Daily Bread Mailbag: Lomachenko, Munguia-Hogan, Shields

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as the back and forth between Jermall Charlo and Ray Mancini, the career of Claressa Shields, Julian Williams vs. Jarret Hurd, Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia, the career of Vasiliy Lomachenko, and more.

Did you notice the generational conflict between Ray Mancini and Jermall Charlo during the broadcast of the PBC fights. Mancini thought SD won. Charlo thought Jack Culcay won. Mancini criticized Joey Spencer and his opposition. Charlo thought it was fine. Charlo scored for defense, Mancini talked about being busy. Charlo thought the Quillin vs Truax fight should be stopped. Mancini didn’t. Mancini seemed over critical to me and he seemed to get upset when Charlo disagreed with him. What are thoughts and who do you agree with the most?

Bread’s Response:  Most times being right or wrong is subjective. And when you have two successful men being paid to give their opinion on something often times they won’t see eye to eye. Especially when one man is black and the other is white and there is a 30 year age difference between the two.

I did notice that they disagreed on different points. And personally I agreed with Charlo more. I thought Jack Culcay did enough to win. He outboxed SD, turned him and hurt him. But SD was busy so I’m not outraged at the decision. It was a close fight and I respect the judges and Mancini’s point of view in that one. Mancini favored the fighter who fought more like him and in that case he was correct because the judges also favored SD.

Joey Spencer is a good kid and an excellent prospect. I don’t think there was anything wrong with his opponent. Charlo brought up a good point about not rushing a kid. I think Mancini missed a valid point when he criticized the opponent. The point is being on a prime time slot facing that type of opponent not so much the level of opponent. Everyone is not Loma or Usyk. Most American prospects need about 20 fights at or near Spencer’s weight in order to be ready for a title shot. Spencer turned pro younger than most so he may get 25 fights in.

His opponent was 4-2 and he turned out to be very capable. He gave Spencer a decent fight and took him the distance. If that fight was off TV then no one would care. It would just be a growing fight. 90% of prospects have fights just like the one Spencer had. They just get to grow when no one is looking. Spencer caught a little heat because he’s been in some nice prime time slots where people may assume he’s more advanced and ready for a higher level opponent. But the actual opponents are right where a fighter at his level should be fighting.

I also agreed with Charlo about Truax’s cut. That was a bad cut and it was early. Health is paramount. But I think Mancini did make a valid point. He said that the corner should be allowed to work on it. I agree with that. The cutman is there for a reason. He should be allowed to work before the fight is stopped but I have no problem with the fight being stopped. The cut happened early in the fight. If the same cut happened in round 9 then that’s a different story but round 2 is tough.

Often times fighters like to see a praise what they can relate to. Ray Mancini was a short, busy pressure technician. So he favors aggressive fighters who throw lots of punches. Jermall Charlo is over 6ft tall. He’s a puncher but he doesn’t have to come forward. He can use a jab and win from the outside, so he appreciates a different style of boxing. Jermall Charlo is also a current fighter where as Mancini fought in the 80s. So therefore they view things differently. The key is being open minded and objective.


Trust all is well. Getting excited for May 11th at Eagle Bank. Hurd vs. J Rock looks like a classic puncher vs. boxer matchup. All the best!

A few questions about Claressa Shields. I've always been impressed by her. Her technique is pretty good, she's aggressive and lands some strong punches. Her right-hand, left-hook combination is money. I wanna get your take on why she doesn't have more knockouts. Also, do you see her as the GWOAT or perhaps closing in on it?

Simba Sana

Bread’s Response: Jrock vs Hurd looks like it’s going to be a BARNBURNER.

I was very impressed with Claressa Shields. Hammer started out well and you can tell she was in good condition. But Shields caught her rhythm early and by the 3rd round she took over.

Shields has fast hands, she has good balance and she punches correctly. I have no idea why she doesn’t score more kos. Maybe she doesn’t close her fist or lock her wrist upon impact I don’t know. It’s interesting. I will study her more to see if I can figure it out but from the looks of things she does punch correctly. Maybe it’s the 2 minute rounds or her level of competition is really sturdy.

I honestly don’t know who the GWOAT is. I watch women’s boxing because of Shields. But I don’t regularly watch to a point where I know the history of the best women. So to be fair I’m not qualified to answer that.

