Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo-Golovkin, Saunders-Andrade, More


By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as the Canelo vs. Golovkin rematch, Billy Joe Saunders vs. Demetrius Andrade, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao II, and more.

Dear Mr. Breadman:

There's a humungous prejudice in America for the 'future', that is, to back the younger  man with the better future.  So with Canelo.

In this second fight, the great adjustment was made by Golovkin after the first 5 rounds.  He took an early beating but sucked it up and confronted the younger man.  As I expected, Canelo's stamina started to wane in the 2nd half and Golovkin came on.  I think triple GGG was one punch away from knocking
Canelo out in rounds 8-10.  Canelo was standing in the middle of the ring absorbing punches and practically out on his feet.  Let me add, that certain managers--like Aaron Pryor's and others-- have concocted a drink that makes their boxer virtually impregnable.  Arguello was a massive puncher and hit Pryor with everything.  The kid took it like nothing.  Something wrong there.  Same with Mosley against de la Hoya--he never tired.  Not real.

In the 2nd fight, Golovkin won by 2/3 rounds.  He also won the first fight.
But foreigners never get the decision in Vegas.  Look at the first Ward/Kovalev fight.  Kovalev was the clear winner.  In the 2nd, it was a mugging:  the ref stood by while Ward popped Kovalev three times in the balls. 

Yours truly,
Peter Stark

Bread’s Response: You make some interesting points. I never argue a hunch or “gut feeling”. I’ve had them about certain performances. But when talking publicly without proof you have to address them at face value.

I don’t think it’s an American thing with judging, I think it’s an A side thing. Neither Canelo or GGG are American…….

Dear Bread,

Hope you're good.

Hasn't been published for a while. I'd love you to publish this and reply to me.

You're the greatest expert around and you can always back up what you say with a lot of knowledge, insights, facts, history. But I also think you are sometimes biased and like everyone, we can get caught in our own narratives.

In your whole previous mailbag you somehow never mentioned some very important and telling things.

Canelo was great and I respect how he fought. But... :

-You said in your previous mailbag that you thought Canelo was gonna stop GGG before the 7th. You're the only person who mentioned that. What is it (and when it) you saw that makes you say that?

-You make it look like some people had Canelo winning like there was no controversy, yet 98% of all specialists got it either GGG or a draw. Here is the list of all the best boxing minds in the business. They all got it GGG or draw. Yes the fight was competitive, yes rounds were hard to score, yet everyone agreed. GGG (70%) or draw. No Canelo.

Pretty much every fan and lots of established boxers had also GGG (I'm not talking about those wishing to get a Canelo shot next ;) ).
It was sure a competitive fight but can you explain to me how and why, despite the competitiveness of the fight, again, everyone had it GGG (or a draw but definitely nobody for Canelo?) You probably saw it but I am amazed by how everyone saw the fight the same way BUT the judges, again.
Press and fan scorings    <-----

-Lots of people who scored GGG agreed "it could have gone either way" YET in the press nobody scored it Canelo. Why? If you take 100 people, they all say, yeah, it could have gone either way, but still, somehow found a way to all score it for GGG, what do you make of it?

-What do you think of Lederman's scorecard? He had 8-4 in both fights despite GGG's changing style.

-What do you make of Compubox? Don't you think it's important? Also, do you consider GGG's jab inferior to a Canelo short hook to the body?

-You mentioned Canelo stopping GGG, yet in the later rounds GGG connected with Canelo and had him hurt the most and everyone believed he was gonna stop him. This was a turning point in the fight and GGG won all the late rounds.

 Did you see that cause I don't remember you saying that in your mailbag.

-How can nearly everyone have GGG winning the first fight being the aggressor and pressure fighter and also the second being more of a boxer on his feet? Don't you think it's telling?

-Why don't we put more attention on the fact that if the world was honest and true, GGG would be 2 and 0 and en route to top 5 MW ever?

-Do you fully realize, that Byrd's ludicrous scorecard in the first fight hid the fact that Trella gave the 7th to Canelo? Which IMO is the real crime here. And that those judging giving the 12th to Canelo literally cost GGG his whole legacy?

Can we agree that if Trella had given the 7th to GGG and those 2 judges the 12th to GGG (as every single person on this earth agree) GGG would be 2-0 and will have a spot near Hagler?

