Byrd because of a shoulder and he was winning the fight. So I know it’s serious. But guess what, boxing is the cruelest sport in the world. Nobody cares at the end of the day.

Pacquiao was set to make the second highest payday in the history of boxing. I’m assuming he had to fight. Or at least he was told he had to fight. The money outweighed the risk and I understand that.

Now I’m going to go deep though…..The little things add up to big things. When you observe Team Mayweather and Team Pacquiao you see a distinct difference.  I have lots of little examples that will lead to something big.

People called Alex Ariza a glorified stretch coach. They laughed at the notion he would make a difference. I never laughed. Stretching is the number 1 way to prevent injury. Manny suffered a serious injury in training. When you look at Floyd training you see a girl in the background always waiting to massage him. Massages keep you loose, they help the blood flow better, they assist in recovery and they remove toxins from your body. Manny is the fighter who we constantly hear about having problems in camp.

People laughed because Floyd was swimming. Many said his legs were gone. Everytime I logged onto the internet I saw Manny running on concrete in Griffith Park. Manny’s greatest gift was his legs. Now let’s ask ourselves who had the better legs during the fight. If Floyd’s legs were betraying him he sure did something about them by swimming instead of banging them out constantly on the concrete. The cardio is the same with less wear if you swim instead of run.

You see Floyd doing yoga, which is great for the body. You see Floyd entering the nitrogen chamber. That was not show for the camera. Floyd realized he had overtrained in the past and he didn’t chance anything in this fight. I said all of these things before the fight. And they made a difference. Floyd seemed fresher.

Now we get to the injection. Team Pacquiao has lots of leverage. If the NSAC refused to allow a legal injection, Team Pacquiao simply could have refused to fight. The public would have been on their side, especially considering that it has been reported that Floyd has received similar injections in his hands. On top of that you have to ask yourself why didn’t Manny disclose the injury on the paperwork. There is a screenshot of the paperwork where he checked no when asked if he had an injury.

I don’t want to speculate too much because I have seen paperwork get screwed up. But I will say this. Team Mayweather always seems to be a step ahead of Team Pacquiao. No matter if it is training, negotiations or PR. I could not imagine Team Mayweather allowing Floyd to fight in the biggest fight in history with a torn shoulder. Especially if the NSAC denied him a numbing shot….The little things added up to a big victory for Floyd.

What’s up with Pacquiao saying he thought he had the fight won so he stepped off the gas in the last few rounds? Then he’s making all of these excuses. Manny is a poor sport and you should call him on it.

Bread’s Response: I don’t think Manny is a poor sport at all. Lots of people have said and done some terrible things to him in boxing and he’s not a big complainer. Remember his robbery loss to Tim Bradley? He never complained.

I think Manny needs a new PR team. His team members seem to run amuck with speaking to the press. I do think he’s delusional when he says he stepped off the gas because he thought he had the fight won. But hey the dude has been getting punched in his head for the last twenty years. Pacquiao should have learned from the Bradley fight not to ever cruise in the late rounds.

I think Pacquiao needs to retire. He doesn’t have it physically anymore and more importantly he doesn’t have it mentally. When one of the storylines is a once ferocious fighter getting back his killer instinct you know there is a problem. Pacquiao was winning big vs Miguel Cotto and Marco Antonio Barerra and he still pushed for late kos….. The fire is gone.

The media seems to be giving Paulie Malignaggi a huge pass. Malignaggi is a slickster and he does not have me fooled. Everything he says and does is self serving. He makes Miguel Cotto out to be the ultimate monster when in reality Cotto is a great fighter but he’s only a monster with Malignaggi level fighters. Paulie makes him a monster because he gave Paulie his first loss and he kicked his ass.

Paulie's loss to Juan Diaz. He makes it out to be a Golden Boy conspiracy then he later signs with them. I can go back just like you Bread. Ricky Hatton destroys him and he blames Buddy McGirt. But yet Paulie is clowning Pacquiao for making excuses.

