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Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo vs. Golovkin Post-Fight Mania

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Breadman Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards answering a ton of questions regarding last week's middleweight clash between unified champion Gennady Golovkin and challenger Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, which saw a controversial ending at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Dam bro you said you had a bad a feeling. You thought it would be close and Canelo would get the benefit of the doubt. I know you picked GGG but you didn’t pick him with a bullet. I couldn’t see it but now I do. Best call ever.

Moving forward how did you score it? What do you think of Byrd’s scorecard? Grade the execution of both fighters and where do they go from here?

Bread’s Response: I couldn’t shake my gut feeling. You know there is actual scientific evidence that a gut feeling exist.

You guys know I don’t score fights at home. I was at strip club but I went alone. I didn’t score it but I was tracking who I thought was winning and I was able to watch it without commentary.

I thought GGG won the fight. But as I was watching I felt he wouldn’t get the swing rounds that I thought he was winning. The reason being is he kept missing too big and Canelo was the clear a side. Canelo walked down last and GGG was the defending champion…..Canelo did a great job of riding and turning off of GGG’s big right hand. GGG never adjusted to Canelo’s defensive move. I know you guys hate this but Defense is part of the scoring criterion. I was saying to myself if GGG throws a double right hand or throws one to the body he could trap Canelo as he tried to exit. GGG never committed to either adjustment.

Starting with Canelo I thought he fought the best he has ever fought. He was fast. He was sharp. His jab was good. He countered when he could and his defense was on point. He never let GGG dig in with anything nasty to his body or heads. He got hit but nothing critical clipped him. His stamina is what it is and he’s never going to be Salvador Sanchez in the stamina department. More people think Canelo lost than think he won but I am very impressed by the kid. His skillset is elite.

Although I thought GGG won the fight closely, I hate to say it but I think he’s declining. Not to the point of being shot. But sort of like how Chavez was after he fought Whitaker. You could see Chavez was on the other side of the apex. Guys like Giovanni Parisi and David Kamau started going the distance with Chavez. That’s what happens to pressure fighters. It happened to Duran and Pacquiao also but the difference is they evolved into cute boxers so it allowed them to stay at the top longer once they lost the “destroy” gene.

We also saw it with Chocolalito when he went the distance with Arroyo. That performance didn’t sit well with me. It was more than an off night it was the tip of the iceberg. Pressure fighters have a different mentality in the ring. It takes more out of them to do what they do. That’s why guys like Barrera, Pac and Duran evolve and smooth their styles out when possible.

It also takes more to get in shape because of the energy they have to put out. The camps also dissipates their peak. What pressure fighters do to get in shape is considered overtraining for other fighters…I hate this because I really respect the team of GGG and Abel Sanchez and I believe they were denied great opportunities. . But GGG was avoided so much during his actual peak, he’s approaching 36, with these young guns hovering. If he fights the quartet of Jacobs, Charlo, Canelo or Devevyanchenko I think he will lose to one of them. It’s how the attrition of boxing goes.

Golovkin is relying on a great jab, an iron will and an iron chin. That’s what got him through the Jacobs fight and it’s what got him through the Canelo fight. GGG is not the typical front running boogeyman. When things don’t go his way he keeps fighting like an animal. But how much longer will that get him by at the elite level? If you notice both Jacobs and Canelo were depleted at the end of the fights. It’s because of the horror movie pressure. But GGG’s punch selection is off. He’s not seeing a target then boom, releasing a shot. He didn’t dig anything real to Canelo’s body and Canelo was laying on the ropes! Boy this tears me to pieces to see this because I know what the boxing establishment did to him starting with the Felix Sturm duck, up through Sergio Martinez, then through Cotto and the delay with Canelo. He’s no longer the MONSTER anymore and trust me he will get fights now. They will line up to fight him.

It’s bizarre because although Canelo executed better I still thought GGG won. Both are truly great fighters.


That cloud hanging over the fight was there, wasn't it? Weird third judges card. You said you hated me for asking you about that aura in another email (if you remember), so I gotta ask now, what did you think of the fight?

