Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo-Golovkin, Parker-Fury, Kovalev

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling more questions regarding last week's middleweight clash between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo, discussing the feud between Sergey Kovalev and John David Jackson, Joseph Diaz vs. Gary Russell Jr. and more.

We got a great fight between Canelo and GGG. Exactly what fans expected.  These two men definitely delivered. Unfortunately the outcome sucked.  While I don't think it's the robbery many are making it out to be, I do think GGG deserved to win.  It was a close fight, but I thought it was either 7-5 for GGG or 8-4 for GGG. It seems to me that Canelo still has stamina issues.  He still fights in spots when the middle rounds come, and tries to explode at the beginning of rounds then rests then tries to explode again at the end of rounds. GGG was tough for him and carrying him pretty fast relative to their weight class and styles. Obviously Canelo's muscle mass isn't the most ideal for boxing because bulky muscles take longer to recover. I'm not sure how he can correct this because he's buit how he's built and he can't really help it. Do you know anything dietwise that fighters with his physique might be able to do in terms of improving muscular fatigue? Not trying to be overly critical of Canelo because i do think he fought well. GGG couldn't win a decision just like some were saying. As we touched on before Canelo has gotten the benefit of the doubt in close fights. GGG doesn't seem to be the bull dozer he used to be but Canelo has a great chin.  What he also has is a giant head and a compact neck which acts a great shock absorber against a big puncher. I never thought Canelo could stop GGG because he tagged Cotto with alot of clean shots and didn't hurt him.  GGG fought a good fight to but he should have focused on the body a bit more.  He was doing great with that pole jab and he should have mixed in some hooks and uppercuts to the body.  I think you are spot on with what you said on twitter about this hopefully not being a Sur vs. Chocolatito 2 scenario. I could see that happening if Canelo comes out on fire in the rematch and GGG can no longer take the heat. A 118-110 scorecard in either fighters favor made no sense at all.  Byrde has a history of bad judging in both boxing and MMA. I believe an independent  body should investigate her first for corruption then for incompetence. GGG only won 2 rounds? Please...

Side note: I thought the card overall was pretty good. I like to see young prospects getting exposure on a big event.  Is Joseph Diaz ready for Gary Russell? One more thing is do you think there was something wrong with Canelo's hands?  He was wearing Winning gloves...

Chris from Chicago

Bread’s Response: Joseph Diaz is a really good prospect transitioning to a contender. But I would heavily favor Gary Russell to defeat him if they fought next. Russell is a supreme talent. People who don’t like Lomachenko say he hasn’t fought anyone but Gary Russell could be the best featherweight in the world.

I saw a lump on Canelo’s knuckle in one of the press conferences. I don’t know if it carried over in the fight. But winning gloves are recognized as the best sparring gloves. I never understood why more fighters don’t use them to fight in especially in 8oz and 10oz sizes. Canelo hasn’t mentioned a damaged hand but I suspect if he used Winning he had some sort of injury.

Hi Bread, what’s your take on this weekend’s WBO HW title fight between Joseph Parker and Hughie Fury. Parker is the favorite but the fact that the fight is happening in Hughie’s hometown makes me think Parker has very little chance if the fight goes the distance (which there is a good chance it will). There have also been some complaints from Team Parker about the selection of the British referee but the BBBofC is adamant that they are not changing their standard policy on this occasion. Anyway, how do you see this fight playing out?

Bread’s Response: I think Hughie Fury has a really good chance of winning this fight. I think it will be close and controversial. Shux do we need another controversial fight? I’m afraid we may have another one. Parker has a real fight on his hands.

Whats up Bread?  Ive written in a couple times and I always appreciate the insight.  i wanted to touch on the GGG-Canelo fight.  All 3 judges only agreed on GGG winning 1 round.  The judge that had it a draw had GGG losing round 7 which i thought seemed weird. (Byrd had GGG only winning round 4 and 7).   The same thing seemed to happen in rounds 6 and 8 as 7 so giving round 7 to Canelo seemed weird. Am I overanalyzing the situation or was that card also a little strange? 

