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Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo-Jacobs, Spence-Crawford, Floyd

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Canelo vs. Williams, Crawford vs. Khan aftermath, Floyd Mayweather fantasy fights, Errol Spence vs. Terrence Crawford, and more.

A few thoughts popped into my head about the once made fight between Paul Williams and Canelo Alvarez. The fight was cancelled because of William's tragic motorcycle accident. At that time Canelo was very young and still learning, but he was starting to come into his own. Williams was one of the best in the world and established as a rangey, high volume puncher with a great gas tank. Williams could fight on the outside and showed a good inside game as well. Canelo was not known for a great gas tank and fought in explosive spots. How would you have seen this fight? I believe it may have been to soon for Canelo because Williams could set a torrid pace and carry Canelo to fast. However Williams did get hit cleanly. Canelo didn't have nearly the punch variety that he now has but I did see Williams get popped all fight, a loss in my opinion, by Lara. It may have been lights out if Canelo could connect as often as Lara. At the same time I can't help but think the long reach, high volume, great gas tank, and crazy pace would have been to much for that version of Canelo. If Canelo loses to Williams and doesn't get the decision against Lara how much different do you think the landscape of boxing would be right now? I don't think Floyd gives him a shot had he have lost to Williams and he doesn't become a huge star had he have not gotten the decision against Lara. Do you think boxing would have a legit superstar with Canelo's drawing power have he had not panned out? Is it possible that Golden Boy puts someone else on the fast track to stardom if Canelo took those losses or would they have still tried to build his career slowly and carefully?
-Chris from Chicago

Bread’s Response: I always thought Canelo would have won that fight despite being a big Paul Williams fan. I just felt that with Williams’s leaky defense and long frame that he would be a BIG target for the sharp shooting Canelo. Guys similar to Canelo in stature were able to really put hands on Williams. And with Williams being a southpaw, his liver side would be leading towards Canelo’s best punch the left hook to the body.

Obviously a career plays out differently and is contingent upon results. But Canelo took some gutsy fights and more often than not he came through. I don’t know how his career would have played out if he lost the fights you mentioned but he won them…….

Bad beat as they say! Crawford came straight at him and touched him early! It was over before it even got started! but that Khan tho! Dude fought punch drunk from round one on with a monster! Cat got heart! If I'm building a fighter from scratch, I want some his grit sprinkled in! And I see what you see in Crawford! You and my boys just higher on him than I am! I'm still taking Spence to when that matchup! If he doesn't weight out the division Spence will be undisputed welterweight champ of the world! Lol, well him or Crawford, I don't see the fight being made until all belts are on the line! A true Superfight that decides an Undisputed Champion of the World! and Real quick, props to Virgil Hunter, he gave his fighter a chance to get back in the fight, then he saved his fighter from himself and further punishment! In spite of the backlash he knew they would recieve because of the magnitude of the event and money on the table! That's a MAN and the kind of stand up guy you want in your corner when you go to battle! Also Floyd gets his props! You're right, it's on the fighter to be prepared! The man opposite you in the ring owes you nothing! You come in focused or you deal with the consequences! Chico was my dude tho, that loss is depressing everytime I think on it! So here's the question, Whats some of the biggest lapses in preparation that you can remember or Losses that you think guys never got over? Judah vs Baldomir come to mind (lapse of preparation) Ali vs Forman (fight a guy never got over)! I think Ali broke Foreman's pysche of invincibility in that fight! Your thoughts tho? And for arguments sake. I say if you run back Khan vs Garcia 9 more times, Khan never loses that fight again! same with Tyson vs Buster Douglas, even tho he ever ran it back! Plus please shout out our boy Regis Prograis! Cuz as you say, the man can bump! And us southern cats are proud of him and want to see more of that national spotlight shined on him! Respect Brother, your mailbag is a Saturday tradition for our fight group! Keep doing your thing!