I can say from what I have seen that currently Claressa Shields and Katie Taylor seem to be the best giving them the eye ball test. Both of those ladies can BUMP. As far as all time. Shields and Taylor are right there with the best I have seen along with 4 other women that stand out to me.

I saw Christi Martin and she was really destructive. She was heavy handed and she was a brutal body puncher. She wasn’t as athletic as some of the other better women but she had great technique and she punched to the body better than any women I have seen. I also want to note that Martin fought in the 90s and she had like 4x the fights that most of these other women had. So she had more wear and tear on her with less modern recovery….So we got to see Martin more depleted than everyone else.

Lailia Ali was big and athletic and fast. She didn’t have Shields’s amateur pedigree but she did have a perfect record of 24-0 with 21 kos. Ali despite being criticized for ducking Wolfe could really fight.

Ann Wolfe was also a beast. She didn’t have the public push that some of the other women had but she was just as good as a fighter. We never got to see Wolfe vs Ali. Wolfe was a vicious. She was probably the biggest puncher out of the ladies that I have seen. And her IQ is higher than she gets credit for you can tell that by how good of a trainer she is.

Lucia Rijker had terrific balance and fundamentals. She was also a good puncher stopping 14 women in 17 wins. She also retired undefeated. I assume she may have an argument for being the GWOAT also but I don’t know for sure. Given the eye ball test she’s as good any women I’ve seen.

I will tell you what if Shields keeps delivering like she has been I have no reason to think she won’t be the GWOAT if she’s not already. She’s very accomplished at an early stage. She also rates high with the eye ball test the way Rijker did. It’s pretty cool for Women’s boxing that this conversation is even coming up at this point.

What’s up Bread, long time reader first time writing. I’d like to know your thoughts on Inoue vs Rodriguez. I really think that’s going to be a hell of a fight. It just seems to me like no one is giving Rodriguez a chance. What are your thoughts on Rodriguez as a fighter? Keep up the great work!

Angel from RI

Bread’s Response: I think this is a great fight and I give Rodriguez a shot. Maybe 35%. Rodriguez is terrific. The problem is Inoue looks to be special. Special beats terrific 70% of the time. But every so often a terrific fighter will have a special night. Esteban Dejesus had one vs Roberto Duran. I know you like that PR analogy.

Rodriguez can box his butt off. He has IQ and he’s tough. If he can hold up under the most destructive offensive arsenal in boxing then he has a chance. It won’t be easy, but this is exactly the type of fight that great punchers like Inoue have historically lost. The great puncher vs the all around boxing technician.

I’ll make this quick. You mentioned in your last mailbag that Jacobs sometimes will get a little too excited and that can lead to energy sapping. I am glad you brought that up because I was wondering that about Wilder. Have you seen how he acts after he drops someone. He starts screaming and pounding his chest. Check out when he drops and stops Stiverne he goes crazy. Also when he dropped Ortiz the first time. I always people that he gets too excited. I feel he gets much more pumped up than Jacobs. I know it hasn’t come back to bite him yet but do you think it at some point that it will?

Bread’s Response: Wilder does get pumped up. I have seen him do it several times. It has never cost him a fight. But it may have cost him the Fury win. Because he needed a wind after he tried to finish and didn’t.

I accept Wilder with all of his flaws because I think they’re his gifts also. That wild, whipping unpredictable power is what makes him dangerous. His crazy hyper personality is what makes him a killer. Wilder is hard to prepare for.

Hey Bread,

Coaches have a gift for training their steads, whether they fought or not.

If you'll notice more often then not mediocre fighters turn out to be trainers, not very good or great fighters.

I have a saying when anyone challenges my training abilities, "I didn't have to be a bad fighter to be a good coach".

Dundee was more a cornerman then a trainer in my opinion.

 Floyd fought much better competition at the same point in his career than Spence and Crawford!

Corrales and Castillo for that matter stayed too small, too long. Floyd with his family boxing pedigree and understanding that more money is made at higher weights consistently moved up in weight.

Most of the deep boxing people I talk with say that Spence could of ramped it up at anytime and KO'd Mikey Garcia, I concur.

Spence knew he was going to beat Garcia. Without KOing Mikey he looked vulnerable, now other welters want to fight him.