A Freddie Roach trained Amir Khan destroys him and he runs out to LA to train at Freddie’s gym. Using one of Freddie’s assistant. I can’t remember his name. If Freddie and Manny are cheaters why did he go to their gym.

Then he loses competitively to Adrien Broner and made it out to be an Al Haymon conspiracy. But when he beat got a gift against Juan Pablo Cano, he thought he won a close fight. Then he goes and signs with Haymon and he tells everyone Floyd Mayweather is the TBE. In his last fight he made Shawn Porter look like a young Mike Tyson. Porter is good but he’s not that good. Paulie just loses and loses big to all of the elite fighters he has ever faced. Now he indirectly accuses Porter of PED use, how is that not an excuse. Paulie acts as if this PED epidemic started with Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is a much better fighter than Paulie and I see lots of professional jealousy.

If Paulie were a black fighter people would call him boring and he would never get on TV. Floyd Mayweather, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Andre Ward and Erislandy Lara catch all kinds of shit for boxing. But people call Paulie an entertainer. Paulie is no master boxer. He keeps getting paydays on primetime for what because he talks a lot and has colorful hair. I’m tired of this clown getting a pass, hes an average fighter at best who is relevant because he’s a loudmouthed white boy.

Bread’s Response: Geez you went in! I had 27 emails this morning for my mailbag and 21 of them contained Paulie Malignaggi hate mail. Paulie must have really pissed you guys off. I don’t understand why you don’t just tweet him. He’s actually accessible on twitter.

I like Paulie a lot. I  think he’s a good solid fighter and a great boxing analyst. You didn’t really ask me a question you sort of ranted with a statement about Paulie... So I’m not sure what you want me to address.

The most important part of your rant is the PED allegations. So I will address that first. The PED epidemic did NOT start with Manny Pacquiao. I have no idea why he gets singled out in this era when some his contemporaries have either tested positive or admitted to PED use way before Manny got accused in 2009. It’s one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. I don’t want to single out guys but way too many guys have tested positive since say 2000 for Manny Pacquiao to get so much flack and he has never tested positive. Even some of Pacquiao’s opponents have tested positive in fights with him and they receive nowhere near the criticism. It’s an absolute shame that so many people go after Manny with these PED allegations. Let’s remember Manny sued Golden Boy and Floyd Mayweather for making those same allegations….

The other thing you said that stood out to me is about other boxers being called boring because they box. I don’t know if it’s a racial thing but I do believe that the word boring gets overstated. The majority of the more talented versatile athletes in boxing happen to be black fighters who use a boxing style. And yes they have received lots of criticism for being boring. What bothers me the most is a guy like Guillermo Rigondeaux has been pretty much blackballed because of his style and Rigondeaux barely clinches and he has a decent amount of knockouts and knockdowns. I understand image, fan base and marketability play a big role in lots of the decisions. But in those cases I just don’t understand why the superior boxer can’t get matched with the fighter with the superior fan base. Then again I do understand it. A guy like Rigondeaux will box the ears off of the more popular fighter and that’s not a good thing for the power brokers of boxing.

I also believe that every fighter of say the last 15 years is a not above suspicion if they have not entered the pool of random Olympic Style testing all year around regardless if they have a fight on the books or not. No exceptions.

One more thing the networks and sanctioning bodies can clear this whole mess up. If they collaborated and simply forced all fighters ranked in the top 10 and all fighters who have been on the big networks to undergo testing, then it won’t have to be individual cases based on who is the A side of negotiations. Every fighter needs the networks as a platform. So if anyone refuses at that point we could assume…..

Your boy Paulie is acting a fool on twitter. I hope he gets matched against Keith Thurman or Kell Brook. I loved seeing him lying on the canvas against Shawn Porter, lol. Anyhow how do you see the Canelo Alvarez vs James Kirkland fight going. Your picks are usually on the money and I can’t call this one.

Bread’s Response: You know I think Canelo’s biggest weakness is Kirkland’s biggest strength. Stamina. Kirkland is a rare volume, power puncher. Canelo punches in explosive outburst then he stops to get breathers. I think if Dead Game James is 100% on his game he would beat Canelo because he wouldn’t let him get those breathers.

