Daily Bread Mailbag: Mayweather-McGregor, Broner-Garcia, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as this weekend's fights between Adrien Broner and Mikey Garcia, Jermall Charlo and Jorge Sebastian Heiland, the cross-sports bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, Jarrell Miller vs. Gerald Washington and more.

Who are your picks this weekend and why? Charlo vs Heiland and Garcia vs Broner.

Bread’s Response: I like Charlo to stop Heiland between 5-8. Heiland is solid but Charlo has the edge in every area. There is just too much difference in talent level.

Garcia vs Broner is a tougher pick. Garcia opened as a huge favorite. You have to ask yourself why. Broner is bigger, faster and the two fighters who Broner lost to, may beat Garcia at 147. But Vegas is usually correct 80% of the time….

While Broner is faster, bigger and more athletic, Garcia is the better pure boxer, better technically and he has excelled against the same level of competition that Broner has struggled with.

I also take into consideration that Broner has admitted to not training and living properly in the past. Now all of a sudden he takes a fight serious, there is a heavy chance for “overtraining”. At this stage overtraining is worst than undertraining.

Then you have to look at perception. Often times fighters get credit for things we expect them to do instead of what they did. Broner may have been the recipient of this in some of his close fights. In this fight most expect Garcia to win convincingly. So I think Garcia will get the benefit of doubt in the earlier closer rounds. I think Garcia will need a little time to adjust to Broner’s speed. But I think Garcia will be up early in the fight despite it looking even or in Broner’s favorite. Once Garcia steps on it I think he will get full credit. I like Garcia by 116-112 decision with a tad of controversy if Broner didn’t over train.

Remember I said it first. If this is a distance fight and it’s competitive Broner will not get the benefit of doubt in the close rounds. He will not get another close decision. He has received the benefit of subjective scoring in every fight of his entire career. He won’t against Mikey Garcia. #markitdown. Expect controversy.

Hey Bread,

How's everything?

Good I hope.

I think Floyd struggles early against McGregor, but in the end his lack of boxing understanding hurts him. Floyd needs to carry McGregor for a few rounds so fans will feel they got their monies worth.

McGregor's working too hard using MMA fight training that puts too much strength and therefore tension in the body. All those weights and tension machines leads to tension, then stress, then inflammation.

Also sparring the equivalent of 45 12-round fights will leave him severely overtrained and depleted. For MMA the large ring and ability to grapple allows a fighter to rest and not have to exert for a whole 5 minute round. The clinch also allows those guys to rest. Not so in boxing.

By fight night McGregor should be thoroughly inflamed and that's not good for his health.

I still believe that Floyd needs to be a bit stronger, but not overly strong to the point of tension where the body is fighting itself. If Floyd is quick, has stamina good, defense on-point, and his punches stinging that should be enough.

Bread’s Response: Rob Jackson I consider you a “SHARP”. And you are not the 1st Sharp that has told me McGregor troubles Floyd early. I even know one who’s betting that McGregor kos Floyd. I just don’t see it, but this is why they fight the fights.

I agree that certain trainings will stress the body but advancement in recovery allows the extra training to benefit.

McGregor has a unique build. He’s built like a V. It looks great in swimwear but I’m not sure if he will take body shots well. There is nothing there to protect his organs.

I believe McGregor is stronger than Floyd. But that doesn’t mean he’s stronger longer. He may not have more endurance strength as it relates to boxing. Floyd never loses is his strength in a boxing ring. So who is actually stronger is a complex take…

I think the one aspect of this fight that heavily favors McGregor is the pressure that is on Floyd to ko him. If Floyd wins any sort of competitive decision vs a boxing novice then the media will brutalize him. Floyd is a boxer by nature not a killer so that one aspect plays into McGregor’s hands. If he goes the distance and boy don’t let him win 2 or 3 rounds……We shall see..

mayweather-mcgregor (13)_2

Hello Breadman,

I'm a longtime reader and fan of your mailbag since the days. I've learned so much about boxing from you. It's my first time writing in.