Bread’s Response: It’s sort of weird to me that everyone is questioning Khan’s heart. I feel that he has one of the biggest hearts of the last 20 years. He literally picks killers to fight. He has a shaky chin and he goes after punchers. It’s insane that people are questioning his heart after ONE controversial ending to a fight he was losing and he got hit low. Terence Crawford is a killer man he was going to take Khan in the middle of the ocean and leave him there. Virgil Hunter has “the EYE”, he knows what he’s looking at. He knew what was going to happen to Khan so he saved him. That’s what a trainer is supposed to do.

You talk about fighting punch drunk. Khan was definitely fighting punch drunk man. He went 6 rounds punch drunk with the best fighter in the world. I saw him fight Danny Garcia completely punch drunk, trying to stabilize himself like a baby deer. His heart is enormous. Our boxing world is so fickle man. I’ve watched so many fighter’s indiscretions get overlooked and twisted into something positive and here Khan fights killer fights, gets knocked out and hurt often, has had a long career and with one controversial ending now he’s a QUITTER with no heart. It’s a shame. If the stars and A side fighters of this era had Khan’s heart and willingness to take real fights then boxing would be better off.

Losses guys never got over. I think Foreman got over that lost to Ali. It just took him 10 years. Recently Felix Verdejo seems to be suffering from a loss hangover. I really hope he gets it together because the sharks are out at 135.

I don’t get into giving a fighter an excuse for lack of preparation. There is a talent in being dedicated. And if you don’t have the push to train hard then to me it’s not an excuse for losing. It’s what you are. You don’t have it in you to prepare correctly for every fight and you don’t deserve to win.

I also disagree about Khan vs Danny Garcia. Garcia has something that Khan just doesn’t. He’s not the physical athlete that Khan is but he’s a better fighter. He’s stronger, he has a better chin, he makes better adjustments and his IQ is higher. I am an Amir Khan fan but overall throughout their careers Danny Garcia has proven to be better. In an amateur fight Khan wins every time. But in a 12 round fight if we go over the DATA we have about both of them, I can see Danny clipping him more times than Khan will outbox him. Khan just doesn’t understand when he’s being set up for a big shot and Danny is a master of setting you up for the big shots.

Tyson vs Douglas is an interesting case. You say Tyson beats him every time. I just don’t know about that either. I would have liked for Tyson to run that back so we can see how they lined up again. My guts tell me Douglas may have had his number. Big Tyson fan again but you have to run that fight back to show it was fluke before I say it was a fluke. Douglas just didn’t land a lucky punch. He dominated that fight. When you get off on a man for 10 rounds that’s saying something.

Regis Prograis is a the TRUTH. That dude can fight. He’s a top 20 P4P fighter in my view and if he beats Josh Taylor then whoa! I like what I see in Prograis. Progais has what I call hard fist and natural instincts.

Hi bread man

I'm a big fan of yours and truly put you 1 of the 3 greatest mind in boxing with max kellerman and bert sugar.

Just wanted to ask you because Floyd mayweather is great but benefits for good match making. Please give your thoughts of the result if this floyd fight happen before

1. Floyd vs margarito what if they fight push thru before by arum
2. Floyd vs Mosley at 135 when Mosley is a beast
3. Floyd vs Paul Williams at 147
4. Floyd vs tzsyu after tzsyu beat Judah
5. Floyd vs cotto after he beat Mosley and Judah.

Mythical match up

1. Lomachenko vs barrera,Morales,Marquez and pacquiao
2. Crawford vs arguello, Pryor, tzsyu

- where do you rate Manny pacquiao as an all time great

Thank you very much

Angelo seso

Bread’s Response: The interesting thing about Floyd Mayweather is he would have been the favorite over just about everybody he supposedly ducked. On his best day he’s better than all of the guys you named..But I will break down each scenario because you asked.

