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Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo-Kovalev, Loma, Roy Jones, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Sergey Kovalev's win over Anthony Yarde, comparing Roy Jones Jr. and Vasiliy Lomachenko, Canelo Alvarez vs. Kovalev, Golovkin vs. Derevyanchenko, and more.

I think Loma is the most successful unorthodox offensive fighter with substance since Roy Jones, what do you think?. How would you compare their: athleticism, mental processing speed, boxing, punch technique & vocabulary?

Bread’s Response: I don’t consider Loma unorthodox. I think he’s technically and athletically brilliant. His footwork is how footwork is supposed to be, for a come forward pressure technician. He doesn’t do much wrong in my opinion. I consider Naseem Hamed, Randy Turpin and Muhammad Ali unorthodox.

I think Roy’s athleticism is a 10. I think Loma’s is a 9.5. Roy is probably a little faster literally and he’s bigger not just P4P sense. I think roy has more physicality at their weights.

I’ve never seen anyone process faster mentally than Loma. Maybe as fast but not faster. I think all of those years of training did something for Loma. I have seen neuro process training for athletes up and close and it’s very difficult. Loma is a master at it. Roy’s was natural. But I would give the edge to Loma. For example even in his prime you could back Roy to the ropes and do little things to him that you can’t do to Loma. Roy was a 1 punch ko artist so that made up for some things, where as Loma is not so he doesn’t have the same mistake ERASER Roy had.

Roy has underrated IQ and boxing skills. He actually outboxed James Toney and Bernard Hopkins. Two guys who people always repeat were better technically than Roy was. Their technical prowess didn’t show much in those fights. Loma in my opinion is a master come forward boxer. He’s the best I’ve seen boxing going forward especially with how short his arms are. I say EVEN.

Their punch technique is about EVEN also. Roy is one of the best punchers ever. He had every punch in the book. I watched him knock guys cold with left hooks to the head, left hooks to the body, left uppercuts, right hands to the head and right hands to the body. Roy was a bionic puncher at 160 and 168.  And he knew how to deliver shots.

Loma doesn’t have the range Roy had. But Loma is an underrated puncher. In every fight I’ve seen him in and I think I’ve seen all but two of his fights. He has either stopped, dropped or hurt his opponent. Loma has short compact punches that he places correctly. He also is relentless. His short hooks and uppercuts are harder than they look. Roy has the edge in natural power but Loma is actual just as good as Roy as far as scoring stoppages.



I know you don't really have a say of when JRock's fight will take place, but hearing it will be on December 14 the same day as the Crawford/Mean Machine card is a bit disappointing. Jrock vs Hurd II deserve all the attention it can get as the first fight was a dandy and FOTY candidate. To make things worse, both fights will be in NY which will affect the ticket sales. Is there a way you guys can change the date?

On to Canelo vs Kovalev. Everyone now thinks Kovalev is way past it and is not one of the best at LHW. I totally disagree with that. No doubt age is catching up to him, but he is still a problem for anyone. That jab is as good as it gets and it won't be easy for Canelo to overcome it. He did get hit quite a bit with GGG's jab, and I would say Kovalev's is at the very least on par with it, if not a bit superior due to his long arms. This is a REAL fight. I know people will point to Kovalev being weak to the body, but Canelo has to get there first and which top level fighter has Canelo really blown out or stopped? We have seen that it is pretty hard to dominate Kovalev on the cards as he will pick rounds up with his jab and power. I don't think this ends well for Canelo at all, certainly not what most think will happen here. I see a clear but competitive decision for Kovalev. How about you?
Take care.

Bread’s Response: I think Kovalev is past his prime but he still is a capable fighter. He’s sort of where Pernell Whitaker was when he fought Oscar De La Hoya.

Kovalev is a top 4 lightheavyweight in my opinion. I wouldn’t favor him to beat Bivol, Beiterbiev or the Nail. But he’s not upside vs any of them.

GGG and Kovalev both have great jabs but they are different. A jab is about rhythm. They throw their jabs at different rhythms. Just because Canelo had a hard time dealing with GGG’s jab doesn’t mean he won’t be able to get past Kovalev’s. Ali was able to outjab Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Bob Foster. 3 of the best 10 jabbers in history. But he couldn’t outjab Ken Norton. Be careful with that analogy.

