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Daily Bread Mailbag: Charlo Twins PPV Wins, Clayton, More

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as the Charlo twins and their big victories from last weekend, top contender Custio Clayton, fights being overcooked, and more.

I just read an article regarding ALOT accurate boxing predictions regarding future champions Etc) so I figure you are the man to ask this to, ive contacted journalists like dan rafeal and reply. So I said well f--- it im gonna leave it at that and just have some patience see what happens with my man Custio Clayton.

Right now undefeated with 18-0 record ranked #4th in the WBO 5th in the IBF and I Beileve 6th in the WBA 2012 Olympian 5 time amateur champion Etc) I can go on. Man I’ve been following his carreer heavily since the Olympics, I went to school with him I talk to him regularly. he was robbed in the Olympics fighting a British fighter and I’m not bias. He was robbed, anyways!! My question is this: what’s your opinion on “Stio” and what type of fight do you think he’ll need to get to his ultimate goal of world title holder, It’s very hard for him to get the fights he needs, a lot of people don’t want to fight him, is it Becuase they’re duckin em? Or is it because he isn’t a name yet, he was in the works of a fight with Porter but porter picked Formella and porter didn’t look particularly good in that fight, we all know why he picked Formella cuz he would of got hurt with stio I think. Anyways let me know what you think about custio. And/or do you think he will even get to the very top.  I want to hear your honest opinion non of this will be relayed to him in any shape or form, I want to boost his confidence By all means and don’t want to distract him with any opinions whether good or bad. So this is a person email to you from me and it stays here.


Jake Clements

Bread’s Response: Think he’s a good. He’s athletic, he has pedigree and he’s very fit. But whenever I see a fighter who has been fighting this long and well into his 30s and still has not taken the big stage I always wonder what’s wrong. In my opinion he’s moving too slow. Fighters who have turned pro after him and are much younger have now passed him. That’s the danger of moving too slow. You not only have to catch the fighters ahead of you but the fighters behind you pass you up.

I don’t know who’s ducking him or not. What I do know is, Jaron Ennis and Vergil Ortiz are in a much better career space than he is. I don’t why but that’s just how it is. Someone on his team is not doing their job. Promoter, Manager or maybe it’s him. But someone needs to be held accountable because of how slowly he’s moving.

I see this often. In fact I just saw it with Michael Zewski another Canadian. A talented fighter who has taken forever to step up. Then he when he does he got stopped by Mean Machine. These fighters reach their physical primes much earlier than people realize and moving that slow usually comes back to bite you.

Yo Bread, I’ve been reading and digesting the information you put out in mailbags back to the boxingtalk days. I’ve learned a lot and learned a lot which has only increased my appreciation for what I feel is the toughest sport in the world.

What do you think of fighters being able to negotiate ring size? Gloves, etc. To me  it can change the perspective of the outcome of a fight. In no other sport can you negotiate what should be set parameters of the game. There’s no 11 foot goal in basketball or 120 yard football field in the NBA or NFL, if the team that has the drawing power dictates it. I understand those are better run and regulated sports. I suppose at the end of the day the record doesn’t show fighter so and so ( the boxer) beat the other fighter ( brawler) in a larger than normal ring. Crazy variables that can majorly impact the outcome fight and how it plays out in the ring.  I feel there should be consistency and not have these items up for negotiation. It only seems to be talked about on rare occasions in the media.

Bread’s Response: I think all ring sizes should be standard. 20x20 is about right. Glove size is not negotiable but glove type is. I think that’s fair. Athletes in team sports don’t all wear the same type of helmets or shoes etc.

Honestly these days ring size is not negotiated so much. The ring doesn’t get changed for the undercard fights to the main event. However I have seen the ring surface tampered with. Made thicker for the A side fighter. I think Gloves are a bigger deal. Everyone has an opinion about glove types. ALLEGEDLY, The Grants are small rocks. The Everlast Mx padding is too soft and can be manipulated, supposedly. So you have those ALLEGED issues but not so much ring size. ETC. I am not going to berate or promote any gloves. I’m just stating what issues occur. I don’t know how to rectify that. There are too many glove companies and depending on where a fighter is from and what type of hands he has, he has a choice of various gloves. Everlast, Reyes, Rival and Grant seem to be the most popular. However I don’t think Gloves should be custom made. I think Gloves should be standard regardless of what company they are from.