If he would have fought Margarito around the time he first moved up from 140lbs in late 2005 then that’s a tough fight for him. The sentiment was if Jose Luis Castillo could man handle him at 135, then imagine what Margarito could have done at 147 before Floyd grew into the weight. I think the odds would have been even the earlier it was made. Anything after the Margarito losing to Mosley is a wipe out for Floyd.

Mosley vs Mayweather at 135 is a fight where Floyd may have been a betting underdog. The reason being is at 135 Mosley was 6 years older and he was viewed as the more mature and established fighter. He was also at 135 first so Floyd would have been moving up. Mosley was a rare volume power puncher at 135. I think Floyd is the superior boxer but if they would have fought in around 1999 Mosley would have given him a hell of a fight. Mosley thought he was invincible back then and he wouldn’t have conceded to Floyd the way he did in 2010. But I pick Floyd.

Floyd is just too sharp for Paul Williams. I would have loved to see if Williams could drown him out but his gangly arms and porous defense would have cost him vs Floyd. I can see a Williams win but my pick is Floyd by decision.

Tszyu vs Mayweather should have been made. This would have been USA vs Russia in promotion. Two great amateurs. Etc Etc. We missed this one. Tszyu threw straight hard punches and he was a very good boxer and distance controller. Tszyu had trouble with fighters who could push him back and smother his extension. Although Floyd is P4P better, stylistically I don’t know if he could push Tszyu back. The problem with your scenario is in 2001 Floyd wasn’t at 135 yet and Tszyu was at 140. Floyd didn’t move to 140 until around 2004ish. But all in all this is a pick em fight for me. But again Floyd is better in a P4P sense.

After Cotto beat Mosley and Judah I really wanted to see him fight Floyd Mayweather. Beating two black fighters, who had similar power and speed to Mayweather were perfect foils going into a Mayweather fight. Again I think Floyd is better than Cotto but timing is important in certain match ups. Cotto is severely underrated. Cotto is a great fighter! To come back from those Pacquiao and Margarito losses is just remarkable. Cotto gave Floyd a tough scrap in 2012. I think there was a small window in which he could have done better than he did in 2012. 2007-08 was that window. My pick is still Floyd but Cotto would have been a super rough fight for him after beating Mosley and before Margarito.

Here is the thing about taking on tough fighters in their primes. Individually a superior fighter may be able to beat each fighter. But collectively it’s difficult. If Floyd would have fought everyone on your list at the time you state, there is a great chance he’s not undefeated. Just like Muhammad Ali didn’t run his 0 between prime Frazier-Norton-Foreman. And Ray Leonard didn’t run his 0 between prime Benitez-Duran-Hearns. Another great fighter will pull a great night on you. It’s just how boxing works.

I don’t know enough about Crawford or Loma yet to say if they can beat the greats you named.

I rate Manny Pacquiao very highly all time. He has to be in the top 25 ever. No flyweight ever has sniffed greatness past featherweight. Manny Pacquiao has won the welterweight title 3 times. Pacquiao is the only fighter in history to win his 1st three title tries as an underdog. That shows that early he didn’t get favorable matchmaking. He passes the eye ball test, accomplishment test, and competition faced with flying colors.

On top of that Pacquiao had one of the highest peaks ever. From David Diaz to Antonio Margarito he fought 6 perfect fights on PPV. Diaz, De LA Hoya, Hatton, Cotto, Clottey and Margarito were all perfect fights. No one has ever shined so bright on the big stage. 

floyd-mayweather (28)


I don't know if you have been following, but Spence and Crawford have been trading some jabs on social media and in interviews. But they are doing it in a way to let the other one know basically "I am here and will beat your a$$ when the fight gets made." But they aren't being disrespectful, just so more so checking the others temperature. I love seeing that as it is just the competitive juices flowing. Those are two good solid men that stay respectful but at the same time let you know they aren't taking any shit. I can't wait for this match up, and do think we get it sometime in 2020. Yes, I'm aware Spence has more options but he will force that match up and vice versa.

