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Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo, Joshua's Win, Crawford, Lopez, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Anthony Joshua's win over Andy Ruiz, the future of Canelo Alvarez, future outlook for Terence Crawford, Lomachenko, Pacquiao and more.

Hi Bread,

AJ massively impressed me against ruiz. What impressed me more so than anything was how well he’s adapted and added to his game in just 6 months. His control of range went through the roof. His footwork, the way he changed direction (vs Parker he was happy to step in one direction the whole fight and it made the fight predictable and repetitive), his already very good jab looked so sharp. The additions to his game in 6 months really impressed me and made me think about his career.

At 18 he walks into a boxing gym for the very fight time. 4 years later he wins world amateur silver. The year after he wins Olympic gold.

Less than 4 years later, he wins a world title in his 16th fight. A year later he unifies against a great. A year later he unifies again against an undefeated champion. All within 10 years of walking into the gym. Clearly someone who has a much steeper learning curve than most boxers and is clearly improving at a good rate.

What do you make of his rapid progress? Do you think he can get much better? What other fighters have had such success within such a short period of boxing.

I know you think wilder and fury would both do AJ. What would you try to teach him that could turn the odds in his favour?


Chris Eubank Sr vs Chris Eubank
Nigel Benn vs GGG

Bread’s Response: I was very impressed with AJ’s victory. Not from a stylistic stand point but from a mental standpoint. He showed great mental strength in fighting the man immediately who kod him. Stylistically distance and a jab always beat a fighter who is that much shorter with slow limited pressure. Frenetic or a fast paced pressure like Mike Tyson or Joe Frazier is different. But the way Ruiz comes is similar to David Tua. It’s too slow and methodical to beat an elite big with that much of an length advantage.

I think heavyweight is always a division where you can get a late start and be successful. Deontay Wilder is also a late starter. So was George Foreman. So was Ron Lyle. The list goes on.

I think AJ can improve tactically on a fight by fight basis depending on the opponent. But I also think he’s a little gun shy as far as taking a shot. A fast puncher who can get to him is all wrong for him at this point. AJ used to be more violent. Now if he can incorporate his old moxy with his new found adjustments he’s super tough for anyone. I’m super proud of him for defeating Ruiz and shutting people up. But I’m objective and I know what I see.

Although Wilder and Fury fight totally different I would implement similar tactics to beat both. I think AJ has to be able to step forward with a hard jab on both. He can’t wait on either fighter. Fury moves too well and would outbox him. If you wait on Wilder his first step is too fast and eventually he hits you with a 1-2. AJ would have to show next level mental strength in beating both. The restraint he showed fighting Ruiz, he would have to abandon that and turn into an animal in both of these fights.

I’m not doing a mythical match up with a father and son. I’m sure Eubank Jr. gets compared to his father enough. It’s not fair and it doesn’t matter.

Benn vs GGG is a ridiculous action fight. Benn could win but I wouldn’t pick him to. I say GGG by late stoppage in an all time great fight.

Hi breadman,

Hats off on your mailbag and more power. Ive been a follower since boxingtalk days and will continue to learn from the knowledge you impart to us!!!

Id like to hear your thoughts on loma and pacquiao.  It was really impressive to see loma control crolla with his jab and foot work in the first two rounds ( i know he did more than controlling just dont know how to say it concisely :) ) and eventually stopping him and that style reminded me of pacquiao. Do you think MP would be able to implement such style in his age? And if he can, would that allow him to beat the likes of crawford? I know MP is not the same but he still has a lot of great qualities. 

Skillwise i think mp and loma are on par and now that we see more of loma we can probably say he might have the edge. I also think his greatest advantage against everyone is mind quickness.  If they were both in their prime how do you see that fight? Honestly i thought manny would eventually KO him but now i see loma edging him.