Apparently Byrd is going to step down but it doesn’t matter because I’m sure these promoters have hundreds of judges they can sacrifice.  Do you know if the judges have to go through specific training or anything or do you just have to know someone? 

On a different note, what do you think about Wilder-Ortiz?

Also Billy Joe Saunders called out Amir Khan.  Im a big Khan fan and i would love to see khan beat him and become a world champ again.  You think he has a shot?  Thanks for you time keep up the good work! 

Bread’s Response: When scoring is “off”, 3 things can be factored. One is subjective preference. Meaning what the judges prefer as being the most effective scoring. Two, is corruption. Three is incompetence.

I don’t know judges exact training but it should be strenuous. This job should have FBI level requirements. All bank accounts disclosed. Credit history. Arrest history. Affiliation. And most important, boxing knowledge. Then a yearly performance review. Can you imagine being the undercard kid with big dreams that gets screwed in a 6 rounder and that 1 loss changes the whole projection of your career?

I don’t have the rounds memorized I have only seen the fight once. Everyone is talking about the 7th round as a blunder but the 1st round stands out to me. Watching the fight my initial impression is Canelo is giving the round away trying to catch GGG’s rhythm and get a feel for the power. Seriously I didn’t think it was up for debate. Then I see people score the round for Canelo and I saw that all of the judges did too, it really makes me scratch my head. I will watch the fight again.

I like Wilder to win the fight as long as they are doing VADA. Wilder is one of the few champions in boxing who is outspoken in testing. Ortiz has had his past indiscretions with banned substances…. If they do VADA I like Wilder big. If somehow there is no testing I can’t pick the winner.

Yes Khan has a great shot to beat Saunders. Saunders is bigger but he’s not too much taller. He also is not a big puncher and he’s a boxer by nature. Khan has no problems with southpaws. If Khan is in form I actually would pick him to win.

Yo Bread,

Canelo and GGG put on a great fight and both guys did some good work but I was ok with the verdict cause no guy really established himself as the superior man. It was far to close for me to declare a winner. Of course the topic of conversation is byrd's score card and although I don't see how she got that score, I'm curious, if she was in fact paid off, why score the fight with such a wide margin and draw suspicion to herself?Usually when people are doing something mischievous they try to at least mask it. She should be competent or is she just not. Or is this staged to draw controversy to generate more media attention for a rematch and bigger payday. Was your gut feeling correct?

Bread’s Response: My gut feeling was absolutely correct.  I knew GGG would be up against it. When I saw the bout sheet and he was walking out 1st it just confirmed my feeling all along. How often do we see champions walk out 1st. That’s a tell sign as to who is being “favored” on the fight.

I don’t want to say a judge was paid off. Because as you said if that did happen she could have judged the fight closer and drew less suspicion to herself. By scoring a fight 10 rounds to 2, when everyone else had it 7 to 5 either way or 8 to 4 GGG, then you draw serious suspicion. I know everyone is upset with Judge Byrd but she could have just had a really bad night. I’m not making an excuse for her because I believe GGG won but to draw this kind of fire to yourself makes no sense. Let’s see how the investigation plays out.

I don’t know what is staged and what is not. I have seen some bizarre things in boxing. I have seen some specific rounds be scored so “off” that I knew something wasn’t right. I just don’t know and I don’t want to wreck my brain thinking about it.

The one thing I do know is the people who run boxing like it to be broke like this. They don’t want it fixed. That’s what I do know because if they did it would be fixed. When there is so much confusion and injustice in the sport it makes it easier to do wrong and the wrong go unpunished.


Hi Breadman!

Wilder vs Ortiz is not far away. Wilder by tko?

Have you watched any Katie Taylor fights? She is exciting to watch and back in action soon.

Favourite boxing movie?


Bread’s Response: Wilder.

Katie Taylor is really good. She has super fast hands. I’ve seen her.

Rocky 1-4. And Creed.