There's always a method to the madness of great and want to be great fighters.

Canelo beats Jacobs because the most important thing that Canelo learned from fighting Mayweather is quickness, which is in the mind, whereas Jacobs has speed which is in the body. Canelo beats jacobs with quickness. Canelo is also hitting that reflex bag to tune his reflexes/quickness. The spar bar is a good trainer for quickness, but not as random as a cobra reflex bag.

Maidana is finished, Ariza is trying to work miracles to convert the obese fighter out of the ring for 4 years back to fighting weight and shape. Maidana won't be the same.

Every good trainer knows when their charge is finished.

Breazeale has no chance, he's a journeyman at best and will never have a major strap around his waist. Breazeale has to work too hard in a fight to get results, it's much easier for Wilder.

Whether Granados wins or not, short of a KO, he won't get the victory. Granados will make DSG look bad, but won't be clearly dominant enough himself to win.

I didn't think Harrison won the first fight even after several watchings, but he did a lot of crafty things that judges and officiandos notice, other than trying to slug it out like Charlo. Harrison wins the rematch more clearly and impressively.

Bread’s Response: I have noticed that mediocre fighters percentage wise are more successful at training. I think it’s because they don’t get as frustrated when a pupil doesn’t learn something right away that came easy to them.

Dundee was one helluva cornerman.

Floyd did fight better competition than Spence and Crawford at similar stages. Spence is in his 7th year as a pro. And Crawford is in his 11th year. By the time Floyd was in his 7th year as a pro he had already faced Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo twice. He had already had 13 title fights. Much more than Spence’s 4.

By the time he was in his 11th year as a pro, he had 16 title fights and he was a PPV star because of the Hatton and De La Hoya fights. Crawford has 12 title fights and he’s getting his PPV break vs Amir Khan.

The eras are just different. Top fighters were more active and they were developed faster when Floyd was in his prime.

You know what you’re talking about. I always thought that Corrales and Castillo both played with the scales too long. I feel that if they both moved up earlier then they would have been better off. But you have to remember both were grinders and grinders don’t usually move up as well as boxer punchers.

Are you suggesting that Spence carried Mikey? I can’t tell by your statement. It looked like to me he gave it a try to stop him but got slightly tired so he decided to win it with his jab. He threw and landed a lot punches for a fighter who was attempting to carry an opponent. I don’t want to discredit Mikey for having the toughness and defense to not get stopped.

Quickness is definitely in the mind. Where as speed is in the body. So you think Canelo processes better than Danny. You think his mind is quicker. We will find out May 4th.

I like Maidana. I hope he does well. But 5 years is long time.

Everyone is saying Granados will make Danny look bad. I’m curious as to why. I think Danny can time him and outbox him. He stands a little upright and Danny is murder with those no look looping shots. I know you know what you’re looking at by your comments so you will know what I mean when I say this. Danny tilts his head to places where he gets his opponents eyes to follow his head and he loops unsuspecting shots from there. His opponent’s eyes are on his head and not on the looping shot the punch comes from out of their line of sight. I don’t know if this was trained in him or an innate gift. But Danny is a master at that and I’m not sure if Granados has the pedigree to offset Danny’s gift.

Harrison vs Charlo was super close. I don’t argue the outcome with anyone. Charlo came on strong late and he seemed to wobble Harrison. The commentators also favored Charlo throughout the fight so that can sway opinion. But Harrison kept hitting Charlo with the same counter jab over and over. He also walked Charlo and did not let Charlo carry him fast. The judges don’t hear the commentators on TV. So they weren’t influenced.

I don’t know who will win the rematch. But I do know Charlo has to make an adjustment to Harrison’s jab and comfort level. Harrison was made to feel uncomfortable with Hurd and Nelson. Charlo had his moments but he was never able to drown Harrison. The rematch will depend on that.


Love your mail bag and largely agreed with your mail on Leonard-Hagler.

I idolized Hagler growing up, having really gotten into boxing in ‘82 and it took me some time to realize that SRL was in my opinion the best fighter of the past 50 years.

One thing I would add though is that I remember after the Mugabi fight wishing Hagler would retire as the deterioration was very clear to see, the drop off from the Sibson and Scypion level of performance was noticeable. He had started trading on his iron chin instead of the beautiful mixed game he had. I think when you watch his early title reign, it’s his amazing conditioning and movement that stand out. As a kid the whole look of menace and performance level were amazing to watch.