Finally, with almost everyone believing GGG should still be the champion (win or draw), GGG out-landing Canelo in both fights, GGG "winning" one moving forward and the other one backward, GGG hurting Canelo late in the last fight, and him being in his late 30s, what do you think of him peaking (2013 to 2015) against Sept 2018 Canelo?

Bread’s Response: Thank you for the kind words, but I never said Canelo would stop GGG in 7. In my prediction on ESPN’s panel I predicted a 115-113 controversial decision for Canelo. It’s public record my friend.

Now here is a prediction for you. There is a great chance Canelo can stop GGG if they fight in a 3rd match. He’s doing more damage physically to GGG than GGG is to him.

I find it interesting that most people scored it for GGG. That’s all I can say. I hate rescoring fights but I watched the replay closely and I still don’t know how they gave Canelo round 12. But some people disagree with me. Boxing is subjective and sometimes people get it wrong. I can see how mathematically more people think GGG won. In my opinion he deserved a DRAW.

I don’t agree with Lederman’s card. I think his card was too wide for GGG. But I do like that he didn’t hold GGG’s style change against him. How ridiculous is it that a fighter can’t fight circling the ring or using a jab which is the most important punch in boxing because the public assumes he should knock his opponent out. I didn’t hold GGG’s style against him either. I just looked at 12 separate rounds and scored who was more effective. No style preference.

I think people are just biased. That’s just the bottom line. Most people have their own agenda and they project it on an events. I can tell what a fighter, media member or broadcaster will say before they say it. I know what fighter and promotional company they will be aligned with each time. It’s predictable.

I think it’s telling that over 80% of the media and experts had GGG winning both fights. But I thought GGG won the 1st fight and got a draw in the rematch.

GGG is not a top 5 middleweight ever. He’s a great fighter. Maybe top 15 but not top 5. It bothers me to admit it also but it is what it is.

Yes the scorecards in the 1st fight were just off. Canelo didn’t win 10 rounds and GGG won the 7th in my opinion. He also won the 12th in the rematch. I understand your frustration. I don’t know what else to say. Except a Canelo fan could probably come up with some rounds Canelo most likely won that were given to GGG. It’s all perspective.

I think GGG won the 1st fight. So I assume 2013 version wins easier but it didn’t happen like that. All of a great fighters biggest fights won’t be at his exact peak. Sometimes you have to find a way to pull it off. Ali wasn’t as his peak when he beat Foreman. Duran wasn’t at his peak when he beat Barkley. Holyfield wasn’t at his peak when he beat Tyson. No pity parties in boxing my friend.

canelo-golovkin-rematch (17)

God bless you my brother,

First of all thank you for your knowledge and insights you are a amazing historian and boxing mind !

As a Puerto rican boxing fan I look forward to your weekly mailbag

My Question to you is who are your top ten Puerto rican fighters of all time.

Here is my list.

1. Wilfredo Gomez
2.Carlos Ortiz
3.Felix Trinidad
4. Wilfredo Benitez
5.Miguel Cotto
6.Macho Camacho
7.Wilfredo Vasquez
8.Edwin Rosario
9. Ivan Calderon
10 A. Esteban Dejesus
10 b. Alfredo Escalera

I have a tie with Dejesus Escalera.

What is your list.

Keep up the great work God bless

Bread’s Response: I love your list. There is a 3 headed monster as the best ever from PR. Gomez was terrific but for my money after years of careful study I would take Trinidad or Ortiz as #1 and not Gomez. Gomez had struggles with fighters like Lupe Pintor that Tito and Ortiz would have washed. It’s pulling hairs but when you talk about the best ever, you have to pull hairs.

I also rate DeJesus over Escalera and Calderon. Neither simply have a Win better than giving the best fighter of the 70s Roberto Duran his only loss of the decade.

Other than that I love your list.

Hello Breadman. How is the family?

There's something about having one's questions answered - it makes you want to ask more (I wrote about Floyd - your opinion vs Dougie's).

I would keep my question short & I hope it gets answered.

I have seen clips of Wilfred Benitez & read lots of articles about him. SRL was amazed & I quote "No one, I mean no one, can make me miss punches like that"
I am quite high on him from the articles I have read but I want an objective opinion.

If he was more focused, what would have been his ceiling? Could we have had the 5 Kings instead of 4?

Winning your first title at 17 years 180 days against a HOF fighter has to be incredibly special.