From my point of view, I think Golovkin was afraid of getting jobbed so he went for the finish in the last three rounds. That let Canelo back in the fight. Yes Alvarez made a few changes but in the rematch I think if GGG attacks behind his jab more consistently, Canelo won't get that traction that he needs. He went to the ropes to snatch the momentum in the fight and it failed. I think the adjustments Canelo needs to make are in the feet but his feet and hands don't cooperate so well moving forward. He has a hard time looking consistent enough against GGG and I think he got hurt bad a couple times but had a great poker face and rose to the occasion.

GGG looked good - as good as he's gonna get at 35 at any rate. How does the rematch play out in your mind? Vegas again? Controversial decision again? In another mailbox (for Ward vs Kovalev) you said the boxer usually does better in the rematch. I actually think that is sauce for the goose and might work equally for both men but what are your thoughts? Did you see him aging hard against Alvarez?

Appreciate your take. Thanks!


Bread’s Response: I thought it was an excellent fight. Not a great fight but an excellent one.

I think Canelo is more confident in the rematch. I think his mind is quicker and he will adjust quicker. GGG can win a rematch but I don’t know if he will. GGG has more room for improvement as far as how well each fighter executed. But Canelo has more room considering age and style. Fighters who have that monster moniker have it hard once they aren’t viewed as monsters anymore. Fighters doing VADA at 35 don’t look lights out. It’s a serious variable to consider in this age of boxing but it’s very valid. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vegas listed Canelo as the favorite in the rematch. Their odds were exactly right about this one…Almost with even with GGG the slight favor. That’s how most people viewed the draw. Odds matter when assessing a fight.

Bread, another one called spot on. Canelo vs GGG was a great fight, disappointing outcome and as much as I hate to say it, it's ingrained into the sport for these things to happen. I'm not going to cry robbery but GGG deserved the victory. He definitely could've done more but Canelo was able to avoid the big shots. I still feel like GGG outboxed him even when he was pressing him back. I told everyone the GGG was the boxer in this one.Rematch in may with Canelo probably winning..what can you do? I'm the guy that tweeted you about the pressure during the fight keep doing your thing God bless.

Jack from Detroit

Bread’s Response: I don’t think GGG outboxed Canelo I think he outjabbed him. His jab is one of the best of the last decade. It’s a real ram rod.

Bread - Got to know your opinion about who won GGG-Canelo? I had out 117-111 GGG.  Most of the media I saw had it around 116-112 for GGG.  The 118-110 for Canelo scorecard is ridiculous and the kind of stuff that gives boxing a black eye.  That tells me that there is no way GGG can win a decision against Canelo in Vegas.  Shouldn't he demand the rematch be in a different location? NYC? LA? Mars? Anywhere but Vegas right?



Bread’s Response: Most people I talk to had GGG winning. I’m along those lines. But I do feel it was closer than most think and I also know there were swing rounds. It pays to be a cashcow and marketable.

It’s not where the fight is, it’s who is judging the fight. Some judges favor boxers others favor aggressiveness. The problem with that is no particular style should be favored. It’s who is more effective from a fight to fight basis. Sometimes it’s the fighter being aggressive others it’s the fighter who is moving away. Often times now we can tell who will score a fight for whom because we know the style judges favor.

Before I get too critical of the judges I think the judges of the fight deserve a chance to defend their scoring. I really think judges should be interviewed after fights. It holds them more accountable. When they can just disappear into their regular lives after scoring or officiating it takes away some of their accountability. I want to also make a public suggestion. There should be an official P4P ranking with judges and referees.

The one thing I didn’t like about the scoring was the 1st round. GGG won that round easy. Canelo barely punched. Every judge gave it to Canelo. Watch that round closely. Very closely. I would challenge anyone to show me how Canelo won round 1. The scoring of uneventful rounds are important. The scoring of this round actually cost GGG the fight before the violence even broke out.