In your last mailbag you stated you couldn't believe how the odds were so close for Mayweather vs McGregor. The reason is because you are not factoring the incredible job the UFC & Co had done marketing their brand. Every UFC is the best UFC ever. Every fighter is a "bad dude" who has "crazy power", who throws punches at weird angles, and who "has arrived". I take it you don't follow MMA that much. But Joe Rogan puts out gems like "Roy Jones respects the hands of Forrest Griffin", "it's the Machida era", and Ronda Rousey is a "once in human history level athlete". They're marketing game is on point! Then, you must factor in that the average UFC fan is surprisingly ignorant and dismissive of traditional martial arts and boxing. The average MMA fan thinks boxing gloves are "pillows". Statements like that reveal that 1.) they've never been hit by boxing gloves and 2.) gloves are meant to protect the hand, not the face. SMH. So yes, the odds are so close because legions of less than knowledgeable MMA fans thinks Floyd has never been hit by "dat left hand doe". Floyd can't punch doe! Conor got weird angles doe! And yes, Floyd, Conor, Dana, and the UFC are gonna make a killin! I can't know the hustle!

Secondly, I'll touch on who'd win in the street fight, or "real fight" as the MMA fan likes to say. If it's according to the Unified Rules of MMA, obviously you'd have to favor McGregor. But in a "real fight", it's anybody's game. I have this argument with MMA fans about what a "real fight" entails. No rules! That means friends, weapons, strikes to eyes, groin, back of the head, kicking a downed opponent (illegal in UFC), running over opponent with a car, etc. "Real fights" are ugly and deadly. I'm sure you've seen the story about the American college grad killed in Greece. RIP. But he was hit over the head with a beer bottle and jumped and killed by about 10 grown men as he ran away inside. Was he in a "real fight"? You better believe it! And then recently in Florida, a MMA fighter was killed after three men broke into his house and shot hm. RIP. Was he in a "real fight"? You bet, a fight for his life! Or go to youtube, worldstar, liveleak and watch the countless videos of people being in "real fights" with all manner of numbers, weapons, and methods to get even. Are ISIS and Taliban "real fighters"? What about Navy Seals? So basically what the MMA fan means when he/she says "real fight/street fight" is a one-on-one fight in the streets according to the Unified Rules of MMA. But not a real fight.

~Lateef from VA

Bread’s Response: What up bro? Glad you decided to write in. I remember driving through Virginia once on 95 N and looking at a sign saying that there were speed trackers in the sky of some sort. Scared the shit out of me.. I’m thinking to myself these boys don’t play down here.

You make a great point about the odds. I guess Vegas is just bracing for the big what if! And yes the UFC promotion is bonkers. Everything you said was 100% correct.

I think you took the “real fight” comments literally not figuratively. When I hear a fan say who would win in a real fight. I think of two dudes squaring up, no weapons, no one jumps in it, and they fight until one cant fight anymore. Everything else is a go from sneaker soles to elbows!

Hi Bread, I love the unbiased way you analyze things. Having read your mailbag for some time, I must say it actually helped me to be more objective in life. Keep up the great work!

My question: Do the top fighters ever spar at a slow(er) pace? Imo it's a great way to learn how to be functional while relaxed, not necessarily using less energy. Do you have JRock spar at a slower pace every now and then? How much slow sparring is necessary and at what stages during a training camp?

Also who wins Gerald Washington vs Jarrell Miller this weekend and how?

Bread’s Response: Fighters spar at all sorts of paces. Sometimes the seasoned pros will spar amateurs or novices just to get rounds in but not put any hurt on them.  It’s not so much of a slow pace but it’s more of a not overwhelmingly trying to stop the sparring partner thing. It really just depends on what part of camp a fighter is in. Obviously you also need live action when getting ready for serious fights.

Washington vs Miller is a tough fight to call. I just read an article on boxingscene where Washington’s trainer was concerned about a past positive PED test result of Miller. I’m not sure what’s going on with the fight but I haven’t heard much about it after his interview. If the fight is still on I slightly favor Washington but that interview was pretty deep. I also wonder how Washington will respond in his 1st fight after his 1st loss. Miller is a big puncher, he’s home and he’s a very confident guy. He’s going to go after Washington early. I’ve seen both guys fade after 4 rounds. This is a really good fight. But I think Washington’s jab, and level of competition give him an edge. A slight edge.

