Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo-Golovkin, Spence, Crawford, Khan

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as the rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, Errol Spence, Yordenis Ugas, Danny Garcia, the career of Amir Khan, Terence Crawford and more.

What do you think of Y. Ugas?   His length (73.5 inch reach), defensive positioning/instinct (and quick half step back) and Unorthodox style (loves body work, throws so many shots from underneath) were impressive.  I think he is ready for the world, what do you see?  
Kudos to Porter and Garcia.  Really good fight.   I bet on Danny’s ability to catch Porter coming in with power shots and his clutch gene, but shawn fought a great aggressive and responsible fight.  I never really appreciated this about Porter but I saw a lot more sublety in his game than ever before.    I think his ability to make adjustments and his energy/activity were the difference.   I also think Angel had Danny sharp and well conditioned for the fight as always, but in the heat of battle Kenny Porter out coached Angel in between rounds, and gave Shawn the more effective in fight instruction and insight.   How much do you think in fight adjustments and corner instruction played a role?
What do you think of Danny’s power at 147?   I think Danny like Mayweather punches hard at 147, but does not have clip you and drop you power like he had at 140.  I don’t know if its about the weight difference and fighting bigger guys or if the elite level of boxers at 147 don’t let Danny plant his feet and sit down on his hook.    What do you see?
Billy Bomaye

Bread’s Response: I like Ugas. He has one of those well rounded, hard nose technician games. I think he’s live with everyone at 147 except Spence and Crawford. No one should take him lightly.

Shawn Porter fought an excellent fight. That was his career best performance. Shawn did his homework. He knew Danny counters well with round looping shots and he rolled under them often enough to not get clipped with the big one.

Both did coaches did excellent jobs. Both guys were in great shape to do 12 rounds. I didn’t hear Angel’s instructions in between rounds, so I can’t say who was better. But from past experience listening to Angel, his adjustments are usually of the focusing and emotional kind. He sort of wakes Danny up. Ken Porter gives more technical instructions from what I have heard. And yes Porter did a great job with Shawn in between rounds. I did hear his instructions for some reason and they were on point.

I think Danny has solid power at 147. But he’s not a concussive one punch guy at the weight. He’s going to have to really hit a guy on the chin or wear them down over time.

I think it’s a combination of both. Elite level competition and size. But if you notice close in Danny’s big fights, he hurts guys but he doesn’t get a lot of stoppages. He’s only stopped Morales and Khan in high level fights. Everyone else he may have hurt but they all went the distance even at 140.

amir-khan (10)_5

Hey Bread,

Have to say I know you're really big on Amir Khan but I think he is far more overrated than underrated. I've seen very few fighters get away with as much dirty tactics as Khan and he is not called out by fans, experts, or refs. My circle of friends love watching him fight because it's "always entertainment because anything can happen" but I personally can't stand watching it. The guy pushes, headlocks, pushes down on the head and refs never do anything about it, the one ref who does is called corrupt and by your words the fight becomes "filled with controversy". The guy fouls every single fight because he can't fight on the inside and anytime someone gets in he fouls until the ref breaks it up. Not allowing people to work with free hands when people get inside and not doing anything about Khan's tactics to break it up - I can't stand watching that personally. Rewatch the Collazo fight it is just tedious and annoying to watch repeatedly.

I don't understand why he gets a pass for being so dirty just because he has fast hands. I personally dislike Amir Khan and the way he acts but I'm honestly just talking from a professional level I give him huge props for his resume but think he is very very overrated. You also mention him against potential opponents, I also think he is a sucker for the lead left hook and the straight right hand - Mayweather would have knocked Khan out and I think easily, especially since Mayweather wouldn't allow Khan's tactics because he is very underrated on the inside. Khan gets KO'd by slick punches not by brute force a la Maidana. Unfortunately this fight never materialized (definitely more Mayweather's than Khan's fault) but if it did I think watching this would change people's attitude about how OVERRATED he is watching his speed be nonexistent and being knocked out by a "non-puncher" in a welterweight Mayweather. Also I wouldn't call his Algeri fight a high quality win considering that fight had draw written all over it and Algeri is a B level GOOD fighter. There is nothing wrong with fighting to an even level with Algeri but looking at a HOF resume who had every advantage in the fight to fight a draw fight is definitely not a high quality win.