Hello Breadman I was watching the weigh in of the Triple G-Canelo fight.I dont care what anyone says Canelo did not make weight for that fight,He also stepped off the scales before the official weight was announced which should be illegal.Triple G team in particular Abel Sanchez didn't even check to see if Canelo made weight.Also after Canelo weighed in,he was given some pills by his team along with water or Gatorade.I have never in the 35 years that have been watching boxing seen anything like the blatant cheating that occured during this weigh-in.But Oscar always crticizes Mayweather for damaging the spot but now he looks like a total hypocrite with this fiscao.Go back and look at the weigh in its entirety on you tube.The proof is all there.

Also I would like to know who you think would win in their primes between Salvador Sanchez and Manny Pacquiao at featherweight?

Bread’s Response: You know I looked at the weigh in and I said to myself boy that was fast to be on a scale. I can’t understand why Vegas does not use a digital scale. But if Team Golovkin didn’t protest what can you say….I don’t know. Let me watch it again though. I don’t want to start any conspiracy theories.

Fighters take electrolytes and vitamins all the time after weigh ins. It’s nothing illegal about that.

The Manny that fought Barrera was incredible at 126. Sanchez is money at 126 but I don’t know who wins that. Manny had serious physicality. He had the look of a fighter who could fight lightweights. For as great as Sanchez was I never imagined him as a dominant lightweight. They would have to fight 3 times to decide it. Nip and Tuck all the way.

Thoughts from last night’s Canelo vs GGG. People will get wrapped up in the scorecard which was atrocious but all in all the fight was pretty good. As I see it I don’t think that Canelo will rush to get back in with GGG. As good as Canelo was defensively I think Canelo did as good as he could possibly do but GGG on the other hand has room for improvement and simple improvements which in my opinion would allow him to stop Canelo. The biggest is cutting the ring off. I really thought GGG was better than what he showed last night at cutting the ring off. I loved the pressure he applied that tired Canelo out but GGG would always give him a way out and sort of followed him around the ring. I thought that GGG could have gone to the body more. He was head hunting to much which also allowed Canelo to look great and slipping and turning on shots. I think if he had invested in the body early he would have had a more stationary Canelo late. I thought Canelo looked great at 160 middleweight but I really think GGG let an opportunity slip away. Canelo made a statement about it being his time and his era but who does he fight at 160 if he doesn’t get back in with GGG. There are some bad boys weighting in the wing and whatever direction he turns he could be up against it. I would love to see him in with the Charlo kid. How does that fight play out in your opinion?

Speaking of the Charlo girls. I’m sorry, I use to like these kids but the more I see of them in interviews the more I can’t wait to see them take a L. They have to be some of the most emotional boxers I have ever seen. Especially the one still fighting at 154. I think they are extremely talented and could possibly be stars but they may need to get someone in to teach them how to interview, things to say and not say, and how to control their emotions.

I know we are well pass the fight but since I haven’t spoken to you on the subject let me just touch on the Mayweather v. McGregor fight. Leading up to the fight on the All Access episodes they didn’t show Floyd training much and I thought that it was just a way to sell tickets but after watching the fight I don’t think Floyd trained and it was evident in his reaction time, his accuracy and his lack of movement. Floyd was missing way more than we have seen him miss and there was nothing slick about McGregor. The on the belt shot that McGregor hit Floyd with really hurt Floyd and it made me think about some of Floyds other fights. I can’t remember a fight of Floyds were his opponents focused on the body. Could that be a weakness to the master of the squared circle?

Now that Canelo has moved on from 154 who is the man to beat?

Lomo and Rigo was just signed off on so I’ll give my early prediction I think this is the bull and matador. The young bull is strong, he is quick, and if allowed he will tear you apart. The matador is patient, he is nimble, and he is smart. I think Lomo will come out aiming to impress. He will put pressure on and look really good early but I think Rigo will stop him late once he gets his timing down. What are your thoughts?

Bread’s Response: You’re correct about GGG but you missed something. He cuts the ring off well. But he has a glitch in his attack once he traps you. He slows down, gathers himself and he squats down. He does the same thing every time. He doesn’t slide up on you with quick feet like say a young Tyson. So therefore Canelo was able to time his right hand and roll out each time to a safe exit. Good pick up. But it’s not GGG’s ability to cut off the ring. It’s what he does after he cuts it off. He slightly tips off his attack.