Bread’s Response: Benitez was special. There is a narrative that he burned out too early. But he was champion for the most part from 1976 to 1982 through 3 divisions. In those days 6 years for your peak was long enough. He also took both Leonard and Hearns 15 rounds and his best wins were against HOF Cervantes, Palomino and Duran. So Benitez’s work was high level.

Everyone is not meant to fight until they’re 40. No one who wins the title that early would anyway. I do think his carefree lifestyle attributed to his downfall but that’s life. Check out his fight vs Pat Petronelli on youtube. One of Hagler’s trainers sons. Man was Benitez on vs that kid. He did him super dirty.

With the correct marketing he could have been a 5th king. He fought 3 of them by 1982 before Hagler ever fought one…

Hey Bread,

I really enjoy reading your mailbag especially your fight breakdowns!

Before I go in to my question you should know that I'm a self proclaimed Canelo hater so my view is very biased.

You mentioned in your last mailbag that you see Canelo is a HOF (which I understand) and pushing ATG status and this is where  I fail to see why?

Granted I get that he's young;having so many fights in this day and age of boxing for someone so young is rare and I only started to pay attention to him around the time he fought Matthew Hatton but since then his notable wins have been questionable in my eyes and here's why I think that:

Mosley - the guy was way past it by this point. Yes he had a good win against Margarito but that was 3 years prior and fighting at 154 when his best weight was 130.

Trout- Great win! Can't argue here.
Lara - In the eyes of many he lost this.
Kirkland - this was a showcase fight and nothing else.
Cotto - In my eyes this was one of the biggest con fights there have ever been, I get why they fought but Cotto had no business fighting at 160 and again someone who's seen much better days.
Khan - Come on man, did anyone really think this wouldn't happen?
Chavez - punchbag
GGG 1+2 - very few gave either fight to Canelo.

I'd love to hear your thoughts Bread, have a great weekend!

Kind regards

Bread’s Response: Anyone can pick apart a resume. I could do the same thing to any resume ever assembled. Just put a name in a hat and I will pick apart the resume.

I know Canelo is not an all time great just yet. But with his body of work and accomplishments so far, if he can just go 50% in his BIG fights as his career winds down he will be a ATG.

Just think about it. Look at the resumes of all time greats like Morales, Barrera and Marquez. Look what they did by the time they were 28 and look at their records down the stretch. Canelo is on the level.

The field right now at 154 and 160 lays out like this for Canelo. Andrade, AD, Saunders, Jacobs, Charlo 160, Charlo 154, Jarrett Hurd and Jaime Munguia. I also believe 1 or 2 more players will create themselves. Are you telling me that Canelo can’t win 4 or 5 of those fights to add to his resume?

He could do it by the time he’s 30 actually. It would no doubt make him an all timer my friend. Granted I agree Canelo doesn’t have a clear definitive win vs an ELITE but he’s chucking away and giving as good as he’s getting. Let’s see how his career plays out.

Hey Bread-

Hats off to GGG and Canelo. Great effort by both of them. Watching live I thought draw or maybe Canelo edging it, but I’m no expert here. I was definitely surprised to see Canelo backing G up for a good portion of the fight. I know we can only judge the fights when they happen – but part of me can’t stop thinking about how a “closer to prime” GGG would have done against Canelo and the rest of the top middleweights who have suddenly emerged in the last year or two.
My question to you is: Where does GGG rank in terms of great and avoided boxers who didn’t get the “big fight(s)” until they were already past their best? How “screwed over” was he?

Bread’s Response: First off we can’t have a pity party for GGG. As much as I agree he was screwed over it’s boxing and no one really cares. Opponents will matchmake at their discretion. GGG’s team did a great marketing job with him and he made lots of money for a fighter who was avoided.

Yes I think he was ducked during his peak but he was in the tail end of his prime recently. You know how I feel about GGG but if he’s going to be an ATG he has to find a way to perform a little better in his big moments.

A whole era of middleweights ducked GGG until Kell Brook rolled the dice. Brook got bludgeoned but a “good eye” could see GGG was human. It’s no coincidence GGG got 3 PPV fights immediately after the Kell Brook fight. The middleweight era should all thank Kell Brook. I’m serious when I say that. In that fight it showed GGG was a little slow on the draw, you could hit him if you weren’t afraid and that you held your ground he would back off a little. The middleweights said to themselves Brook is a really good 147 but he’s not Sugar Ray Robinson. If he can do that so can I. From that day forward GGG had no more trouble getting fights.

