Daily Bread Mailbag: Mayweather, Ward-Kovalev, Inoue, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev, the career of Floyd Mayweather, Gennady Golovkin vs Kelly Pavlik, The Monster Inoue, and more.

Many thanks for answers to last email on fighting weights and Floyd v. Duran!!!!!

Going back to fights I really enjoyed.

I watched Andre Ward- Sergey Kovalev x 3 times.

Why is it supposed to be so close? I thought clear Ward win. What am I missing?

What do you think of Ward-Kovalev 2, rounds before the stoppage? Close again??? Kovalev gassing bad surely?

In general, what advice would you give to fans about how to really appreciate fights and build up their judgement over years, so we can have a sensible opinion on matters like this? How do you learn to appreciate more and more technically?

(I have a very limited, 13 fight amateur background from years ago. I am thinking of fans who love the sport but have no personal background).

Rock and roll,


Bread’s Response: I thought Ward vs Kovalev1 was super close. Super Close. I thought Kovalev got off to a great start and won the first 2 rounds by a clear and big margin. I thought Ward started creeping his way back into the fight after that. He wasn’t winning his rounds as dynamic but he was making a case. At the end of the fight I was at a fight party, I told everyone I had no idea who won. I thought both fighters had a case for winning 6 or 7 rounds. Mostly everyone thought Kovalev won because his punches were more eye catching. After the decision was announced I tried to explain to the crowd that just because you don’t win a round by a big margin doesn’t mean you didn’t win it. I also tried to explain that the knockdown round does not have a carry over effect. It only counts for 1 round.

I thought Ward vs Kovalev2 was different. Kovalev was still winning rounds but his body language was different. Ward seemed stronger and in more control. Kovalev seemed to be laboring physically and I didn’t think he could make it to the finish line. Kovalev was fighting too hard just to stay even. Ward was breaking him up to the body. The rounds were still close points wise but Ward was proving to be the stronger, meaner more durable man.

I don’t really have advice for fans as far as scoring fights. Maybe just learn to score fights before you inject your opinion. Some fans have no idea what they’re talking about and will argue you down, which is ridiculous. I’m at a point in my life now where I just don’t talk boxing with people anymore. Even the people in boxing are ignorant to certain things.

ward-kovalev-rematch-fight (2)


Thanks for the weekly knowledge you share and helping my growth as a boxing fan. 
1. I believe more competition is great for boxing. What do you think Dana White’s play is for entering boxing? Something new/different or Another Hearn/Arum/Haymon ?

2. Why doesn’t the PBC send Ugas or Danny Garcia over to fight Crawford? Ugas is a dog and would definitely have a chance against Crawford. If he does win then PBC could set him up against the Spence/Porter winner or Pac-Man for unification. Close money split and worse case Ugas lost to a current P4P guy. No shame there.  Are PBC fighters 100% bound to Fox/Showtime?


JW in NC

Bread’s Response: I didn’t hear much about Dana White’s plan.

I can see Ugas going over to fight Crawford but not Garcia. They just have different status. The fighters who have been allowed to fight as the B side for Crawford and Joshua did not have Danny Garcia’s status going into the fight.

I don’t know if PBC fighters have exclusive contracts with Showtime or Fox. But fighting on a promoter’s card and network’s card you are familiar with gives fighters a sense of security from getting robbed. Top Rank and ESPN have to figure out how to get Crawford more big name opponent’s. I don’t think PBC will help them figure it out….

Bread man,

I don't know if you follow amateur boxing at all, but the USA has some good talent coming up, chief among which is Keyshawn Davis, who is fighting in the 138 lbs division. In the finals of the Pan Am games we went up against the Cuban world champ Andy Cruz, who is a boxing prodigy--flashy, dynamic, fast, and, yes, arrogant.

This fight is generating some buzz, with over 5000 view in 3 days -- a lot for an amateur boxing match! I'm not sending this for your mailbox, but it'd be great to get your take at some point on Keyshawn Davis.

ps. brilliant strategy against Hurd -- taking him on the inside, the very thing he least expected!


Peter Pnin

Bread’s Response: Keyshawn Davis is a talented young fighter. I like what I see. He’s going to be an excellent pro. The Cuban fighter just had the better day. That can happen. No biggie.