I think the Charlo at 160 is a little too long and tall for Canelo but it would be a great fight because Canelo is faster and he’s sharper. I like Charlo by decision.

No one likes it to the body. Most of your important organs are there. Floyd is a human being. Floyd is very durable. Who knows. No need to speculate I think he’s retired for good.

There is no man to beat at 154. Someone has to establish himself. I think whoever unifies first will establish himself as that.

Whoa you’re picking Rigo to stop Loma. I will remember your pick. I don’t have a pick yet but I’m leaning Loma. I think Rigo will have a hard time winning a decision over an aggressive, volume fighter who is the A side.


Rigo vs Loma

What makes you believe this is a competitive fight? Im trying to find reason why loma wont destroy him and I cant, hes the bigger, more active guy with better defense in punching range, more physically strong, better inside fighter and i see the fight being fought up close, rigo controlled distance on opponents with slow footwork and natural counter punchers like donaire. Rigo defense is shaky when punches fly just most guys did not know how to stay in the range like that fearless japan guy. Am i missing something. Two very skilled fighters but once bigger more active and throws more punches

Bread’s Response: It’s the reason we fight the fights. Fights aren’t won on paper they are won in the ring. I believe Rigo is in the fight. And if it goes the distance I expect controversy. Rigo is as talented as a fighter as I have ever seen. For the record at this time I’m slightly leaning Lomachenko.

What's up Breadman?

I read your previous mailbag on how you got started watching boxing. I have a similar story, my dad owned a bunch of hbo boxing documentaries called "Boxings best" which featured all the old greats. I watched them over and over but not as many times as you did lol. The fight that caught my attention when I was a kid was Rocky Graziano vs Toney Zale. Then from there it was that nasty left hook Jersey Joe knocked out Ezzard Charles with in the 7th round of their 3rd fight. My question is what particular fight ignited that fire in you for boxing? Also what fighter has the best eyes in boxing that you have seen? I noticed Crawford and mayweather almost never blink. Check out the replay of the May vs mac fight when he gets hit with that uppercut in the first round, I didn't see him blink. How can you train your eyes that way?


Bread’s Response: The fighter that stoked me was Ray Leonard. His commercials, his style, everything. I remember his bolo punch vs Duran and comeback vs Hearns. Ali was the icon of the times but Ray Leonard stood out to me as a little kid. I got into a fist over the guy for crying out loud. Maybe that’s why he’s my favorite fighter til this day.

I never noticed that about Crawford but I have with Floyd. It’s called “Cat Eyes”. I believe anything can be trained but that is something the good lord bestowed upon Floyd Mayweather. I read a book about Muhammad Ali and he also had those eyes.  It’s rare.

I think GGG is there for the taking. Not sure he makes it past 2018 without a loss. But I want to talk about who can beat him. Canelo stands a good chance in a rematch. But his stamina will always be an issue. The Russian who just became the #1 contender is right there but I don’t think he’s dynamic enough. I believe the Charlo brothers can do it but those are the two most temperamental fighters I have ever seen. They are so aggressive outside of the ring it makes me wonder if they are on something. I saw the altercation with Demetrius Andrade. I know fighters talk smack but they go above and beyond anything I have ever seen. I want to see them perform under VADA before anything else. Speaking of Andrade I think he will finally move up now and fight GGG. After not getting the fights at 154 I suspect we will see him move up. Lara can box but something tells me he never wanted the fight. I also don’t like his toughness. And then we have Danny Jacobs who just gave GGG fits Give me the rundown on the group I named?

Bread’s Response: I believe a rematch between GGG and Canelo is a 50/50 fight. The fight went from 65/35 in my eyes 2 years to now being 50/50. Canelo will process GGG’s timing better in the 2nd fight. He will pick up on his movements and punch sequence better. No one believes me because GGG should have gotten the decision but that is a mathematical factor. The adjustment is a skill factor. Canelo would do even better in the rematch and it would force the older fighter to raise his game which is rare at 35.