To me a bigger deal in boxing is the selection of the officials. That has a much bigger impact on the outcome of a fight than glove type or ring sizes do. There are some historically horrible referees and judges in boxing who keep getting jobs. The #1 question, 2 weeks before a fight from experienced teams are who will the officials be. Officials decide as many fights as fighters do.


You called both Charlo fights on the nose. Jermall by decision and Jermell by ko. What did you think of both fights? Do they make your P4P top 10 now? And do you think Rosario took a dive, like the social media experts are talking?

Bread’s Response: I bet both Charlos on those outcomes. I thought Jermall did a good job. He used a hard jab, and he mixed in some nice counter punches. He had some trouble but he never lost CONTROL. At no point in the fight did I think SD was taking over, despite a few good rounds. He even fatigued Jermall a little bit but Jermall’s mind was clear. Solid performance. I think after a PPV, there should be talk of Jermall vs Andrade, Canelo or GGG in whatever order. Those are the big fights at middleweight. Let’s wait to see what the PPV numbers say because that will dictate the demand.

I thought Jermell fought well. He was losing rounds in my opinion when he wasn’t scoring knockdowns but he was super focused. His eyes were dead on Rosario. Jermell was CRISP. Jermell is just not busy so he will lose rounds. But he can punch and he can strike suddenly like I said previously.

HELL NO Rosario didn’t take a DIVE. He was convulsing on the canvas. He was trying to knock Jermell’s head off. He even buzzed Jermell with a left hook but Jermell hid it well. These HATERS are always trying to sh-t on fighters. If Rosarios takes a dive it takes away from Jermell’s victory or makes Rosario a coward and I don’t believe either is true. I thought Rosario was DYING in the ring literally when he was on the canvas. That was scary. People need to shut up.  I believe he was really hurt. It was a sudden shot that surprised him. The way he holds his hands, his body is susceptible.

I was confident Jermell would win because of how each looked at the weigh in. I literally ran out and bet after I saw Rosario. He looked sucked in. His eyes looked drained. Jermell looked alert. Derrick James said that Jermell was in the high 160s when camp began. So he’s going to be stronger than a fighter who cuts 25-30lbs in camp. It matters!

Here is the thing you guys don’t take into consideration. Everyone keeps bragging about Rosario’s 16 week training camps. Well that BURNS you out after a while. If a fighter is in reasonable shape entering camp and not fighting weight issues, 6-8 weeks is all you really need.

Rosario is a big guy. Rehydrating or doing weight cut tricks in the bubble may be limited. 16 weeks can possibly cause overtraining. On top of that Jermell knocked his equilibrium off. That messes up the nervous system. I’ve always said go to a bigger fighter’s body to stop their momentum. Rosario was Not expecting that shot at all. Jermell stepped in with it and totally shocked his body. There are plenty of nerves in the stomach and for all we know, Jeison stuffed himself to feel better after the weigh in. Also if you observe closely Jeison was not sweating too much. That’s a sign of overtraining. There are lots of factors in boxing. It’s hard to repeat 2 perfect camps. And most importantly Rosario was in the ZONE vs Julian Williams. It’s hard to be in the zone in back to back fights. Your baseline average has to kick in. Obviously I’m speculating on how Rosario’s camp went but from his eyes I saw a drained fighter.

And for the record Rosario was fighting well. Out of 7 rounds scored he won 3 or 4. He couldn’t take Charlo’s punches, the way Charlo took his. Both brothers have world class chins/durability and they seem to always take the better shot in their fights.