People say the LEVEL exposed GGG. That could be true. But I believe through fate the level and age caught him at the same exact time. 35 is 35. GGG is not old and shot but he takes punches clean. He’s not a super athlete, he’s just a great fighter. And he has a grinding style. He also request testing so he appears clean. So 35 is the age a guy like GGG will slip with his style. I think the middleweight division waited him out.

GGG was one of the more avoided fighters of the last 2 or 3 decades. He definitely should make top 10. Just think he was probably the best middleweight in the world for 5 years and could not get a shot at the lineal title.

But it’s boxing and it’s life. All will not be fair and you can’t complain and be a pessimist. GGG is a man’s man. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself and we shouldn’t either. It was his destiny for it to be this way. He’s still my guy and I wish him the best. He will still go to the Hall of Fame.

Floyd would've frustrated Duran just like Leonard did in their rematch! Floyd always rose to the occasion in big fights against A fighters!

It would've been a snoozer. But frustration was the way to beat Duran, he liked fighters that went at him. If he couldn't hit you he'd get frustrated real quick.

GGG's problem with Canelo is based on their previous sparring sessions. If he had never sparred Alvarez their wouldn't have been nothing in his head to create resistance. He was thinking about those sessions in both fights, they made him overthink and underperform.

Canelo knew what expect too.

You don't let Jules spar with guys he's going to have to face?

I blame bob arum for not getting kostya tszyu, Joel casamayor, and acelino freitas for floyd. None of those guys wanted to fight floyd and arum didn't try hard to get them. Arum did not want floyd to surpass the golden boy, so eventually floyd bought out his contract for $750K and the rest is history. Arum won't try hard to get Thurman, Garcia and Spence for crawford either.

You know and I both know that cotto ran from floyd after floyd destroyed his protege Henry bruseles. And after floyd destroyed gatti you could hear a pin drop in the 140lb division. Cotto and Hatton were hoping that gatti would win because they both wanted to fight him.

After the buyout arum offered up margarito for 2 options on Floyd's future fights and an $8M payday $4M guaranteed, floyd wanted cotto in one of those option fights but arum lowballed him with $6M payday $2M guaranteed for cotto. At that time floyd had a lawsuit on the books against arum for breach of contract and allegedly cheating him (floyd) out of $4M on the Judah fight. So floyd took on Baldomir for $8M and $1, since arum told floyd that top rank was the only promoter that could pay floyd that type of money. At the same time GBP was negotiating a baldomir, Mosley fight and floyd stole it from them.

Shane mosley and oscar ran from floyd he was too high risk low reward when they were on top.

Don't know how this floyd, Pacquiao fight plays out, but expect floyd to do something in the weeks to come to get everyone hating on him so that they'll want to pay to hopefully see Pacquiao KO floyd.

Joe Louis was always a sucker for a right hand, joe had a piston jab but always brought it back low elbow out, Chappie Blackburn put towels under Joe's armpits trying to train that bad habit out of him. At his best the brown bomber was the most efficient heavyweight of all time he didn't waste anything, but jack Johnson was better defensively.

Marciano was an anomaly, Walcott, Moore and the Cincinnati cobra ALL underestimated him and paid dearly. Louis aged quickly as a fighter and was meat for Marciano. 5 or 6 years earlier and Louis would've had Marciano for desert. Charley Goldman trained Marciano appropriately for his body type and punching power, Goldman studied opponents and knew what to tell his charge to and Marciano did what he was told.

Bread’s Response: Great hearing from you Rob.

I think Duran could be frustrated but I don’t want to take the microcosm of the Leonard rematch and make it like if you frustrated a prime Duran he would just turn around and quit. It really depends on the lens you look at the fight through. Just like one could opine that Floyd would frustrate Duran. A Duran fan could opine that if Castillo and Maidana can win almost half the rounds against Floyd than an all time great like Duran who applies their style better certainly could win more that half. That’s why it’s a hypothetical match up.

GGG definitely overthinks when it comes to Canelo. No doubt about it. The reason the previous sparring benefited Canelo was because he was the young pup. The session was “supposed” to go GGG’s way. Any success that Canelo had can be viewed as a plus.