The Russian fighter you speak of is Sergiy Derevyanchenko. Yes he’s very good. I think he’s a 90% version of GGG. He’s not the puncher and he doesn’t have the jab but he can jab and he can punch. I also think he’s physically strong enough to work on the inside with GGG. If the fight is next I say 55/45 in GGG’s favor.

Jermal Charlo at 160 has the best chance to defeat GGG out of the bunch you named. He has the unique ability like GGG to get hit but hold his ground and eat through the punch. He also has a thudding jab that can disrupt GGG’s thudding jab. With the punishment that GGG is taking these days I know his chin is special. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Jermall Charlo could stop him. This would be a brutal fight because Charlo doesn’t have the defensive reflexes that Canelo has and anyone who gets hit by GGG will be affected. GGG and Charlo would be a Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan type of war. I would favor Charlo 55/45 to win.

Jermell Charlo is smaller but a little quicker than Jermall. I also think he could hold his ground and get his pound of flush but I don’t think he has the physical strength his brother has. I think this is another 50/50 fight basing that on the form Jermell has shown in his last few fights.

Demetrius Andrade is interesting. Andrade has the hand speed and volume to outpoint GGG. But for as tall and talented as he is, he’s not hard to hit. This would be an interesting fight because Andrade does get hit when you invade his space. But GGG is not getting off as much these days with his other punches. Only his jab is clicking. I say another 51/49 in GGG’s favor but I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrade outpointed him. He would be the underdog and it would be lots of value in that bet.

Danny Jacobs set the blue print. Get off quick then use your legs to escape the pounding. They say smother GGG but you have to be equipped to smother him. Very few fighters can sit in the box and stay with GGG all night. He’s too powerful and animalistic. Jacobs fought a great fight and I think he could improve on it. I say Jacobs favor 52/48.

Lara is a fine boxer. But his flaw is that he over moves when cracked hard. Everytime he’s hit with a big shot he starts moving crazy and his volume goes way down. There is no way he could win a decision against GGG throwing 30 punches/round moving as much as he does. GGG has a way of making it look like you’re running from him. Lara looked good at times vs Canelo and other times after being hit he looked like he was running. He doesn’t defend well up close, especially to the body. I think stylistically this is the best fight for GGG. Lara’s temperament is not beneficial to him vs an animal like Golovkin. I say 65/35 in GGG’s favor.

What's up Bread, Love your insight and keep doing what you do.  I was remembering the Mosely Mayweather fight and Nazeem Richardson saying Floyd's gift was his conditioning.  He couldn't be more on point.  We all know his skill set is high, good chin, heart, excellent fundamentals,smart and tough.  His conditioning amplifies all of his physical attributes.  His conditioning allows him to process information late in fights where most fighters can't.  His conditioning allows him to maintain his speed throughout the fight where most fighters slows down.  He has to be one of the better conditioned fighters we've seen in some time. That being said other all time greats had gifts that set them a part from other great fighters.  In your opinion what are the gifts of Leonard, Ali, Robinson, Duran, and RJJ.  In my opinion Ali's character set him apart from most fighters.  His physical gifts were off the chart pre 3 year lay off, but his

character allowed him to beat all timers when he was past his prime.  RJJ's, in my opinion, was his athleticism.  He was such a great athlete he was able to do unconventional things in the ring and get away with it.  His athleticism allowed him to move up from middleweight to heavyweight.  Leornard was just flat out great and Robinson might be the closest thing to a perfect fighter there was. 

Canelo/GGG - The key to the fight for GGG is the jab. Canelo is going to wait for him to be aggressive so he can counter.  If GGG uses the jab to create other openings while creating the mental/physical pressure he normally

does he should win the fight.  For all that's said I still don't believe Canelo has been hit by a real middleweight so we have to see how he reacts.  If GGG power boxes ( ala Shane Mosely) controls the distance and pace of the fight with his jab he should win.

Bread’s Response: Fighter Gifts… Are you talking their #1 gifts? I assume so.