Hello Breadman! Love your mailbag and I think you are one of the best pre-fight analysts around. Anyway just thought that two of my favorite fighters deserve mention in the best rear hand category: Roberto Duran and Wilfredo Gomez. They both had awesome, dangerous, quick and thudding right hands which they threw with bad intentions. Nothing wrong with your choices of course but I do think they both deserve to be in the top 5 to top 10. I don't think there's a better 122 pounder than Gomez..or a better 135 pounder than Duran. Gomez's power didn't seem to carry to 126-130 pounds but on closer look he undertrained when he faced Ironchinned Sanchez and Azumah, he was in unbelievable shape for Juan Laporte (who should be mentioned as one of the Best chin ever...He was never dropped and only stopped by Tzyu at 140!) and all he had left for Lockridge (who also had a great chin despite being Ko'd by a right hand rocket from Laporte) and Layne was his huge heart. As for Duran even at Middleweight he could make Hagler and Barkley feel his punches. Who are your choices for the best at 122 and 135? Thanks, Francisco.

Bread’s Response: 100% Duran and Gomez have two of the best right hands ever. They actually set up their right hands similar. But I have never seen a right hand as good as Joe Louis’s. In over 100 years of the gloved era, no can shoot a right hand like JL. I would rate Duran’s over Gomez’s because I think Duran’s 1st step was quicker, see his knockdown of Palomino. I think Gomez’s was heavier in a p4p sense.

I met Juan Laporte and he’s in the argument for the best chin of the 80s and beyond. His chin is severely underrated. It was a tungsten chin.

The greatest and best are two different things. I think Duran is most likely the best and greatest lightweight. But Benny Leonard, Joe Gans and Henry Armstrong all have real arguments. Armstrong didn’t have the greatest reign but as far as who is better and who beats who, he could very well be. I won’t argue Duran though. He’s my personal favorite.

Gomez at 122 is interesting. He had the best reign by far. But as far as who can beat everybody and who is the best on their best night. I think Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and the 01-03 version of Manny Pacquiao were every bit as good. All 3 of those guys would have been live vs Gomez and I can’t think of one fighter during Gomez’s 122lb reign they the trio would not have beaten. So Gomez is the greatest junior featherweight ever. But the Barrera vs Morales 1 performance that those guys displayed and Pacquiao vs Ledwaba, Lucero, Julio and Barerra 1 he was still 122lb champ he was just testing the waters at 126. He was a really rough dude. I rate Gomez really high and his subtle brilliance may have allowed him to overcome all 3 but I’m not so sure about it. History kind of just assumes he’s the best guy ever at 122. But the guys I named would be there with him at that weight.

What do you think of Shannon Briggs 6 month suspension for his positive test? It was obvious he’s on something with his physique and psychotic personality at such an advanced age but is 6 months enough, also what would you suggest in the future to deter cheaters. This dude almost talked himself into a title shot. Should all of the sanctioning bodies instill a Clean Testing Program.

Bread’s Response: First off the WBC is doing something positive with the Clean Testing Program. They’re doing the best they can. But fighters who are in the program are NOT being tested regularly and the vast majority have not been tested at all. It’s NOT the same as Full VADA. You have so many people assuming a fighter is being VADA tested because he’s ranked by the WBC. That’s false. Being in the Clean Testing Program only means you are in the testing pool. That’s it! Some people are disguising this as Random VADA testing. The perception needs to be cleared up.

The only way to ensure full VADA testing is to pay for it. The fighters who claim they are being tested by VADA just because they have signed up for the program are misleading the public. Only a small % of fighters who are in the Clean Testing Program have been randomly tested. Less than 5%. Think about this. There are 17 divisions. Fighters in the top 15 must sign up for the program. That’s 255 fighters…..Yopu can't show me 30 who have been randomly tested in this program.