Hope you can share more or breakdown the things they do in the ring.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

Bread’s Response: I think Manny and Loma are very similar. Loma has always been a great boxer. Manny has evolved into a master class boxer. Manny is probably a better athlete naturally. But Loma is neater and more refined. I believe Manny has more physicality and is a bigger puncher but Loma is underrated as a puncher especially to the body. Manny is more dynamic but he makes more mistakes. On their best nights who wins. At this moment I say Manny. I don’t think you guys realize how great Manny Pacquiao is. I really don’t. He was a fly weight champion in in the 90s. He has one of the best resumes ever at 147. That’s absurd. Just welterweight alone he’s beaten Tim Bradley, Miguel Cotto, Keith Thurman, Jessie Vargas, Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya, Joshua Clottey, Adrien Broner and Chris Algieri.

Think about another great flyweight in history who could beat anyone I just named. As good as Mark Johnson and Johhny Tapia were they wouldn’t stand a chance. Chocolatito and Juan Estrada are great fighters and they have stopped at 115. Manny Pacquiao can hypothetically compete head to head with top fighters in history from 112-147. Maybe guys like Hearns, Robinson and Tito blow him out on sheer size alone. But that’s really it. No one else in history beats him easy through 10 weight classes. It’s literally unreal to think about.

Hi Bread,

Read the news about Fury changing trainers.

I wonder if you were ever in the running to get a "name"fighter. If not, why? You have great success with JRock, you are well known in the boxing world. How come none of the big name fighters looking to change things come to you? Perhaps you turned down a few?

Is there a science to the trainer marketplace?

Bread’s Response: What’s for me, will get to me. I don’t concern myself with being in the running to train anyone. I like the stable of guys I have now. They’re MY GUYS. I have five and I believe I can make each one a world champion. One stand out and a few young up and comers. The truth is there are only but so many hours in the day. Besides that, No one will ever accuse me of trying to steal a fighter. I’ve never one time approached or asked a fighter to train them. As far as being in the running, yes but that’s no biggie to me I’m not going to name drop. The best fighter I have had a chance to train is the fighter that I train. That’s Julian Williams and he’s hard to deal with. Dealing with fighters is not easy. Especially when you haven’t bonded with them.

I was really surprised that Fury and Davison split up. I was very impressed with Davison’s knowledge. He’s very good. I mean very good. I heard him talk boxing in the hotel lobby when Fury fought Wilder. And I also thought his corner work was excellent. He’s a natural and I’m sure he will get some more major jobs. Fury’s performance vs Wilder was A+ with all things being considered. Layoff, two knockdowns, and Wilder’s ridiculous punching ability.

Andy Ruiz was hungry, underestimated and disrespected for the first fight, he didn't have that to motivate him for the 2nd fight while also having the trappings of wealth. Ruiz is finished he has nothing else to prove plus a $13M payday minus taxes and expenses.

The way a fighter gets fights is to make themselves the fighter EVERYONE wants to fight, the money man (Mayweather) and none of the current crop of fighters are able to do this other than Canelo. None of these guys talk about their opponents family members or insult them in some way cause they all want to be nice guys.

The Charlos try to do it but they come across as angry (menacing) rather than entertaining.

Crawford could've (and should've) criticized Spence for being in a car accident. Crawford's only got part of it right and that's his fighting ability, the drama that attracts people just isn't there. I would still order a Mayweather fight if he returned to the ring but not for Crawford, Spence, Porter, Thurman or Danny Garcia.

The actual fight that would be big is Crawford/Lomachenko at 140lbs if Arum has the guts to make that fight.

Bread’s Response: I agree 99% about Ruiz. I was actually telling someone that earlier. What ever you are becomes enhanced with money. We now see what Andy Ruiz is. A talented guy who trains when he feels like it. Wealth is something else. I see it everyday with fighters and people in general. It’s scary how much you can tell about someone with their social media. Law enforcement and the NFL, NBA and NCAA actually use it as a profiling tool now.

I say 99% because I want to leave Andy room to prove everyone wrong again. It’s going to be tough but not impossible.

I also agree about Mayweather. But I disagree that you have to be like Mayweather in order to get big fights. Pacquiao is a quiet dude and everyone wants to fight him too. I think it’s just a thing some fighters have and some don’t. Canelo has it. As good as Canelo is people want to fight him. He’s worth it.