Anyway, who you got Jacobs v Derevyanchenko? I always find it weird when people spar each other for a long while and still both probably consider themselves to have the upper hand because of the sparring. It seems like both of them are so calm and collected because of knowing one another through sparring when normally after sparring this long wouldn't one seem to have a much bigger advantage since their styles and strengths clash?


Bread’s Response: It’s not that I’m so high on Khan, I just honestly think he was avoided by the top guys of his generation. But I don’t want to come off as a Khan apologist. I just try to be objective. Khan has an excellent resume. But as far as his fight game, I respect it but he’s not a guy I would tell my young pup to watch. His IQ is just too low for my liking. He makes the same mistakes over and over and I don’t believe it’s his coaching. He’s had great coaches, I’m sure Freddie Roach, Virgil Hunter and Joe Goosen have given him proper guidance. I think Khan just doesn’t have the capacity to be great in a long fight. He was murder as an amateur because that’s mostly a physical 3 round blitz. In a 12 round fight his IQ will never allow him to be consistent.

Khan should not have had that type of struggle with Samuel Vargas. From what my eyes tell me, he wasn’t in A+ condition. But I do disagree with you , he has some high quality wins. Look at his resume. Andrys Kotelnik was a serious fighter. He was an Olympian and he had skills. Just ask Devon Alexander and Marcos Maidana. Speaking of Alexander and Maidana, Khan beat them both. Khan also beat Malignaggi close his prime, Zab Judah in a unification and if you don’t like the Chris Algieri win, you have to respect the Luis Collazo win. Collazo is still going strong and upsetting young fighters currently.

You have to be objective with Khan. His resume is very good whether you like him or not.

I don’t know who will win the fight between Jacobs vs SD. I just can’t call it. Sparring is different from fighting but I have a feeling SD did better in the sparring. The reason being is Danny is the higher profile fighter so I assume that when they sparred Danny was getting ready for fights sparring more than one person. So what I mean by that is SD was Danny’s sparring partner not Danny being SD’s sparring partner. So logic tells me Danny was cutting weight, doing 2 a days, and sparring multiple people. While SD was just sparring Danny which would give him a huge advantage.

I don’t have a pick but I think Danny better be ready. I think this will be a very hard fight on him.


Thanks for calling it like it is. You do a great job breaking down the corners, the training, development and testing for all fights.

I try to tell people that the fights are won in the gym as Ali said and you can tell how much a fighter has from something as simple as a weigh in.

The criticism on each and every fight is going to come before the fights, during the fights and after the fights are made. What we all should be grateful for is that the fighters are fighting each other more so now then when Money was around.

Look at tonight’s Superfly series, DSG v Porter, Fury v Wilder, Benavidez v Crawford, etc. to be honest I am looking forward to the last fight. Benavidez was a great amateur and can fight, question is how ready will he be ready and how does he fight bud.

Loma v Pedraza will be a decent scrap, then you have farmer v Davis on the horizon. Mikey Garcia may or may not fight Spence, what we do know is that it’s more likely to happen then not. Simply put, these guys are finally fighting.

The divisions I like the most right now are 115 lbs, 118 lbs, 126 lbs, 135-cruiser. If you really look at these divisions you have tournaments and/or the best calling each other out. We need to stop trolling and playing like we know what we’re talking about on Sundays.

I have DSG by a huge left hook counter TKO
Estrada wining
SSR winning
Nietes winning
Wilder by knockout (Cunningham put Fury down and doesn’t hit as hard as Wilder)
Loma by another body KO
Donaire turning back the clock just for one fight
Golovkin winning a cautious decision and maybe they do it a 3rd time
Julian Williams getting to Jermell (when it happens)
Andrade will beat Saunders in a boooooring fight
I’m high on Prograis to win it all.
I like the Jose Ramirez to win in a good fight v Orozco.
I’m picking Benavidez to upset Bud.

One mythical matchup Prince Nasseem v Edwin Valero @ 130 lbs? I say first to land on the chin wins by KO.