Good day Mr. Edwards,

I would like to verify if it is Floyd Mayweather Jr. who currently holds the record of the most number of individual world champions defeated at 22. If not, then who holds the record?

Who do you think among these four-division champions can make it to the HoF: Leo Gamez, Jorge Arce, Nonito Donaire, Adrien Broner, Chocolatito Gonzalez, Mikey Garcia, Donnie Nietes and Kazuto Ioka?


Best regards,


Bread’s Response: I can’t verify it 100%. I believe it’s either Floyd or Julio Cesar Chavez that holds that record. I’m going to lean Floyd. And yes I believe the number of world champions he defeated was 22. That’s a lot. Geez.

Nonito Donaire will make the HOF easy. The only question now is if he’s an all time great.

Chocolatito will also make it. And some already regard him as ATG for the lower weight classes.

Garcia, Nietes and Ioka have shots but they may have more work to do.

Winning 4 division titles just doesn’t have the same value anymore because too many marginal fighters who happen to be in the right place at the right time have done it recently. If you did it in the 80’s or 90’s it was almost an automatic HOF induction. In the last 15 years you have to give the fighter the eye ball test and see who he has beaten. It’s really watered down these days but not for Donaire and Gonzales. They’re both great fighters. I believe Mikey Garcia is also a great fighter but he doesn’t have the longevity of Donaire or Gonzales.

Can you explain the difference between hardest puncher and best puncher? From my point of view best puncher involves all aspects of the punches being thrown, punching techniques, variations of punches, accuracy and power, on the other hand hardest puncher is just that one brutal shot, heavy handed shot. For example I view Joe Louis as the best heavyweight puncher and George Foreman/Earnie Shavers as the hardest punchers heavyweights ever. Who wins these mythical fights
Chavez vs Marquez at 130-135
Mayweather vs Lomachenko 130-135
Crawford vs Mayweather 140
Quartey vs Crawford 147
Spence vs Forrest 147
GGG vs Pavlik 160

Bread’s Response: You don’t need me to explain it. You explained it perfectly. In today’s world Monster Inoue is the BEST puncher. Deontay Wilder is the hardest puncher. True boxing people don’t confuse the two. Sometimes it can be one in the same. Often it’s not.

Chavez vs Marquez would be a death match. I would take the 1987 version of Chavez that beat Edwin Rosario to beat any version of Marquez. That Chavez was as good as Duran and Armstrong.

Right now I would take Mayweather over Loma. People don’t realize how rangy Floyd is. He has 72inch arms and he’s just 5’8”. Loma’s feet usually makes up for his lack of length but I don’t know if that would be true with Floyd. Great fight but I need to see more of Loma. I wish him and Terence Crawford were at 135 at the same time. That would be a good indicator for me.

I would have to take Mayweather over Crawford. It’s simply because I just haven’t seen Crawford vs anyone close to Mayweather’s level. Crawford is truly great but his best win in real time is vs Victor Postol. It’s too difficult to determine him vs a top 20ish ATG in Mayweather. On top of that if you give Crawford the eyeball test, he’s similar to Mayweather but Mayweather has more freaky and natural ability. When that is the case you have to go by accomplishments vs great competition.

Quartey vs Crawford is a more fair historical fight. At 147 at this moment I will say Crawford edges a tough controversial decision. Quartey was no joke but he is was predictable. He had an excellent run at welter but he wasn’t untouchable. Oba Carr and Jose Luis Lopez really took him the limit. But Quartey would be by far the best fighter Crawford would have ever faced if they were in the same era.

I can’t call Spence vs Forest. These are good hypothetical match ups. Forest is interesting. He never looked as good at any point of his career than he did vs Shane Mosley. I don’t know if he had Mosley’s number or he fought up to the competition. I would slightly favor Spence because Forest could be bullied and his legs weren’t so strong. But boy this would be a tough fight. Kell Brook landed plenty of right hands vs Spence and Forest’s right hand was money.

I think GGG vs Pavlik would be a war. But GGG had a little more blue chip appeal. He was a little more talented. His hands were a little heavier. He was just a little more complete. But man Pavlik was a tough out in 2007. I say GGG by brutal late stoppage in a FOY.