Now, pound for pound, prime for prime I do think SRL was better but that’s no shame and I think at 160lb in his prime if favor Hagler but realize Leonard could have pulled the upset.

Take care and best of luck in the Hurd fight.

David Graham

Bread’s Response: Leonard was my guy but I really respected and liked Hagler. Hagler is remembered a little different than what he really was. People watch the Mugabi and Hearns fights and they think of him as an ultra aggressive killer which he could be. But I think he had to fight Hearns in that fashion. You can’t play and sit back with Hearns. Hearns’s lead hand is too educated, fast and scorey. By the time Hagler fought Mugabi he was on the back end of his prime but he still had his chin, know how and punch.

After the 1st Willie Monroe fight in 1976, Hagler sort of hit his stride. He avenged his losses with brutal kos. He became comfortable in himself. Hagler is one of the top 10 rematch fighters ever. Sugar Ray Seales, Vito Antoufermo, Willie Monroe, Boogaloo Watts, Fulgencio O and Mustafa Hamsho were all stopped in rematches. To illustrate Hagler’s great adjustments, all of the bouts ended earlier than the previous fight.

Hagler was more of a fluid, hard nosed technician that relied on a jab. He just happened to have heavy hands, a mean attitude and a menacing look. To top it off he had one of the best chins in history. I think Hagler’s peak ended when he stopped winning fights on his best attributes. So his peak was from around 1976-84-85 ish.

I can remember the build up to Hagler vs Leonard. Gil Clancy picked Leonard because he said a whole generation of middleweights fought Hagler wrong. They all tried to swarm him because of the draw with Anteufermo but the real way to beat him was to move away from him because he picked everyone apart who thought they could bully him. Clancy was one of the few experts to pick Leonard.

I don’t know if Leonard could beat a peak apex Hagler. That’s a tough fight for him. Hagler was something and I don’t know if I would pick any middleweight since his peak to beat him.

Love all your insights Bread! Encyclopediac knowledge to say the least.

I’m a South African so as a fan of the sweet science, I know all the word champions and iconic fights including Arnold Taylor knocking out lineal and WBA bantam champ, Romeo Anaya in round 14 after being behind on all scorecards. There are others like lightheavy Pierre Fourie who went up against Bob Foster (2x) and Victor Galindez (2x). Arguably Fourie won the second fight.

But perhaps the greatest fighter this country has produced and arguably Africa has produced  (it also leads to my question), is junior-lightweight HOF Brian Mitchell who defended his title 12x and who because of apartheid could not defend his title locally. He fought a prime Tiger Lopez twice, firstly to a controversial draw but then beat him. He took on all comers after beating Alfredo Layme for the championship. His CV is the whoswho of lightweights at the time (Tony Tiger Lopez, Alfredo Layne, Jim McDonnell, Jose Riviera 2x, Irving Mitchell, Daniel Londas, Aurelio Benitez, Jackie Beard 2x except for Azumah Nelson whom he never faced) Between 1986-1991 he was considered to be the best junior lightweight in the world.

Where do you rate him in terms of your top 10 junior-lightweights of all time. Incidentally, he lost once only and drew 3x avenging all four and so retired as the only lightweight champion as far as I know who beat everyone he faced for a record of 49 fights, 45 wins (21 KOs)-1-3.


Bread’s Response: Brian Mitchell is a terrific fighter. He was an all around tough fighter, solid technician who had supreme fitness. I rate him in the top 6-8 ever at 130lbs. The top 5ish are tough to break through. Mayweather, Arguello, Chavez, Nelson, Pacman and Saddler are tough to beat out. But Mitchell had a more title defenses than all of them.