Also, 126 lbs to 130 lbs has a ton of young talent coming up - Victor Morales jr, Jose Valenzuela, Eric Estrada, Ricardo Quiroz...that’s just to name a few along the west coast.

Stand up Breadman and keep calling it like it is - on the real.

Richard K
Portland, OR

Bread’s Response: Fights are definitely won in the gym. Fights are also won in between fights. At the top level not much separates these guys so everything counts.

I like Crawford big over Benavidez. I watched Benavidez struggle too many times. His record says undefeated but he could have a couple of losses. When he was younger he was better but he’s not progressing like he was. Look for Crawford to win 9 to 11 rounds in this match up.

Loma is a GUN. I get the impression he will fight anybody. I think he stops Pedraza late. Loma’s mind is next level and it shows over the long haul.

Farmer vs Davis is a long ways away in my opinion.

I love 118, 130, 135, 154, 160 and heavyweight.

I would take Valero to ko Hamed inside of 6 in your mythical match up. Hamed was a brutal puncher but Valero had lightweight physicality. Hamed never moved up for a reason.

Bread, hope all is well with you and you are getting ready for JRock's eliminator bout for the IBF title!

I was thinking of guys like Ennis and Haney who have so many fights at a young age and if it was actually beneficial for a young prospect to not sign with a big promoter in the early stages of their career? This way they are able to fight anywhere and everywhere without having to wait on dates from that such promoter. These smaller level promoters can get you dates anywhere and I think it is no secret why these two have developed so quickly. Other fighters around their age and weight classes in the amateurs had more hype than them, but look at them now. Eventually you will need a Haymon or Arum or GBP etc, but not sure if they are best for the fighter in the early going.

Another thing, you always talk about such fighters being guns, and I don't know if there were any bigger guns than Fernando Vargas coming up. My goodness did his team put him in with some monsters from early on. He had a three fight stretch from the age of 21/22, where he fought Raul Marquez/Winky Wright/Ike Quartey and a bit before that he fought Yuri Boy Campos who was on a nice run for his first world title fight. Oh yeah, he also got Felix Trinidad at the age of 23! This man really would fight anyone. Was competitive with all of them as well. The Trinidad fight started out shaky for him but he quickly turned it around until Trinidad had to revert to some nicely timed low blows. His first fight with Mosley was very underrated and that was Mosley that was still DAMN good. Mosley destroyed Collazo shortly after and was very competitive with a Prime Cotto before ending Margarito's career essentially. Now, fighting all these killers and top fighters at such a young ago burned him out and it led to a short career, but man does he get underrated now a days. True GUN as you would say!

If you had to pick from one of these prospects (CAN ONLY PICK ONE!), who would it be?

-Teofimo Lopez
-Shakur Stevenson
-Jarron Ennis
-Devin Haney
-Ryan Garcia
-Vergil Ortiz Jr
-Jon Fernandez

P.s, hope the JRock fight lands on the Wilder/Fury UC or on the first FOX card in December.

Take care,


Bread’s Response: I think every prospects road is different. If a big promoter thinks highly enough of a prospect he will do whatever the prospect and his team wants. But the prospect has to be special. Ennis and Haney don’t have a big promoter behind them but they have money behind them so they are staying active and gaining experience.

The thing about going with a smaller promoter early is you will owe him late. It’s called an investment not a grant. At the same time you can get lost in the sauce with a big promoter. It’s interesting. I’ve seen success both ways.

Fernando Vargas was a GUN. No doubt he fought any and everybody. But I don’t fall in with the line of thinking that he took fights too young. Here is the thing. Vargas was a high strung kid who struggled with weight. He was delivering as a prospect. He had all knockouts leading up to his title fight. It wasn’t like he was struggling like Felix Verdejo or Ryan Garcia. He was fighting well. Everyone says that he shouldn’t have taken the Tito fight. But I’ve seen fighters wait too long and go stale. He was HOT.

Going into the Trinidad fight, Vargas was the more accomplished fighter at 154. Vargas had some nice title defenses and he beat two elite fighters in Winky Wright and Ike Quartey. Trinidad never fought Quartey at 147 and Wright would later go on to beat him. So Vargas was rolling. I’ve seen other fighters take those same type of fights in their early twenties and win and lose still be fine.

