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Daily Bread Mailbag: Khan-Brook, GGG, Peterson

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen 'Breadman' Edwards answering questions on Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook, Kassim Ouma, Julian Williams, Gennady "GGG" Golovkin, Jermall Charlo, Lamont Peterson vs. Felix Diaz and much more.

Great detailed answer on who would provide the best chance of beating Prime Roy Jones. Mine would be DeGale or Benn, simply cause you needed legs just to even keep up with Roy just to even make it interesting. Benn fight would of been so much fun.

Two questions for you this week.

1) you have one of the best uncrowned at 154 under your tutelage, so I'm sure you have educated him on the short history of the division, who is your top3 in history and why? Mine Hearns. Trinidad and Terry Norris.

2) I don't feel Floyd Mayweather has ever faced a real top natural 147lbs, had the chance in 2008/09 but he retired, how do you think he would of faired vs Prime Antonio Margarito and Paul Williams who were monsters at the weight, good chins, stamina and real hard to counter cause they throw combos?

Bread’s Response: Thanks.

Junior middleweight or Super welterweight is not a historically special division but the weight range of 154 is. Ray Robinson often fought in the low 150s when he was struggling to make 147. He would have been a phenomenal 154 pounder. You have also have fighters like Emille Griffith who was actually the champion at 154lbs but his reign at the weight goes extremely overlooked. Griffith was actually a smallish middleweight and he would have thrived in an era of a more celebrated 154 division.

This is a really tough question for me.  But if you twist my arm I would say Hearns, Griffith and Trinidad. I know Mike McCallum and Terry Norris fans will hate me. Norris had a better reign than most named before him. McCallum is an all time great. But I Griffith and Hearns are better. Trinidad is the wild card.

I watched him fight 4 times at 154. Troy Waters, David Reid, Mamadou Thiam and Fernando Vargas. My eyes tell me him and Norris would probably ko each other with Tito winning the rubber match. My eyes also tell me that for as great as McCallum was Tito was quicker in the midrange. I just watched prime McCallum vs Milton McCrory and David Braxton. Before you guys write in debating, watch those fights. McCallum is special. But Trinidad is equal to him in size, he’s quicker, a bigger puncher and just as tough. I know I’m in the minority but I say Tito edges him in a thriller.

Floyd is better than both Margarito and Williams but beating them head to head is a different monster.  I’m really torn and up in the air if he could have defeated both of them during that time span. Those would have been insanely tough matchups.

What's up Bread?
I have to say that I enjoy your insights whenever I present a hypothetical matchup for you and J-Rock against a retired fighter in your weight class (I obviously wouldn't expect you to publicly discuss strategy against an active fighter/potential future opponent).  This time I want to know how you and J-Rock would approach a fight against a prime Kassim Ouma (not sure he is officially retired or not).


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: Ouma was very good during his prime run from about 2002-05. So good I thought he would have beaten Winky Wright. He was tough, strong and had a crazy workrate. GGG fans won’t like this but the reason I would pick Hagler to beat GGG is because of what Ouma was able to do to him. Watch that fight on youtube. Ouma was old and shot and gave GGG hell.

I think the way you beat Ouma is go to his body. He keeps his arms up and in and he lets you get off to his body. You also have to keep turning him because he’s always trying to step into his opponents. Ouma is not an easy fight for anyone.

What's up Bread?

I know you are picking Brandon Rios to pull the mild upset over Tim Bradley but if Bradley wins and Ruslan is victorious in his first fight under Joel Diaz then the rematch has to happen.  They already engaged in the fight of the year once and both of their trainers are supposedly helping them shore up their defense to become better all-around fighters.  When you add that in to a story line that includes Bradley's acrimonious split from Diaz you have what I think is the biggest fight for either guy.  What are your thoughts?


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: I think you are a great matchmaker. I like the fight.

Wassup bread great win, I hope yall get that title shot soon because this yall division now. 
My question is does khan talk to much? or is it because we have so many outlets now that it's inevitable to hear boxers constantly talking? Khan seems to be a whore in the boxing world, everyone uses his name gets him amped up about a fight and commits to someone else. Why doesn't he just move on and let them come to him,  because the same thing mayweather did, pac man is gonna do. He is scared to fight kell brook so he says if he doesn't stop talking he'll never get the fight, he should take his own advice. 
Thanks, O from Philly

Bread’s Response: I don’t know if Amir Khan talks too much. Self promotion seems to be the best promotion but he has seemed to talk his way out of fights. The bigger stars seem to get a kick out of playing Khan along. Khan has also said some things that may not have been true in reference to certain events like the Andre Ward sparring and certain fights that were almost done, Pacquiao. Let’s just say Khan needs to be careful what he sees.

As for Kell Brook. I think Kell Brook knocks Amir Khan out. I think Kell Brook knows he would and that’s why he’s so keen on making the fight.

Sup bread!? I'm in vegas around halloween. If you are there for some reason, beer on me mate.

So in your last mailbag you said:

"Volume punchers are hard to beat, especially the ones with great chins because if you can’t hurt them, they outwork you. It’s simple."