I slightly favor Canelo in this fight. But I think Kovalev and Buddy McGirt are live in this fight. The reason I favor Canelo is because of his mid range game. Kovalev is a straight, long range puncher. He doesn’t fall apart like some say when you get close to him but he’s visibly uncomfortable. Kovalev doesn’t drop from every body shot but he doesn’t defend them or take them as well as you would expect an elite fighter too. Kovalev is also a big puncher but he’s not so physically strong. Canelo is stronger than people realize. I think in the attack range as the fight moves along, Canelo will be a little quicker on the draw. As they both settle and fatigue slightly I think Canelo will get there more.

This fight can look similar to Spinks vs Holmes 1 and Leonard vs Lalonde. We shall see…

What's up Bread?

It looks like your pre-fight analysis for Sergey Kovalev came to life:

1. "Stylistically This fight should look like Forest vs Mosley. With Kovalev being Forest. The rangier jabber who can break the electric fighter’s rhythm." (Kovalev literally won the fight by keeping Yarde off-balance with the jab)

2. "If he’s special or if Kovalev is not in perfect condition I can see Yarde stopping him." (Yarde came oh-so-close to scoring a stoppage, which leads me to the rest of your analysis..

3. "Yarde timing his 2nd wind and taking prolonged punishment is something I will observe closely." (Yarde had nothing left in the tank after nearly scoring the stoppage which points to an inability to catch a 2nd wind.  Kovalev, on the other hand, was able to muster one even though he was the fighter views as having questionable stamina)

With all that said, what are your thoughts on Sergey Kovalev vs. Canelo Alvarez in light of what we just saw? I re-watched some of  Canelo vs. Daniel Jacobs to observe how Alvarez handles a taller fighter.  Jacobs has similar dimensions to Kovalev (about a half-inch shorter with slightly longer reach) yet Canelo was able to close the distance successfully.  On the flip side, Jacobs is not the jabber that Kovalev is.  Can't wait to hear your initial impression of the fight.  I think Canelo is the favorite but Kovalev is live, especially if he is able to maintain range successfully to protect his body

William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: Some fights I can see well. I saw Kovalev vs Yarde well. Some fights I can’t call but I was confident in that fight. I hope you bet with my prediction.

I see Kovalev vs Canelo well also. I think Canelo’s experience and punch selection in the 2nd half of the fight will prove the difference. Kovalev has a loose guard. He doesn’t bring his hands back. When he’s controlling a guy at the end of a jab it doesn’t show. But if you invade his space it shows up. In spots where Yarde couldn’t get a money shot through, Canelo will be able to. Kovalev’s size and length will work against him in these spots.


Second time writing in and I’m a little late but I want to talk about the reactions to AJ’s loss to Ruiz. I was disappointed in the way pundits and so-called fans piled on AJ. Even Wilder jumped on the train. Now, I cannot bad mouth Wilder cause he’s a champ, puts it on the line, and can say what he wants. But, as an Amateur MMA fighter, who has sparred between the ropes and competed in the cage, it’s so disrespectful what is said about fighters while they are still recovering from a loss. Most of these fans and pundits have never had a broken nose, have never suffered post concussion syndrome, they don’t know about light sensitivity, orbital swelling, and the nausea. I do, and it’s kind of personal when you see guys pass away one week and then hear these clowns flapping their gums the next week. It’s truly amazing the hypocrisy.

Ok with that out of the way, I want you to talk about why fans completely write AJ off as if every other heavyweight is built to exploit the same things Ruiz exploited. A prime example is people saying Wilder knocks out AJ now cause Ruiz did. In reality, Ruiz does things that Wilder will struggle to do thanks to their body types. Everyone knows Wilder  has The Eraser, but he’s a long fighter who finds his range and uses his explosiveness to be on your with the long right hand before you can react. He’s not going to have the same advantages as Ruiz who can get inside and let off rapid fire hooks due to his short arms and hand speed. Those flurrying hooks that tend to catch you on the temple, eyes, and ears are what took AJ’s length advantage away, dropped him, and some say took his equilibrium which made it harder for him to get back in the fight.

So, I want you to talk a little bit to that, if you would. Also, what are the major challenges AJ will have to face to beat Ruiz in a rematch and what are the major challenges for AJ to beat Wilder if they fight. I want a nuanced discussion of the different ways for one excellent heavyweight in AJ to contend with two excellent heavyweights in Ruiz and Wilder. Not this disrespectful, pile-on culture boxing fandom has descended to.