The Charlo’s are on to something with their personalities. I think they will get big fights in the future. But you’re right it’s sort of taking too long. They’ve been around for a while and Errol Spence was on PPV before them. I’m not a marketing expert. I don’t understand why but I do see the difference. Maybe it’s simply the Laws of Attraction.

Loma and Crawford won’t ever get made. Loma is too small and Crawford is too good and too lengthy.

I think we are overthinking this Crawford thing. To me it’s simple. Get him ranked by the other sanctioning bodies. And fight him 3 or 4 times a year instead of just twice. The more he’s seen operate at that elite level. The more people will appreciate his skills. All he can control is himself. Fighting guys like The Mean Machine is not a big deal. All champions have defenses vs Mean MAchnine level fighters. He’s actually a solid defense and he showed it. The problem is when you have a bunch of fighters like him on your resume and you’re a top 3 talent in boxing you have to fight more often. Twice a year won’t cut it for Crawford.

If Crawford gets ranked by the WBC, IBF and WBA and starts eliminating challengers and opponents for their champions he will corner the market. He can literally do it by the end of 2021.

Hey Bread,

I’m literally writing this after just watching Teofimo Lopez knock out Richard Commey almost effortlessly. WOW. I went in expecting a 50/50 fight ending in a later knockout or stoppage. NEVER expected a two rounder. I don’t like Lopez (I find his brashness insufferable and annoying, not charismatic) but whatever doubts I had about his power and skills are gone now. And he’s now a world champion, credit where credit is due.

How do you see him faring against Vasyl Lomachenko? That’s the fight we all want now. We didn’t get Loma-Garcia, but we can get Loma-Lopez. I understand the clash of styles between Teo and Loma will be different than what I just saw between Teo and Commey... but how do you see a Loma-Lopez fight going down? Who wins that one and how, in your opinion?

Bread’s Response: Lot’s of people don’t seem to care for Lopez or his father. I’ve been seeing that all over social media. But you have to respect their accomplishment. That was a BIG time win for the title.

However, he didn’t knock Commey out effortlessly. Commey was landing a nice jab. And he was zoning in on his right hand. The problem is Commey draws his shots back and he’s a little slow on the trigger. Lopez is not only faster but he’s quicker. Speed is in the body. Quickness is in the mind. If Lopez doesn’t land that shot he could have been in for a long night. But if my aunt had a penis, she would be my uncle. It’s boxing and Lopez exploited Commey’s weakness. Robert Easter knocked him down with the same shot. A looping right hand that got there inside of Commey’s right hand.

Loma vs Lopez is a 60/40 fight. I still haven’t seen Lopez box and adjust for 12 rounds vs a real guy. But Loma is getting older. He’s smaller. He’s bruising up easy. He’s sort of at a plateau. This is a serious challenge for him. Loma may be at the same place Barrera was when he fought Pac. Still a top guy but not ascending anymore.

I think Lopez’ natural shoulder roll stance favors Loma. Lopez is big and explosive but he’s not a lengthy guy. Loma has been fighting some 5’9 or taller, jab and movers. That would give any ex featherweight with his dimensions trouble at lightweight. It would be the same if Lopez moved to 147 and had to face a bunch of tall guys who didn’t engage but were strong enough to absorb his shots. He wouldn’t be as dominant.

But Lopez is young. He doesn’t have wear and tear. He has those sparky clear reflexes. His reaction time is A+. I would pick Haney to beat Loma at this point because of his jab. I don’t see Lopez as having that type of jab but I think his physicality is a huge factor. One fighter has a start out weight of 126 and that fighter is 32. The other fighter has a start out weight of 135 and will one day be a welterweight. They are fighting at 135. There is a huge physicality advantage for Lopez. This is the same as if Ray Leonard would have had to fight Roy Jones at 160.

The safe pick is Loma and I’m being safe today. But Lopez is more than live. He could spark Loma. Loma by decision and if it does it walk him into the HOF that night. It’s not easy being a young, sparky uber talent, who is 10 years younger, bigger, harder puncher and faster for one shot. I don’t think you guys realize how hard Lopez will be to beat after that Commey ko.

canelo-alvarez (2)_31

Good evening Bread

As usual I read your column. No other boxing writer is near you, seriously.