I really respected him and that win over Tony Lopez on the road was not easy. It’s a shame that apartheid kept us from getting an African super fight vs Azumah Nelson. I have to note that Nelson would have been the favorite in that fight but fights aren’t won on paper they are won in the ring and Nelson was great at 130 but inconsistent.

vasiliy-lomachenko (5)


Obviously you are going to get bombarded with Lomachenko comments/questions after his terrific performance on Friday. So let me quickly touch on a few myths. One is, he can't be P4P #1 in the world since he "barely" has 14 fights. Um, of those 14 fights look at the type of fighters he has beaten and the world champions he has competed against. Another stupid thing being thrown around is no one history has a better resume' than Lomachenko after 14 fights. Okay, without even getting into that debate, why do people act like his 14 fights after turning pro at the age of 25 with nearly 400 amateur fights is comparable to most prospects who barely have around 100 amateur fights and turn pro at the age of 19 or 20? Why is it the extreme with Lomachenko? Dude is an awesome fighter worthy the praise thrown his way but we don't need to make foolish arguments for him, or against him. Just enjoy the ride and see what he is able to accomplish before hanging up the gloves.

It's also amazing to me how Mikey supposedly went into the Spence fight in a no lose situation only to have his stock dropped by most. Why though? Sure he was dominated by Spence, but how much did Marquez's stock drop against Floyd? When you face someone of equal skill with a big size advantage and having no physical advantages yourself, this is par for course in boxing. Before the Spence fight, everyone said Mikey/Lomachenko is either 50/50, or slight edge to Mikey. Now? It's all Lomachenko and Mikey's stock dropped because he didn't win a second of the fight against Spence. I mean if you want to say you are not sure how Mikey gets down to 135? That is fair, but his skill set and talent is still the same so if he can make weight okay, then it's still that great mega match up everyone was looking forward to beforehand.

Lastly, why is it that you never see any Haymon fighter ever ranked high in the WBO rankings? That is the one organization his fighters are never in line for mandatory shots. I mean Haymon probably has nearly 7-10 154 pounders that would snatch the belt off of Munguia if given the opportunity.

Take care,


Bread’s Response: There was a time when PBC fighters like Gary Russell and Peter Quillen fought for the WBO title. I don’t know why they don’t as often anymore.

Loma vs Garcia in my opinion had a chance to be one of the top 5 fights ever at lightweight. Duran vs deJesus 3, Williams vs Jack, Chavez vs Rosario level BIG. But the fight did lose luster because we saw Mikey lose every round to Errol Spence. Spence is a welterweight but the general public doesn’t understand that. They can’t see past that. And rarely do you see a super fight be made after one of the participants comes off of such a one sided lost.

The critics of Loma are ridiculous. I will be the 1st to say that there is racism in boxing. But you can’t put a color on this kid. He’s one of the few lower fighters who goes after black fighters. He’s fought Gary Russell, Nicholas Walters and Guillermo Rigondeaux.  Going after Russell at 1-1 is the ballsiest move I’ve ever seen. Loma’s run is excellent and in his 14 fights his resume is better than 95% of the field. Usyk and Canelo are the only fighters who can challenge him there in my opinion.

I’ve seen fighters who can’t hold a candle to Loma criticize him. How you criticize a 2x gold medalist when you couldn’t make the Olympic team. Forget about medaling but you weren’t good enough to win the trials. How can you criticize Loma when he’s 12-1 in title fights throughout 3 divisions? The average champion only has about 4 title fights.

It makes my teeth itch when I hear he only has 14 fights. Or what about his loss to Salido. Salido is a DOG! Salido beat Francisco Vargas and Rocky Martinez in my opinion. If he gets those wins he has a HOF case. Don’t get it twisted. Salido also came in like 3lbs over and Loma still almost stopped him. I’ve seen the decision that went against Loma go for the A side fighter several times. It was a close fight.

Loma overcame, got better and went on a historic run. People criticize Loma, especially fighters but he’s better than most of them by far. Only a few fighters can hold a candle to Loma.

Terence Crawford is Loma’s challenge to supremacy. Flip a coin between those two. Usyk is terrific but Loma has more championship fights and although Usyk cleared out cruiserweight, I think Loma’s 5 best wins are better than his. Inoue is a true monster and if he wins the bantam tourney then he’s in the argument. He will have passed the accomplishment and eye ball test. Canelo has the best resume and he has great accomplishments. But Canelo has 2 positive PED test in his prime. And Canelo has too many controversial wins on his resume in my opinion. I respect Canelo a great deal but those two things put him behind Loma for me. Spence is coming along but Spence just doesn’t have the resume yet. He’s not an active fighter and he got off to a later start than everyone else. As far as how long it took him to get his 1st shot. If Spence would get 3 fights in a year just once, and fight the 3 best available fighters and beat all 3 he would go up. It’s just that simple. The media already loves him. But he never gets to showcase himself like that. After his Brook ko, he was off for over 6 months. This year started out great for Spence, hopefully he gets a big name in the summer, but if my intuition is correct it won’t be in the summer, it will be in the fall and that will still put him at 2 fights this year. Spence has some catching up to do before he can go the 2 fights/year route.