Bread’s Response: People are just cruel and envious by nature. So when someone has success then failure they want to accentuate the failure. They want the person to feel pain. The envious side comes out. I don’t have that in me that’s why I don’t talk bad about people. I also don’t read the negative comments in the section below my mailbag.

I have seen the AJ pile on. Honestly some of it he deserves, some he doesn’t. I’m not going to have a pity party for him and at the same time I will never disrespect him. I think he’s an excellent fighter, who has flaws and I think he’s a good dude with plenty of charisma.

When you lose a fight that bad you have to compartmentalize it. Unfortunately AJ can’t turn to Lennox Lewis who was a master at compartmentalizing losses. But AJ has to be like a cornerback in the NFL. He has to have a short memory.

I think AJ is a really good midrange and inside fighter. His uppercuts and hooks are elite. But he has to leave those shots at home in the rematch. It’s not that he can’t hurt Ruiz with them he proved he could. The issue is he gives Ruiz too much of a chance to clip him. So AJ has to humble himself and put part of his offensive game away for this fight. That’s not easy to do because he has loads of success with uppercuts and hooks.

Mentally I don’t think AJ is a punk or a front runner or any of the bad things people say. He responded like a champion vs Whyte and Klitschko. He was hurt in both of those fights and he came back and scored kos. But he accepted Ruiz’s forcefulness too much in this fight. He circled the outskirts of the ring instead of holding his ground in the center. After the fight he was sort of glad it was over. I think AJ has to become a little more ornery vs Ruiz. He can’t give in to Andy’s energy. Even before he was hurt he was moving way too much vs Andy. People call me crazy but I think this is a 50/50 fight. But AJ has to really be on his game because Ruiz will be confident.

Ruiz also has some challenges. Winning a title is like a rapper who’s best album is his 1st. It’s your whole life’s work in one night. But defending it time and time again is much more difficult. Gluttony is a factor with Andy Ruiz in my opinion.

Isaac Dogboe got me into super bantamweight class about 18 months ago, now it looks like a very interesting division.    Can you tell us more about Philly contender Stephen “cool boy steph” Holton? And who would you pick to be the best in division between Navarate, Rigondeaux, and Brandon Figueroa and would you put Holton into that mix now or within the next 18 months?  With Figueroa and Navarate being so long and tall—at what point are they better off moving to featherweight?
What do you think of Austin Trout attempting to move to 147?    Seems like everyone wants to call out Danny Garcia but I think it is the wrong tree for Trout and Mikey Garcia to bark up.   Danny is dangerous, he can box, has sharp punches, and he is clutch.
Billy Bomaye

Bread’s Response: Stephen Fulton is the TRUTH. Every time I say a prospect from Philly is the TRUTH people say it’s a hometown bias. But I said Julian “Jrock” Williams was the truth since 2010. I said Jaron Ennis was the truth and he hasn’t proved me wrong. And I said Stephen Fulton is the truth and look at what he’s doing. I don’t care where you are from I’m not cosigning a kid if I don’t think he’s the goods.

I don’t know if Fulton can beat Rigo or Navarete yet. Next year I think he may be able to over take them. But he can beat Brandon Figueroa right now. Fulton is insulted and hungry because he feels Figueroa has been moved into a better position than him and he hasn’t had to face him yet. This kid is not a big puncher but he has that Andre Ward meanness and roughness to his game. His conditioning is top notch and he has serious boxing skills. I hope him and Figueroa gets made next because Figueroa is ranked so much further ahead it would make Fulton the underdog. And I will win some money on this fight.

Everybody loves to call Danny Garcia out. I’ve never seen a fighter of Garcia’s caliber have so many fighters literally go after him. Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman literally campaigned to fight Garcia. I guess it’s just something fighters seen in Danny. I think it’s his average foot speed and lack of an elite jab.

Trout can really box but I don’t know how he would look at 147. Moving down is always an issue late in a career. We saw what just happened with Curtis Stevens. I just can’t call what will happen because I don’t know how Trout will look at the new weight. Going by history Garcia knocks him out.

HI Stephen,

My 3rd time writing in and appreciate you always answer. Anyway, Just seen James Toney quoted as saying "he loves the UK but always hated Benn and Eubank and always regretted not getting to kick their ass". So, as I was a little too young to appreciate boxing at that time, how would they theoretical fights have went in your opinion.