I was intrigued by your views on Andrade & Charlo. It seems to me they are 2 of the 3 powers at 160.

I can't see Canelo, having built up to 175, coming back down to 160. He probably still could make it if pushed but why should he? There are, arguably, more attractive fights at 168.

I understand why GGG's trainer tried to save his blushes by saying he made his last fight too hard by being too much warrior but I don't buy it. He made it hard because he can't avoid punches any more. He's late 30s, had a long amateur career & after that period when he was blowing everyone away easily he's had hard, arduous fights v Canelo & Jacobs. Even if you're a defensive master, which GGG isn't, if you continue long enough you'll start to take shots you didn't in your youth. The Sugar Rays, Roberto, Willie Pepp, Pernell, peerless Jim Driscoll, Ali, Ezzard Charles. It happens. At that age you can train really hard to get the body of a much younger man but you won't ever get back the reflexes of a much younger man.

I think/hope GGG will retire soon.

I also  agree that Eubank Jnr isn't a threat. Junior actually worries me. He has a great chin, engine & heart, only adequate power & his skills/speed are also only adequate at world title level but he doesn't seem to understand this. That is actually a bad package & the people around Junior need to be careful that he doesn't get hurt.

I still think BJ Saunders can be competitive with anyone at 160. I understand why you aren't sold on BJS. Since the great win v Andy Lee he has been treading water with no stand-out win. He might say he was waiting on fights with GGG & Canelo that never materialised but he's been his own worst enemy turning up ridiculously heavy for camp not because he's a weight bully like Chavez Jnr but because he eats & drinks whatever he likes. I'm glad his last fight went badly. I hope, from his comments, that it has finally dawned on BJS that the answer is't moving to 168, a dreadful idea, but showing some discipline in the last stage of his career.

If he does that, I really like him v Charlo. Charlo strikes me as a guy who won't react well to being made to miss. It could end up a bit like Lemieux. I know Charlo is much better than Lemieux but, on the other hand, BJS beat David looking like he had at least 2 more gears if he needed to move up.
I couldn't call BJS v Andrade & I have a horrible feeling I'll never need to, not because either side will duck but just because promoters aren't wild on fights that are highly unlikely to end in a KO, unless the fighters personally bring huge crowds, which neither does.
If I had to choose I would just go BJS. He's been around boxing/fighting all his life. As well as all the amateur & Pro fights there have been all the bare knuckle 'straighteners' that are part of life in Romany communities. He just can fight.
Anyway, I'm not expecting you to agree on BJS but I'd love your thoughts.

Bread’s Response: Canelo can fight whoever he wants in 3 different divisions. He makes over 30 million a fight. He’s in the best position in boxing. I don’t know if he moves back down or not. I’m curious to see who he fights next. But I doubt if it’s Andrade or Charlo.

Yes I agree Andrade and Charlo are 2 and 3 at 160. The spots are interchangeable. I think they are both making a mistake not pressing their promoters to make the fight between the two. The winner goes in the P4P top 10 and the media and fans will then demand a Canelo fight. And whatever they are making for their fights goes up at least 50%. Very big mistake.

I also don’t buy the GGG made the hard fight harder stuff. We have been hearing that since the Kell Brook fight. I love GGG but he’s aging just like every other human being in this world.

Charlo is too good for Eubank Jr. It’s just that simple.

I just don’t know about BJ Saunders. You guys don’t write in much about him so I don’t get to talk about him. But sometimes he looks like a south paw stick mover on the level of Herol Graham or Sambu Kalambay. Then other times I don’t know what I’m seeing. He does have 3 solid wins vs Lee, Eubank and Lemiuex. If you throw in Willie Monroe his resume is solid. But he’s had some really off nights. He also had some PED issues as far as what’s banned and not banned by VADA. I don’t want to delve in too far because it could be a technicality. I honestly don’t know. But he’s not tall at all and he’s had severe weight issues. He’s now a supermiddleweight…..Whenever you see a fighter have PED issues then move up in weight it becomes a curious occurrence. Especially since the main reason in my opinion for PEDS in this era is to lose weight (20lbs-40lbs) and still be strong. I just don’t know how to take Saunders.