Breadman -

Watching Chavez Sr in his exhibition against Arce. El Gran Campeon de Culiacan is seldom brought up in your mailbag. What is your take on his body of work?

The Meldrick Taylor fight is his career highlight, not without controversy. Richard Steele blew that call, simple as that. That Meldrick Taylor gives anybody and everybody hell that night. He was so fast, crisp, fought with heart and left a piece of himself that night.

Where do you rate a prime Chavez all-time? He could do no wrong to the Mexican fan base, however, just like every promoter fight there were some gift decisions.

One more topic to discuss... gift decisions. Let’s say Mayweather doesn’t get one in the first Castillo fight, Trinidad doesn’t in the de la Hoya fight, Chavez doesn’t get the gift versus Sweet Pea, there’s been quite a bit. These decisions have serious ramifications to boxing history. Who do you think benefited the most from a gift decision? IMHO Mayweather Jr did for all the obvious reasons.

Hope all is well with you and can’t wait to see you manning corners again! All the best!
Richard K.

Bread’s Response: Hmm… Good question. Yes I do believe anytime a fighter’s record is based on being undefeated and he receives and close controversial decision, it helps his legacy a little more than a fighter who already has a loss. So Chavez and Mayweather both benefited from close decisions going their way. I don’t think Mayweather vs Castillo or Maidana were robberies though. I just think they were razor close and both guys had cases for winning.

I rate Chavez as an ATG. He’s the greatest Mexican fighter ever. He’s a top 3-4 fighter ever at 130. His peak was at 135 but he didn’t stay there long enough to create an All Time legacy. But head to head at 135 he’s murder. He’s 1-2 all time at 140lbs. Only Aaron Pryor can honestly challenge him for the top spot. Kostya Tszyu and Antonio Cervantes are great but Pryor and Chavez are clearly greater and better. I think he’s a top 30-40ish fighter ever. Great fighter. Also top 10 ever in body punching and chins. Chavez was something. Just watch the Edwin Rosario fight. Might be best pressure performance ever.

I believe the referee got it wrong in the first Taylor fight. Many now disagree with me but I have my reasons and I stand on them. They needed an opportunity to take that fight from Taylor but Chavez’s greatness and clutch knockdown earned him the opportunity. There is no luck in boxing but Chavez very fortunate that night.

Lot’s of fighters have benefitted from close decisions. I don’t want to single anyone out because that’s not fair. But 99% of fighters in history at the top level have won a controversial decision. At the top level things get tight.


The card this past weekend was billed as being one of the most stacked PPV cards we have seen in a while and it delivered! I had a few slight complaints about the intermissions and the amount of breaks there were, but those breaks allowed me to catch the Lakers/Nuggets game 5 so I wasn't too mad.

Anyways, on to the two Charlo brothers fights. The chins of both fighters are very impressive. Jermall looked like he needed a breather or needed to regroup a few times due to Derevyanchenko's pressure and body shots, but he would quickly recover before getting his offense off. Jermell felt Rosario's power and smartly would clinch. The instincts both have are impressive to me considering they weren't great amateurs or had an extensive amateur career. They have been professionals for over a decade so that certainly helps. I don't know if you have noticed, but both fighters damn near stay in the gym year around. They are in shape when they enter camp and I can't help but that think that is a huge advantage for them come fight night. Fans will continue disrespecting both of them and say they have flaws, but it's going to take a hell of a 12 round performance to beat either fighter. They certainly will make you work for it, physically and more importantly mentally.

I like playing the odds games with you, so break down these potential match ups for both brothers:

Jermell vs Lara
Jermell vs JRock
Jermell vs Castano
Jermell vs Hurd
Jermall vs GGG
Jermall vs Andrade
Jermall vs Canelo
Jermall vs Jacobs
Have a blessed day!
Take care.

