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Daily Bread Mailbag: Mayweather-Pacquiao, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

In his latest 'Daily Bread' mailbag, Stephen "Breadman" Edwards answers questions on a variety of topics - including this Saturday's mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

PBC fights

Your breakdown of the two PBC fights was pretty much spot on.... all the 6 judges should be applauded, one of the best scorecards in a while (for major fights). I'm starting to believe that maybe Al Haymon actually wants to improve the sport.

Initially I didn't agree with your analysis of the Garcia-Peterson, assuming that Garcia's shots will be too much to handle earning Garcia 8-4-ish decision or stoppage. But it was Garcia who seemed in trouble in the later rounds. Like you said Peterson was/is the better body puncher, and I think Garcia was quite hurt in the 8th round.

Lee-Quillin, your analysis was something like "chess match... both looking for counters.... Lee gets dropped once or twice..." enough said! I don't expect Quillin to face Golovkin even if he gets paid $2 million (and even if he wasn't with Al Haymon), whereas Lee seems sincere when he says he'll face GGG, and he wouldn't be too greedy about the purse, and I think he WILL face GGG if he gets by Saunders. I just hope he doesn't get better offers for rematch(es) against Quillin (or Saunders).


If Mathysse manages to handle Provo's shot early, it could FOTY candidate. I'm just convinced Provo can handle Mathysse's shot than vice-versa. There's a chance Provo gets stopped on cuts, other than that I'm quite confident Provo is simply better than Mathysse (especially in the body punching department). I'm not rooting for anyone, I just hope neither fighter gets seriously hurt.

Awesome first half of the year... What fights are you hoping will get made in the second half?

Amarbayasgalan, from far away (Mongolia)

Bread’s Response: Yes bro I have been pretty hot. Actually I care more about  being able to predict the climate of the fight, than the actual outcome. But as you know no one is correct all of the time. I misjudged Matthysse vs Provodnikov slightly. Although I felt the fight was actually an exact draw 6 rounds apiece, Matthysee proved to me he was the better all around fighter. His jab and movement was impressive, Provodnikov just made it close because he’s such a dog. But Provodnikov is just so limited. Every bit of movement throws him off and his feet are just too slow. He also never jabs. Someone really needs to sit him down and have him watch tapes of great pressure fighters. I would recommend Gene Fulmer  or Joe Frazier for his body type and style.

I would hope to see Cotto vs Canelo, Wilder vs Fury, Kovalev vs Stevenson, Frampton vs Rigondeaux and Brook vs Thurman.

Just to keep this short and sweet, I couldn't help myself that on the anniversary of Hagler x Hearns i had to make a trip to youtube and get a little of the juices flowing by watching that fight. Thats definitely one that will always keep you sitting up in your seat.  Another all time fav of mine is Castillo x Corrales 1.  I will never forget that one as long as i live because i was late going to work because of that fight.. lol .  I kept looking at the clock between every round knowing I was going to be late for work, and when it was all said and done, yes i was late, but dam , it was well worth it. I used to have all the fights of John Mugabi and that was always my little release when I needed to get the violence bug out of my system, until he spent a few minutes with Mr. Hagler, but that's another story. My question for you tonight is, of all the hyped up fights, which one is your favorite that actually lived up to the hype. What is your favorite fight that even after all these years you still salivate watching the action unfold.  Peace to ya Breadman, Mark from Michigan

Bread’s Response: I can remember both fights you speak of. Hagler vs Hearns was on a week night if I’m not mistaken. My mom didn’t let me go down to the Spectrum in South Philly and watch it on Closed Circuit because I had school the next day. My uncle was a huge Hearns fan and he was crushed. He downplayed what a destructive performance Hagler displayed. When I finally got to see it a few days later I couldn’t believe how intense that fight was.