Two of my favorite fighters have passed away and two all time greats and the best south paws I ever saw  . I was wondering who you think would’ve won at lightweight best night vs best night between Parnell Whitaker and Macho Camacho ??? While I feel Pea accomplished more and was better on the all time list , a lot of my boxing heads feel Camacho was too fast and strong for Pernell and would’ve beaten him - what do you think ??? I say sweat pea wins a close one vs the great macho man
Howie from NJ

Bread’s Response: I’m going to be very honest. I was a big Whitaker fan. I’ve probably seen over 20 of his fights live as they happened. I always thought Camacho was a bad style for him. It’s really weord though because Camacho struggled so much vs fighter’s no where near as good as Whitaker. But head to head the Camacho from 83 up until Rosario hit him in the mouth would have been a tough fight for Whitaker.

But because Whitaker responded to adversity better. And he showed all time chops and adjustments. I say Whitaker would win a close decision on their best days.

Who do you think is the best fighter in the world? Just flat out best P4P fighter at the moment. Not most popular. Not most accomplished. But simply the best.

Bread’s Response: I have to factor in accomplishments because winning vs top competition is a major factor on who the best is.  You can’t ask me a question then tell me what my criteria should be.

In my opinion 3 men stand out to me and you can’t go wrong with them as being the best fighter in the world currently. Terence Crawford, Vasyl Lomachenko and Monster Inoue.

All 3 of these guys have a case and you just can’t go wrong. Crawford looks awesome at this current moment. The only knock on Crawford is his resume isn’t what you would call great after over 30 fights. His best 4 or 5 wins are not as good as some other P4P greats who were at the same stage of their careers.

Vasyl Lomachenko has a lost. But I have forgiven him for that 2x over. Salido is a tremendous fighter and he was over weight in that fight. Lomachenko has not only improved since then but the run he’s been on has been remarkable. His competition level has been higher than Crawford’s and I think he’s a better athlete. The only knock on Loma at this current moment is lightweight may not be his best weight and some bring up his loss. But if Loma wins all of the belts at lightweight and beats a young super talent in Devin Haney or Teofimo Lopez I would put him #1 without any company.

Monster Inoue has been the most destructive elite fighter in boxing. Honestly if he did at 147 what he’s been doing at 108-118 he would be the best fighter easily. The problem is his opponents are super quality but it’s a general understanding that there aren’t as many quality fighters in the lower weights. Also you have tof actor in Inoue is from Japan and we have never had a Japanese fighter as being the best in the world P4P. So there may be some hesitation on putting Inoue in the same class as Crawford and Loma. I have even hesitated but I can’t anymore. What he’s doing is on the level.

I do want to see Inoue adjust in a tough fight where he isn’t dominating and that’s why I don’t have him as a clear #1. But I wouldn’t argue with anyone who does.

Rounding things out are Canelo who is the most accomplished and one of the most skilled fighters. And Ollie Usyk who is the truth we just don’t know if he’s as good at heavyweight as he is at Cruiser. If he wins the heavyweight title, he has the case closed.

After that Juan Estrada has proven to be a great talent and fighter. Then you have Errol Spence, Deontay Wilder and a few others who are vying for the bottom half of the top 10.

Send questions to [email protected]

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[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;19999425]FACT: Canelo proved that he can beat Golovkin any way he wants the REALLY funny thing is this..... you dumbasses who are still in denial, truly cannot see what will happen in a trilogy fight... which is hilarious there will…

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[QUOTE=Truth Serum;19999399]GGG won that fight. What many casuals make the mistake of is that they think the aggressor is always the ring general which is not always the case. If you are coming forward and your opponent is circling you…

Comment by Truth Serum on 08-20-2019

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;19990521]you are ONLY crying because Lovekin lost he clearly lost that fight[/QUOTE] GGG won that fight. What many casuals make the mistake of is that they think the aggressor is always the ring general which is not always the case.…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 08-15-2019

[QUOTE=Truth Serum;19990324]No, I'm just sick of the judges getting it wrong or bribed into making the robbery happen and I'm sick of casuals believing that this sport has no robberies and what the judges say you must agree with or…

Comment by Truth Serum on 08-15-2019

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;19988333]what you newer casual-fans need to learn is.... you need to respect how difficult it is to actually score a fight according to the official criteria..... you need to have more respect for the judges..... and YES, that includes respecting…

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