Floyd Mayweather has many great attributes but if you are talking gifts. Yes his conditioning is just insane. I’ve only seen him a little tired 4 times. Once vs Castillo1. Once vs Hatton. Once vs Cotto. And once in sparring vs Spadafora. Floyd also has mind quickness. He’s fast but there are faster fighters. But very few can mentally process with the quickness of Mayweather. Speed is in the body, quickness is in the mind.

Roy Jones I think you hit the nail on the head. Jones’s athleticism and physicality was just so extreme it almost wasn’t fair that middleweights and super middleweights had to fight him. He always reminded me of a kid who was 13 lying about his age playing with kids 10 in little league football. They may be the same weight but the physicality was different.

Leonard was a tremendous athlete but I think he had a greater gift. I think mentally Leonard had a strip in his head that allowed him to DEFEAT. He had a way about him where he delivered in big spots. I don’t know what it’s called because it’s more than just being clutch. He had the ability to defeat ALL styles, ALL different ways. Duran was a pressure fighter so he frustrated and outboxed him. Benitez was a pure boxer and he couldn’t hit him clean so he beat him with an up jab. Hearns was a tall stalker so he got in his chest and turned into a destroyer. Hagler was a strong technician so he moved and flurried. Maybe it’s just called greatness. Greatness is  Leonard’s gift.

Ali had many gifts. But the two that stood out to me was his character and ability to fight fatigued. I think he was such a prideful man. I think Ali suffered and was sick with Parkinson’s creeping into his body in the 70s. But Ali was fighting for a greater cause and he knew he could not lay down. I’m crying as I type this. His character was so high in a boxing ring. My goodness it was just so high. It allowed him to fight while drastically fatigued. My god he was special. I just watched the 2nd Norton fight. Norton had his number but Ali was such an animal. He fought his ass off and eked that one.

Robinson’s gift was his electricity. He had a rare physical gift where he could throw over 3 punches in a combination and all of the punches are hard. That may seem simple but it’s rare. Any trainer will tell you that most fighters on the mitts don’t throw the every punch hard. If you look at Robinson’s ko footage you will see him swinging after the opponent is clipped. That’s because a punch in the middle of his punch volley actually scored the ko. Most boxers ko there opponent’s with the last punch. Watch Robinson closely, no fighter ever had the electricity in their punches that he had. It’s even evident in NON HD black and white films.

Duran’s gift was his relaxation while being on fire. Duran was never tight. He was able to be an animal but fight very relaxed. It’s so uncommon. But Duran had it. He set a torrid pace, he was ferocious but he was totally relaxed. Duran was a sadistic man because the only way you can be that relaxed while hurting someone is to enjoy hurting people.

Hey Breadman,

I'm anxious to see if my game plan for GGG, speculating if I were GGG's trainer is accurate to what we witness Saturday night and also, if you agree with this game plan, would this plan work for GGG?

I would direct GGG to box, jab and move with Canelo, no pressure until the final 15 seconds of the round then, move in and look to do damage before the bell.  If GGG follows this plan for 5-6 rounds, he'll catch Canelo with something damaging, bout changing.  I'm anticipating Canelo staying set, not pressuring GGG, looking to counter him.  GGG needs to jab and move with Canelo to keep up on judge points, until end of the rounds where damage can be done.

Please post next week if my game plan accuracy is good.  I may have a future in training??

Thank you!


Bread’s Response: You had a sound gameplan. Very sound. Not exactly what GGG did but I liked it.

Hello Breadman.

I know you will be assailed with lots of questions about the GGG-Canelo fight. Hope this one gets answered.

I think it was a tremendous fight by both fighters. I know though that Golovkin did more than enough to win. I think the 115-113 card was partial to Canelo. The 114-114 was bad & the abominable 118-110 was just rotten.

The most annoying part of this though is that it robs Golovkin of a career best win, and also the fact that winning that fight would definitely have gotten him into the HOF.

I would also like to question his and Sanchez's tactics. Against Jacobs, he was headhunting for the whole fight and now the same against Canelo - even when the body shots were there. What's with that? I don't get it.