On to the big match up on Saturday. I want to give you some of my thoughts and want to hear what you think about them. So, one of the big talking points of this match up is how much Canelo has struggled in the past with slick fighters such as Mayweather and Lara. And they point to Jacobs being a big slick fighter. I disagree here. I don't see Jacobs being all that much slick to be honest. He's big, strong, has a nice strong but has some big flaws that prevent him from getting that slick moniker. For example, pay attention to how he backs straight out and is there to be hit with a jab and hook. It seems like he gets hurt more than he actually does due to that flaw of backing straight out and giving the opponent a chance to get their shots off. Jacobs also isn't going to make you miss as much as he will just cover up and wait until you throw your shots to come back with his own offense. Then on the other side, we are hearing a bunch of picks of Canelo stopping Jacobs because Jacobs has a suspect chin. Okay, if his chin was as suspect as people think, then would he really have seen the full 12 rounds against Derevyanchenko and Golovkin? His problem to me are mainly the defensive lapses he seems to have every fight more than anything. As for a weak chin? His chin is solid enough. Canelo is built like a tank, but I think his build is part of the reason he tends to gas in spurts. If Jacobs is able to stay consistent with the jab and throw enough shots, he will be able to win some of the middle to late rounds. He has to be consistent and has to make sure he doesn't get caught with stupid shots. For those saying Canelo blows him out, I will counter with which top fighter has he blown out? Canelo is a damn good fighter, but we have a big enough sample size that shows that top opponents will make it competitive with him such as Trout/Lara/GGG/Cotto.

Take care.

Bread’s Response: Errol Spence and Terence Crawford are cut from the same cloth. I’ve been around Spence and I’ve observed Crawford for years. These guys are going to rock when they bump. Both are real fighters.

Here is what I see is happening as far as leveraging. Spence is going to attempt to move into the A side of Super Match up then throw it up in Crawford’s face. It’s called the Art of Skullduggery. Spence has that huge viewership rating against Leonard Bundu. Common sense says it was because of the Olympics but Spence can still claim the ratings. Spence has better PPV numbers vs Mikey Garcia than Crawford does against Amir Khan. Spence also has better live attendance numbers in Dallas than Crawford does in Omaha.

I know that there is more to it that what meets the eye. Timing, capacity of stadium, Mikey being Mexican, etc etc. But nevertheless Spence and his team will use this against Crawford. Crawford and his team are going to have to combat this. I see it coming. Spence will also attempt to win and unify more belts at 147. The WBC and WBA belts are with PBC.

So hypothetically if they go into the fight in 2020 and Spence is the IBF, WBC and WBA champion and has better numbers he’s going to use that against Crawford. Crawford is a real fighter as is Spence. And he probably doesn’t care about this stuff. I don’t care for it either but it’s part of the business of boxing. Let’s see what happens.

I agree with you 100% on your Canelo vs Jacobs assessment. Jacobs is not what you call a slick fighter. That term gets overused when speaking of black fighters from urban areas. Jacobs is a strong, fast, athletic fighter with solid technical ability. But he isn’t what you call slick. In actuality Canelo is slicker than Danny. Often the media uses the wrong terms to describe fighters.

I also agree that Canelo usually struggles and does not blow out his best opponents. He usually wins by close decision.

I also think Danny has a decent chin. The media labels who they want to have a bad chin in this era. Danny got clipped one time in almost 40 fights and they say he has a bad chin. Danny is a middleweight and middleweights can punch. A dude like Salido has been kod like 6 times and people say his whiskers are solid. I know fighters who have never been stopped and they have bad chins. I know guys who have been stopped multiple times and they have solid chins. Danny has a respectable chin.

This fight will come down to who can capture the judges attention. Can Danny control Canelo’s offense enough to show CONTROL over him and vice versa. And who can establish the better jab. Danny is taller and longer but he hasn’t shown a better jab that Canelo. Danny’s jab has to be on point. It’s really that simple. Either guy can win this fight.