The problem is Kirkland is counterproductive outside of the ring and whether people want to admit it or not, that counts. There always seems to be confusion and counterproductive behavior going on with Kirkland. Because Canelo is the clear A side and because Kirkland is easy to hit. I think Canelo will give the judges enough reason to score rounds for him and win a controversial decision. This has no choice but to be a good fight unless someone gets clipped early which is not out of the question. Kilrand will press Canelo and Canelo is super sharp when you stand in front of him. Expect fireworks.

Based on the revelation that Manny fought vs Mayweather with a valid injury, all I've stated to my brother is that we didn't really learn much from the fight,  to extrapolate what might have occurred 5 years ago. If I'm wrong I'm wrong, but I'd rather hear it from you. My contention is if Manny won 4 rounds on 2 cards with one arm, a 100% Manny is 2015 could possibly win 6 or 7, and 5 years ago possibly do better than that. I'm a fan of neither fighter, I'm a Ray Leonard fan and Floyd doesn't full that void for me. In your opinion,  how does the injury taint what we could project about a fight 5 years ago,  and if 100%, how could full range of motion in his right shoulder have changed the outcome of the fight?

Thx Bread

Bread’s Response: I honestly hate having to think and hypothesize so much but you asked so I will try. First off we have to give Floyd his props. He seems to be the type of athlete that goes as far as he has to go. No matter who they put in front of him he seems to find a way to neutralize them and control them without over exerting himself. Floyd is rare in that regard. So we can’t discredit his win. The fight didn’t happen in 2010 it happened in 2015. Regardless if it would have been better for Manny back then, it didn’t happen back then…..If you are asking me who I would have picked back then I think it would have been super close but I lean Manny but lets remember Floyd would have been 5 years younger also and he has that unique ability to rise to just above the level of his opponent…

But you make a fair point. Maybe Manny can win more rounds if his shoulder is 100%. Who knows?  What’s weird to me is people are saying that Pacquiao’s performance was so dreadful. I thought we saw high level stuff from both guys. Two guys I respect Cliff Rold and John Chavez had Floyd winning 7 rounds to 5 that’s one round away from a draw. I had Floyd winning 8 rounds to 4 and I didn’t give Manny the 2nd round which is a consensus swing round.

In my opinion Manny did the best he could have on that night. I think his legs are betraying him. That’s a lot bigger issue than his right shoulder in my opinion. He could have framed with his jab and overloaded on left hands. But Manny didn’t have the springy legs he once had in the later rounds to steal those rounds. If the consensus opinion is that the fight was 8 rounds to 4 in Floyd’s favor. The consensus is also Floyd pulled away in the last quarter of the fight. If we all can agree on that, we have to agree that the fight was up for grabs going into the 10th round which starts the last quarter of the fight. So how was Manny so dreadful? He was the underdog in the fight.

Finally it was decent fight to me. Floyd was the best man on that night. Manny will be out for about a year anyway healing his shoulder. After being off a year then going through a full rehab, he won’t be any better than he was on May 2nd. It’s over for Manny Pacquiao. If Manny Pacquiao keeps fighting he’s going to end up like Roy Jones. I had to say it because I respect both of them so much. But Manny like Jones will take losses past his prime that he shouldn’t take and everybody will forget his peak and discredit his legacy. Mark my words.  Bob Arum is talking about matching Manny with Kell Brook in the UK and Manny hasn’t even started rehab yet. WTF! They are going to get Manny killed.

Do you think Memo secretly helped Floyd? What do you think of Memo being involved in boxing? There is no doubt in my mind he juiced Marquez up. A top fighter with Memo is unbeatable.

Bread’s Response: First off let me say that everyone has a right to change their life around including Memo Heredia.

Jean Pascal was with Memo and he got beat by Sergey Kovalev…..No one is unbeatable.

Memo has made statements of how he can design drugs to beat test. He has also had issues in the past of helping athletes use banned substances. Considering all of these things and more….Memo Heredia is someone of suspicion. But lets be fair, as far as I know none of his fighters have tested positive of anything banned while he was training them.