Let’s take a look back. Joe Louis was kod bad as a 22 year old. He turned out fine. Tommy Hearns was kod late in a great fight by Ray Leonard, Hearns turned out fine. He was 22. Wilfred Benitez was stopped by Leonard also and he went on to do fine. Benitez was 21. Manny Pacquiao was kod in a title fight at 20 years old and went onto have one of the best careers ever.

Now let’s talk about some wins. Ray Leonard fought Murderer’s Row between 79-81. He was 23-25 and it didn’t ruin him. Pacquiao fought Murderer’s Row from 03-05 Tangling with Barrera, Morales and Marquez. It didn’t ruin him. Ali was 22 when he took on an already great fighter in Sonny Liston. Roberto Duran was 21 when he went after Ken Buchanon. Often times these young fighters hit their physical primes earlier than we realize.

Mike Tyson was better at 22 than he was at 28. So was Zab Judah. I say this all to say that Vargas was what he was. He hit his peak early and he fought the fights he needed to fight to get the status he deserved. The only way Vargas could’ve been slowed down was how he was a slowed down. By a great fighter in his prime like Tito.

I haven’t seen enough of Teofimo Lopez, Vergil Ortiz or Jon Fernandez. Out of everyone I have seen fight more than once or have seen extended sparring of I would say Ennis at this point. But in fairness to the other stand outs, I’ve been to about 4 of Ennis’s fights and I’ve seen him spar at least 50 rounds. So I have more to judge from.

Did you hear Errol Spence’s interview after the Porter vs Garcia fight? Is it me or did he seem drunk? I know Broner is a drinker but Spence seemed drunk along with the Charlo brothers. I hope Spence remains a good guy and those jerks don’t rub off on him. I want to delve into something Spence sort of alluded to. He made it seem as though Terence Crawford is on the wrong the side because he signed with Top Rank and the PBC fighters who are mostly black fighters are with Al Haymon. What is your take on that and do you think Crawford made the right move?

Bread’s Response: There is a heated social climate at this moment in our country. With the election of Donald Trump, NFL protest and the videos of minorities being killed or harmed it’s just a tough time in our society.

I didn’t hear all of Spence’s interview. I only listened to a couple of his comments. Here is my take. There is an unspoken belief that the urban black kids get treated better by Al Haymon and the PBC. That same belief is said of non black fighters by Golden Boy and Top Rank. When Black/Urban fighters do in fact sign with Top Rank or Golden Boy they are looked at as not as hip or street as the ones that do. I try to stay away from this but you asked.

The one thing I don’t agree with is labeling and stereotyping. Every fighter has their own comfort level. Crawford seems comfortable with Top Rank and Spence seems comfortable with the PBC. It is what it is.

Here is where it gets tricky. Fighters like Chris Arreola, Leo Santa Cruz, Robert Guerrero, Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia are not black and they are doing just fine under Al Haymon. All of those fighters have made millions. Some have made millions beyond their ability levels.

Tim Bradley and Terence Crawford are black and they’re both doing just fine with Top Rank.

There are exceptions to every “line of thinking”. That’s all I’m going to say about what you think is the racial undertones.

As far as boxing and opportunities are concerned Spence has a point. There are certain divisions where PBC has a lock. And if you want to fight one of their big stars you have to play ball. Welterweight is one of those divisions. Every major player at welterweight except Terence Crawford and Manny Pacquiao are with the PBC. And Crawford can’t get the Pacquiao fight. So he could conceivably get boxed out after a few non descript title defenses. That is a real concern for Crawford’s legacy.

Again I didn’t hear everything that Spence said but I did hear him talk about Crawford’s competition level. I think Crawford has accomplished a lot becoming a 3 division champion and unifying at 140. But if you look at his resume fighter for fighter I think his best win is Victor Postol. Postol is very underrated and in my opinion he’s a B+ fighter maybe an A- on a great day. Gamboa is Crawford’s biggest name but as far as threat level Postol is the guy. Just look at Postol’s performance vs the highly regarded Josh Taylor.