I actually watched Corrales vs Castillo as it happened. Home alone. I was going through some things in my life at that time and I didn’t want anyone aggravating me with stupid comments. Chico was one of my guys and I knew he had hell on his hands. His ko of Castillo is one of the top 5 things I have ever witnessed in my lifetime in a boxing ring. I still can’t believe he came back from that. What a great and tragic end, Corrales left it all in the ring that night. He NEVER won another fight after that.

The most lived up to hype fight I ever saw was when Ray Leonard defeated Tommy Hearns in their 1st fight. The first few rounds were not action packed but the importance of the fight was palpable. You could feel that something great was going to happen. And boy did it happen. One can argue that the fight was one of the most historically important big fights in history. Everything was on the line that night. The championship, bragging rights, legacy, top 5 welterweight of all time, best fighter of the 80’s, p4p 1 and p4p 2. I got chills thinking about it.

Sup Bread!
 It’s definitely going to feel surreal after the bell rings for Mayweather/Pacquiao. I’m hoping that it’s a great fight but I personally don’t feel that it’s going to make it to 12 rounds! Mayweather Is very prideful and he is facing the guy that
A. Won fighter of the Decade over him.
B. Has the respect and crossover appeal that Mayweather feels he should have whether he wants to admit it or notC.  People have said that he has been “scared” of since 09’ further adding lighter fluid to the “Mayweather is a cherry picker” arguments that started after his first “retirement”…

if there was ever a fight that Mayweather needed a reason to make a resounding statement to the world it would be this one! Knocking/dominating Pacquiao would quiet a lot of critics. Dude hasn’t’ had a true knockout since Ricky Hatton. I think Mayweather realizes what is at stake in this fight (hiring Alex Ariza, the bigger physique, etc.) and all signs point to Mayweather wanting to prove a point in this fight (heart wants Pac to win)….here are my questions for you bro

1.       If Pacquiao knocks Mayweather out, how do you see that scenario playing out? I can’t think of anyone recently that has been able to land combinations on Mayweather.

2.       What would be an Ideal game plan for Pacquiao?

3.        Do you think Mayweather should press the action more since this is a legacy fight? What do you think would be an ideal strategy
for Mayweather?

4.        What do you think will happen to the legacy of the loser of this fight? As ugly as May/Pac comments have been over the years, I feel like the loser will get his legacy ripped apart. Pac loses the narrative will probably be that he was on PEDs the whole time and he was only relevant as the “hope” to beat Mayweather. If Mayweather loses the narrative will probably be that he has always avoided the toughest challenges of his career and that his “0” is nothing but a sham.  I really hope that doesn’t happen as both have had great careers all things considered.

5.       If you were advising Danny Garcia, where does he go from here? Danny doesn’t seem like he is going to get any better and I don’t think that he can beat any of the elite fighters at the welterweight division.

Keep up the great work as always man.
 Mike B

Bread's Response:

1. If Pacman clips Floyd I think it would be because he squared Floyd up and caught him in an exchange. Watch the 3rd and 4th rounds of the Demarcus Corley fight.

2. I think the ideal gameplan is for Pacquiao to make Floyd come to him like he did Corely and Judah. Floyd gave both of those guys the business but he’s easier to hit when he’s pressing the fight. Pacquiao’s boxing ability is being severely underestimated in this fight. His best performances have been against fighters who came to him. David Diaz, Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya.

3. Floyd is like water and he can adjust to anything in the boxing ring. I think at times he should box and at times he should press. Floyd has to feel out the fight first before he makes adjustments. It all depends on the 1st few rounds. Actually the 1st round of this fight is very important. It could determine the outcome of the fight.

4. You make a great point and I think that it sucks that fans and media are so harsh these days. I personally have always thought very highly of both Floyd and Manny. I also feel that both fighters are all time greats. Depending on how the loss takes place and what type of performance gets displayed their legacies can be affected in a negative.  But hey this is the biggest fight in history, they will both make more money than any fighters in history on one night, so therefore it’s not so bad that their legacies carry a heavy burden.