I actually thought Saunders had a chance to beat Andrade because of his movement. But in order to beat someone you have to fight them. Andrade is a fighter that I presume is CLEAN. He’s outspoken about PEDS. And he’s proactive as far asking fighters to test. Again watch the fighters who are outspoken about everything except testing. Watch the fighters who conveniently never bring up testing. Andrade is always talking about testing. So at this point I favor Andrade if they fight.

Saunders is a tough style for Charlo. A very tough style. Korobov and Trout gave Charlo fits. I assume Saunders would too. But I can’t pick a fighter to beat Charlo who is not disciplined. Charlo takes boxing serious and he trains hard. I don’t believe Saunders does. The boxing ring is a TRUTH MACHNE. Whatever you do, whatever you are, it comes out one way or the other in boxing. So I wouldn’t pick Saunders to beat Charlo or Andrade. Discipline is a talent. If you can’t stop eating and drinking you’re not disciplined. And considering both Charlo and Andrade are taller, longer and more muscular than Saunders he shouldn’t have weight issues if both of those guys are making 160lbs.

I’m really in limbo as far as my opinion of BJ Saunders as a fighter. I won’t jump the gun and I won’t over criticize. But a positive PED test, then moving up in weight and struggling performances leave me there. He has plenty of options in a really good era. He has some outstanding middle and super middleweight fighters to fight. Let’s see how things play out.

Mr Bread, I am back for more wisdom. I know I have come to the right place.

Boxing history is full of great examples of fighters rising through the weights like Roy Jones, James Toney, Manny Pacquaio , Canelo – to name some recent standouts.

BUT what do you think is the greatest weight jump in a single fight in history?

What fighter moved up to defeat the best larger opponent in a one-off bout?

With that in mind, here are some mythicals based on a single bout weight jump today. Who stands the best chance of getting an improbable victory here? Just for fun:

Canelo v Gassiev
Josh Taylor v Lara
Inoue vs Berchelt
Loma v Crawford
JRock v Plant

Last thing, if Lomachenko beats Lopez (Feb), Davis (July) and Haney (Dec) in 2020 – is he creeping into your ATG list? What fight or fights would he have to win (that are feasible) to get into your Top 20? 

Respect, from London!


Bread’s Response: If Loma beats Lopez, Davis and Haney he’s more than an all time great. He’s top 50 fighters ever and that’s the low end minimum. If he did that he should retire and smile and laugh at guys who bring up the Salido fight as some sort of indictment of his career.

I don’t know what the biggest and best weight jump is. I have to think hard. I will give you a few that stand out.

Armstrong vs Ross is serious. Think about the 1930s and how significant that was back then.

Duran vs Leonard is still a top 3 win ever.

Leonard vs Hagler is also  huge.

Spinks vs Holmes is enormous and it’s actually underrated.

Hopkins vs Tarver is a bigger and better win than Jones vs Ruiz. Tarver is better than Ruiz and Hopkins was coming off of 2 losses in a row at 160. That’s a huge win.

Toney vs Jirov is a big deal also. Toney lost at 168 and 3 times at 175 then moves up to 190 and beats the best cruiserweight in the world. Major!

Tommy Hearns beating Dennis Andries. It’s not that Andries is special. But it’s that Hearns went from 154 to 175 with no catchweight. People forget Hearns didn’t win his titles in weight order. He went from 147,154, 175, 160 then 168. Special fighter!

From the list you have me Josh Taylor would have the best chance to beat Lara. The reason being is Taylor is taller than Lara. He’s busting out the seems at 140. He’s going to have plenty of energy being able to burn more calories. And stylistically he can overwhelm Lara. I’m not saying I would pick him to win. I’m just saying out of the match ups you gave me he would have the best chance.

