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Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo, Mayweather, GGG, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards answering questions on Gennady Golovkin, GGG facing Carl Froch, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather vs. Antonio Margairto, Oscar De La Hoya and more.


With a couple or 3 more fights under his belt I know a guy who can get in the ring with GGG and mix it up winning the fight at the end – Julian Williams. The guy who beats GGG is going to have to be defensively responsible – something that Lemieux was not, be crafty, be able to control the tempo and counter punch very well off of GGG misses. GGG cuts off the ring well and crowds his opponents but he’s still a very linear fighter that bends at the waist well to get off shots at odd angles.

Bread’s Response: In general you are correct. People like to say that fighters like GGG get hit often. But every fighter in the history of boxing who fights as violently as GGG gets hit. The difference is he’s not as defensively responsible as some other greats who had his style like Chavez, Duran and currently Roman Gonzales.

After you get by the x’s and o’s. I think his conqueror will have to have a tremendous amount of character to beat him in his current form. Whoever this fighter may be he’s going to have to look at the Devil in the eye and Dare to be great. GGG is a heart taker. He’s a soul breaker. Character is must when you fight him. He has broken everyone thus far.

Really enjoyed the mailbag this week, maybe you should do it twice week.

Great job on the 154 question. Could you try to answer in as much detail as you can Floyd vs prime Margarito and Paul Williams?

2) I agreed with 95% of what you said about Golovkin, agree big time about the threat at 154lbs but disagree about him vs Froch. The 8lbs are massive.

The height 6'1/185cm. 5'10/179cm.

The reach 75". 70".

Only guys who beat Froch our similar size, slick on the outside. Midrange puncher like Golovkin is made for Froch. Only reasons he didn't take the fight was money, motivation and legacy.

Do you think Golovkin style, size and power would carry at 168 with the size of them men?

3) I really don't like boxers who fight with their main hand as a jab, like Cotto. Broner. Winky Wright. Oscar De La Hoya. I feel it leaves them one handed and naked if you take away that punch. What is your opinion on it? What you feel is the advantage? Does it effect balance?

Jermaine110kg from London

Bread’s Response: Margarito and Williams are both a lot bigger than Floyd. They are both volume punchers who really get after it and would be punching down on Mayweather. In contrast Both would be open for Floyd’s patented jab to the body.

I can see Floyd turning them and countering each to death. I can also see their volume and meanness causing Floyd to over move and give up rounds. Especially back in the 2006-07 time. Look at how Floyd fought Carlos Baldomir. He dominated him but it wasn’t one of his virtuoso performances because he wasn’t as strong back then and he over moved in my opinion. Both Margarito and Williams were in their absolute primes back then. I would have loved to see the fights.

I picked against Froch vs GGG because of the reasons you stated. I don’t think he was willing to go through what he had to go through in order to beat GGG. I know there is a size difference but GGG fights big. He beat Lucian Bute and Andre Direll in the ammys. He used to walking down big guys. I don’t think he dominates Froch but I do think if they would have fought last year he would have beaten him.

I think if GGG moves up his fights will go longer and he will have more distance fights. But I still think he punishes lots of his opponents. It will just take a little bit longer.

Max Kellerman seems to think it’s a huge advantage to fight converted with your lead hand your dominant hand. I personally don’t think so. I think it really depends on the fighter. Oscar had a great lead hand, he was naturally left handed. But Tommy Hearns has a great lead hand and he was naturally right handed. They fought out of the same stance. Hearns was more threatening in my opinion.

I think certain fighters like say a Chad Dawson over compensates and never really had a good rear hand. I think it hurts him. But Cotto is fine. He uses his right hand enough. Winky Wright was another fighter who seemed a little one handed. So if I had a side in this argument it would be your side. I think it really hurts the converted fighter when they need their rear hand. Like when Oscar has to hit a southpaw like Whitaker or Pacman with a right hand and he never landed the punch. Good eyes my friend.


I have to say that I am relieved Floyd finally retired, the last time I enjoyed one of his fights was against Gatti. I grew up watching Hearns, Hagler, Leonard and Duran (I’m in my mid-forties now) and I remember the night before a big fight having butterflies thinking about what was to come. Even the later welters such as Simon Brown, Donald Curry and Marlon Starling I think gave a much more satisfying blend of power and speed than today’s plus they fought each other.

I agree with a lot of commentators who say that Floyd after 130 was ultra-selective in who he fought and just as importantly when he fought them. However, some people are starting to say that Oscar was a total contrast to this and I respectfully disagree, Top Rank were very careful with him at 130 to 140 in making sure that he only fought particular guys. I remember people wanting him to fight Miguel Ángel González at lightweight but it didn’t happen until 140. I remember wanting to see him fight Orzubek Nazarov at 135 but it didn’t happen. He fought JCC when he was plainly on the decline at 140 and later fought a deteriorated Whitaker. A lot of people point to the Quartey and Trinidad fights but this is where I think context is most important, Quartey was killing himself to make 147 and had talked for a very long time about moving up, Top Rank waited as long as possible and then offered a big pay check to get him to stay at 147, I’ve always thought the 12th round knockdown was due to him being compromised at the weight. I think it’s a similar situation with Trinidad, I know Oscar was a better boxer but Trinidad could have applied more effective pressure a year or two earlier. Even the first Mosley fight was a calculated risk to rehabilitate him by getting him to face someone who they felt was outsized.