Interesting take on Arum. I never thought about that. When did Oscar leave and start his company. That will tell me if your POV is true….If Oscar left before those fights were viable then I don’t think Arum would care if Floyd surpassed him. If Oscar left after you have a good point.

You’re giving me new info on the Cotto, Mosley and De La Hoya initial negotiations. I never heard that before.

Joe Louis is still the most efficient offensive fighter in history 80 years after his prime.

Rocky Marciano is underrated. He had an iron chin and iron will in a 15 round horse hair era. He definitely did what he was told. No way you can over achieve like he did vs superior talent and not listen.

There are rumblings of Canelo vs Jermall Charlo. What a match up! Can you please break it down with your % etc. I love this match up. I want to pick Charlo but his fight with Jrock keeps me from betting my mortgage. He was able to land that great uppercut but he was being picked apart with a simple 1-2 over and over. It’s troubling to me he was hit so easy. I know Jrock is a sharpshooter and he’s taller and longer than canelo. But I have to figure if he can do it, so can Canelo who is much more experienced.

Bread’s Response: I think it’s a great match up. Whoa! Canelo will be so darn confident right now. I didn’t hear they would fight next but if they did…

Charlo is a few inches taller. Canelo is not 5’9. He’s really more like 5’8 tops. If you look at his face off with Floyd he was eye level or slightly shorter. But is compact build works for him. Canelo has an excellent jab although he’s not known for it. Canelo has superior in the pocket defense. His trainers do a great jab of layering his defense. He counters, he slips and he blocks. Canelo is very responsible defensively. He gets hit because he doesn’t run and he’s trying to knock his opponents head off. But overall he’s excellent defensively.

Charlo 160 is a very physical fighter. He looks like he could be a free safety in football if he wasn’t a boxer. He has a good punch variety, a great jab, real power and a proven chin. The most impressive thing about Charlo is he doesn’t have happy feet. When he gets hit, he’s strong enough to hold his ground and fire back.

Charlo 160 is a better counter puncher than GGG. GGG will move off of his ground when he’s fired on. The dilemma for Charlo is he’s there to take more punches. Charlo 160 is elite but he’s poor defensively despite being a solid counter puncher. That’s his only real flaw. He’s over 6ft so he will be a BIG target for the sharpshooting Canelo.

I’ve seen both Canelo and Charlo show fatigue in the 2nd half of fights. Experience can be overrated but Canelo is used to going down the stretch more. I say experience can be overrated because Charlo160 has not had the same opportunity that Canelo has had.

If I’m forced to pick so early. I say this fight is the FOY. I suspect an all time war. I really do. I think their styles will mesh perfectly. Right now I say Canelo edges a decision. The reason being is Canelo is a super star. He’s the ultimate A side. The crowd goes crazy everytime he lands a shot. I’ve seen it live with Mayweather, Trout and Lara. Against Mayweather I thought Canelo did well in the 1st half of the fight. The judges overcompensated in the 2nd half obviously. But because of his eye catching punches and star power and Charlo’s porous defense I say Canelo by decision in a thriller.

Breadman ,

                  Much has been made of Canelo having close decision over GGG . The fight was a draw in my mind also . I also thought GGG
won the last round which should have made the fight a draw on all cards . But lets look at the facts that are being overlooked . Nobody is talking about this . Canelo is 28 years old and fighting an older man . GGG is 36 years old an eight year difference . Eight years is an eternity in boxing . Everyone is tripping all over themselves saying Canelo is HOF . I don't think he has beaten that kind of opposition . The only HOF he faced Mayweather , he lost nearly every round . He clearly dogged GGG until he got older . So here is my question , lets have a even fight .

Canelo at 28 yrs old in his prime .

Against this list all at 160 and 28 yrs old , prime to prime .
Sugar Ray Robinson
Marvin Hagler
Carlos Monzon
Please give your picks .
Then take this same list all at 160 and 28 yrs old .
Now Canelo has to fight them at 36 years old .
Please give me your picks .