Gamboa was a big fight, with an undefeated name but that was a Top rank chess move. They once had Gamboa so they bring him back and showcased him vs a stud in Crawford. Gamboa was an uber talent with pedigree but the truth is he was never the same since they raided that lab in Florida were his name was found on a PED cycling note. Crawford deserves credit for the win because he has always delivered on what was put in front of him.

Spence’s best win at 147 is Kell Brook coming off a loss at 160. Crawford’s is Jeff Horn coming off of a gift win vs Pacquiao. I think Errol has an advantage at 147 but not overall. The truth is both guys pass the eye ball test and have been dominant vs the level of comp they have faced. But neither has a great resume. Lomachenko, Canelo, Erislandy Lara, SRR and Usyk have much better resumes if you’re honest. Crawford hasn’t had the opportunity to face great fighters because the divisions he was in there weren’t any. And Spence has been flat out ducked. The truth again.

Crawford vs Spence is superfight. It’s the best fight that can be made in boxing. The winner will walk into the HOF. That’s how important that fight is. But they have to fight in their primes. Hopefully it happens but I doubt it does. It’s just not how things work in this era.

Again, I can’t blame Crawford or Spence for their resumes. No one will fight Spence on his side of the block. That’s just the truth. For the exception of lightweight Mikey Garcia, Spence has never been called out by a PBC welterweight. He’s getting the GGG treatment of a few years ago. Spence was only able to get a title shot because he was the mandatory. If you notice everyone goes after the WBC and WBA belts in the PBC. Since Spence has been the IBF champion somehow that belt is not as important anymore. For the record the IBF, WBC, WBA and WBO are equals as far as accomplishment and legacy.

Crawford did his thing at lightweight but the division wasn’t stacked when he ran through it. 140 was slightly better but there were no main stream stand outs. The BIG unification was against Julious Indongo and he’s just not on the level when you look at him but that’s not Crawford’s fault. He was undefeated with 2 belts.

Now that Crawford is at 147 he can make his legacy with some great wins vs in their prime elite fighters. I believe Thurman and Spence are those fighters. I also believe Porter and Garcia fit the bill. Josh Taylor and Regis Prograis will eventually move up and young Jaron Ennis will be a player soon enough.

Spence and Crawford both pass the eye ball test. Now they have to find a way to make certain fights so they can pass the “competition faced” test.

I know you rate your guy Danny Garcia really high and you made a good call with Porter boxing but I think the decision was just. I think Danny needs a new coach. Angel just can’t give an elite fighter anything. I thought Shawn won close but clean and I think Danny will retire before he gets beat up too much. He has received some gifts in the past and now he can’t get the same decisions he used to get. Thoughts?

Bread’s Response: People keep saying Danny needs to get rid of his father/coach. Danny loves his father and he won’t respond to another coach the way he does his dad. It will never work. Danny has said if something happens to his dad he won’t ever fight again. Does that sound like a fighter who will change coaches after a tough decision lost? Not to me it doesn’t. Remember his father was good enough when he was 30-0.

I thought the fight was most likely a draw. I thought Steve Farhood scored a good fight. I said so on twitter.

First off you have to give props to Shawn Porter. He was very prepared. His team did a great job. Porter rolled and ducked under most of Danny’s heavy looping counters. That’s homework. Porter also countered Danny’s jab to the body consistently with a right hand. Homework again. Porter turned in his career best performance in a fight he HAD to win.

As for Danny I don’t think there is a need to push the panic button. When you face top fighters in their primes you usually have tough close fights and there is a possibility you can lose. It’s no biggie it wasn’t a bad loss. The only thing I think Danny should think about is not going so long in between tough fights again.

As a young up and coming boxer he took on progressively tough fights and you could visibly see his improvement. Just look at him from his Nate Campbell fight to the Lucas Matthysse fight. The most visible improvement was the 1st Morales fight to the 2nd. Danny can take on a Luis Collazo or Andre Berto, or the winner of Ortiz vs Molina, then jump back in there with one of the PBC elites and I assume he will be sharper being back under the gun in tough fights.