He is going to be 36 before the next fight, and it's obvious that he is slipping. Age is catching up to him.

I know Golovkin will probably follow the money and want another Canelo fight, but if I were him, I would go after the last belt. I don't see him ever beating Canelo without a knockout. Also, I don't know if he will do better than this in a rematch. I think Canelo can though. Don't want another Chocolatito-Rungvisai where Canelo wins the rematch and all the deluded fans will suddenly forget he lost the first one and start the "GGG hype job" crap like they did with Chocolatito.

Lastly, I hope Adelaide Byrd doesn't referee another fight. She's ruining careers with her scorecards.

Sorry for the rambling. Was hard to compose my thoughts.


Tofunmi from Lagos, Nigeria.

Bread’s Response: I also feel GGG has been robbed a little bit of his legacy. I can remember when a Philadelphia fighter Lejuan Simon went to fight him about 6 years ago. I knew GGG was the truth back then. Simon was a rough dude who went the distance with a prime Arthur Abraham. GGG kod him with one shot in one round.

His team will have to be very smart about his next moves. I also believe Canelo will do better in a rematch. GGG has to take the money. Fighters on the back end of their careers and legacy are smart to get their severance pay from boxing. But the critics won’t be kind to a clearly ducked fighter during his peak. Everyone should thank lil Kell Brook. If it weren’t for him GGG would still be looking for opponents. We have seen this script before….


You're prediction was prophetic,  spiritual intuition is a gift from on high. 

 From watching both Floyd over the last few fights and GGG on Saturday I think the telltale signs of them being past their peak is the inaccuracy of their right hand and their infrequent use and diminished accuracy of the left hook.   Is there anything GGG and Sanchez do in training for the rematch to help him dial in some accuracy on the right hand.  Also is there anything the reynoso's can do to help canelo with his stamina.   More road work or sparring longer rounds as he seemed to take off the last 30-45 seconds of each round except the last 3. 

As we were waiting for the main event my pops challenger me to list top 10 P4p since 1970.    Here's mine but I tell you the hardest was the last 2 as there are so many worthy guys.    My list is: Ali, Leonard, Duran, mayweather, pernell Whitaker, Roy jones, pacquiao, Holyfield, Marvin haggler and Andre Ward.   I know spinks Holmes Tyson ODLH and JCC are not listed and I never saw Sanchez fight but please let me know what you think of my list or bless us with yours. 

Any talk around philly on what's next for DSG?

Billy Bomaye

Bread’s Response: I definitely think Team GGG can improve on some things. They can work on his punch selection and making Canelo go the opposite way. A punch routine to sharpen up his attack. GGG will never have the improvisational skills or mind quickness that Canelo has. But he can drill certain routines so when he sees Canelo about to do a recognizable move, he can react quicker. GGG kept giving Canelo the same escape route time and time again.

I think Canelo’s stamina issues come from two things. One is mentally when he feels he needs a rest he just takes one. I think he has developed defensively so much that even when he’s tired he can function and not get punished so much. Sure there are different things he can do in training to enhance his stamina. But I don’t know his training routine so….

I don’t know when Danny is fighting again. Can’t wait to see him back. I thought he fought a heck of a fight vs Keith Thurman.

Bro if you haven’t seen Salvador Sanchez fight you are doing yourself a disservice. Top 10 P4P since 1970. Oh geez don’t write this list in stone.

1. Muhammad Ali

2. Roberto Duran

2a.Sugar Ray Leonard

4. Roy Jones Jr.

5. Pernell Whitaker

6. Marvin Hagler

7. Floyd Mayweather

8. Carlos Monzon

9. Evander Holyfield

10. Tommy Hearns

Geez man you caught me off guard. Manny Pacquiao, Julio Cesar Chavez, Salvador Sanchez, Michael Spinks, Bernard Hopkins, George Foreman, Eder Jofre, Felix Trinidad and Andre Ward all deserve a mention. I don’t know it’s tough. My top 3 were easy, everyone else is actually interchangeable.

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