Bread, seriously how much chance do you give Andre Ward if he fights Anthony Joshua? Some betting sites already have him as 10/1 underdog.

Also what’s your pick for Jesse Hart vs Gilberto Ramirez this Friday? Hart is fighting for the legacy of his family and like you’ve mentioned many times before when a fighter is inspired by his family it’s a special type of inspiration. He’s quite an underdog though so I’m not sure. What are your thoughts?

Bread’s Response: I give Andre Ward a reasonable shot at defeating Joshua. Ward has a style that he hasn’t brought out yet as a pro. Look at him fight those big guys in the 2004 Olympics. I’m not saying he’s going to win but I am saying he’s not hopeless. Joshua will have to really know how to trap and coral the smaller man. Most big men cannot do that. And when they can’t their size is not an advantage.

I think Jesse Hart will defeat Gilberto Ramirez. I haven’t seen the odds yet and if he is a big underdog that is concerning because the oddsmakers are usually correct. But they aren’t 100%.

Whenever I watch a fighter who has abnormal physical advantages I always think to myself how good would they be if they were average in, weight and reach for their weight class. I look at Ramirez and I think to myself if he was 5’11 and right handed he wouldn’t be a world champion. It’s not a knock on him at all.

I think Ramirez is solid but I don’t think he should be a heavy favorite over Hart. Hart has more physicality than Ramirez. He is the much better puncher. He’s faster and he gets off better. Hart also has a good amateur pedigree.

Ramirez is big and tall but fighters who are big and tall if they aren’t defensively responsible they are big targets. Ramirez has a perceived experience advantage but sometimes experience is mistaken for opportunity. Ramirez has more fights and was brought along faster. So therefore he has had more opportunity to gain experience.

I do think Ramirez is more well equipped for the late rounds because Hart is an explosive fighter and Ramirez is an endurance fighter and that could play a part in this fight but I don’t think it’s enough. I think Hart kos him early. If he doesn’t he will get out to such a big lead that Ramirez will fight too far out of his comfort zone just to get back in the fight and make mistakes. Ramirez is billed as a puncher but I think Hart is the puncher in the fight. I know Ramirez has a decent amount of kos but I don’t view him as a puncher. I think he’s a big guy who has a busy work rate. Unless Ramirez has unreal timing, a monster chin and monster will, he’s up against it in this fight.


What's up?

Don't think Canelo wants anymore of GGG, that's why they want to delay the rematch.

But who can Canelo fight next? Jermall Charlo? Danny Jacobs? Or even David Lemieux?

Oscar will probably choose Curtis Stevens or maybe Lemieux for Canelo's next fight and then rematch GGG a year from now.

Golden Boys golden goose is Canelo, Oscar has to protect him.

If Canelo had chosen to stand and fight with GGG he would've gotten knocked out.

GGG's limitations are that he cannot effectively fight a guy who has good footwoork like that used by Canelo in their match. Canelo was very elusive footwork wise. GGG landed some good head shots on Canelo but the positioning and angles Canelo used prevented GGG from landing shots like he's landed on some of his previous opponents who were more stationary or lacked good footwork.

I've watched GGG train and he does nothing special to enhance his skills. I've never seen him punch the speed bag, reflex bag or double end bag. These bags train quickness and reflexes. GGG was missing a lot of punches. I've just seen GGG punching the punch shield and the heavy bag. GGG was used to fighting journeymen middleweights not crisp sharp fighters in the upper echelon of the 160lbs division. Abel is going to have to add more quickness drills to GGG's regiment similar to some of the drills that Lomachenko does, this is where GGG is lacking.

GGG hasn't lost a step, he's looking kind of 'past it' ONLY because his opposition is so much better than his previous foes and he hasn't adapted his preparation accordingly. He didn't get tired so he's not past it. When a fighter is past it their failing stamina is the tell-tale sign. Abel Sanchez and GGG now know what they have to do to beat Canelo. But who can GGG fight next while waiting for his rematch with Canelo?