Bread’s Response: Jermall did need a breather vs SD. He was hit with a nice body shot. But he’s a dog and he fought through it. SD did well but at no point did I think Jermall lost control of him. Jermall was just too big and he didn’t need to expend the energy SD needed to be effective. SD would need to have a Sergio Martinez type of middleweight energy, not so much his style, but Martinez’s energy to beat Charlo. He tried his ass off and he’s a real animal. I haven’t seen will power like SD’s in a long time. But he just comes up short in every area. He’s not tall. He can punch but he’s not a lights out guy. He’s not slow but he’s not a speedster. He has a good work rate but he needs a higher one. He has solid defense but he takes too many punches. I actually feel bad for him because he’s literally giving ALL of himself for us to enjoy. He’s a real prize fighter. Stand up Sergey!

Back to Jermall he did his thing as I expected he would. Excellent performance. He stays within himself and he really executes.

Jermell also did his thing. Rosario came to get it. Rosario was walking Jermell down with a nice jab and some nice body shots. Jermell was getting banged up to the body. Rosario must have watched tapes of the Harrison fight. Jermell’s trunks were really high. But as I said, Jermell shows a clutch gene. He always lands the shot he needs to land. Rosario hurt Jermell with a left hook in the 6th round and Jermell grabbed him. Towards the end of the round, Jermell landed a left hook on the temple and it basically won him the fight. Clutch.

The reason why fans don’t go crazy over the Charlos is because for as good as they are, they don’t look special. They are both big, athletic, durable, strong and have sound fundamentals. But they aren’t the most talented guys you will see. They don’t have Haney’s, Ennis’s, Pacquiao’s, Andrade’s, Loma’s, Monster’s or Teofimo’s talent. They’re skillful but they don’t have Canelo’s, Jrock’s, Harrison’s, Lubin’s or Crawford’s skillset. If they don’t score kos they don’t look special. But if you look at their results they are getting to be special. They stay consistent and they win. Boxing is more than meets the eye. Sometimes it’s the unseen things that make fighters great. Carl Froch didn’t LOOK better than Jermaine Taylor but he was. The Charlos have taken some time to catch on but they are doing their thing. I don’t think they are unbeatable but I do respect them.

Jermell vs Lara. I like Jermell to beat Lara at this point. I think Lara would be competitive but Jermell is just too young and vibrant. Jermell by decision.

Jermell vs Jrock. You guys will laugh at me but Jrock is all wrong for Jermell. He’s too busy and skillful. If Jrock shows up like he did for Hurd, he wins a UD. His jab is too good and he’s too sharp. It literally comes down to if Jermell can clip him, which he can but I don’t know if he will. Very tough fight for Jermell stylistically because Jermell has a low output and he’s not hard to hit. Jrock works and is sharp. Jermell struggles in his fights where he doesn’t CLIP his opponents. Jrock is very hard to beat on points.

Jermell vs Castano. This is a good fight but I think Castano is too small for Jermell just like SD was too small for Jermall. Jermell by clippage.

Jermell vs Hurd. The old Hurd I think would outwork Jermell. The one who fought Lara. But Hurd has now changed his style. He doesn’t have the god given reflexes to box Jermell. Jermell is sharper. Hurd won all of his big fights by being a DOG. Harrison, Trout and Lara. Now because he couldn’t walk Jrock down he wants to be a different fighter. Fighters OVERTHINK after a loss. Being a big pressure fighter got him to a unified title and top 10ish P4P fighter. He could have added a better jab and just managed his weight better. He could have added better defense without changing his mentality. I think Jrock ruined Hurd’s confidence and I don’t think he’s willing to go to Dark Places again. Because of that I pick Jermell. Hurd is going to be caught in between styles. Hurd is listening to all of these EXPERTS who criticized him after the Jrock fights. But the same people were picking him to win BEFORE the fight.

No one wants to deal with a 6ft, iron chinned fighter, who throws 70 punches a round and fights to the death. That’s what Hurd was. I know Hurd took punishment but he made his money. He could just retire early. I believe in retiring early. So instead of fighting until you’re 35-40. Get out at 32 but give yourself your best chance to win. There is a reason Hurd turned into a DOG in the 1st place. It’s not like he can’t box. He can and did well early in his career. But at the ELITE level, he couldn’t outbox his opponents so he went to his ACE. Your elite level fights are what define you. Those are the performances you get remembered for. So as of now I would take Jermell to beat him.