5. The man advising Danny Garcia has been doing a great job. They don’t need help from me after a tough fight. Danny is an overachiever who has made about 10 million dollars in his career and he’s still officially undefeated. If he never wins another fight he has still outperformed his early career expectations.


You know I have been on record as liking Danny Garcia's fight game and personality, but last night I felt he got a gift decision as the A-side.  I am also a fan of Peterson, and objectively felt like Lamont outboxed him early and outslugged him late.  Danny looked generally slow and in distress at times.  Wanted your take on some questions/observations.   Who do you thought won? Most judges and Showtime's Steve Farhood had Danny winning most or all of the first 5 rounds.   I thought Lamont won 4 of 5 through clean punching and ring generalship.   Danny looked bad missing widely and Lamont was slipping his shots beautifully.  Danny was the aggressor but I did not view it as effective aggressiveness.  What did you think of the early rounds?   Did Danny get exposed as having slow hands and not so fast feet and having problems with boxers who can move?  I think he could struggle with other boxers at 147 such as Tim Bradley, Kell Brook, and Amir khan (again) because of their speed and boxing skills, but he also could beat any of them because of his heart, chin, character, and trump card Left Hook.  On the other hand I think he will do well with flat footed fighters including fast handed ones like Broner and Berto.  How do you think he will do against top competition at 147?  

Billy Bomaye

Bread’s Response: When I initially watched the fight I was wondering if the judges were going to give Lamont credit for his defense and ring generalship early. Although those things get overlooked they are supposed to be scored. I didn’t have a pen and pad and if we are going to voice our opinions on who won and loss we should score the fight as if it happened with a pen and pad just like the judges have to. It’s not an easy job.

Initially I thought Lamont started too late but again I wasn’t actually writing down my scores of each separate round. But I thought Lamont displayed more ability and fought a better fight. I know it’s an enigma but…..After rewatching and rescoring the fight which is something I never do I thought Lamont won. But that’s not fair to Lamont or Danny because your view gets skewed subconsciously. So on the night of the fight to my naked eye I thought Danny edged it. It was a rough fight to score.

Danny is 27. He has time to improve if he dedicates himself. The word exposed is a big word in boxing. But with 2 of his last 3 wins being controversial I will say Danny needs a conclusive victory over a legitimate opponent. Or maybe grant a rematch to Lamont Peterson.

Hey Bread,

Stating the obvious, the last thing we need is for Mayweather vs. Pacquaio to end with a sketchy decision. Initially, we heard that the Nevada commission would scour the globe in their efforts to find the best judges for this fight. As it turned out, they didn't go very far to find two-thirds of them, with Burt Clements and Dave Moretti both being Las Vegas-based judges.

Clements is the one to whom I will pay particular attention on fight night. Of the fights Clements has scored in his career, I want to discuss two of them: one includes Mayweather, the other involves Pacquiao.

In Mayweather vs. Maidana 1, a fight which most people viewed as being a close, competitive fight, Clements had Mayweather winning 9 rounds. I tend to wonder if Manny's work-rate will be given its just due, or will Clements focus solely on the punches Manny DOESN'T land.

When Pacquiao and Marquez met for the first time, the fight ended in a draw. The scorecard that caused this result was the 113-113 card of Burt Clements. As we all know, Manny scored 3 knockdowns in the first round. Two judges scored the round 10-6, while Clements scored it 10-7. What's troubling to me is that afterwards, Clements admitted to the fact that he didn't know he could score the round 10-6. Sure, he was apologetic and fully admitted his mistake, but the result of the fight was not changed.

The best-case scenario is for this fight to end with a clean knockout or stoppage. However, with the way things usually unfold in boxing, I expect nothing less than controversy.

Bread’s Response: Great comment you are the first person to write in who researched the judges. It’s troubling to me that no big boxing entity spoke on the selection of the judges. First let me say that I think all of the judges selected are very good and have turned in some very good scorecards. But as you pointed out Clements’s scorecard of 117-111 in Mayweather vs Maidana1 was a bit wide s far consensus opinion. And his admitted mistake in Pacquiao vs Marquez1 is something to look at. I will give Clements credit for admitting he made a mistake in not scoring the first round 10-6 for Pacquiao, that was very noble of him.