I personally think Memo would do himself a big favor in gaining public trust if he was more of an advocate for Random Olympic Style Testing. I’m not suggesting he’s against the testing but if he was more proactive in getting all fighters tested especially ones he trains then I think it would be a good thing and a positive step towards cleaning up boxing.

Great MB!
Pacquiao can't fight in the middle of the ring either.
What makes me mad about this fight is that the Pacquiao faithful are now getting mad with me for supporting Mayweather. I just have two questions for them 1) What fighter fought HIS fight?, 2) What fighter didn't fight his fight?. I supported Mayweather from a boxing standpoint. I looked at everything that both men brought to the ring and it looked very good for Mayweather.
Mayweather Sr. was chastising 'Lil' Floyd for not fighting a complete fight and Floyd Jr explained why after the fight. But with the shoe on the other foot, Pacquiao was also unable to fight his fight for the 3 reasons you explained in your MB which were about positioning and footwork. Things I saw were that 'hard straight right hand' which was landing consistently and that 'sneaky left hook' that Floyd was throwing on the pivot as Pacquiao charged in. The announcers were so focused on the right hand they kind of neglected that left hook. That hook really affected Pacquiao and only the 'hard core observer' will see the finesse that Floyd used to easily defeat Pacquiao. Most fans were looking for a dust up, a brawl which favored Pacquiao, that was never going to happen Floyd was going to make it into a boxing match - which he did

Bread’s Response: The Art of War excerpt. “What the ancients call a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.”

Floyd Mayweather has mastered that. I don’t believe the fights are easy for him but he makes it look like that. He’s a true master classman. The subtle things he does get overlooked and because most can’t understand them, they call them boring and they don’t appreciate them.

Floyd was controlling Pacquiao with distance in this fight. First it was a jab and then a sharp right hand to get his respect. As the fight goes on the attacker usually starts to find some things. That’s when Floyd brought out that check hook that he was spinning out on going away from Pacman’s left hand. The same hook he kod Ricky Hatton with. I really thought he was going to clip Manny with that shot because it didn’t look like Manny was seeing it that well.

Then the whole fight Floyd was throwing his right hand over or straight. I forget what round it was but later in the fight instead of shooting it over he shot it under as an uppercut. I knew he had the fight won at that point.

The reason being is people don’t understand how important the mind is. Speed is in the body but quickness is in the mind. Floyd has both but his quickness is his gift. His ability to process a problem and solve it always makes him look like the quicker and faster fighter. Because he shot that right hand underneath it made Manny hesitate ever so slightly because he had to readjust his defense. That’s all Floyd needs. A fight is only 12 rounds and that’s another round it’s taking to figure him out. He’s a master at winning 7 rounds in 12 round fights. 

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User Comments and Feedback
Comment by royjonesjrKTFO on 05-08-2015

[QUOTE=Deevel916;15662714]If you give every single swing round to Floyd then at the very worst for Pac its a 9-3 fight. A 7-5 or 8-4 scorecard is definitely within the realm of how the fight played out. When I logged on…

Comment by SonofZorro on 05-08-2015

Manny refused to fight Floyd in 2009 because of the great fear and psychological effects of sharp needles and blood testing. But last week manny was begging for a needle for his shoulder?? Figure that one out.

Comment by Deevel916 on 05-08-2015

[QUOTE=Mike D;15662389]So Breadman had it 8-4 and said that he gave round 2, a consensus swing round, to Floyd. Cliff Rold and John Chavez each scored 7-5 for Floyd. Interesting because if you didn't watch the fight and came and…

Comment by cupocity303 on 05-08-2015

[SIZE="3"]I speculated that this was the same Breadman from Boxing Talk dot com, and now someone confirmed it. I haven't went to that site in years now. It went down the toilet. Maybe Boxingscene doesn't even consider them competition anymore…

Comment by Cool Scant on 05-08-2015

Breadman soften his stance on Memo from his ********** days. Very dissapointing but I still ride with the homie.

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