Jermall vs GGG. I would take Jermall over GGG at this point. GGG is 38 and Jermall is 30. They are the same type of fighter but one has way more amateur fights and pro fights. GGG has slipped and he gets hit too easy. But Jermall has to be very careful. GGG is the best puncher I have ever seen in the gym. There was a right hand to the head and a left hook to body that SD hit Jermall with, that if GGG would have, it could have been over. I just think one fighter is ascending and one is descending. Jermalll for the win.

Jermall vs Andrade. At one time I thought Andrade was too fast for Jermall. But I think Andrade has slowed down slightly. He seems bulkier. He also makes some mistakes with wild looping shots. Andrade is more naturally gifted and I’m slightly leaning towards him but it’s hard for me because I don’t know if Andrade can take Jermall’s punches for 12 rounds. Andrade loops his shots and gets wild. Jermall has much better punch technique. Jermall throws short, compact, murder punches. Ask me this one again. This is a tough call.

Jermall vs Canelo. I like Canelo to beat Jermall. Canelo is too fast, too talented and too calm. Canelo is short but he can parry Jermall’s jab and jab with him. I think Jermall would be in the fight but Canelo processes too fast mentally for Jermall. I know people think he can beat Canelo but Canelo is a “like that”. He’s almost an ATG fighter. He may be one. Jermall is getting better but he’s not as good as Canelo yet. Canelo by a close but clear decision. There is a difference between being athletic and being talented. Jermall is more athletic. He probably can run faster and play more sports. But Canelo is more talented. His reflexes, hand eye coordination and freaky punch selection is talent. People always confuse the two. My daughter is the most athletic kid I have ever seen. She can do 15 real pullups. More than most fighters. In a linear footrace, she is faster than 99% of the 9 yr old girls in the WORLD. Literally not figuratively.  But my son is more talented. He can make a left hand lay up the right way. He can hit left handed and right handed in baseball. And in football it’s almost impossible to tackle him one on one. But he’s not as fast or explosive as my daughter. See the difference.

Jermall vs Jacobs. This is a good fight. If I flip a coin I say Jermall. My guts just tells me that he would pull through. I really don’t have a super reason. I just think he’s younger and he has a clutch ability to land big shots. I think Jacobs is faster but Jermall is more punishing. Jacobs scores a lot of kos but he doesn’t in big fights except vs Quillin. Jacobs usually goes the distance in his hard fights. I think Jermall is slightly the harder puncher and is more durable. If it goes the distance it’s a close controversial fight. Either guy can win. But if someone gets stopped it’s Jacobs. Jermall has ELITE whiskers.

Last mailbag, you mentioned that if Spence vs Crawford doesn’t happen in 2021, it’s overcooked. Seeing that response, and having heard promoters talk about marinating... I like the analogies to cooking. Never thought about it like that, but it makes sense.

What fights do you think are especially guilty of being overcooked? I added the word especially, because I’m sure it’s not a short list. But if overcooking exists, undercooking must too. What fights do you think were undercooked? The way you talked about Ennis vs Ortiz... it sounds like you think that would be undercooked if it happened now. True?

And have there been Goldilocks fights? Not overcooked not undercooked, but JUST RIGHT... that one has to be a short list (sadly). What are your thoughts?

Bread’s Response: Spence vs Crawford needs to happen next year. It will stain both legacies if it doesn’t.

When you live in an era you observe undercooking or overcooking more than looking back on history. So in no order, I think Mayweather vs Pacquiao was OVERCOOKED. I know the numbers did great but that fight happened 5 years too late.

Juan Ma Lopez vs Gamboa was way overcooked. Both were undefeated in their primes. In the same division, with the same promoter and DID NOT fight. What a shame.