As a Dominican boxing fan, i would like for you to dissect Carlos Adames (El Caballo Bronco). I feel he moved up in weight to fast, from welterweight to  junior middleweight This is telling me, that he might be having  problem dieting and with the scale.

Second, give me your take on Gervonta Davis and Gary Russell. I think Russell beats Davis, speed being the main factor. I also feel Davis is very unpredictible when it comes to consistency in and out of the ring. Although i know you feel  Russell is not active enough.
Thank you very much

Mateo from Brooklyn NY.. Second email.

Bread’s Response: I have to look at Adames a little closer. He seems like a good puncher but his skillset didn’t stand out to me when I saw him fight. Let me watch more and get back to you.

I think Davis vs Russell could be one of the biggest fights in DMV history. I love this match up but I don’t know if it will happen. Russell fights at 126 and he’s sort of inactive. Both are fast but Davis is the better puncher. I think Russell has the better jab and he’s been in with Loma and Loma is light years better than anyone Davis has fought. So while Experience can be overrated in this case I don’t think it will be. Russell has fought 2 high quality southpaws in Jo Jo Diaz and Loma. I don’t have a winner yet because I don’t even know if the fight will be made. But my guess is betting lines will be slightly in favor of Davis because he’s bigger, younger and more powerful. This is a great match up on paper.


What is up?

Or not so easy to them.

I was totally wrong about DSG, he looked like a totally different fighter.

His quickness not speed was off the chain.

He was countering Granados jab with a right cross and right hook, then later adding the left  hook.

That time off did him some good.

I'm not saying Spence carried Mikey, but he worked him like a sparring partner.

Canelo/Jacobs will be a quickness vs speed fight and just like Canelo quickly intercepted a question asked of Jacobs during their media tour in LA, he will intercept Jacobs punching  offsetting Jacobs rhythm.

I would like to see Jacobs win but when fighters talk a certain way especially about their power I wonder about them. I kind of see Jacobs underestimating Canelo. Canelo has developed leaps and bounds since the Mayweather fight.

I turned out to be right about Maidana, but I think he will try to comeback in about a year to his own detriment. I read he's accusing his management of cheating him out of $4M. That's a lot of scratch.

Harrison is definitely the better boxer. To win the rematch - which I think he will, his team needs to fine tune his skills even more while working on his power punching.

Bread’s Response: Danny Garcia looked great. But Danny usually does vs opponents who don’t use educated footwork. But there was something extra to Danny vs Granados. I think very highly of Danny’s skillset. He’s not a super athlete but he’s a master craftsman. His timing and punch selection are elite. He also has an innate gift where he tilts his head to one side and he throws a shock punch. What I mean by that is he will tilt to the left and his opponent will expect a left hook and Danny will loop a right hand. Danny’s arms are perfectly proportioned to his body he’s not gangly at all. So those looping shots come fast and hard.

If Danny works on his game more and gets his feet a little better vs movers then he’s right with anyone. I would love to see him go after everyone. Danny has a method to his matchmaking. He takes a tough fight then a few showcase fights, then another tough one. At this stage of his career I hope he lines everybody up and goes after the HOF.

Canelo is definitely quicker than Danny Jacobs. But you can combat quickness with understanding and anticipation. Quickness is something that can be countered and taught. Jacobs can overcome that if he understands the difference between speed and quickness.

Canelo is vastly improved since 2013. No doubt. He’s approaching master class at this moment. He’s so poised. His jab is like a piston and his body countering is amazing. Canelo is nothing to play with.

Harrison will have to be better vs Charlo because Charlo will be more determined and he has an excellent coach in Derrick James. They will bring more to the table. In my opinion this fight comes down to two things. How much is Jermell Charlo willing to take and how fast can he carry Tony Harrison’s gas tank.