First of all marry Christmas to you and your family, longtime reader here since the boxingtalk day. About 2-3 weeks ago on one of your mailbags you replied to someone about you made a list of fighters who had a chance to be regarded better than Ray Robinson if they would have turned right instead of left and Chavez made the list, my question is what could have Chavez done? About if Chavez when he moved up to welterweight instead of going against Whitaker would have went up against a young undefeated Felix Trinidad? Do you think Chavez could have beating Trinidad  and winning that 4 title in a different weight class would have put his legacy? That would have been a huge fight the younger bigger lion against the old lion, Mexico vs Puerto Rico. How would the career of Trinidad would have been if let’s say he takes a beating like Taylor? And Chavez beating Trinidad then getting comfortable at the weight and if he would have beat Whitaker no question Chavez would had a serious debate as the best ever. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Who wins these mythical fights

De La Hoya vs Tszyu at 140, 1996
Rafael Márquez 2003 vs Inoue
Virgil Ortiz now vs Fernando Vargas at 21 (Virgil style remains me just exactly Fernando)
Shane Mosley vs Crawford at 135-147 you pick
Julio César Chávez vs Manny Pacquiao at 140

Bread’s Response: Chavez actually made my list of fighters who had a chance to be better than Robinson if they turned left instead of right. If Chavez beats Whitaker cleanly and then simply plays it smart and turns back either Oscar, Mosley or Tszyu in the mid 90s not all but just one and then retires. He’s 90 something and 0. Wow! He would have had a real case.

Tito was too big for Chavez. When a great less athletic fighter moves up to his max weight. He has to be careful fighting a great and larger fighter at his start out weight. Watch Jose Napoles vs Carlos Monzon. Or how about Tito vs Roy Jones.

I think De La Hoya would have clipped Tszyu in 96. The best I have ever seen Oscar was his run in 96. I think he should have stayed at 140 for at least 3 or 4 more fights than he did.

Rafa Marquez vs Inoue Um…..right now I say Inoue but what a fight.

I don’t know enough about Ortiz to match him up with Vargas just yet.

Mosley vs Crawford. This one is really tough. They fought at the same exact weights. Both sort of struggled to get down to 135 to get titles but they were really 140-47. Call me crazy but I think Crawford beats him. As good as Mosley was I think you can outbox Mosley. He got outboxed in long stretches in too many of his fights. Oscar, Forest, Cotto…Mosley was an athletic fast attacker. He outboxed Oscar in their 1st fight but I don’t rate his pure boxing ability on the level of Crawford’s. I would take Crawford by a tight decision. It’s really an even fight but I think Crawford has better natural boxing and adapting skills.

Chavez vs Pacquiao is a fight between fighters of similar size who rank at roughly the same place historically. I think they would have to fight 3 times to settle it. Pac is faster but Chavez has elite boxing skills coming forward. Check out his fights vs Rosario and Ramirez. Chavez is also quick for one shot, his lead right hand would play a big role. Chavez also fights better on the inside. But stylistically a fighter pressing Manny falls into his hands. Manny is the more shocking puncher for one shot but Chavez has heavier hands. Man I just don’t know who wins this.

Bread what's good? So Chavez Jr. has failed to make weight once again.  This time he's 5lbs over! How many times will this guy be allowed to disrespect the sport with his history of missing weight and obvious lack of discipline and preparation?? This has me wondering if there has ever been a time when multiple athletic commissions have come together and refused to license a fighter due to a pattern of missing weight? There are many fighters that are missing out on opportunities to maybe fight a big name like Jacobs because a big name like Chavez is getting the opportunity. Let's be honest and ask ourselves what Chavez has done to deserve a fight against Jacobs? He is living off of his father's legacy and that's the only reason he keeps getting opportunities. He's making a travesty of the sport. I have an additional thought about skills as they pertain to Wilder. Yes he isn't the most fundamentally skilled fighter. Joshua and Fury are always going to be more technically skilled. I believe there is an argument to be made that Wilder may be more skilled than anyone at what he does best. His signature move is that quick step in right hand either off the break or when his opponent has just finished punching or looking for an opening. I also believe concentration is a skill that doesn't get mentioned much. Wilder gets outboxed for long stretches but seems to be able to concentrate much longer than his opponents. Ortiz was soundly out boxing him the whole fight but if you notice in the last 2 rounds Wilder started getting closer with the right hand. I believe it broke Ortiz concentration without him even realizing it. Meanwhile Wilder stayed laser focused on landing his best shot. Thoughts?
-Chris from Chicago

Bread’s Response: Chavez Jr. is the most enabled fighter in the history of the sport. Forget about the not making weight and false urine test rumors. Let’s just talk about what we do know. He’s missed weight on several occasions all the way up to light heavyweight. Remember we are talking about a guy who started his career at 130lbs.