Mikey Garcia vs Vasyl Lomachenko would have been a top 10 ever big fight at 135lbs. OVERCOOKED.

Riddick Bowe vs Lennox Lewis was OVERCOOKED.

Ok undercooked. Believe it or not I think Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury was undercooked. The rematch was perfect but I thought the 1st fight happened out of no where.

Ennis vs Ortiz would definitely be undercooked if it happened now. That’s why it isn’t happening.

Perfect timing. Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns 1. Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran 1&2. Everybody was at the top of their game. And the fights were high public demand.

Tito vs Oscar didn’t deliver as a great fight but as far as when it happened it happened at the right time. Both were 26, in their prime, at the top of their games.

Wassup Bread?

I've been meaning to send this topic into the mailbag for a minute, but now seems like the perfect time after seeing the JC-Rosario main event last weekend. What is the ideal way for a fighter and team to manage "stressors" throughout a fight camp?

Because as we know, built bridges and structures never fail on day 1, it's usually day 30 from the compounding stress everyday, and I believe that applies to people too. Should a fighter and team sit-down to fully plan an 8-week schedule down to the details of every hour in the day? Of course, time will be allocated to skills and strength and conditioning, but is enough time planned out for recovery modalities like massages, cryotherapy, dynamic stretching, etc.? I know you personally have a strict social media policy, but should a fighter allow someone on his team to handle that so he can replace that idle time with something to de-stress with like reading, watching movies, or just flat out nothing? Not to mention, traveling for media or any other appearances, stress management is important.

On the broadcast last weekend I believe Al Bernstein said that Rosario had a 16 week training camp. Rosario and JC are both between 175-185lbs walk around weight, so having to cut that weight + the length of camp + fighting around 1am est on Sunday morning, it seemed like the stressors won out and he did not perform at his peak. There is a clip of him literally falling asleep before the 8th round. In my eyes, it did not seem like his team set him up for success. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Stephen from Dallas.

Bread’s Response: When a fighter is starting out he can’t rent gym space, he usually has to work a day job. He may not be able to afford, chefs, nutritionist etc etc. But after you make over 250k, you can afford all of those things. And you have to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself allows you to plan out a camp. Not investing in yourself as a fighter is one of the biggest reasons why only a small %, remain consistent and win.

Planning camp is just as important as to what you do in camp. Some fighters need to be hands on and they need to be involved in everything. I would rather a fighter just trust their team and work. Being involved in everything causes DECISION ANXIETY. Sometimes you just have to be a  fighter and not try to be the trainer, manager and everything else.

I think camps definitely should be planned out but it’s hard to plan everything 100%. Some days you have to make impromptu decisions because a fighter may not feel good or is peaking too soon etc.

The best way I feel to plan a camp is to make 8 weeks all about boxing. Nothing other than boxing, unless it’s agreed upon before camp starts. A fighter should be training, eating, recovering and sleeping. Any media obligations can be managed. Leisure activity is necessary but it can’t be distracting. Maybe video games. Maybe a little bowling. Maybe a movie. Maybe some shopping for gear but nothing stressful or too time consuming. Something a fighter really likes and it can’t be too often. Camp shouldn’t be a vacation. Fighters are often distracted by friends, family and social media. And you’re absolutely correct. It doesn’t happen on the 1st day. But over the long haul distractions come back to bite. It usually happens when something goes wrong and whatever the distraction is it compounds whatever went wrong. It doesn’t matter to me if a fighter trains at home or away. With cell phones and modern technology, distractions are distractions. Put the phone downs and seclude yourself. If you’re home, you get a training apartment or AIRBNB. But let family and friends know that this is your job.

16 weeks is a long time to  train at full speed. I don’t know how Rosario trains. I don’t know if his camps are broken down. But 16 weeks is a long time to be locked in. If a fighter stays fit in between camps. If he does his Strength work on a regular basis before he actually starts boxing. Believe it or not 6 to 8 weeks is all you need. But often times weight issues and other things make fighters believe they have to train longer. There are only 12 months in a year. 16 weeks is 4months. A fighter does not need to train 4 months for a 36 minute fight. And just because they do it once or twice and is successful it doesn’t mean they need to do it every camp. That’s a real grind mentally.