Now let’s get to Briggs. I really wasn’t aware of what was going on with Briggs what he tested positive for or what have you. So I really can’t comment on the details of his case. But I can comment on in a general term.

A 6 month suspension in this era is not really a suspension. The reason being is most fighters only fight twice a year anyway once they reach 20+ fights. I haven’t seen one fighter test positive and it really cost him anything significant. I have seen positive tested fighters make the same money, get the same opportunities and get their old rankings back. No one REALLY cares to be honest.

But in a caring world these suspensions would be 18 months. A real fine would be have to be in place. It would have to be in accordance to the boxer’s average purses. For example you can’t fine a fighter who routinely makes 7 figures 5k. That won’t deter him. It will be worth the risk.

Lastly during the fighter’s suspension he has to agree to be randomly tested by whatever commission he’s living or training in. Like sort of seeing a probation officer. If he fails another test, lifetime ban! Laws have to have teeth. If they don’t bite they will get broken.

Loved you analysis of punchers. Can you tell me who you think are the best punchers in history of every weight division. This should be interesting.

Bread’s Response: Thanks bro but I see you want me to really work. Ok on limited research off the top of my head research here goes.

105lbs: Ricardo Lopez

108lbs: Michael Carbajal

112: Jimmy Wilde

115: Khasoa Galaxy

118: Carlos Zarate

122: Wilfredo Gomez

126: Sandy Saddler

130lbs: Alexis Arguello

135lbs: Roberto Duran

140lbs: Oscar De La Hoya

147lbs: Sugar Ray Robinson. This was a very tough choice between Robinson, Tommy Hearns and Felix Trinidad

154lbs: Julian Jackson. Hearns and Trinidad were also bridesmaids at 154 also.

160lbs: Sam Langford. This was also an extremely tough choice. Carlos Monzon, Gerald McClellan, Ray Robinson, Rodrigo Valdes and Stanley Ketchel all could be the top guy. But Langford was the only one who routinely kod heavyweights.

168lbs: Roy Jones Jr

175lbs: Bob Foster. This was also a tough one. Archie Moore has the most career knockouts. Michael Spinks has some of the best 1 punch kos you will ever see. Matthew Saad Muhammad, Sergey Kovalev, Michael Moorer and Sam Langford all are huge punchers. I’m really not sure about my pick to be honest, tomorrow I would probably say Spinks or Moore.

190-200lbs: Dmitry Kudryashov. He’s not the best fighter but I have never seen anyone hit like that near this weight. He’s sick with it.

Heavyweight: Joe Louis. George Foreman, Sonny Liston and Earnie Shavers have arguments but Louis’s speed and technique put him over everyone for me.

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User Comments and Feedback (Register For Free To Comment) Comment by Steven Mccowan on 07-28-2017

I say it all the time. Drug testing isnt what some folks think. Lots never get tested and the bigger money guys can beat the tests. Its a fraud to steal money for nothing but a few gabe montoyas to…

Comment by Clegg on 07-28-2017

[QUOTE]First off the WBC is doing something positive with the Clean Testing Program. They’re doing the best they can. But fighters who are in the program are NOT being tested regularly and the vast majority have not been tested at…

Comment by IRONCHINHAGLER on 07-28-2017

[QUOTE=Kigali;17897053]Garcia has weak opposition and quit against Salido.:bottle:[/QUOTE]yea..that explains the odds. Easy work for undefeated Mikey!!!!

Comment by Kigali on 07-28-2017

[QUOTE=IRONCHINHAGLER;17897039]Broner below 140 was good...not great. Fought weak opposition... thought he lost against Ponce DeLeon, whr he did alot of holding the last half of fight. Like Bread said - AB has gotten the nod in close decisions.[/QUOTE] Garcia has…

Comment by Kigali on 07-28-2017

[QUOTE=Andy****Hot;17896821][B]Broner is the most overated 4 division champion of all time,[/B] beating DeMarco at lightweight is his best title win. Above lightweight, he beat Malignaggi at WW and Theophane at LWW.... do I need to say anymore. I agree that…

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