Harrison was winning rounds vs Jarrett Hurd and Willie Nelson but they were walking him down making him pick up his feet expending energy. Against Charlo, Harrison was taking his time, taking small little counter steps and he was rarely out of position. If Harrison can sit back and throw a 1-2 all night and not have to use his legs he’s life and death with anybody. Besides getting clipped which can happen to anyone Harrison has a great chance to win again. Charlo has to force the pace and force him to throw more punches than a simple counter jab and 1-2. Charlo can’t just depend on landing a BIG shot. It may not come.

One of the reasons I rate what Marvin Hagler did to Tommy Hearns as one of history’s best performances was because Hearns is Harrison times 2. Hagler knew he couldn’t just sit back and box with the taller, longer, sharper and hard punching Hearns. Jermell needs to be an animal with Harrison like Hagler was with Hearns. He can’t sit back and play with him. Let’s see what happens.


Good fights last week.  I liked what I saw in shakur Stevenson, particularly the straight left to the body, but I didn’t like what I heard.   Tim Bradley said Shakur will beat any other featherweight and I consider that hyperbole by another top rank fighter.   He’s good no doubt but I have that show me state of mind that growing up in the St. Louis area puts in you.   I would not pick him over Gary Russell or Leo Santa Cruz, literally bonafide world champions with full grown man strength and experience.  I’m not giving him Mayweather crowns yet.  How did you assess his fight and would you pick him to beat GR, LSC or any other champion at 126 right now?

Billy Bomaye

Bread’s Response: I felt that Stevenson showed his class and I felt and predicted he would. Shakur Stevenson is not the puncher Teofimo Lopez is but I think he’s just as good. Stevenson has great size for 126lbs. He has educated feet. He has an educated lead hand and he can box. Fighters with those qualities are always difficult to beat.

I heard some boos and I read some criticism of Stevenson. But that’s all BS. The kid can fight his butt off. He’s just not a big puncher so it will take longer to appreciate him. But the all around fighters usually get more well rounded coming up because they go more rounds.

Listen I’m not saying that Stevenson can beat every featherweight but I’m telling you now I wouldn’t pick anyone to beat him at featherweight and I’m a gambler. That’s how good I think he is. I know he won’t get a shot right away but I think he’s on the level. I want to see more. I am very curious to see if Top Rank will put him in vs Oscar Valdez. You brought up Russell and Santa Cruz but Stevenson has an undefeated fighter in his stable he can fight for a title. Hmmm…..

Hey Bread,

Real quick on GGG.  I bought a $250 signed glove at a show then ended up in a strip club after and had strippers laughing what i could have got instead.... sooooo......yeah!!  hahaha

As far as the split with Abel, obviously loyalty is  admiriable but the devil is in the details.  If by "fifth of his normal pay" Abel means a fifth of the pervious percentage thats different then a fifth in absolute terms.  Are we talking $2mil intead of $10 mil?  Abel shouldnt be expected to take a paycut in real dollars to train GGG but he also shouldnt expect $10 mil even if that was the previous percentage. 

Who ever is in his corner I hope GGG lets his hands go down the home stretch here.

Respect to you sir!!  Cheers
Whitby, Canada

Bread’s Response: Wow lol!

I knew someone would write in about Abel and GGG… Let me preface my answer with “as far as I know”. I also want to say I like a respect both GGG and Abel and I wish them both the best.

The Devil is in the Detail and Abel gave a detailed description of the split. If what he’s saying is true then I can’t understand why everyone is AGAINST Abel.

Abel stated that his pay was going to be cut from 10% of the purse to 2% of the purse. He also stated that he would have accepted 4%. I have heard everyone’s perspective especially fighters and I’m really shocked that so many people are against Abel.

There is no way in the business world a respectable professional would accept 2% AFTER already making 10%! Read my words carefully. If a trainer comes to GGG at this moment I’m sure he would take a flat rate lower than the 10% a head trainer usually request. But Abel was with GGG when he was a low 6 figure fighter. He didn’t start him out but he has been with him long enough (9 years).