He was allowed to fight Carlos Molina, Matt Vanda and Brian Vera twice apiece because the first fights looked a little funny.

He got to fight Sebastian Zbik for a vacant title when Sergio Martinez was the champion. Then Martinez had to come in on the B side and fight Chavez for that title. It was bizarre to say the least.

He’s failed a PED test. He doesn’t train. He disrespects whoever keeps giving him these opportunities on top of disrespecting boxing.

He consistently gets paid over market value for his ability and accomplishments. It’s absolutely DISGUSTING what he’s allowed to do. I have never seen anything so disrespectful and I’ve been around the sport since the 80s. Chavez Jr is everything that’s wrong with society and boxing.

And don’t ever ask me about him again.

Deontay Wilder has special level concentration. It’s his gift. He’s always on point. One of the reasons his concentration is so good is because he’s only trying to do one thing. Remember quickness is in the mind. So Wilder’s mind processes faster than most because he’s not trying to do too much. On top of that he’s athletic. Wilder is very hard to beat and I think he’s a top 10 P4P fighter at this point.

Hey Mr Edwards

Hoping all is well with you because then we can only continue to benefit from your incisive insight. I understand TC is being mauled for what consensus says was a poor performance against Mean Machine. I haven't seen the fight but I know he closed the show.

What do you think is up with TC ? Is he bored with his level of opposition? Is he bored with boxing overall because he's being frozen out of the bigger welterweight picture? I saw him against Amir Khan and he didn't really perform to the level most of us have come to expect from him and that fight was inconclusive. That's two fights in a row where he can't lay claim to being No 1 at welterweight, never mind pound for pound.

I'm high on TC and before his last two fights I could have sworn he is the best of the post- Mayweather generation at 147. What do you think of his rumored move to 160 to face Canelo? Is it a new challenge or frustration with the whole PBC thing? He's not a big welterweight and there are some boys at 154 who are bigger than him and he's thinking of 160? It doesn't make sense to me but I sympathize with his situation.

Personally, I think he should stay at 147 because his last two performance will have given some courage to all those PBC boys who were running from him. What do you think? Is TC in danger of becoming the modern day Paul Williams? Would a courageous but losing effort against Canelo (who is too big and equally skillful) make up for the lost opportunities at 147? If he never fights Spence and loses to a younger and fresher Boots Ennis what becomes of his legacy at Welterweight? Would his legacy be enhanced by beating the boys moving up from 140 like Ramirez, Prograis and Taylor or will it be always held against him that he never beat an incumbent welterweight even though it's not his fault the fights with those PBC boys are not happening?

Sorry for the many questions Mr Edwards but it is just so frustrating that a genuine superfight to rival SRL-Hearns at 147 is not taking place because someone says TC is on the "other side of the street" whatever that means. My goodness, nor sooner had SRL and Hearns left the 147 division than Curry and McCrory stepped up to give us a superfight at 147. It was a blow out yes but we knew for sure who was the man. There were no claims and counter-claims.

Thank you Mr Edwards and please keep the light of boxing knowledge burning.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Bread’s Response: I think you’re being overly critical. Terence Crawford looked good. The Mean Machine has pedigree. Crawford and his team must have realized that MM doesn’t like pressure. The stick on the Eastern European fighters is they don’t like it in the trenches. Look at how Canelo and Ward fought Kovalev. Look at how Canelo attacked GGG. Maybe Crawford so something. At the world class level you get hit. Crawford showed a side of his game that many elite level boxers don’t have. He’s able to press for ko. That’s a serious ability.

Crawford dominated Khan. That was an easy fight for him.