Hey bread boxingscene better be taking good care of you, I hit the site up 3 to 4 times a week looking for your mailbag. Now on to DSG/Porter. Man Porter really  outhustled Danny. He lunged in with his jab, sidestepped danny and went to body, took turns switching it up boxing from the outside where he was to quick for danny, and mugged him on the inside. He never let danny get into a rhythm. Danny while he never looked discouraged, did look uncomfortable for long stretches in the fight, he was able to time Shawn a few times, but for the most part I would see danny start to throw a punch and not seem to be able to pull the trigger. Do you think danny is the type of fighter that needs to be more active, I think if danny fought 3-4  times a year he would have a little more confidence In letting his hands go, he seemed gun-shy all night.

Also Spence needs to stop trying to play the heel. He is a good kid and is a good enough fighter, it does not suit him.
Cesar in nyc

Bread’s Response: Thanks bro. I hope boxingscene starts “taking care” of me just a little bit more because of fans like you who show support because of my mailbag.

For as good as Shawn fought Danny still made a case for a draw or close win…..But I agree with you. Inactivity and non top level fights left Danny not as sharp as usual. None of these guys will ever fight 4 times a year. But I’ve always said they can fight 3x. Sitting around for 4 months then training for 2 months twice a year can be counter productive. The great ones in this era will train more if they can’t get the in the ring activity.

Danny was able to pull the trigger. What he wasn’t able to do was consistently put together a 3 or 4 good rounds in a row. Everytime he had a good round, Shawn came back and took the play away. I don’t think Danny is gun shy at all. He takes a great shot and he’s not afraid to mix it up. Porter just broke up his rhythm. For as skilled offensively as Danny is he never developed a great scoring jab. Danny controls his opponents with counter power punches not a jab. A good jab will have did wonders for Danny

Errol Spence is a good kid. I really like him. He’s going to be a star regardless of what role he plays. But playing the heel has turned fighters who Spence is better than into stars. In this era the heel has worked for some guys. I personally just feel a fighter has to be true to himself and whatever part of his personality comes out it just comes out.


Love the mailbag.  Have a question about Canelo-GGG 2. 

In the first fight, Canelo regularly slipped GGG’s right hand by spinning back and to his left.  So GGG would shoot the right, Canelo would drop his right foot back behind himself and spin causing GGG to miss and they’d end up at almost a right angle to each other.  If you’re Abel Sanchez and GGG, how do you combat that?  I’m thinking you need to feint with a right to induce the same move, but then what? Do you feint with the right and then step right and throw a hook (so you don’t hit Canelo in the back of the head with your right)? Or do you just step to the right before your throw so Canelo is essentially spinning into the punch? If GGG feints right and steps left he’d be following Canelo around and lose his punching angle, correct?

Josh in LA

Bread’s Response: See let me tell you what you just did. You made a great perception of what Canelo was doing to defend the right hand. But if you were a trainer you made things to complicated by overthinking for your fighter. A simple solution is all that is needed because to solve a big problem.

Often times you have to ask the fighter or know the fighter to know what will come easier for him as far as muscle memory. Going by what I’ve seen of GGG I would say eye feint. Look at Canelo’s head as if he’s going to throw the right hand to the head and stick a straight right hand to Canelo’s short rib or kidney. Make Canelo adjust off of that and work from there. A fight is only 36 minutes. If Canelo does adjust off of the straight right to the kidney then already have another adjustment in place. I would suggest a double right hand. What Canelo is doing is head rolling or rubber necking the right hand. Michael Carbajal, Roberto Duran and Marco Antonio Barrera were great at this and Canelo has developed this move. He actually turns his head with the right hand and it scrapes by his face. Well no one is fast enough to rubber neck a double shot with the same hand. GGG’s 2nd solution after he starts hitting Canelo to the body could be a double right hand. GGG must also realize that Canelo is making him miss because he’s aiming for the chin. The best right hand GGG landed was to Canelo’s left side of his head and ear. Shoot the double shot to the ear. You can’t rubber neck an ear shot. If it lands in the back of the head it won’t be GGG’s fault because the ref can clearly see that Canelo is “turning” his head.