This is not to totally trash Oscar, I know all fighters and promoters look for an edge, even SRL one of my all-time favourites. I think Oscar was an amazing talent and has been a positive presence in the sport overall but I just think that the welters who preceded him from the likes of Curry right back to Robinson were more inclined to enter fights without such a powerful entity behind them stacking the deck.



Bread’s Response: I think you’re being overly critical of Oscar. He did miss Azumah Nelson and Gussie Nazarov early in his career but he more than made up for it. Anyone can play Devil’s Advocate. No one can fight everyone at the perfect time.

What you didn’t mention is that Oscar was smaller and younger than Whitaker and Chavez. He didn’t wait them out. He fought them when he could. Oscar had 1 tune up fight at 140 then he jumped in with Chavez who was the champion. He fought Miguel Angel Gonzales in his very next fight who moved up and was undefeated. With no tune ups he moved up to 147 and took on a still great Whitaker. Quartey never fought Whitaker and Trinidad who was a welterweight before Oscar, Tito fought Whitaker after Oscar did.

Trinidad, Mosley and Quartey were all undefeated and Oscar fought them all in a 16 month span. You are truly reaching brother. No one fights killers like that these days in that short of a time span. Oscar is the only man in history to fight the best p4p fighter 4 times. In 2000-2001 People thought Shane Mosley was the #1 guy. His reign was short lived but it existed. In 2004 Bernard Hopkins took over for Roy Jones. In 2007 Floyd Mayweather was and in 2008 Manny Pacquiao was. One thing I will never criticize Oscar De La Hoya over is, his level of competition. He fought some ridiculously tough fights for a marketable fighter who was always the A side.

what's good breadman? What are your thoughts on some of the performances we have seen this past week and where do they go from here? ggg, roman gonzalez, devon alexander, lamont Peterson, felix diaz, and Prichard colon? Also hearing trout vs soro is next who do you have winning that fight and why? Thanks for the read

Bread’s Response: I thought GGG looked terrific. His jab was beautiful and so was his sense of distance. He also showed great patience, which is a sign that a fighter is sure of himself.

Canada has not produced a great fighter in a very long time. Lemieux just doesn’t understand small little things he would have needed to beat fighter like GGG. He was just punching. He has no defense for a jab, he doesn’t stand at an angle. I don’t want to be too hard on him but he could have served well in getting Oscar and Bernard to actually help train him. Adonis Stevenson, Canada’s top fighter at the moment is not trained by Canadians.

Roman Gonzales could be the best pressure technician I have seen since a young Marco Antonio Barrera. I have to research a little but off the top of my head I can’t think of a guy who fights in his style who was as good as him since Barerra. What a fighter he is. He stands at an angle to slightly defect punches but he doesn’t take himself too far out of punching position. He slips and blocks as good as a guy can who fights in his style. He has the temperament of a killer. When he was hurt by the body shot, he caught his wind and turned the heat up on Viloria.

Brian Viloria is no joke. That’s as good as I have seen him look. I don’t know if Gonzales is the #1 fighter in boxing but I know he’s among the best and I don’t have a problem with whoever has him #1. He’s special. My eyes tell me he’s a mixture of Sal Sanchez and Alexis Arguello.

I love Devon Alexander and his trainer Kevin Cunningham has done a great job starting Devon and Corey Spinks from scratch. But from what I saw the other night, Devon may be on the other side of the mountain. He was pushing his punches and his fights are just too tough. I saw signs against Soto Karass but this confirmed it. I hate to see it but it’s boxing.

I was really shocked that Lamont Peterson had such a tough time with Felix Diaz. I watched Diaz fight before and he really stepped his game up for Lamont. Lamont didn’t look shot he just looked like he couldn’t figure Diaz out. But Lamont is always hot and cold. Diaz can go. He just seems small for the weight but his muscles are dense so I doubt he can make 135.

My heart goes out to Prichard Colon. I can’t talk about that fight. I just hope and pray he recovers and he lives a normal life.

If Austin Trout fights Michel Soro he’s going to get knocked out by a guy no one in America knows. Soro can really fight and he’s live vs anybody at 154. Soro is extremely quick handed and he’s a magnificent counterpuncher. He’s also very accurate. Bad fight for Trout. Mark it down.

What's going on Breadman,

Is it just me or do you see this fight being a lose-lose situation for Cotto?  Well besides the payday?  Canelo should have moved up to 160 already.  He has one month to lose 12 pounds which is kind of dangerous to the body.  So if he loses then he has an excuse of being weight drained.  So Cotto was given the advantage.  If Cotto loses then he is over the hill again (after the Mayweather fight).  I think GBP understands that Canelo will be dominated by most top 10 MW fighters.  He has little to no footwork., stamina issues, and power will be normal at that weight.  As a true fan of the sport, I'm just stating facts.  I like the kid but he is limited when it comes to being an overall fighter. 


