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Daily Bread Mailbag: Cotto vs. Canelo, Rousey, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards answering questions regarding the shocking upset of UFC superstar Ronda Rousey, Saturday's blockbuster between Miguel Cotto and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, Edwin Rodgriguez's war with Michael Seals, the future of WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, and more.

What's up Bread?

I just wanted to know if you got to see Edwin Rodriguez's knockout of Michael Seals in their 3-round slugfest this past Friday night.  The fight was thoroughly entertaining yet surprisingly sloppy at the same time considering that Rodriguez was the clear A-side as a fringe contender compared to the relatively unknown Seals.  Both guys were wide open to the other's money punch all night which is why both guys hit the deck multiple times.  Rodriguez was lucky to escape and if i were part of his brain trust I would hold off on the names he mentioned in the post fight interview.   If Michael Seals had him on queer street then Adonis Stevenson and Sergei Kovalev would decapitate him and Fonfara would batter him too.   I think an appropriate matchup would be a 170 ish catchweight fight against Chavez Jr.  Both are "name" fighters who are tweeners stuck between 168 and 175.  What are your thoughts?  Also why/how do you think Edwin Rodriguez has gotten so far with such glaring technical deficiencies?

Keep up the good work

William in West Palm

Bread’s response: The fight was a little sloppy but it was also highly entertaining. I was always impressed in how hard Rodriguez tried vs Andre Ward. He may not be neat, but he’s well conditioned, he’s strong and he can punch. He’s the perfect example of the saying, “The whole is greater, than the sum of it’s parts.”

At this point Rodriguez needs to fight the biggest fight possible for his career. He’s not a great fighter but he has a chance to clip anybody that’s trying to clip him. Ward is a defensive specialist who beat him with a jab. Those other guys you named will be in the danger zone. Rodriguez is no kid, no need to treat him like he has kid gloves on. I actually think he has a shot at Adonis Stevenson. I wouldn’t favor him to win but I also don’t think he’s upside down in the fight.

Excellent work as always. Masterful how you put certain questions in their place.

What did you make of Bradley punching technique before and after? The angles he was picking? The combos?

It look like he was hooking with his thumb up and his step around then punching must of felt like Rios was fighting a gang.

If you was Tim Bradley Promotor/Manager would you go up 154 to fight Canelo? Chase a rubber match with Pacquaio? Or take on mandatory Sadam Ali?

What do you make of this era of small guys? Most of the top 147 guys our under 5'8, you have Cotto and Canelo both under 5'9. Is it laziness? Day before weigh ins? Or money?

What is your favourite punch? Mine is the jab to the pit

Bread’s Response: I don’t think Bradley’s punch technique and delivery changed. He still  flails. But his punch sequence and angles did. Those step around moves were a thing of beauty.

Bradley is in a good spot. He has lots of options. If I were him, I would take the most winnable fight that paid me the most. That fight would be against Pacquiao.

I don’t think make much of the size of the welters in this era. I just correct people when they scream how evolution is so prevalent in boxing and I point out the average sizes are just about the same from 85 years ago. The Barney Ross, Jimmy McClarnin era had the same size welters as today. It’s laughable to me that people repeat that myth without proper research. The heavyweights have gotten bigger as a whole but they aren’t greater. The Klitschkos are the only big heavyweights of this era that you would consider to be great. And this is actually in my opinion the worst era of heavyweight boxing ever. I am flattered that Anthony Joshua, Joseph Parker and young American amateur Darmani Rock will take over the division in the next few years.

My favorite punch is the punch that lands the most on a particular opponent.

Whats going on bread, hope all is well and cant wait to see j-rock back in the ring. I have  a few questions, most people regard Wladimir Klitschko as a top 15-20 heavyweight of all time. Assuming he fights 2 more yrs and beats fury, glazkov, luis Ortiz, wilder and Joshua where does that put him on the all time heavyweight list? That would be 7 straight undefeated heavyweights in a row including Jennings and pulev. Also I see Floyd isn't as hot on broner as he once was and is now standing next to spence and davis, do you see a future matchup between the 2 next yr? I mean the ppv numbers would be great and for the 1st time in a longgggggggggggggg time Floyd would be the good guy in the promotions. I see broner slowly being more disrespectful to Floyd and his team so this seems inevitable.Also with so many good young fighters on the verge of winning there 1st world title who do you think will be the 1st to become world champ out of a group that includes Oscar valdez, Antoine douglas, errol spence, amir iman, Anthony Joshua, Arthur beterbeiv or felix verdejo? Lastly what are your thoughts on yusef mack and the stuff that's surrounding him right now? It seems now he is cashing out on this scandal. He went from denying his sexual preference to totally embracing it.Whats going on in Thanks for your time enjoy your holidays

Bread’s Response: I don’t want to speculate too much on where Wlad will be on a 7 fight run. That’s too much my friend. I have a friend who does that and his hypothetical scenario never plays out. I don’t mind speculating on 1 or 2 fights but you’re asking me about 7 in a row. No way your scenario plays out. Boxing is not like that.