Then after saying this in another question you say roy jones would beat calzaghe. But what I quoted is why I give calzaghe enough to beat anyone at supermid or lightheavy. Calzaghe had maybe the highest volume of any boxer ever (who's higher?) and a solid chin, plus more. Yeh he got dropped early a few times but as you've said, that's a cold chin, not a glass one, he could take a hit - see him vs bika kessler reid hopkins. So I see him coming on super strong vs a roy jones and taking a decision in both at their prime. Fair?

Tyson Fury - had at least 4 big fights delayed or straight die on him at just a few weeks notice max. Wtf is that about? Bad luck or do you reckon opponents go face off and think "Damn, he's huge and super psyched" and want out? I mean I've never seen luck like his.

Also, david haye is one who definitely punked out vs fury. But he's making his comeback now, in training and all. Can a fighter with haye's style and career make a good comeback? Get a good win vs a top 5 guy?

Finally, you saw the jermell charlo thing of him spending 25k in one night at a strip club. A man is entitled to do what he wants of course, but be honest with us bread, if a similar story about jrock came out tomorrow, what would you say to him?

Peace my brother!

Jasveer Singh Gill

Bread’s Response: Thanks bro but I will be taking my kids out to Trick or Treat on Halloween.

As time goes on there are people who believe Calzaghe would have beaten a prime RJ. I am not one of those people. Because a high volume fighter with an elite chin is very tough to beat, it doesn’t mean they are unbeatable.

Jones was a lights out puncher with great stamina in his prime. He also had a debilitating left hook to the liver. Calazaghe would have kept bringing it but I think Jones would have dropped and hurt him throughout.

I don’t know what’s up with Fury. What I do know is that nothing seems to discourage Fury. He’s crazy and it works for him.

Sure Haye can comeback. Especially in this terrible era.

I want to be fair to Jermall Charlo. How does TMZ know exactly how much money he spent? Did they make Charlo put his money in a money counter? How do they know if he money was his or not? There is a lot that goes into that. What I saw was a kid having some fun who just won the world title. He wasn’t in camp…That kind of stuff is really no biggie to me. If it was 2 weeks before his fight I would be more alarmed. But I kid throwing money at a strip club after his fight. It think the media over does it with judgment.

If Charlo were my fighter I would tell him to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He has a right to have a good time and the spend the money he earned on what he wants to spend it on. Taking a small video microcosm of his life and judging him on it is not fair. If a camera secretly taped everything we did, we all would have some iffy moments to explain.

Hey Bread,

It's your Twitter pal, Whitey Cornbread. I've asked you a few questions, all of which you've answered, on Twitter this last year, so instead of bugging you via that medium again, i thought I'd go through a more official channel, haha.

Anyway, this is a quick one. After Golovkin's methodical beat-down of Lemieux, B-hop gave an interview where he basically said any boxers who could 'box' around middleweight (he mentioned Ward) would, after seeing that, see a guy who was beatable. In the past, B-hop has also said he would find a way to neutralise GGG. So my question is how do you see prime Bernard faring against this version of GGG? The problem we have with GGG is that we still don't know how great he could be. So with that in mind, I haven't seen enough thus far to make me think Hopkins wouldn't find a way to neutralise Golovkin and rough him up all night: Hopkins is too adaptable, too clever. Do you see it playing out differently? GGG really needs that defining fight.

And just finally, on the subject - a recently retired guy that I think would give GGG hell: Carl Froch! That guy must have looked like crap when his opponents studied tapes - he's slow, laborious, telegraphs his punches, but what he does really well is measure distance superbly, jab effectively, throw power shots with great extension off the backfoot, and loop shots from weird angles. Not saying he wins, but he causes serious problems. How'd you see that one?

That's it from me, all the best with everything!

Whitey C

Bread’s Response: A prime Bernard Hopkins is a bad night for just about any middleweight who ever lived. At this moment I say he would edge GGG but it would be a tough fight. It’s a difficult assessment because GGG hasn’t faced anyone near the level and it’s easier to pick Hopkins’s resume apart because his legacy is complete. That’s why it’s hard to match up current fighters with past greats.

I think GGG would have knocked Carl Froch out. I think Froch knew it and that’s why he showed him so much respect in his comments about. Froch is not the type of guy to be in awe of fighters but he seemed in awe of GGG. Froch gets hit too clean and to beat GGG. Especially towards the end of his career.

What's up Bread?

I just wanted to get your thoughts on GGG's clinical beatdown of David Lemieux.  I was thoroughly impressed with his patient stalking behind the jab and equally disappointed in Lemieux's inability to utilize any sort of head movement to neutralize it.  Many will complain about the one-sided nature of the contest but Golovkin stood directly in front of a puncher and took away his best weapons despite not being known as a defensive wizard.  Im curious to hear your thoughts.


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: I was very impressed with GGG’s jab and patience. I have always been a believer in Golovkin. Just because I favor Andre Ward to beat him doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s the truth. I think Golovkin gets over analyzed by some media. The guy was ducked by Sergio Martinez. In turn Miguel Cotto has taken his time in fighting him. The two best American middleweights are Danny Jacobs and Peter Quillin. I’m not suggesting they are scared of him but I don’t get the impression they are eager to fight him. GGG can’t help that.