Phillip Small

Bread’s Response: Please don’t take offense to this but I think you are over doing it. This is the problem with today’s boxing fans. Instead of just enjoying good fights, they act like managers are start criticizing good fights. Then somebody else repeats your off base opinion and the next thing you know, boom we have a negative aura about a fight. Cotto vs Canelo is a terrific match up! Period!

Canelo does not have a built in weight drained excuse because he’s no stranger to 155. That’s where his last 3 fights have been held.

12 pounds in 30 days is no big deal in my opinion for a fighter who rehydrates up high like Canelo does. Let me explain. The reason why they have the 30 day weigh in is to check and see if the fighters are with in 10% of the contracted weight of the fight. So Canelo was well within. 12lbs in 30 days is less than a half of pound/day. Fighters can lose a half of pound just urinating. A 90 minute workout usually takes off about 3lbs. Sleeping usually takes off 1 pound every night. Trust me your making too big of deal of his weight.

Some fighters feel a little worn when they get too close to the contracted weight. They have what you call a “training weight”, so they stay close to their “training weight” through out camp, after the hard work is done the cut weight, then quickly rehydrate back up to their “training weight” where they feel comfortable at. Canelo’s weight won’t be a factor in this fight.

Sure Canelo is limited but I think the kid better than you are giving him credit for. I just looked at the Ring’s top 10 middleweights I don’t believe Canelo gets dominated by any of them including GGG. And he’s more accomplished than all of them. Enjoy the fight may man and let the managers, manage!

Bread! Hope all is well. I have a 3-part question, but it isn’t long winded. A little change of pace from the normal …

First part is dealing with “what-ifs” … what are some of your biggest “what if” moments of the sport over the years? Mine are … What if Ike didn’t go out to Vegas messing with Don King? What if Lou Duva didn’t hop on the ring apron to distract Meldrick in the last seconds of the 12th versus Julio? That lost still hurts me man. What if Roy Jones, who won the first fight clean, didn’t give Antonio Tarver that rematch and instead fought Mike Tyson? I watched this fight the other day. Tarver had success but Roy won the fight clean and closed the late rounds strong. Nothing but ego made him take the rematch (which is a testament to Tarver’s mouthpiece/trash talk game).

Second part … who are some of the guys that got the most out of their natural ability? I’m talking about guys like Chris Byrd who started his career as a super middleweight and became a long time title holder at heavyweight. Has wins over Tua, Holyfield (past it) and Vitali (although he was losing on cards) even though he had little pop.  I also look at a guy like Paulie Magg … carved out a nice career despite not being a superior athlete. Who are some guys in your opinion?

Lastly,  got to bring up my man Riddick Bowe. I know he ultimately underachieved. But listen … let’s go back to November 13, 1992. I know this stings you a bit, but his first title shot versus Evander. Man, listen. I remember Bowe coming down to the ring at 233 pounds in the best shape of his life with Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” blaring over the Thomas and Mack arena speakers. Goosebumps my man. Pure Goosebumps. And listen, Evander was no chump that night either  … but let me ask you … about THAT Riddick Bowe. For one night THAT Riddick Bowe. How many heavyweights in the history of the sport would have denied him the title? Ali and the Joe Louis? Maybe Foreman? THAT Riddick Bowe gives almost every other guy hell on earth. 6’5 guy in excellent condition, with a sturdy chin, power, yet to be corrupted by the fame and youthful exuberance? Not many was beating Bowe that night (or Evander If we’re being honest).     

Reggie, Atlanta


Bread’s Response: My big what ifs….I like yours so I won’t steal.

Let’s see here. What if Ray Robinson didn’t succumb to the heat against Joey Maxim?

What if Joe Louis had bee allowed to defend his title from 42-46, how many defenses would he have?

What if Ali was not exiled for 3 ½ years?

What if Ray Leonard didn’t retire in 1982? Where would he be ranked histoirically had he faced Mike McCallum, Tony Ayala, Donald Curry, Mark Breland, Marlon Starling and Aaron Pryor?

What if Floyd Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao in 2009?

The guys got the most out of their talent. Wayne McCollough, Carl Froch, Glenn Johnson and Bernad Hopkins come to mind.

When Bowe came down to that song I knew we had a rough night on my hands. It was spine chilling. Man I was a teenager and there is nothing like your childhood and teenage idols. I loved Holyfield more than I loved some of my family members. I was ill for a week after that fight.

The night Bowe beat Evander he’s life and death or better than everyone in history. I agree with you. Ali, Louis, Foreman and maybe a Jack Johnson beat him.

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User Comments and Feedback
Comment by PowerFlow on 10-24-2015

Great read Bread. And good choice of questions to answer. Loved your 'what ifs'. I was there live for the Holy-Bowe first fight. Holy was my childhood idol as well. I went into a depression for days after that fight,…

Comment by Illmatic94 on 10-24-2015

j rock needs to fight andrade. fading trout will get smoked by julians handspeed.

Comment by BritJimbo on 10-24-2015

Agree completely about the Bowe comments, for one fight he could've beaten anyone in history...Im British but still think he'd have beaten Lennox from 92-93, though Lennox was obviously better longterm

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