I definitely think there is a chance Mayweather vs Broner can happen. It’s boxing I have seen crazier things happen. The only problem is no one would believe Broner could win.

Good question about the prospects. Oscar Valdez has cooled of a little bit. He’s the #1 guy in the WBO and that means he would have to fight Vasyl Lomachenko. So if that happens I say he won’t be a champion right away.

Antione Douglas has been matched the toughest out of the prospects you named. The problem is he’s a middleweight and GGG is the boss hog at the weight. I don’t know where Douglas is rated but if he goes after the WBO belt he has a shot. If he goes after GGG he can compete but I don’t think he will win.

Spence is in a good spot. It’s just depends on what title he gets to fight for. I don’t think any of the guys rated high in the WBC or WBA want to fight him. I would make him the favor over all of them. I think they are letting Spence get too mature. Instead of running from him they should jump on him now when he still has stuff to learn. Next year he’s going to wipe them out. I would only make Brook the favorite to beat him at this moment. The problem for Errol is I don’t believe he will get a voluntary title shot, he will have to be a mandatory.

Amir Imam is the mandatory for a shot at Victor Postol. I love Imam but I’m not sure that’s a good fight for him. Let me think about it a little more before I answer.

Anthony Joshua I believe has a shot to beat both Wladimir Klitshcko and Deontay Wilder right now. The problem is he won’t get a shot until late 2016 or 2017.

Beterbiev is out 9 months with an injury..

I think they will sneak Felix Verdejo in a title shot next. 135 is wide open at the moment. He could be the first.

Please don’t start with the Yusaf Mack questions. He’s a retired boxer, his lifestyle has nothing to do with boxing or Philadelphia. There are some terrific fighters old and young from Philadelphia you can ask me about. Darmani Rock and Jaron Ennis are Olympic hopefuls in 2016. Bernard Hopkins is one of the greatest 40 and over fighters ever. Danny Garcia is 31-0. Julian Williams and Jesse Hart are on the verge of title shots next year in two of boxing’s best divisions…..

What's up Bread?

I just read an article in which Oscar De La Hoya said that Canelo should fight GGG in 12-18 months to let the fight marinate.  Do you agree with this?  It also seems that there will be an issue in regards to weight since both guys (Cotto and Canelo) seem reluctant to face anyone at the full middleweight limit much less Golovkin.  Do you think GGG should be willing to fight below 160 to make the fight happen? Also many critics point to his PPV sales (or lack thereof) as a reason for the Canelo-Cotto winner to either completely dictate terms or avoid the fight altogether.   I think that is a lame excuse though because the only PPV headliners in the game besides Floyd (at least semi-retired) and Manny (one fight from retirement) are Canelo, Cotto (about a year from retirement), Golovkin, and possibly Kovalev with the right opponent.  To me that puts GGG at the sport's upper echelon as far as drawing power and i don't see a more lucrative option for Cotto and Canelo other than a rematch or trilogy (or the unlikely scenario of a Floyd rematch).  Sorry for the lengthy email but it bothers me when i hear the "he's not a draw" excuse about a guy who just headlined his first PPV.


William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: I don’t know what agreements Golden Boy made with the WBC in order to get the fight….As far as building up the fight. Without any legal obligations being involved I think Canelo has a right to make a voluntary defense. But after that he needs to fight GGG. The middleweight champion whoever it has been has been ducking the man long enough. Enough is enough. Canelo can actually get some things done vs GGG.

We all know Canelo struggles to make 154. He hasn’t made it since 2013. The next division up is 160. If Roberto Duran who started his career as small as he did could fight Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns and Iran Barkley all at the weight limits, Canelo can surely fight GGG at 160.

I don’t think GGG should compromise his health or his performance level to fight a man who holds the middleweight title at any weight below 160lbs. People say he can make 154lbs. I say if he could make it he would have made it. Just because he stays low in camp doesn’t mean he can make 154 and be effective. It means he’s a dedicated athlete who understands cutting weight is dangerous, so he manages his weight well.

Hey Breadman,

I know you don’t comment much on MMA, but I wanted to get your thoughts on the Ronday Rousey hype, and the fact that her first loss was so highly publicized. It mixes well with boxing since Rousey was featured on the cover of The Ring magazine. Not too long ago, Floyd Mayweather got a lot of grief for fighting Berto on PPV. Meanwhile Rousey was being touted as the most dominant athlete alive, and comparisons to Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson were made regarding her invincibility and dominance. That is, after only 14 fights, most of whom were fought against competition nobody ever heard of. Contrast that to Mayweather-Berto. At least Berto was a professional fighter with lots of fighting experience.

As it turns out, the first time Rousey fought a fighter with skills, she lost. And it is being featured among the all-time great upsets, along the line of Mike Tyson losing to Buster Douglas. The same Mike Tyson who won the heavyweight championship at age 20 and had racked up a record of 37-0 against several former world champions and an Olympic gold medalist. I would think a little perspective is in order and this shows the height of hyping up an unproven fighter (in Ronda Rousey).

Also, and here is where it gets interesting: your thoughts on a boxer beating a seemingly invincible MMA fighter with a judo background. James Toney didn’t do all that well in the Octagon. Will this inspire more boxers to try their hand in MMA?