What’s ironic is both Burt Clements and Dave Moretti scored the Mayweather vs Maidana 1 fight. Moretti scored the fight 116-112 for Mayweather which is 8 rounds to 4.

But before we conclude that both will be against Manny. We have to look at Moretti’s scorecard of 117-111 in the Jose Benavidez vs Mauricio Herrera fight for Benavidez. Benavidez is a Top Rank fighter. Now depending on how we look at this we will come to different conclusions. Maybe we say Moretti favors the boxer because  Mayweather and Benavidez were the boxers in those fights. If that is the case he was consistent. Or someone will say he favored the “house fighter”which is not a good thing.

No judge is perfect although I couldn’t find a bad scorecard that Glen Feldman has ever turned in. But that could be because Moretti and Clements do more fights because they are from Nevada. I want to be fair and objective about this. I will assume that all of the official’s integrity will be at its highest quality and the fight will be officiated as fair and correct as possible. Boxing cannot afford a bad call in this fight and no one wants to be remembered in infamy as the guy who screwed up the biggest fight in history. But to avoid controversy I am also hoping for a ko.

Good Fight against Hernandez - people need to realize its hard to KO someone in survival mode!

Tony Harrison mentioned J Rock - don't want to Gossip, but I want to say Percy was the interviewer - he's making a name and is very confident his chances against J Williams!

your thoughts on him as a fighter and potential opponent?

Kirkland vs Canelo - if Kirkland can get past 3 I got him pushing Canelo to the brink...

GGG vs Willie Monroe Jr. - now they want to start matching him with the slick urban style so he can get a feel - I think Monroe Jr. can at least make GGG look human so we can see what he is really about - I'm thinking Upset, but with the controversy with his trainer getting busted allegedly selling drugs during training camp - wtf- such a disservice.

Has Danny Peaked? looks to be regressing to me, or he has a lot of self belief. if and when he goes up to 147 they are going to eat him up - his mistakes will be magnified - I think that's why his father is reneging on moving him up to 147

Bread’s Response: Tony Harrison is an excellent young talent. Seems to be big puncher. He’s very charismatic and he has an excellent record. I know for a fact Julian “J ROCK” Williams has asked for the fight, NEXT! We shall see……

I don’t know what to expect out of Kirkland. He always seems sluggish with out Wolfe. I would like to see some live sparring and live workouts to judge him. The media day stuff is always tempered down.

I feel for Willie Monroe that his trainer was arrested before the biggest fight of his career. I think he will do ok for a little while but I like GGG in this fight. Southpaws lead with their liver and GGG has the best left hook to the body in boxing.

Write questions into

User Comments and Feedback
Comment by royjonesjrKTFO on 05-02-2015

Breadman got a lot of meaningful fights wrong. Who cares.

Comment by The Future on 04-30-2015

[QUOTE=Jc8804;15624535]Exactly. I had a lot of respect for him, He said without saying Floyd is juicing and will dominate with power. Haymon got in his ear and had exit papers prepared and he changed his tune and won't Speak on…

Comment by Jc8804 on 04-30-2015

Exactly. I had a lot of respect for him, He said without saying Floyd is juicing and will dominate with power. Haymon got in his ear and had exit papers prepared and he changed his tune and won't Speak on…

Comment by Eastcoast on 04-30-2015

Edwards called how the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight would go down 3-4 years ago. He said Floyd would wait til Manny was on the slide then take the fight. He pointed out Floyd was picking and choosing his fights and that TR…

Comment by PowerFlow on 04-30-2015

[QUOTE=Jc8804;15623071]Breadman don't wanna be the sell out in the gym. Black guy rolling with the black guy. I hit him up about the testing and memo and he ignored it. He knows Floyd is juicing but his fighter Julian Williams…

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