I don't think Canelo beats a 28 yr old GGG . For the age difference , which has escaped everybody GGG fought a terrific fight .
Just for fun how would Sugar Ray Leonard or Thomas Hearns do against that list of 28 yr olds if they were  36 years old . Someone please put this fight in perspective . I am a huge Marciano fan . But if Louis fought him at the same age , Marciano would have been counted out and you know it .
This is my first question to the mailbag and I hope you answer it .
Just for the record I love the mailbag .
                                               All The Best ,

Bread’s Response: Interesting point and you already know my answer. Canelo loses in each and every scenario. But that doesn’t mean he’s not great or not a HOF. A fighter can’t help his birthdate. Canelo will always be 8 years younger than GGG. Sometimes the older hardened more experienced fighter has the advantage. Sometimes the younger one does. Canelo surely didn’t have the younger man advantage when he was 23 and Floyd Mayweather was 36. So…….

Hey breadman

Seeing you posted your latest mailbag on Saturday before the Joshua Povetkin fight, I am sending this in hoping you get enough questions to post the mailbag before the weekend as i can't wait one week to hear your analysis!

So Joshua vs Povetkin...I mean to me it seems Joshua looked as poor defensively as ever, moved only in straight lines, lack of head movement, i was convinced he was going to hit the deck and i think most see he was close to doing so. Also, Povetkin was up on most cards before the stoppage. Yet...AJ is just so calm and composed and confident in his power and ability to execute a game plan. He knew what he wanted to do and never panicked when it seemed that game plan was costing him a beating. Brilliant win in my opinion.

But what does this say about ability to beat Wilder? Will he need an iron jaw and will to come through that or can he defend wilder's crazy swinging style? Can he follow through where Ortiz didn't against Wilder?

Do you know of any heavyweight dark horses we should be keeping an eye on that are not yet being talked about?

Also, how do you see Andrade vs BJS going? Seems like a bad style-clash for the spectators although good for the purists.

Finally, if Mayweather vs Pacquaio happens in December and Pacquaio performs great and takes Mayweather close or more, do we take it into account when thinking of who'd win in their primes?

Bread’s Response: I’m not going to comment too much on Mayweather vs Pacquiao until it gets made.

No heavyweight darkhorses right now.

Saunders vs Andrade may be in jeopardy with the positive PED test of Saunders. Let’s see how it plays out.

Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder is the ultimate Fire vs Ice. Joshua is calm and cold and he’s a tremendous finisher. He gets tired and hurt but never rattled. Wilder on the other hand is amped up to 1000 but it works for him. I love this match up. I think both CAN win and I think they will fight more than once. I can see a ko both ways.

Wilder is thought of as the harder puncher. But I think he’s the more shocking explosive athlete. Joshua has more physicality. He seems to be physically stronger. And he throws some hard, bone breaking heavy shots. He also has more punch variety. I classify Wilder as an “Electric Slasher”, like say a Nigel Benn. I classify Joshua as a “Heavy Handed Debilitator” like say an Azumah Nelson.

Povetkin was doing some nice stuff. But Povetkin is a Gold Medalist with pedigree. He’s going to get his pound of flesh. Joshua seems to put the right punches together at the right times. Wilder has been in that same spot and he did the same exact thing. I think Joshua is a better boxer than Wilder overall but that doesn’t mean he can beat him. Wilder has some rare intangibles. He has more room for error in the matchup. This may sound weird but I think Joshua has to make it an inside or midrange fight. He throws beautiful uppercuts and hooks. He has to move Wilder off balance. If Wilder is allowed to step in with a whipping or straight right hand it can be over quickly. Joshua needs to study a prime Riddick Bowe and Sonny Liston. He has to fight the right fight. Wilder has to just be himself because he’s more of an impromptu athlete.

Great fight!