My goodness who’s willing to take an 80% pay cut for doing the same exact job? Unless I’m missing something I can’t understand why Abel is getting criticism. Maybe people just don’t like him. Maybe there is more to it, I assume there is. I’m not going to criticize GGG. I haven’t heard his side. But I can only go by what I read. And again if that’s true I just don’t get why Abel is the bad guy.

Abel is prideful successful man. A man’s man is not going to take that offer. Especially when he compromised down to 4%.
Now I know someone will say but Abel is getting a good bottom line actual number because GGG is making so much money. But I will go back to this Abel was taking 10% when the pay was low in comparison. So how come he can’t make his % when the pay gets higher?

People will say that top fighters don’t pay their trainers 10%. That is only slightly true. It depends on how much they make and how long the trainer has been with them. The pay has to be significant for a trainer who thinks high of himself to take less than 10%. A fighter making 50k is not going to pay a top trainer 1k which is 2%. But if a fighter makes 10 million, I can understand a fighter saying ok take $750,000 as a flat rate which comes out to 7.5%. I personally have never heard of a trainer taking 2%. That’s the lowest % number I’ve ever heard of. Again once a fighter makes a certain amount then often times a flat rate gets presented. But before a fighter starts to make high 7 figures and 8 figure pay days, the usual pay scale is Head trainer 10%, Assistant trainer 5%, Strength & conditioning coach usually gets a weekly pay and cutman 2%. The exact % varies but that’s the round about numbers.

It’s amazing to me that promoters and managers usually make way more than 10%. Fair promoters usually split a network license fee 80-20 with a fighter. 80% to fighter and 20% to promoter. Notice I said fair. I’ve seen promoters take 50-50 or better before the money gets to the fighter. Legally managers can take 40% if they pay the team or 33.3%. Now it’s funny to me that a manager and promoter can take more and usually does take more than a head trainer. To put an emphasis on this part of the manager’s job is to pick a good fight for the fighter. The manager usually includes the trainer in this and calls the trainer and ask him can the fighter win. So the trainer in a sense has managerial duties as well as training.

What I’m saying is the 100% truth. Boxing is a bizarre sport.

I hate to see these guys break up. And my gut tells me that there has to be more to it. Because if you’re around Abel you know he’s not standing for 2%. I wish them both the best they made a HOF team.

What's up Bread?

Do you buy the theory that Mikey Garcia moved up to 147 to fight Errol Spence Jr. because losing to Spence would be more acceptable than losing to Lomachenko at 135? I don't buy it at all but I've heard a few people make that argument.  I just wanted to get your thoughts. 

William in West Palm

Bread’s Response: I don’t know Mikey so I can’t pretend to play mind reader. I really believe he thought he could beat Errol Spence. Mikey does well with welterweights in the gym. He beat Lipinets who is a tough fighter and was a big 140. He beat Robert Easter who is taller and longer than Spence. Mikey is a fighter and fighter’s think they can beat anyone until they find out they can’t.

I also have to use logic. Mikey Garcia and Bob Arum had a nasty split. Mikey sat out for over 2 years trying to leave Top Rank. Loma is a Top Rank fighter. Maybe Mikey didn’t want to do business with Top Rank. Maybe Mikey made more on the back end of the money vs Spence. Fans really don’t much and most media don’t either. But there is a front end and back end of a PPV. There is guarantee money that you get on fight night, then there is a check you get when the PPV sales comes in. How would anyone know what Mikey got on the back end? How would anyone know what he would have got compared to if he fought Loma?

Sometimes people make up stuff when they don’t know the TRUTH. It’s sick but it’s human nature. I won’t ever pretend to know something I don’t know. I have no idea why Mikey chose Spence over Loma. But man Spence is a tough 2nd option. Geez! Spence happens to be a killer who is about 25lbs naturally bigger than Loma.

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Comment by CaptainWalrus on 05-05-2019

Breadman on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. This must happen!