What's up Bread? Hope all is well with you and your family!

I'm gonna go straight at it. What eras in which divisions do you rank the highest, excluding the heavyweight division? Let's say your top 5 in order. Just to be clear, it could include two different eras in one weight class. I would love to hear some about them as well but I don't wanna take too much of your time.

Bread’s Response: Top 5 eras in order. Oh my. Ok off the top of my head. I’m talking out loud. No heavyweights. It’s hard for me to do eras I didn’t live through because after the top names, it’s hard to access. So I will do the eras I lived through.

1. 79-82 Welterweight Era. Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Wilfred Benitez and Tommy Hearns all top 10 P4P fighters. All in their primes. All under 30. Then you have Pipino Cuevas and Carlos Palomino. Produced 6 HOF.

2. 90-93 Middleweight Era. Mike McCallum, Sambu Kalambay, Iran Barkley, Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn, Reggie Johnson, Lamar Parks, Steve Collins, Julian Jackson, Gerald McClellan, Herol Graham, Michael Nunn, Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins and James Toney.

Deepest middleweight era in history. You had to be a cold killer to rise in that heat. Produced 4 HOF.

3. 79-83 Lightheavyweight Era. Michael Spinks, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Dwight Qawi, Marvin Johnson, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Victor Galindez, Mike Rossman, James Scott, Davis Brothers and Jerry Martin. All killers produced 3 HOF.

4. 97-02 Welterweight Era. Pernell Whitaker, Fleix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya, Ike Quartey, Shane Mosley, Vernon Forest, Cory Spinks, Jose Luis Lopez and Oba Carr. Killer era. 4 HOF.

5. 03-04 Featherweight. Manny Pacquioa, Marco Barrera, Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez. 4 ATG at the same time.

Liked the Last Dance question in this last mailbag where you compared MJ to SRR and Lebron to Floyd. Made me want to test your multi sport background. You’ve done your list of Top 10 P4Ps... do they have a corresponding basketball player for analogies? Who is the Henry Armstrong of basketball? Willie Pep of basketball? On the other side, who is the Kareem of boxing? The Allen Iverson of boxing?

This is probably coming across as scatter-brained and disorganized, but I thought I would see if you could expand on the basketball/boxing GOAT comparison, Breadman.

Bread’s Response: The Henry Armstrong of Basketball is Allen Iverson and vice versa. Kareem Abdul Jabbar of boxing is Bernard Hopkins. The Willie Pep of basketball is John Stockton.

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Comment by SteveM on 10-04-2020

[QUOTE=ShoulderRoll;20792473]Except that Erik Morales was no longer prime when Pacquiao came along. Yet STILL beat Pacquiao. To me prime Morales may have been the best featherweight out of that bunch.[/QUOTE] Good point on the FW scene - but the longevity…

Comment by siablo14 on 10-04-2020

[QUOTE]Jermell vs Jrock. You guys will laugh at me but Jrock is all wrong for Jermell. He’s too busy and skillful. If Jrock shows up like he did for Hurd, he wins a UD. His jab is too good and…

Comment by ShoulderRoll on 10-03-2020

Anthony Joshua used A-side privilege to get himself a huge ring for the Andy Ruiz rematch. I agree with Bread that ring size is something that should be standardized. Not left to the whims of pampered boxers and their promoters.

Comment by LoadedWraps on 10-03-2020

[COLOR="Navy"]Breadman still clings to the antiquated concent of prime. Other than that, good article.[/COLOR]

Comment by ShoulderRoll on 10-03-2020

[QUOTE=SteveM;20792149]this stood out for me "5. 03-04 Featherweight. Manny Pacquioa, Marco Barrera, Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez. 4 ATG at the same time." think about it - Pac was the standout featherweight in a standout group of ATGs and…

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