Loma is as talented a fighter as I’ve seen with the skill and application to match. He’s not Zab Judah or Amir Khan where you can see the talent but other things are missing. This guy has Pernell Whitaker, Floyd Mayweather, Ray Leonard, Manny Pacquiao and Roy Jones level gifts and application. Loma is tougher than he gets credit for. He’s a better puncher than he gets credit for. His footwork and IQ are impeccable. I've seen lots of special fighters and this dude is on the level.

The only objective criticisms that Loma should get are these. He didn’t unify at 130. If 130lbs is his best weight, which we all agree on, then he left food on the table. Miguel Berchelt is there. Loma should have fought him. Tank Davis is there. I don’t know if the fight can get made but don’t leave the division without trying to make it.

The second criticism is Loma hasn’t fought an elite pressure fighter since the Salido lost. I think he would have cooked Salido in a rematch but it was never made. You can’t get credit for it unless you do it. Fight Berchelt.

The last and only other criticism Loma can get is his excuse for not fighting Teofimo Lopez. Loma got 2 back to back title shots in his 2nd and 3rd fights. He was coming off of a loss when he got his 2nd one. I know Salido lost the titles on the scales but nevertheless Loma got those title shots.

If Loma can get 2 title shots that early, which by the way I think he was qualified for. Maybe not deserve but he was qualified for. He showed that with his performances. Then Lopez is qualified to fight Loma. It’s not up to Loma to decide of Lopez is ready or not. If Lopez is too young and green then he should get in there and destroy the kid. I know a few people that think Lopez’s speed, athleticism and physicality beats Loma. As highly as I think of Loma I think it’s a 55/45 fight in favor of Loma. I think Lopez is right with him I don’t care how young he is. Loma needs to fight that kid and not play match maker. Fair is fair. If Lopez wants the WORK give him the WORK. If he gets ruined that’s on him it’s boxing.

What's up Bread?

I'm just curious to know how you scored the Jaime Munguia vs. Dennis Hogan fight.  I had it 115-113 Hogan and I don't see how the judges could find more than six rounds for Munguia (and that's being generous).  I know he mentioned weight as a factor but I think Munguia's technical deficiencies were the main issue.  He actually finished the fight strong but Hogan couldn't miss with his overhand right and Munguia looks befuddled as soon as he has to deal with any kind of movement.  I know he is young and he actually did some good things in spots (going to the body, short uppercuts on the inside) but if he doesn't tighten up, he will be a former titleholder before too long.  As of right now I think the top guys at 154-160 would jump at the opportunity to face him.  What do you think?


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: Hogan won that fight. No one who is credible and not part of Munguia’s team gave Munguia better than a draw. I didn’t score it with a pen and paper but I know what I was looking at. Hogan outboxed Munguia early. And when Munguia made his push, Hogan caught a 2nd wind and won some rounds down the stretch with clean punching. Hogan fought his ass off and he deserved to win that fight. It pains me to see a fight get taken away from a fighter like that.

Denis Hogan is not a super talent. He’s in his mid 30s. For a guy like him to perform like that as a big underdog is saying something. He most likely had to torture himself in order to get that performance out of his body. He may not be able to go to that DARK PLACE again. He deserved it on that night.

I respect Jaime Munguia. He took the GGG fight as a pup and the commission turned him down. He then took Sadam Ali on short notice and won. He’s a dog. But Munguia is very fortunate that he’s the WBO champion and he’s not at 160 over on DAZN or in the PBC at 154. If was in either he would be in BIG trouble. That’s just the truth.

Because I understand the business side, I believe the Canelo fight will get made sooner than later. You can’t leave an 8 figure payday on the table trying to develop a kid too much who’s already a champion. He’s struggling too much at this point.