I’m not sure which one it was but one of the Charlo brothers were arguing with the police and being quite disrespectful. I saw them twice at the Barclay and both times they seemed drunk and enraged. I've never seen fighters behave like them. Not even Mike Tyson. They are a disaster in the making. Did you see the incidents and what do you make of their strange behavior? Also what do you think of the match ups of the 154 Charlo vs Hurd and the 160 Charlo vs GGG/Canelo?

Bread’s Response: I don’t have a comment on anything that happened at the Barclay’s, I wasn’t there. If I was there I still wouldn't comment. What someone does in their personal time is none of my business. I'm just a trainer who does a mailbag. Too many videos and phones for my liking. I'm old school bro.

As far as the match ups are concerned I have to see how GGG and Canelo look in their fight. I believe both are great match ups with the 160 Charlo.

The 154 Charlo vs Hurd is another great match up. Right now believe it or not I slightly favor Jarrett Hurd. I think his even character and temperament will be a big factor in a tough high stakes fights. 154 Charlo is a better athlete than Hurd but he fights mad when things don’t go his way. Hurd’s expression never changes in a fight. At one time I leaned slightly towards 154Charlo but after watching Hurd closely and looking at his character I think he has the edge at this point. But it’s such a great close fight, you never really know until 2 guys square up. It’s really 50/50 and I suspect the odds to show that.

What’s your breakdown and Canelo vs GGG final pick? Also do you agree with Abel Sanchez when he says Canelo ran the first time? I’m torn on this one.

Bread’s Response: It’s very hard for me to call this fight. As you know I don’t hide my admiration for GGG. He trains hard, he appears to be CLEAN, he challenges himself and he was avoided and/or ducked in the meat of his prime and that bothers me.

I really don’t want to make a pick. Earlier in the week I picked Canelo for an ESPN survey but I’m changing my mind at this moment. Canelo seemed mad at the weigh in and the angry fighter gets tired. On top of that as any sporting man I want to make an accurate pick and I usually bet. But I want GGG to win this fight for his legacy and clean boxing so I can’t root against him. So I won’t bet on this fight. I like GGG but I don’t like him more than I like my money. I’m really in limbo with my pick.

My breakdown I will give you. I think GGG has to simply find a way to land more than a jab consistently. He also has to think quicker and adjust to Canelo’s defensive movements. He can either change some of the punching angles or simply blitz Canelo and make Canelo adjust to him. GGG showed Canelo too much respect in the first fight. He waited too long to get cooking. He needs to treat him just like he treated everyone else besides Danny Jacobs.

Canelo fought a good technical fight the last time. He just didn’t have the stamina to stay consistent in the middle rounds. So he got out to an early lead, coasted during the middle rounds then turned it on late. If Canelo can score points without over moving and burning himself out, he will win handedly. Who knows if he can? His bulky body type never allowed for him to “recover” as quick as the supple muscle guys. We shall see.

So Canelo has to fight a better fight as far as conditioning. GGG has to fight a better fight as far as technique and adjustments.

I don’t believe Canelo ran the first fight. I thought he moved some, boxed some and fought some. He landed some body shots and you can’t run and land body shots. Abel Sanchez is smart he wants Canelo to stand toe to toe with GGG because he knows what he has. GGG is one hard punching mother you know what, and he has a stout chin. Abel wants Canelo to fight MAD and stand in the pocket. Let’s see what happens.

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the better fighter will make the better adjustments don't know how/why everyone could not see that the better fighter was Canelo

Comment by JWHardin on 09-16-2018

[QUOTE=Zaryu;19100941]Agree, even the times I don't fully agree with Bread, his conclusions are objective and highly reasonable. Very different to talking to some posters here. He knows way more than me, so when I do disagree it doesn't have anything…

Comment by Afi23 on 09-15-2018

[QUOTE=Bronx2245;19101180][B]Bread’s Response: I like Ugas. He has one of those well rounded, hard nose technician games. I think he’s live with everyone at 147 except Spence and Crawford. No one should take him lightly.[/B] If Errol is fighting Mikey next,…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 09-15-2018

[B]the fat red kid will lite that boy up like a christmas tree[/B]

Comment by Butch.McRae on 09-15-2018

His take on Crawford and Spence was on point. Good mailbag.

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