ManI  never talk shop when it comes to this boxing anymore, but
brother I am curious to see what you make of this.
Here’s what I see with GGG. He’s been a very consistent middleweight
champion. I mean the cat has what, 20 middleweight defenses? How can
we not call him great? In his time, he has been that. He beat what was
there and he mashed cats out, and was avoided by the rest. Including
Canelo! Canelo beat Cotto for the lineal middleweight title, albeit at
155lbs. Next in line was GGG. What does Canelo do? He drops to 154 and
fights for the WBO, right? Clear duck. He didn’t want that work. Now
that aint a new practice but there is something I just can’t abide
with Nelo doing it while talkin about “we dont f around”. Then he goes
STRAIGHT to the foolery with the duckin.
Funny thing about Canelo is that he’s had a strange way of finagling
when it comes to managing risk. If memory serves me right, didn’t he
fight Lara at 155 so as to not unify titles (risk his) because of what
was at the time called weight troubles? I have never heard of that,
before or since. Crazy. Two champs at same weight class fight above
the weight limit so as to not risk their titles? No rule against it
but seems totally out of step with the spirit of competition. But he
made that 154 with Liam Smith so as to duck GGG. Stop me any place I’m
off base. Nelo can fight, no doubt, but he has ducked, been gifted
with decisions he did not deserve and most egregiously, getting caught
with the pharmacy in his system. Presumption of innocence is a
benchmark of a “fair” system but the eyes don’t lie. Miss us with the
"I didn't take roids, the horses I ate did". His recent vascularity
was irregular. No two ways about that.
Back to GGG. Now if he’s really the level killer he’s purported to be,
he kills EVEN when the level of comp goes up, no? Nelo 1 was his
moment. Lay him down and cement your status. Because Nelo looked DEAD
tired to me for much of that fight. Imagine Nelo that kinda tired with
any great middleweight. They would not have let him live. Ouf! He’d
get laid stiff! We watched GGG vs Danny so we learned he plays it cool
when something live’s in front of him. Based on the demographics he
had to know if he doesn’t nap Nelo in rematch he loses. There is no
money in a 36 yr old kazak beating a 28yr old mexican superstar. Aint
no santa claus and life’s unfair. That’s how the game go. I thought he
got robbed in first fight. One judge had it 10-2 nelo. Man chill!!!!
Respect to GGG. He’s been a consistent, consummately professional
middleweight champion. BUT, he was smiled on being in this era.
Imagine if he had crossed swords with Hop, Roy, James, Gerald, Tito,
Julian, Bodysnatcher, Marvin, Tommy... Not just because I’m partial to
these eras but because dollars to donuts I don’t see how he beats a
single one of them or even sees final bell whether 12 or 15 rounds. Is
there a single great middleweight you see him matching favorably with?
I can’t think of one. In terms of his reign, I see him as similar to
Klitschko (with a much better beard). He was great in his time vs what
was there but fairs very unfavorably vs the greats of his weight
Anyway, I gotta say man, I do appreciate your approach. Thank you for
your contribution. You always call it straight but I do get a kick
outta you roastin folks talking outta turn. Good luck in all you do.
Peace. T

Bread’s Response: You’re a humble dude. No one knows you were a hot junior middleweight contender a few years back with plenty of game. You never leave your name…

I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Except I think GGG can hang with some of the greats. Let’s take his best day. Ok Matthew Macklin rib breaking day comes to mind. He’s 31 and at his APEX. I don’t think he’s Hagler, Monzon, Robinson….But he can stay with McClellan, Jackson, McCallum level guys. He’s with them. He can hang with Benn and Eubank level guys. I think he’s better than Pavlik, Taylor, Abraham and Martinez era. So we would have to go back to Hopkins era to get him a loss. Tito is an interesting equation. I can’t call it because Tito wasn’t at 160 long enough but man he can’t let Tito crank that hook on his dome like Nelo does.

Overall your comment was great. Keep em coming.

Send Questions to [email protected]

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User Comments and Feedback (Register For Free To Comment) Comment by aboutfkntime on 10-03-2018

even in the am's, a back-hand or power-punch scores more than a jab Jabkin should know that, even if you casuals do not show me where pitty-pat jabs, or "[I]volume[/I]", is valid scoring criteria... [B]* clean effective punching * effective…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 10-03-2018

[QUOTE][B][SIZE="3"]Dear Gennady Sorry for taking your titles and beating you up. Oh, and sorry for fcuking your defense record. also..... sorry for punking you over all that " Mexican " stuff it's not my fault, my trainer told me to…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 10-03-2018

[QUOTE=Diego Rodriguez;19159847]Did you say something?[/QUOTE] I didn't see it... it didn't happen... its not real i tell ya noooooooo :lol1::lol1: [IMG][/IMG]

Comment by Diego Rodriguez on 10-02-2018

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;19159721]I didn't see it..... it didn't happen..... its not real i tell yaaaaaaa :lol1::lol1: [IMG][/IMG][/QUOTE] Did you say something?

Comment by aboutfkntime on 10-02-2018

Dear Gennady Sorry for taking your titles and beating you up. Oh, and sorry for fcuking your defense record. also..... sorry for punking you regarding that " Mexican " stuff it's not my fault, my trainer told me to punch…

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