Bread’s Response: Good observation but I don’t totally agree. GGG does practice lots of power punches, so he really digs in to deliver his shots. Canelo like Danny Jacobs were constantly moving their feet which doesn’t allow GGG to dig in. It’s hard for him to go to the body on those types of fighters because it’s hard to body punch against a moving target. You have to isolate the target 1st before you body punch it.

Here is where we disagree. I think GGG has slipped about 5%. There are little things he did around his Matthew Macklin days he doesn’t do now. He gets off a little slower. I agree that failing stamina and lack of workrate is a sign of slippage. But so is poor punch selection and not pulling the trigger on certain shots. Golovkin’s hard pace and toughness is still in place but he’s not landing the shots he once landed.

I think GGG will go after Billy Joe Saunders. I think Canelo will fight David Lemiuex.

I think Abel and GGG will figure out some things make some changes and go back after Canelo whenever Team Canelo takes the fight again. I think Team Canelo will wait a little but to let GGG age some more….

What do you think of John David Jackson and Sergey Kovalev’s public feud? This is getting really ugly and I think both of their careers could suffer because of it. I thought trainer’s get 10% of the fighter’s purse. According to Jackson, Kovalev kept giving him decreases after each fight. According to Kovalev, Jackson could have possibly drugged him before the Ward rematch. What happened to the great team that they had?

Bread’s Response: What happened is they lost! Losing tends to do things like this. When you lose, the real character comes out.

I don’t like to see stuff like this. Airing your laundry publicly……But I understand why Jackson is doing it. He’s defending his brand. He will be able to train longer than Sergey can fight. If his reputation gets ruined it will affect his earning potential forever. So I get why he’s telling his side of the story. My only problem with Jackson is he tried to tear down Virgil Hunter. Another fellow coach.

During the lead up to the 1st Ward vs Kovalev fight, Jackson made lots of disparaging comments about Hunter. He especially said that Hunter couldn’t speak the language that he speaks to Kovalev. But in fact it seems that Ward was more responsive to Hunter’s language than Kovalev was to Jackson’s. So all of the comments seem to be coming back to bite Jackson.

Other than that I think Jackson is in a tough spot and I don’t blame him for defending himself. As far as what is truth and what isn’t, who knows.

As for Kovalev. Man the wheels seem to be coming apart. I think he’s lucky he’s not fighting Sullivan Barrera, next. I read Kovaelv’s comment about being drugged and about training himself. Kovalev could be a HOF fighter and this one setback to Ward shouldn’t cause all of this. Kovalev is a tremendous fighter. I hope he gets the right guidance from a trainer, keep the setback in perspective and continue his destructive career pre Andre Ward.

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User Comments and Feedback (Register For Free To Comment) Comment by Rip Chudd on 09-25-2017

[QUOTE=Mammoth;18085722]Hart lost........[/QUOTE] Haha like I said, nobody is 100% right

Comment by Mammoth on 09-24-2017

[QUOTE=Rip Chudd;18083588]His predictions are very good, nobody is right 100% of the time though. So if Hart beats Ramirez what will you say then?[/QUOTE] Hart lost........

Comment by FinitoxDinamita on 09-24-2017

[QUOTE=Robi13;18080555]Hart beats Ramirez huh? Breads predictions are not as good as everyone says They are.[/QUOTE] Who do you think Breadman is, jesus fukin christ? Lol. We cant predict everything right. Breadman is very knowledagable, leagues ahead of clowns like Dwyer…

Comment by Rip Chudd on 09-24-2017

[QUOTE=Robi13;18080555]Hart beats Ramirez huh? Breads predictions are not as good as everyone says They are.[/QUOTE] His predictions are very good, nobody is right 100% of the time though. So if Hart beats Ramirez what will you say then?

Comment by MagikLair on 09-23-2017

[QUOTE=Robi13;18080555]Hart beats Ramirez huh? Breads predictions are not as good as everyone says They are.[/QUOTE] not everyone is perfect. Maybe hart, didn't fight how he thought he would..

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