Lastly: the cruiserweight version of Holyfield vs Rocky Marciano – who do you have winning that fight?



Bread’s Response: I think the UFC  may get more female boxers because the platform is different. But there is no reason for  male elite level boxers to fight in the UFC. It takes away their skill level. In a street fight if a guy can box better than you, you grab or kick him. In a boxing ring you can’t grab or kick. In the UFC you can. There is no reason for a great, relevant boxer to get involved in the UFC, Only marginal talents or veterans who are well past it….

As for Rousey’s star level, well she deserved some of the accolades. She was the most dominant fighter in the UFC and she’s reasonably good looking. Sure they added some sauce to her and made her into a big star but that’s what a promoter is supposed to do. The girl was delivering in the ring. I don’t watch the UFC but I have seen the results of her fights. She was dominant. And as far as I know 90% of the public and media were picking her to win this last fight she lost….

She wasn’t an unproven talent. She was a world champion in her sport. Just because we don’t know her competition that doesn’t mean they weren’t worthy. It could very well mean we just don’t know them.

I want to add. I know Rousey was a little cocky. But the worst thing about combat sports are the asshole trolls who troll social media. I have never saw so many cruel memes mocking Rousey’s ko. And before anyone says she got what she deserved because she was cocky and outspoken. I would agree but the trolls did the same thing to Manny Pacquiao and he’s humble and soft spoken. We just live in a shitty time where regular people get to mock and insult more popular and successful people.

Evander Holyfield was my favorite fighter after Ray Leonard stepped away from the sport. I have never rooted for a fighter so hard. I have watched Holyfield’s entire reign at Crusierweight. He probably entered in his prime in his 2nd fight with Dwight Qawi. I don’t know if any man in history can deal with him hovering around 190lbs. Ezzard Charles, Gene Tunney, Sam Langford, Jack Dempsey, Joe Walcott and of course Rocky Marciano are among a select few who could rumble Holyfield near that weight.

I am a huge fan of Rocky Marciano and in a p4p sense he’s one of our better heavyweight champions. He’s a brutal, heavy puncher. He has some of the strongest legs ever. He rolls shots and stays at an angle as good as any shorter fighter I have ever seen. He’s also dead game and indefatigable. 

This fight would be a blockbuster. Most would assume that Holyfield outboxes him and I can’t say I disagree with that. But I think he would have holy hell on his hands. In a 15 rounder I say he ekes it out like he did Qawi in their first fight but man o man would he have to earn it. Marciano is nothing to play with.

Cotto vs Canelo. Who and Why?

Bread’s Response: I love it straight and to the point. I have Canelo. But it’s not because I think Cotto’s reemergence is weak. He sparked Delvin Rodriguez. After Cotto, Rodriguez went 12 rounds with Erislandy Lara. He sparked Daniel Geale in the same fashion GGG did. He sparked Sergio Martinez. I’m tired of hearing about Martinez’s knee. Martinez wasn’t limping when he walked in the ring. No one lese knocked him around like that. Last time I checked Martinez was the favorite. I think Cotto’s run is legit.

Cotto could very well win this fight and the more I think about it it’s really a 50/50 fight. But I lean Canelo because although Cotto is rejuvenated I don’t believe his skin and scar tissue is. I think Canelo is going to bust Cotto up. I think this fight will be a high contact boxing match. With lots of violence and skill. With both guys getting their pounds of flesh. But Canelo’s fans will be louder, he will draw more blood and at times Cotto will look like he’s running instead of boxing. Because of this I think Canelo will get more credit from the judges. I think Cotto’s great jab carries the day early with Canelo’s combination punching coming on midway through. This fight will close and controversial. I say Vegas likes Canelo a little bit more.

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User Comments and Feedback
Comment by Sledgeweather17 on 11-20-2015

[QUOTE=Deevel916;16246746]I lol at all this hate for rousey. Had she won, the majority of posters here would be crying about why are there threads about it. Being as she lost, those same posters can't stop talking about her.[/QUOTE] She was…

Comment by Mr.Daddy on 11-20-2015

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;16247445]Interesting read, thanks ^^ I see your point.[/QUOTE] No problem. Rousey's former coach has the credentials, and he sounded really professional (no ax to grind - just solid information), so it's much easier to credit his thoughts. It will be…

Comment by BrometheusBob. on 11-20-2015

[QUOTE=Bandman;16247334]nobody came to broners defense when the internet torched him after maidana. stop coddling the girl just because shes cute. let her face the music. if floyd ever lost it would be even worse for him. dont cry about it,…

Comment by M Bison on 11-20-2015

[QUOTE=Deevel916;16246746]I lol at all this hate for rousey. Had she won, the majority of posters here would be crying about why are there threads about it. Being as she lost, those same posters can't stop talking about her.[/QUOTE] Chances are…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 11-20-2015

[QUOTE=Mr.Daddy;16247367]I heard an interview with Rousey's former judo coach (Olympics, world championship - high level stuff), and he said that from his knowledge of Ronda, that she would not want a rematch with Holly Holm. And that got me thinking…

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