Comment by CaptainWalrus on 05-05-2019

Breadman's knowledge on the boxing game is superb! A weekly must read.

Comment by john l on 05-04-2019

I love reading "the Breadman" like ive said before he is the best writer in boxing and he only does a mailbag,Would love to see more and do commentating also.I also agree with him on Mayweather sooooo many writers are…

Comment by Letmaku on 05-04-2019

Mikey should have fought Pacman for a much better match up and bigger PPV.

Comment by Rip Chudd on 05-04-2019

[QUOTE=rrayvez;19713216]Anyone else realize how bread used to give detailed predictions of big fights on fight day but now he's a lot more vague about what he thinks will happen? Probably because he opened a pay site where people have to…

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Manny Pacquiao Might Fight Golovkin, Freddie Roach Says Holyfield Breaks Down His Strategy in Upset of Mike Tyson Ryan Garcia Return Still on Track For July 4, Says Golden Boy Prez Eleider Alvarez Expects Fireworks With Dangerous Joe Smith Arum: We Didn't Feel UFC Testing Protocols In Florida Were Adequate Boxer-Turned-Nurse Kim Clavel To Receive Pat Tillman Award At ESPYS Barrera Concerned: I Hope Kovalev is Not Back on The Vodka Whyte Slams Fury, Erupts Over Arum's Talk of Delaying Mandatory Shot Julio Cesar Martinez Hoping To Fight in July and September Johnny Garton Announces Retirement From Boxing Claressa Shields Wants 3-Minute Rounds, Equality In Women's Boxing Thurman: I'm More Open To A Rematch With Porter Than He Might Believe Spence: Crawford Fight Will Happen When Arum, Haymon Make Sure Money's Right Golden Boy Considering Anthony Dirrell As Canelo's Next Opponent Euro News: Mariusz Wach vs. Kevin Johnson, EBU Awards, More Trainer: Golovkin Wants Canelo in Future, Was Not 100% For Derevyanchenko Crews-Dezurn Reinstated as WBC Champion, Jimenez Suspended WBC Prez Won't Confirm Whyte's Shot Would Overrule Fury-Joshua Fight Banks: I'm Confident Badou Jack Will Win Jean Pascal Rematch Not Pound for Pound...Champ for Champ 2020: Pt. 4 Andy Ruiz is Going To Conquer Again - Don't Sleep on Him, Says Johnson Eleider Alvarez-Joe Smith Jr. Agree To Terms For Title Eliminator Rey Vargas Not Bothered By Luis Nery's Talk, Willing To Fight Him Adrien Broner Embraces Idea of Vergil Ortiz Showdown Dillian Whyte vs. Alexander Povetkin in Play For August 15 Arum Would Love To Take Pacquiao vs. Crawford To Bahrain Fury: Wilder Will Take Trilogy For One Reason - It's Called Money! John Hedges Inks Promotional Pact With Eddie Hearn Kambosos-Selby, Ritson-Vazquez Receive New Dates in October Spence: A Lot Of Boxers On Edge, Can't Wait For Boxing To Pick Back Up Nonito Donaire Excited By Thought Of Rigondeaux Rematch At 118 Pounds Tyson Fury: I Don't Think I Could Get Motivated To Fight Without A Crowd Joshua: If I Was Pulev, I Wouldn't Step Aside To Allow Fury Fight, Either Claressa Shields: I'm Going To Whoop Marie-Eve Dicaire's Ass Raeese Aleem Eager For Showdown With Stephen Fulton Warren on Joshua: Fury Has Better Jab, Chin, Punch, Speed, Footwork! Arum: Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua Deal Can Be Done in One Day! Adam Lopez Vows To Put on a Show on Top Rank Card in Vegas Holyfield Explains Why "He's Glad" Mike Tyson Bit Piece of Ear Off Davison: Wilder is Always Dangerous, Fury is The More Versatile Fighter
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