Hi Bread,

People said Alexis Arguello always struggled against mobile outfighters but did he really struggle so much, considering he somehow always managed to win. People make too much out of his fights against Vilomar Fernandez. Similarly, is there some merit to people saying that Canelo struggles against mobile outfighters or are they reading too much into his only loss. Personally, I saw Mayweather win that fight with his hands and I saw Lara lose to Canelo because he fought that fight with his feet. People forget that a mobile outfighter also needs to throw punches in order to win and that is difficult to do if someone is moving all the time. Having said that, I do feel Canelo will struggle against Jacobs because he is not just taller and rangier but also significantly bigger than Canelo. Cutting off ring against someone who is strong enough to keep you honest with his jab is a whole different thing as opposed to doing it against a Lara or a Khan. I think that Canelo should fight Jacobs like Ward did Kovalev in the 2nd fight. Move around the ring like an outfighter and make Jacobs pursue him but when the time comes to exchange, turn into a pressure fighter. Why follow a bigger and stronger opponent around the ring. Make him come to you and the moment he gets close dig in the body shots. Knowing Jacobs mindset, he will take the bait and start coming towards Canelo instead of making it a chess match.

What do you think should be there strategy? Both Canelo and Jacobs.

All the best to you and J-Rock. Will be rooting for you guys.


Bread’s Response: Arguello was terrific vs various styles. He handled Fernandez in the rematch after his Pryor loss.

No one likes an elite stick and mover. It’s just not easy to deal with. But I don’t consider Danny Jacobs a stick and move fighter. I consider him a hybrid fighter. He’s an athletic puncher, who can box and switch with solid fundamentals. Sometimes we aren’t detailed enough in describing a style.

Canelo is just so dam comfortable in the ring. He moves for 30 seconds at a time on the outskirts then he slides up on you with venom. He walks you down calm then he explodes with the best counter punching in the game.

Both Jacobs and Canelo are so well rounded that I don’t know what exact style they should fight. I can tell you what to look for but in a fight like this, you don’t know what will happen until they line up. For example Canelo may be better from the outside. We don’t know. Just because he’s shorter doesn’t mean he’s not a better outfighter. Look at Castillo vs Corrales. Castillo timed Chico from the outside and Corrales had more success in the midrange forcing exchanges.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacobs could out fight Canelo and Canelo could outbox Jacobs. We just have to see. I think this fight will come down to adjustments from the fighters and their corners. And to when they apply their gifts.

For example Oscar De La Hoya was a super talent but for all of the ATG or Greats, he seemed to do the wrong thing at the wrong time more often than not. De La Hoya tried to walk Mosley down in their 1st fight when he’s a better boxer. He over moved vs Tito and made it appear he lost when he really won. He flailed vs Floyd in a winnable fight when he could have stuck with his jab.

In this fight we have to see not only what Danny and Canelo will do but when they apply it. Remember it’s a 12 round fight and you can only lose 5 rounds. After that you get a draw or loss.

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[QUOTE=Jab jab boom;19710799]100 % coward moves. Especially with Canelo. I'll give Martinez somewhat of a pass because of his injury. Canelo b****ed out and waited out GGGs prime until he felt it was safe.[/QUOTE] Another point Martinez isn't a big…

Comment by Jab jab boom on 05-03-2019

[QUOTE=mick1303;19710720]I have a question to a person, who says that Loma is ducking Lopez and should give him a title shot. What is your evaluation of Canelo's move, when he chose to give up WBC belt rather than fight Golovkin,…

Comment by Jab jab boom on 05-03-2019

[QUOTE=Lomasexual;19710605]I noticed you still run from the questions. The answer to my first question is 'never'. You refused to answer this question, because the follow up question would be 'So why are you f[COLOR="Black"]agg[/COLOR]ots doing it now?'. You wouldn't have…

Comment by mick1303 on 05-03-2019

I have a question to a person, who says that Loma is ducking Lopez and should give him a title shot. What is your evaluation of Canelo's move, when he chose to give up WBC belt rather than fight Golovkin,…

Comment by Lomasexual on 05-03-2019

[QUOTE=Jab jab boom;19699297]so essentially you just said that you quit because you have no defense. I have thoroughly destroyed your logic and have done so without much effort. Enjoy your loss b**** boy.[/QUOTE] I noticed you still run from the…

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