All the best

Steven Mc

Bread’s Response: Dam they really missed each other. I really wish James Toney, Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins would have went over and dealt with the Euro super middles in the 90s. We could have had a Revolutionary WAR type of series. The UK had Steve Collins, Joe Calzaghe and Benn and Eubank.

I think Toney would have stopped Benn late in a FOY all timer. Benn was an animal but his high intensity attack is made to order for Bad Ass James. Toney would have hit him with short, counter shots that would have wore him out late.

Eubank would have given Toney stylistic trouble. I don’t think he would have engaged as much and Eubank had a chin that rivaled Toney’s for the best in boxing at the time. I say Toney beats him by decision but he wouldn’t have set the world on fire because Eubank would have neutralized a lot of his counters. But Toney was a little more gifted and he would have landed the cleaner shots.

hi bread,

A few questions, if you have the time:

1. Better win: Pep's rematch win over Sadler or Duran beating Leonard?
2. GGG vs Sergey D... was announced. How do you think that fight will play out? Will SD fight to the level or his opponent, the way Danny Jacobs sometimes does and make a competitive fight against GGG?
3. Why does Canelo seem so disinterested in the rubber match against GGG. If "Mexicans don't f*** around" like he said after the Kirkland fight, then why is he seemingly stonewalling the fight that everyone wants and expected from DAZN when GGG also signed with them? Is it mostly spite on Canelo's part (if so where did this come from?), and/or does maybe part of him recognize that GGG demands more from him than nearly anyone else he has fought before?
4. Would Canelo going up to 175 to fight Kovalev, mean that he would have a hard time coming back down to 160? Is his body still young enough to pull it off? For whatever reason, Roy Jones didn't look the same after coming back down from HW, but that could be coincidental, not evidence in itself.
5. You said Anthony Joshua needs to change one thing and he can beat Andy in the rematch. I have a feeling if AJ channels his inner Wlad Klitschko, he has a good chance of winning that rematch.
6. I'm waiting on two 154 pound fights to happen and they are both rematches. I think Charlo wins the rematch against Tony, and I think the delay between the first and secons fight will favour Charlo. The other is JRock vs Hurd 2. Is Hurd dragging his feet? Are you guys looking at other options? That was a great fight. 154 has a lot of names in the mix. Will be hard for any one of them to unify. It should get a WBSS style tourny.

Okay, that was more than a few, I misled you.

Thanks for your time! This mailbag and a coffee are a part of my Saturday mornings.


Bread’s Response: 1. PUSH

2. I like GGG by late stoppage over SD

3. I think Canelo is showing his power hand vs GGG. He did fight him twice.

4. Depends on if he puts muscle on or if he just decides not to cut water weight. You have to realize he walks around over 175lbs in his every day life.

5. Yes SIR!

6. I can’t get into too much but the winner of Jrock vs Hurd and the winner of Harrison vs Charlo are already signed to fight next June 2020. It’s a done deal my man.

Send Questions to

User Comments and Feedback
Comment by Shadoww702 on 08-31-2019

[QUOTE=Terrell1555;20026409]And yet PBC doesn’t get credit for putting on the best fights![/QUOTE] They usually always do put on the best fights.

Comment by JimmyD729 on 08-31-2019

[QUOTE=Terrell1555;20026404]I want a nuanced discussion of the different ways for one excellent heavyweight in AJ to contend with two excellent heavyweights in Ruiz and Wilder. Not this disrespectful, pile-on culture boxing fandom has descended to. I loved this comment because…

Comment by Terrell1555 on 08-31-2019

[QUOTE=Shadoww702;20026177]Wow! Tony/Charlo and JRock/Hurd winners have agreed to fight next year??? Going with Charlo vs. Hurd[/QUOTE] And yet PBC doesn’t get credit for putting on the best fights!

Comment by Terrell1555 on 08-31-2019

I want a nuanced discussion of the different ways for one excellent heavyweight in AJ to contend with two excellent heavyweights in Ruiz and Wilder. Not this disrespectful, pile-on culture boxing fandom has descended to. I loved this comment because…

Comment by Shadoww702 on 08-31-2019

[QUOTE=millcitymauler;20026278]Same here... This was always the fight I wanted to see - they took the roundabout way of getting there, but get there, they did. 154 is a great division.[/QUOTE] Me to! Harrison fought the PERFECT fight but I still…

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