I don’t know how Crawford would fair at 154 or 160. I would have to see him fight there first.

Crawford has more options that people realize. I’ve stated it in other comments. He’s just fine. Time and skill solve lots of problems.

Jaron Ennis is emerging.  Crawford better keep an eye out for him. Ennis doesn’t have the resume or experience but his talent and skill set are off the charts. Ennis looks like a bigger, more athletic version of Crawford with a twist of Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson in his game.

Times are different now. You can’t expect these fighters to be Leonard and Hearns. Fighters talk now about playing it safe, being undefeated, A side-B side. This whole era is built on being undefeated. It’s just a different time.

Here is the thing about the “Cross The Street” thing. I’m hearing many different takes on it. So here is mine. I don’t believe it’s anyone’s in particular FAULT. Terence Crawford decided to re sign with Top Rank. It’s nothing wrong with showing a company loyalty. Many fighters do this.

I applaud him for sticking with the company who gave him his big break. But there is something that comes with that. If all of the other top fighters in your weight class is with another company, in this case PBC. And if two of the stars that was with your present company (Manny Pacquiao and Mikey Garcia) left Top Rank and fought for PBC, you have to realize you may not get a willing shot at a huge fight.

Boxing is a sport and a business equally. It’s not about right or wrong. In business self service is big deal. And it usually takes precedence. Crawford would be the favorite over each of the PBC welterweights in my opinion except Errol Spence and that would be considered even money. So while a PBC fighter can say, I don’t care what advice I get I want to fight Crawford. You would have to ask a reasonable businessman would he put his 8 figure investment in the ring with a fighter who he has no vested interest in, that will most likely lose?

Promoters don’t care about LEGACY. They care about business and if LEGACY comes along with the money then they embrace it. The fans and media are mistaken. It’s up to the fighters to go after LEGACY.

I know Eddie Hearn has offered some “1 OFF” fights to fighters not with DAZN. But that is not considered good business although I love that he’s doing it. Ramirez vs Hooker was fire. But his guy lost and now Ramirez is a star. That doesn’t help his company. Most promoters wouldn’t do that.

Crawford is in a good spot. Not a bad one. He can demand certain things out of his company that most can’t. His minimums will be over market value because they haven’t delivered him a huge fight. They can’t lose him in his prime like this. It wouldn’t look good to have lost Andy Ruiz, Mikey Garcia, Manny Pacquiao and Terence Crawford.

Everyone seems to think life sucks for Terence Crawford, but it doesn’t. He has a smart team they will figure it out. In the mean time, that young man will make life changing money regardless of who he fights. He just has to stay active, get ranked by other sanctioning bodies and keep doing what he’s doing. The big fights will come.

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Comment by The D3vil on 12-24-2019

[QUOTE=Young Bidness;20273192]The LDBC always make racist innuendos against Mexicans, particularly when they talk about Canelo. For a good year they said BJs gives Canelo problems. They’ve also said BJS has white privilege with Hearn. So because they troll and randomly…

Comment by Al Broker on 12-22-2019

[QUOTE=The D3vil;20273142]Once again, Bread spends a Mailbag gushing over GGG, Pacquaio, and Lomachenko. I thought all the Canelo stans told he he was a horrible racist? .[/QUOTE] The LDBC always make racist innuendos against Mexicans, particularly when they talk about…

Comment by Fat_asian on 12-22-2019

What's up bread? I posted this on another website but j wanted your take on things: about 15 years ago we had a three headed combo as heavyweight champ: Lennox Lewis, John Ruiz and Chris Byrd. How would they match…

Comment by The D3vil on 12-22-2019

Once again, Bread spends a Mailbag gushing over GGG, Pacquaio, and Lomachenko. I thought all the Canelo stans told he he was a horrible racist? [QUOTE=Brooklyn926;20271012]Breads really good but I think he’s a fan of some of the stuff wilder…

Comment by THC on 12-22-2019

Chavez Jr is super-privileged because he does sell tickets (for whatever reason). Yes, the man violates rules; but when they're enforced, the "punishment" lacks teeth. He pays relatively small fines. He sits out drug suspensions between big pay days when…

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