I think Golovkin is a great fighter in the making. He’s calm. He knows exactly what he wants to do in the ring. He has flaws but every fighter has them. The thing that impresses me the most is no one can win rounds on GGG. Since his fight with Proska, let’s count how many rounds he has lost. I can’t remember him clearly losing a round. For all the people who criticize him think about that. He’s fighting championship level fights and he’s probably won over 50 rounds in a row.

In turn Felix Sturm and Sergio Martinez lost 35% of the rounds fought to the same level competition that GGG is completely shutting out. I am a believer. He’s not unbeatable but it’s going to take a lot to beat him.


You already  know that I am a Lamont Peterson fan.   However, I did not think he looked fresh or sharp on Saturday and his feet and hands looked slow.   I thought he looked much better against Danny Garcia.    My theory has always been that he trains to much and I heard that he sparred 500 rounds in preparation for this fight and sometimes sparred 20 rounds per day, I am not a trainer but that feels like its too much.   What do your eyes see?

Which current middleweight has the best shot to beat GGG?   I think it takes a tough, sharp boxer who has a jab of his own and can punch. I am guessing that Kid Chocolate and Cotto are the top two names but I don't know if Kid Chocolate has the durability and cotto has the power against true middleweights.

The real boxers I see having the best chance to beat GGG are not in his weight class.   Andre Ward would outbox and outthink him and Julian Williams given 2-3 years to grow into 160 could jab with him and he has the toughness and grit to win a tough slugfest.

In their Middleweight primes who would win against GGG:   Hopkins, Hagler, Trinidad, Roy Jones, James Toney?

Billy Bomay

Bread’s Response: I only saw glimpse of Peterson’s fight. I didn’t watch it from bell to bell. First off I want to give his opponent some credit. Diaz is better than I thought and maybe better than Lamont thought.

Lamont has always been a little hot and cold. Even in his better performances he has rounds were he loses it. No one remembers his fight with Victor Ortiz. I think Lamont is better than Victor but he was so hot and cold in that fight. Same thing with Tim Bradley. He had his moments but then he let Bradley outbox him from the outside. He gives up the early rounds to Danny Garcia and Amir Khan the he storms back in the end.

At this point I just think that’s who Peterson is. An excellent all around fighter, who has inconsistent ways in the ring.

As for his training I don’t believe that he sparred 500 rounds. That’s an unreal amount to spar and I personally have never heard of anything like that. I don’t have any inside information but that just sounds like an exaggerated number to me. Lamont has a very good coach in Barry Hunter and I would have to hear him confirm that Peterson sparred 500 rounds in one camp.

If you are asking me is 500 rounds too much. I would say it would be too much for my fighters but trainers have different views….However you do make a good case for Peterson being overtrained. I don’t know if he struggles to make weight or if it’s his personality but he does have listless way about him at times. So he very well could be overtraining. I don’t know.

At this point in his career I think he should move to be a full 147 pounder. He’s extremely strong and heavily muscled. I think it’s time.

I think the winner of Canelo vs Cotto has the best shot to beat him. No one else has the pedigree or overwhelming talent at 160 to do it. However I do think some of the young talented 154 pounders will move up one day and give GGG hell.

At this point I would pick Hopkins, Jones, Hagler and Toney all to beat GGG. I know his fans won’t like that but that’s what I see. I am most confident in Hagler and Jones pulling it off.

I think GGG and the Tito that fought William Joppy are just about 50/50. It’s easy in retrospect to dismiss Tito at 160 but people don’t realize he was a 6 to 1 favorite to defeat Bernard Hopkins. Tito was in the zone in 2001 and it took an all time great performance by Hopkins to derail him.

GGG is brutal but he doesn’t have the movement to befuddle Tito like Hopkins did. GGG can also be counter punched. He doesn’t bring his hands back in place after he punches. He leaves them out and down often. The problem is in most of his fights there is one way traffic. Felix Trindidad would not be afraid and he would hit him back. I think it would have been a brutal shootout. And I’m not as sure as others that GGG would beat Tito.

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Comment by Bigg Rigg on 10-21-2015

[QUOTE=truefan;16153667]You can see he started having cramps in his abdomen. That usually comes from being dehydrated. It explains a lot but also could be his inconsistent ways. The Peterson that "beat" Danny Garcia was at his best. I do not…

Comment by Deevel916 on 10-21-2015

[QUOTE=gauchomalo;16152640]Lamont over trained , sacrificed to make the weight , you could see he didn't have the energy or strength that he had in the fights he fought over 140lbs , in a rematch over 140lbs he beats diaz more…

Comment by truefan on 10-21-2015

You can see he started having cramps in his abdomen. That usually comes from being dehydrated. It explains a lot but also could be his inconsistent ways. The Peterson that "beat" Danny Garcia was at his best. I do not…

Comment by gauchomalo on 10-21-2015

Lamont over trained , sacrificed to make the weight , you could see he didn't have the energy or strength that he had in the fights he fought over 140lbs , in a rematch over 140lbs he beats diaz more…

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